FREE Jemma Kidd Mascara or Eyeliner with the July issue of Red Magazine!

Red Magazine July Issue Jemma Kidd Products 

Now this may be a little premature as the magazine is only out May 30th but as it is such a good freebie I thought I would mention it early! 

You get the choice of the Jemma Kidd I-Glamour Volume Mascara (worth £15) or the Jemma Kidd I-Glamour Define Eyeliner (worth £14). I think personally I will be going for the mascara as I always think it is more worth it. But I am sure both products will be lovely! Also as I always get questions on this - the issue is the July issue (the date on the front) but it is out from 30th May.

I have notice that Red magazine are actually very good for beauty related freebies - recently the 30ml Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, Leighton Denny nail polishes, the Balance Me body wash, Jemma Kidd Lip Glosses... I am sure there is more!


But another freebie that is out now (out in May) that some of you may be interested in, is a free large canvas bag with Harper's Bazaar from Alice by Temperley which I am guessing is the diffusion line of Alice Temperley. Quite nice, hey! 
I will of course update you if I spot anymore upcoming freebies!

Fee xo.

NOTD - Orly Jealous, Much?

Orly Jealous Much

So I haven't done a nail post in what seems like forever but that is because my nails have been shockingly bad since my 30 days of nails (which I don't advise anyone doing now!). However my left hand/writing hand nails are okay enough now to do nail posts. 

BUT and it is a big but, as it is my writing hand it means that when taking images I have to hold my huge, heavy camera in my right hand/my non-writing hand/my weaker hand which is more than annoying as after 30 seconds my wrist seems to get the shakes! Which is why the below picture happened... too busy making sure I didn't drop the camera that I brushed my nails against the sequins on my bed cover, arghhhh!

However on to the beautiful new Orly polish - Jealous, Much? which is part of the new 6 piece Cool Romance Collection. As you can see this is a lovely pastel mint shade that is perfect for spring/summer and I cannot wait until I try some nail art over it.. I am thinking white polka dots is a must!


Though if I am honest the application was slightly disappointing. It did only take two coats which is good for a pastel polish however the application is quite streaky and a little bit tricky on the first coat and I think for an un-steady hand this could be a bit of a pain to apply and not up to the same level of application as other Orly polishes I own (though they are only the mini ones which I do find give more control in general).

Also I noticed on Zara's blog Mouldy Fruit (here) that the shade looks totally different against her darker skin tone which I really love. So if you do have darker skin then this will be more of a brighter pastel that would be ideal for summer especially on the toes.

You can find the full size 18ml polish from Beauty Beauty - £7.50 (here).

Or the mini 5.3ml can be found in larger Boots stores - £5.00

Also the Orly Mani Mini Trio 3 x 5.3ml including Jealous Much? Prelude to a Kiss & Faint of Heart can be found in larger Boots stores - £13.00 

Fee xo.


Japonesque Touch Up Tube Set


I have been meaning to write this review for some time now but as the brushes needed cleaning I have been putting it off - naughty me! But now I am sat down with the brush set to hand (to remind myself of their softness/texture) and determined to write this review. 

So first I think I need to point out I am definitely not one of those people that carries a whole makeup bag around them because a) I don't need to touch up my makeup that much b) I don't fancy having a sloping shoulder. The only brush that I do carry around with me is a Sigma powder brush for my pressed powder to stop the greasy T-zone! So a set like this for me is purely for going on holiday with and for my overnight makeup bag. Which actually would be all I needed brush wise plus a powder brush... which is pretty amazing seeing as I took around 8 full sized brushes with me on holiday last December.


The Japonesque tube set is priced at £16.50 from John Lewis here and contains - a lip brush, two eye brushes, a blusher/powder brush and a foundation brush. 

The packaging/tube - The tube is made of a lightweight metal and is no bigger than 15cm in length so very portable and lightweight even with the brushes. The circumference of the tube is exactly the same size as a 20 pence and this is the only downfall of the packing. For all the other brushes except for the powder brush this is fine but the bristles of the powder brush just get splayed out at the sides and get caught as you push the top onto the tube. However I think for most people they wouldn't want to carry the powder brush with them (see why below) so you could actually fit another slim brush into the tube or even a pair of tweezers. 

It is also worth noting that all the handles are very sturdy and long so don't really feel like they are travel size and so far I have had minimal shredding when washing them and no shredding at all when using the brushes on my face.  


Foundation brush - Now if you are wondering if I had mistakingly forgotten to include the foundation brush in the photographs then I can understand. But sadly I did not, the 'foundation' (concealer) brush is actually the nearest brush in the above image. Now I know this is a touch up set but surely no one would touch up their foundation with such a small brush. But anyways... so I have been using this as a concealer brush and it really does the job! It is nice and flat and very smooth so it spreads concealers nicely over the areas you need it and blends out the product on the skin very nicely indeed. This is actually my favourite brush in the set and I do use it most days to apply my under eye concealer now.

Smaller Eye brush - For me this is a sweeping eyeshadow along the bottom outer lid and a smudging eyeshadow/eyeliner close to the upper lash line kind of brush. So quite a handy brush to have really and it definitely does the job. Can't fault this brush in any way.

Eye brush - Just a typical blending brush really that does the job if you are travelling. Though I do feel if you are use to MAG/Sigma quality brushes then this as a blending brush would be a let down. However for me when I am staying over night somewhere this is totally fine and is all I need really for my eyes along with the smaller brush.

Lip Brush - This is a really nice lip brush, nice andflexible and just the right size! So I have been using this quite a lot especially when going for a red lip. However the only thing to remember is to wipe it clean on a tissue before placing it back into the tube as the brushes do touch so you wouldn't want to get lipstick on any of the other brushes.

Powder/blusher brush - Sadly this is the let down of the set and I am pretty sure most people would agree if they could feel the bristles on this brush. It just isn't the same quality as the other brushes, just cheap and course feeling which isn't what you want for a powder or blusher brush. Also due to the cheap bristles this just doesn't hold product well and product so easily flicked of the brush. Personally this reminds me of a brush you would get in a cheap '80 piece makeup set' and definitely lets the product down a bit.  

Overall even though the powder brush was a huge let down if you are looking for a travel set that is super portable and light then this is pretty good - plus if you didn't use the powder brush you would have room for maybe two other brushes. For me when going over night somewhere I now can take this set (with an extra eyeliner brush inside) plus a full size powder/blusher brush (I use it firstly for powder then apply blusher with it) and some eyelashes curlers and then I am totally done tools wise which I think it pretty good! 

Though if you are wanting something for around the same price but aren't to fussed on weight/size then the Eco Tools brushes are great (I have around 8 brushes by them now)! You can buy the sets in Boots & Tesco now but I also spotted a 6 piece brush set on Cute Cosmetics here for only £13 with free p&p. 

Fee xo.


Lifting the Lid... February GlossyBox


Another Beauty Box review for you today... but as always I really do use the products for quite some time so the review is more product reviews as well as a review of the box as a whole. So if you aren't in to beauty boxes or outside of the UK this post may still be worth a read! 

The Price & Packaging

Unlike the January box (review here) which was Valentines themed this box was just the standard box and instantly it seemed to be a lot more balanced unlike last months box which I felt contained too many skincare products. The box as you can see below is a soft pink and quite sturdy. With the GlossyBox you receive 5 high-end samples for £10.00 per month plus £2.95 p&p bringing it to £12.95 per month. Like all the other boxes you can cancel at any time but it is worth noting it is on a direct debit basis. Website - here.


The Products

Awapuhi Styling Treatment Oil 
(Smallest size - £7.50/25ml)
When I spotted this in the box I instantly thought it was a bit of a 'meh' product as I had never heard of the brand and didn't really read what it was. But eventually I stopped being a bad beauty blogger and gave it a chance and actually read how to use it best. Since then I have used it instead of my Vo5 hair oil after every shower on damp hair and it leaves my hair frizz-free and so much nicer to blow dry and so soft. Also with an oil like this that is quite thick you do only need a little even on long hair so a 25ml bottle would be enough for quite some months. Plus the ginger in this is lovely - no synethic hair product smell here!
Dr Bronner's Lavender Hand Sanitiser
 (Standard size - £3.99/59ml) 
Now this is a useful product to have and one I was glad to see in the box! Since receiving the box in February this hasn't left my dressing table. I have been using this to clean my hands after applying moisturiser, after using hair products that leave my hands sticky. I have also been using it to clean my hands before and after applying my makeup. The one thing I don't particularly like about the product is the smell, it is very strongly lavender scented which I feel isn't needed and a bit granny like - a lemon/ fruity scent would be so much nicer. But for the price I think this is a really useful product.


BECCA Beach Tint Watermelon
(Full size - £20.00/7ml)
This was 100% the highlight of the box for me. I mean who wouldn't be happy with a full-size Becca product?! This was my first ever Becca product but after the Pixwoo sisters constantly raving about the brand I was quite eager to try something from Becca, but unsure were to start. So for me this was a great starting product as I love cream cheek products. 

I think maybe the swatch above does look a little light however you can see how this blends so nicely and can be gradually buildt up. The texture really is like butter and leaves the skin feeling so nice. As for the watermelon scent it is just so lovely! An amazing product.


Como Shambhala Invigorate Shower Gel
(Full size £20.00/300ml. 50ml sample included)
 I'm not a huge fan of shower products in beauty boxes unless they are quite large. However I decided to put this in my shower and made sure I gave it a chance and to my surprise I did like it and used it all up! It is your typical organic/natural smelling shower gel that smelt of starflower and quite herby to me but as the name suggests it really does wake you up and is quite invigorating. Also this does actually make a difference to how the skin feels unlike quite a lot of normal shower gels. However I really doubt I would ever spend £20.00 on just a shower gel.

BM Beauty Pure Mineral Eyeshadow
(Full Size £7.00/2g. Sample pot included)
This was actually my least favourite product which is surprising as I expected that to be the shower gel! I am not too sure what it is but I really dislike receiving little samples like this, whether it's skincare or makeup.. if it is in a tiny little jar (especially with no writing on) then I'm really not interested. I guess it just seem a little cheap and it is so easy to just put it to one side then discover it a months later and forget who it's by. Also a loose shimmery product like this really does need a sifter! So even though this is quite a nice shade and product it just seems a bit of a rubbish sample.

The main positive for me with this box has to be the mix of products - 2 makeup products, 1 hair product, 1 all round useful product and a shower/body product. So a nice mix that I think would please most people! Also other than the eyeshadow I was really impressed with the size of all the products and felt it was worth a lot more than £13.. well of course it was containng a £20 product! 

My only negative would be with the un-packaged eyeshadow sample, which is a gripe I have when any beauty box does it. It just doesn't seem professional and never makes me excited to try it out. Though atleast it was only the one product and thankfully it wasn't a small pot of moisturizer or body scrub (my biggest pet peeve with beauty boxes).
Overall this was quite a strong box and it just goes to show that the themed Glossy Boxes aren't always the most exciting as I loved this a lot more that the previous Valentines themed box. 

I think if you are wondering whether to sign up you should look at the contents and think how many products you would of liked. Personally I was really very happy with 3 products which makes it worth it! 

Fee xo.  


5 Favourite Things #2

Favourite things

So another 5 favourite things as I really enjoyed writing the last post as I do like to ramble a bit and just talk about things I normally wouldn't really! 

Also I really enjoy reading all the comments as you always have something interesting to say or suggest to me, which I really like. So if you do comment then thank you. 


I wear perfume all year round but when the weather start to become warmer I always get really in to perfume and start wearing perfumes I haven't used in a while and I also start lusting after new ones (my current lust is - Elie Saab Le Parfum and Estee Lauder Sensuous Nude for summer). But the ones that I have current been loving are SJP Lovely (30ml/£15.95 Cheapsmells) and Cartier Delices (30ml/£21.20 Cheapsmells). 

I actually received the mini Cartier Delices perfume with the Cartier Fragrance Discovery pack from Escentual which is only £13.50 (here) and you get a voucher to spend which is £15 off any Cartier fragrance. The offer has slightly changed from when I bought it last year but you still receive 2 x 1.5ml samples of the perfume above along with 10 other samples. For me this was really great as I got to discover a scent I really loved and it has the added benefit of not being as popular as other fragrances. As for Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely it is literally one of those perfumes that you smell and think "that is just lovely" it is soft, floral and feminine which makes it ideal for spring and I just love it. 


This is the first book I have read in a long while and I am really enjoying it. I'm one of those that could find the time but I'm never relaxed enough to put everything down and just read! But the lovely Tanzina of MakeupAtoZ inspired me to get back into read as she literally gobbles up books and is always telling me about ones she is reading. So I decided to get on Amazon and place a nice order of books that caught my fancy - Before I Go To Sleep (£3.86 - here), Room (£3.94 - here), Me Before You (£3.86 - here), Let it Snow (£5.66 - here).

Before I Go To Sleep tells the story of Christine who's memory vanishes when she goes to sleep at night so she lives day by day, until she decides to keep a journal. The story revolves around herself, her husband and her doctor and how everyday she has to come to terms with having no memory of the past but discovering her past through her journal entries. Though it slowly becomes apparent that all in not quite right and I am definitely expecting a good twist towards the end!

Instagram 1

I am definitely an Instagram lover and I sadly am one of those people that will tweet pictures of anything - though I have yet to show my Domino's order on Two for Tuesday! If you do want to follow me you can find me under 'makeupsavvy'.

Here are some recent Instagrams...

From top left - 1. On a walk with my dog 2. The most extravagant bird house found in Homesense 3. Using the Diego Dalla Palma Snow White & The Huntsman palette for the first time (see here) 4. Old art work from my school days 5. Essie stand in Superdrugs at Manchester Trafford Centre 6. An amazing Ben & Jerry's vending machine 7. Brand new watercolours 8. Starbucks Caramel Cream Frappucino - the best 9. What happens when I drink wine, doh!


Recently I have been loving re-discovering products that I haven't used it quite some time. My first re-discovery was of The Body Shop Mango Body Butter (50ml/£5.00 - here) which I had totally forgot how amazing it smelt and also how well it hydrates the skin, I am thinking I will have to buy a 200ml pot for summer. Also I have found myself re-discovering how good the Garnier Pure A Night Treatment Gel is as sadly I have been getting a few blemishes. Unlike other spot treatments you apply this over the whole area were you are experiencing spots before you go to bed and the next morning you definitely notice a difference and within a few days of doing this the spots are gone. 

Another product I have brought out again is the La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL SPF50+ Fluide Extreme Face (50ml/£14.85 - Escentual here) which I have been using as a base/primer for my makeup as it leaves the skin so even and I feel makes my foundation lasts longer - plus you need such a small amount. Of course this is an amazing sun cream as well especially if you have combination or oily skin. My last discovery has been Max Factor Xperience Foundation in Light Ivory (30ml/£9.99 - Boots here) which I had forgot how light and perfect it was! When I purchased this I was put off by the size but seriously don't let that put you off as it is the same volume as any other foundation just with less packaging. This really is great if you want coverage but don't want to feel like you are wearing anything on the skin.


Also recently I have been enjoying reading magazine - another thing that I get back into when the weather gets better for some reason (it must be all the pretty editorials!). My favourite by far is Red Magazine which contains a free 30ml Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish attached to the front this month (I should point out that I have discovered not all magazines include the freebie... which is stupid. But if I am right in thinking only the travel size magazines contain the C&P and I know Tesco & WHSmith stock them). Also I am loving that Glamour is only £1 this month... you really cannot get better than that and also with my ASOS premier account I am really enjoying receiving the ASOS monthly magazine, though if you don't have the upgraded account you can view the magazine online for free - here.

Hope you enjoyed this post and hope you are all having a nice weekend! 

Fee xo.


New Skincare!


Today I thought  I would show you what I have been buying/using skincare wise lately. 

Skincare for both the face and body is something I really enjoy but I don't find it all that interesting to write reviews of... especially with anything for the face as everyone has different skin, so I find myself never really talking skincare on here. 

But I have been really pleased with all the new products I have so I thought I would share especially as there are all fairly low priced products! 


Skincare for the face... 

Avene Thermal Water
 £6.50/150ml - Boots here
When re-purchasing this in Boots I was trying to explain to my boyfriend why there was sense in buying 'water in a can' and not just filling a spritz bottle with water, which is what he suggested I do when he saw that it was £6.50! But I don't think I did a good job explaining as he wasn't convinced but that is because it is one of those products that you just 'get' when you try it out. This is nothing like water in a can it is refreshing but it also tones and brightens the face. It's just ideal for summer and I cannot be without it now. So if you have never tried this you should purchase the travel size version which is only a few pounds to see if you like it!

No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream Normal/Oily 
£12.50/50ml - Boots here
Now I have been using this for quite some time now and even though I am liking it and can't say anything bad about it, I just  feel it isn't worth the £12.50 price tag as it does nothing amazing really. However I would definitely say it's worth it with a No7 free £5 voucher making it £7.50! But maybe No7 know this... hmm. The one thing I have been pleased with is that it is accurate in being suited to normal to oily skin and I do have combination skin so have been using it on oily and normal parts of my skin and it's been fine on both, especially in not making the oily areas more oily.

Clearasil Vitamins & Extracts Wash & Mask 
£3.49/150ml - Superdrug here
If you didn't know already this was the product of The BIG Skincare Mystery! It is a lovely quite simple facial wash and mask which is great for the price. I am still using the sample that I was sent as it was fairly large so I haven't moved on to the tube - but it's basically the same thing. I do really like using soap or a cream cleanser to cleanse my face so I haven't used this much as a facial wash but I really quite like this as a mask and apply this before getting in the shower. It's one of those masks that doesn't set so no tight feeling which I am pleased about and it has a lovely cucumber scent and leaves the skin feeling plumped up and clean. For the price this is just a really nice multi-use skincare product. 


Skincare for the body... 

Dr. Bronner Magic Soap Hemp Rose Castile Soap 
237ml/£5.49 - O.N.G here
 So I have been wanting to try this 'magic soap' for quite some time as it seemed to be a sulfate-free wonder product with it's 18 uses! So far so good as I have used it as a face wash, shower gel, brush cleanser and at some point I will try it out as shampoo.. but I have one gripe about the product and that is that the 18 uses aren't displayed on the bottle at all! You see all that writing there? Nothing actually about the product?! I find it slightly crazy really. But I am sure I will find out what the 18 uses are at some point and try out more ways of using it. The one thing that really impressed me though is how little you need of this... literally you need a few drops (the top is actually more like a dropper than a normal shower gel top) and it just foams up so well like no other product I own in fact!

Dr. Bronner Magic Soap Hemp Almond Castile Soap 
237ml/£5.49 - O.N.G here
This is of course just the same as the Hemp Rose Magic Soap so I haven't got much to add. But on the smell side in case anyone is wondering about the hemp, I actually cannot smell it and with this I can only smell quite a subtle almond scent and with the rose it is even less really. So definitely nothing over powering and nothing hemp-like as I know quite a few people are put off by the smell of hemp. I will definitely be finding out what the 18 uses are and trying out more ways to use it and then I shall do a review showcasing them all I think!

Skin Wisdom Rose & Geranium Bath & Body Oil 
£5.99/100ml - Tesco 
I bought this as I sadly smashed my oh so beautiful Neom Body Oil on my bathroom floor (how sad I was) so thought I would try out a cheaper body oil to see how it compared before purchasing the Neom one. It doesn't really compare to the Neom one at all but it is nice enough for now. I use to love how rich and hydrating the Neom Body Oil was after a shower or bath and the next day I could always notice a difference in the softness of my skin. But with this.. yes it's nice to apply and it smells nice, but it definitely isn't as hydrating sadly. However if you have never tried out a body oil before then this is a nice one to start with and at the moment until May 7th it is actually buy one get one free!

Jergens Skin Firming Body Moisturiser
£5.10/200ml - Boots here.
 I picked this up on the off chance as it was half price so I thought I would try it out in hope that it would reduce the fat on my thighs by at least a few centimetres... it sadly didn't, but it is a nice product which certainly does make the skin feel and look a bit firmer. So this is definitely a product I will keep on using and I am sure will be glad of in summer - talking of summer, when is it ever going to arrive?! 

So that is all in the way of new skincare! Would love to know if you have tried out any of these products and how you found them! 

Fee xo.


Snow White & The Huntsman Diego Dalla Palma Palette

Diego Dalla Palma Snow White and the huntsman palette

I have a very exciting new palette to show you today! 

I received the upcoming Diego Dalla Palma Snow palette this morning and had to show you all before I got swatching! To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Universal Films on June 1st 2012 Snow White & The Huntsman with be gracing the big screen starring Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron! With Diego Dalla Palma being the official cosmetics partner with this lovely palette which I am sure will become a bit of a collectors item. 

The palette consists of six eyeshadows - 3 shimmer (Snow, Shield and Mirror Mirror) and 3 matte shades (Fairest, Destiny and Battleground) so a good mix for once and also a lovely texture! Plus a full size lipstick in The Wicked Queen as well as a black eyeliner pencil in Dark Night.

Diego Dalla Palma Snow White Palette

The palette will be priced at a reasonable £25 (I personally feel this is such a good price as Diego Dalla Palma is a high end brand with excellent quality products) and will be available on Tesco Direct from May (yes, Tesco Direct do sell makeup now!) and in stores from June... though I am thinking it will be only the Tesco stores that stock Diego Dalla Palma. 

From first impressions I do love all the eyeshadow shades in the palette especially Mirror Mirror, Shield and Destiny and the lipstick is just beautiful ( it also has a nice vanilla scent). Plus everyone needs a good black eyeliner pencil... I know I love my brown Diego Dalla Palma eyeliner so so much and do use it most days. So for me this is a palette that I will be able to use fully... though if you aren't too confident with red lipstick it may be a bit of a shame. 

Diego Dalla Palma Snow White and the huntsman swatches

My only gripe about the palette really is that it could of been a bit more out there is the way of the design - this is no Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette. Which is a bit of a shame as I think if it did have a 3D aspect to it the palette would of been pretty epic. But we can't have everything can we!

Overall I think any inspired by palette makes for an interesting product and just something a bit different so they will always get a lot of love. But hand on heart I do really like the products in this and really feel Diego Dalla Palma have done their research for their first ever palette so it is very user friendly. Once I have used this I will of course do a full review with swatches!

This really got me thinking... If you could have a movie inspired palette which film would it be inspired/collaborate with and which brand would you chose to do it? 

For me it would be Avatar (blue skin anyone?) and I think I would maybe have Urban Decay do it!

Let me know in the comments if you can think up any good collaborations!  

Fee xo.


Nail Tutorials on She Said Beauty!

She Said Beauty Nail Tutorials

As most of you know I do love my nails and nail art and I was planning on doing a nail tutorial this week but sadly my 30 Days of Nails (see all posts here) took it's toll and two of my nails broke and are so very short now!

However if you didn't know I have done three nail tutorials for She Said Beauty! I must say I am quite proud of my floral nails as they came out really nicely but as a lover of cherries I do really like my Very Cherry nails and think they look pretty fun for summer!

  All the nail art is really easy to achieve being mainly made up of dots using a doting tool or the end of a hair grip/bobby pin. 

You can find both the Very Cherry nails and the Dot Outline nails - here and the Floral nails - here

Now fingers crossed my nails grow back quickly so that I can get back to doing nail posts again! 

Fee xo.  


Pound Shop Shoppin'

Cheap Revlon nail polish

I thought today I would dedicate a whole post to pound shops as I LOVE them so much. It is just so refreshing to go into a shop were everything is only a pound instead of browsing the stands at Boots were the average price of makeup is around £6-7! 

Now I do get confused with all the different names of pound shops; there is Pound World, Pound Land, Pound Craze and then there is Savers and Pound Stretchers which are trying to be pound shops. 

But the best one has to be Pound Land (Pound World is also good) as it is perfect for makeup and they do have some great brands - Revlon, Rimmel, Sally Hanson, Astor, Miss Sporty etc. Which is where I picked up these bad boys! I mean nail polishes...


Now I seriously can't help but get a little excited over these as I mean - Pound Land = 6 mainly Revlon nail polishes or for £6 you could always go to Boots = 1 Revlon nail polish. I know which I would go for?! 

It does always depend on which Poundland you visit but normally they do always stock Revlon nail polish and also Rimmel Lycra Pro nail polishes which are both great ranges. But luckily for me I struck gold with a small Pound Land and I found so many lovely polishes. 

I will of course be doing nail of the day posts with them all but for now my favourites have to be the three above. Revlon Cloud is just a perfect shade, Fire Fox is like nothing else I have and First Kiss is a perfect pink nude that has an amazing brush. 

I really think pound shopping is such a good way to save money and enjoy great brands such as Revlon. 

Anyone had any really good purchases in a pound shop? 

Fee xo.


FREE Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish with Red Magazine!

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Red Magazine April 2012

An amazing freebie to report this month that I had to share! 

One of my favourite magazines - Red (£3.90 April issue) is offering a free 30ml Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser with a full-size muslin cloth!

Now I think I can speak of behalf of a lot of people when I say this is one amazing cleanser as it is used and loved by many, many people. The cleanser is so effective in removing makeup yet so gentle and the muslin cloth is great quality and perfect for using with the cleanser or even other cleanser you may have. 

liz earle cleanse & polish Red magazine April

If you are totally new the Cleanse & Polish cleanser then this is definitely a great chance to try it out and see if it lives up to the hype for you. Personally I am loving this freebie as a few months ago I ran out of my second 100ml tube of this and also the muslin cloth will come in handy for all my other cream cleansers. 

You  can actually buy the 30ml size with 1 muslin cloth on the Liz Earle website for £5.50 (here) and then of course there is p&p so this is such a great freebie that is definitely worth picking up!

Fee xo.


Cheap Smells Haul

Cheap Smells order

I love on line discount websites - Cheap Smells, Fragrance Direct and BuyaPowa being my favourites. But recently I noticed that Cheap Smells have made everything on their site free delivery so they are definitely my no.1 discount makeup website to go to now!

Last month I spotted the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque for an amazing price on Cheap Smells so had to buy it and of course found a few other items jumped in to my basket so I thought I would write a small haul post on them as I was quite pleased with my order.

Benefit Gilded pencil

Benefit Gilded Highlighting Pencil 
£11.95 - here

I do really like Benefit as a brand however as they are pricey I always make sure I chose wisely with their products, with ones that will last me a long time which is why I love the Benefit pencil products. I already own the Eye Bright pencil and also the It Stick Concealer pencil both of which I love, so when I spotted this on the Cheap Smells site I thought I would try it out especially as it is a multi-purpose product! 

I mainly wanted this after seeing the new double ended lip products from Max Factor (I have forgot what they are called oops!) as I loved the idea of just highlighting the bottom lip over different lipsticks and I have to say this pencil works perfectly for that! I have also tried this as a highlighter along the cupids bow and the cheekbones which again works really nicely. The only thing that didn't work was the product on the eyes.. just too creamy so it instantly creased. But overall I am really pleased with it as it will literally last me forever and it is such a lovely shade.

Macadamia Deep Repair Mask

Macadamia Deep Repair Masque 
£9.50/100ml - here
£3.75/30ml sachet - here

Sadly the Macadamia Hair Mask that I purchased (£9.99 for 250ml) is now out of stock on the Cheap Smells site but it is available for £9.50 for 100ml in a tube instead of a pot (I actually prefer this) but sadly it isn't as much of a bargain, but still a really great price! 

I won't bore you again with how amazing this is but I do highly recommend this for anyone with over-processed or damaged hair as it just works a treat and is the best hair mask I have ever tried. If you are interested you can read my full review of it - here


Revlon Powder Puff 
£2.99 - here 

Revlon nail polishes are amongst my favourite nail polishes as they just have so many great shades and I do like the consistency and finish of them. However I can't say I love spending £6.49 per nail polish especially seeing as Revlon is a high street brand. Which is why I always buy Revlon polishes from Cheap Smells or Fragrance Direct as they are always less than half price! I went for Powder Puff after looking at swatches via Google and decided I needed this soft white in my life. The finish is totally different from anything I own but I do really like this as it almost a semi-matte finish. I have worn this but forgot to take images so here are some lovely swatches I found on Lunatikitty's blog that really shows of the finish - here.

Revlon Lilac Pastelle
£2.99 - here 
Another shade that I had to add to my basket was Lilic Pastelle which came out last year if I am right in thinking! This is such a beautiful shade which applies really well for a pastel shade. This is definitely a perfect shade for spring and you can see a NOTD of me wearing it here.

I really do love buying from Cheap Smells and often re-purchase my Tigi Bedhead shampoo from there as it is the cheapest I have found it. However you do have to watch for things going up in price once they have sold out as they seem to come back but with a few pounds added on for some reason! 

Fee xo. 


5 Favourite Things

Favourite things

I always start posts like this and really enjoy writing them but always make them way too long and so I stop doing them. But I think 5 favourite things is just the right amount to ramble about without it getting stupidly long. So hopefully I will keep this one up as I do enjoy rambling about a mix of things from time to time! 


Since receiving the HD Brow Palette with an early Glossy Box I have been in love with it. I am big on brows in general but this has just been a godsend and also a great multi-purpose product (eyeshadow, eyeliner and brow powder all in one).

I own the HD Brow Palette in Foxy (for fair skin) and use the bottom left shade for my brows and the top right shade as eyeliner the most, though I do get use out of the other two shades. What I really love about the brow set is that once you have done your brows in the morning they will just look perfect all day, no having to set them or use wax or touch them up. They just stay perfect! 

For such a great palette I really was surprised when I couldn't find it anywhere online and I mean nadda! Just nothing about it, nothing about it even on the HD Brows websites (just about their other brow services) though the palette definitely is still sold in three different shades for around £17-20. The only thing I could suggest if you do want one is to go on the HD Brows Official website and type in your postcode in the 'salon finder' section.

Essie button Youtube

I can remember when I first discovered the Shaytards on Youtube I just sat there watching so many of their previous videos just loving them and this was exactly the same when I found Essie's videos (YouTube channel here)! You will just have to watch her videos to see what I mean but Essie is one seriously witty, funny, endearing person... it's not often I laugh out loud watching someone videos but this constantly happens when watching Estee. She is just so likable and honest (about her life and beauty products) and I really cannot get enough of her!

Great first videos to watch to get to know her a little are her 10 Little Secrets Tag, 15 Questions Tag and Spending Ban Haul?!  

nail art

When I was a college (almost 7 years ago now?! oh god that is a long time ago) I loved having to be creative everyday as I studied Art & Design. But in recent years I have found I haven't had to creative at all really and totally felt like my life was missing something as I love having to come up with idea and working out how I'm going to do them etc. But gradually through my blog I have developed a total love for nail art and it has definitely filled that creative void in my life now! 

I love nail polish in general but nothing beats thinking up a nail art idea and then trying it out and it being a success and looking great. I recently did my first ever nail tutorial for the She Said Beauty online magazine (middle image, above) which I was so pleased with the outcome and it is so easy to achieve. You can view the full floral nail art tutorial here.


For the longest time I had been watching short clips of The Ellen Degeneres Show on You Tube because I just love her and the show. But it wasn't enough so I decided to search online to see if there were any old shows that I could watch online. Then I discover The Ellen Degeneres Show is on UK TV on a channel called Really (never heard of it before). In my opinion it just knocks Loose Women out of the water as a daily chat show but isn't as taxing or high brow as say The Oprah Show. Really good mix of topics and guests plus Ellen is one funny, beautiful woman!

The show is on weekdays  4-5pm on Freeview channel 20, Sky 248 and Virgin 267.

busy bees candles

For quite some time now I have been conscious of ingredients in products and have cut out quite a lot of things that I previously used mainly in my shampoo, deodorant and toothpaste. But as I have seen the benefits this has extended to other things in my life such as candles. I previously use to love a cheap-y candles and didn't even care that the soot/fumes would create a black stain up the wall! But last year I was converted to soya/vegetable wax candles and just haven't looked back. It feels great knowing that there are no harmful toxins are being released in the air (as we have enough of that when we step out of our front doors), plus of course no soot and I really do feel the scents of natural waxes is a lot stronger than synthetic candles. 

One of my favourite candles are the lovely Neom Organic Travel candles priced at £13 (here) but I also decided to purchase an oil/wax tart burner so that I could order cheaper wax tarts and try more scents that way. From the recommendation of @Littlemissmaxi I went for the Busy Bee Candles (website - here). Each wax tart starting from only £1.10 and lasting around 5 tea lights (trust me that is a long time!) and the scent of these are just so strong! I went for Bakewell Slice, Buttered Popcorn, Creme Brulee, Fruit Cocktail, Chocolate Fudge Brownie and received Sun Kiss Raspberry as a lovely surprise free with my order. I'm currently burning Buttered Popcorn which just smells amazing but know I will be ordered more in summer of the more fruity scents as they are just so amazing, filling the house with the aroma for hours! 

Hope you enjoyed this more ramble-y sort of post and please do share with me your favourite things especially non-beauty related!

Fee xo.  


Spring Nail Polish Picks - Pastels, Brights and Glitter!

Spring nails

I would love to say that Spring is here and last week I was actually thinking that as I sat in my garden without a jumper on. But this week we are somehow back to snow... it is all very odd! So sadly we can't be saying it is spring just yet. Maybe next week though! 

But in preparation for warmer weather that will hopefully last, I pulled out all my nail polishes and selected all my favourites that would be perfect for spring/summer. I know that some people love their pastel shades and some love wearing bright shades come sunny weather so I have selected a mix and oh, my favourite glitter nail polishes for spring as glitter is sun light is just lovely! 

spring nail polish picks 2012 swatches

Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream, Maybelline Ivory Rose, Revlon Lilac Pastelle, Collection 2000 Fruit Loop, Barry M Mint Green. 

Spring bright nail polish picks 2012

No7 Coral Kiss, 17 Supreme Shine Wave, Rimmel Lycra Wear Tequila Sunset, Barry M Acid Yellow, Models Own Pink Punch. 

spring nail polish picks 2012 glitter top coats

Models Own Indian Ocean, Miss Sporty Sparkling Touch, Maybelline Cosmic Flash, Models Own Juicy Jules, Nubar 2010 Glitter Top Coat. 

 Tips for finding cheap summer nail polishes...

Like that urge to go out and buy a new summer wardrobe I also get that feeling with nail polish. I may not have touched some shades for over a year and so it is always nice to pick up a few new fun shades. So here is how I do that without spending too much. 
I am a huge lover of mini nail polish sets from higher priced brands like OPI, Essie and China Glaze. I have never tried Essie before but the mini sets have really caught my eye with each set costing around £10-£14 for 4x5ml mini nail polishes. The two sets perfect for summer are - Essie Mini Brights Collection £10 Asos - here and Essie Mini Summer 2011 Collection £11.85 Look Fantastic - here. Both sets are full of super bright shades that will last you the summer and longer! 

Or if you prefer OPI then the OPI Nice Stems Mini Set can be found on Amazon here for only £9.50 which is a great set to go for it you like your pink shades! 

Also something else I like to do is save up a few No7 £5 vouchers when they are around (I'm sure they will make an appearance in May) and then use them against the No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colours here which normally cost £7 meaning with the vouchers they would only be £2! The nail polishes are really great quality and they have a good mix of pastel and bright shades - I'm thinking I will need to get Poolside Blue as soon as the vouchers come back! 

I hope this was helpful! 

Fee xo.


My Makeup Collection - Lipstick

Lipstick Collection

Part deux of my makeup collection! 

For someone that claims to not really love lip products it was a bit of a surprise that I own around 40 lipsticks! However thinking about it I do wear lipstick or lipgloss daily and always have 3 or 4 lipsticks in my handbag - so maybe I do have a secret love for them after all. 

The older I get the more daring I seem to be with my lip colour choices and do now enjoy wearing red and plum shades! Though nude lipsticks will always be comfort blanket. 

Summer Lipsticks

Summer picks...
In summer my choice of lipstick changes dramatically and instead of reaching for just nude shades I love something a bit more fresh and vibrant and also something that is quite hydrating.
17 Mirror Shine On Lipstick Peace
(£4.59 Boots) 
The 17 Mirror Shine range is actually one of my favourite ranges of lipsticks! They are all just so wearable, non-drying and glossy. Peace actually looks super bright in the bullet (actually a lot brighter than in the picture) but don't let that put you off as on the lips it is just a lovely fresh pink/coral shade that looks really juicy! I also love how this shade in particular has a kind of jelly look to it... hard to explain but it just makes you want to apply it, especially in summer. If you are looking for a perfect summer lipstick then definitely pop into Boots and have a look at the tester! 
Natural Collection Moisture Shine Pink Mallow
(£1.99 Boots)
This is my 'lips but better and slightly pinker' lipstick that I seem to reach for a lot when the weather starts coming nicer. The whole Natural Collection lipstick range is pretty great for the price and I always find all of the shades quite flattering, especially this one. The Moisture Shine range isn't overly moisturising but they always feel comfortable on the lips and never feel drying. Just a really nice shade that cannot be faulted. 

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Cherries in the Snow
(£2.99 Cosmetic Diva or Boots for £6.49) 
Cherries In The Snow is just one of those shades that looks great on everyone! It is just a really flattering shade with a lot of depth if that makes sense. It is however quite a bold shade but for me it is a lot more wearable than a red but still gives that brightening effect to the face and can pick up any makeup look. Which is why in summer I carry this in my bag and if I have been out all day and looking a bit rubbish (hay fever is normally to blame) I just apply this and it just lights up my face and makes me look healthy and awake again! A classic shade and one to go for it you are trying to be braver with colour!  
Favourite lipsticks

Not much to explain here. My favourites are just the lipsticks that I love everything about. From the shade to the shade name to the formula to the finish... just everything! 
Guerlain KissKiss Baby Lip Balm Romantic Nude 260
(£21.00 Strawberrynet)
Now this is one pricey lip balm but for me this is a nude/rose lipstick that has the added benefit of being nicely hydrating. The reason why this is one of my favourites? The shade, the formula and of course the amazing packaging! Of course it was the lovely, weighty, perfect packaging that first attracted me but since since buying it I have come to rely on this shade when my lips are needing a bit of TLC. Really pretty and all round lovely!

NYX Strawberry Milk
(£3.50 NYX)
This against my pale skin is super pale and very pink but I think I can just about pull it off! The shade is definitely not a shade I normally go for but I just love how it looks on the lips and constantly wear this in summer (it should have really been in my summer picks). This is also the most perfect formula I have ever tried.. well the whole range is. Just sooo creamy and perfect which is another huge reason why I adore this shade. 

Vivo Barely There  
(£1.99 Selected Tesco stores)
Barely There is without a doubt my favourite nude lipstick as it just suits my complexion so well and it's only £1.99! But aside from it being the perfect nude for me the smell is quite similar to that of the MAC lipsticks (slightly more synthetic smelling) and this just glides onto the lips and is so hydrating. It doesn't last amazingly well but I really wouldn't want to compromise of the creamy formula for a few more hours wear. If you do like your nude lipsticks then 100% try this out as it's just amazing for under £2!
Most Used Lipsticks

Most worn...
Now you would think that my most worn would also be my favourite lipsticks but I must say my most worn lipsticks are the ones that I just feel more comfortable wearing. Ones that I don't need a mirror to apply and I know will look good whatever my makeup looks like. Basically these lipsticks are my comfort blanket that I reach for the most. 
Vivo Barely There 
(£1.99 Tesco) 
I won't repeat myself as this is already above in my favourite lipsticks. But this actually is my most worn lipstick! For the price I am thinking about purchasing another just to keep in my handbag as I always need this with me. Just so creamy, glossy and perfect! 

17 Mirror Shine On Lipstick Beehive
(£4.59 Boots)
For me this is a lipstick/lipgloss/lip balm hybrid. It just ticks all the right boxes and when I'm unsure of what to go for - lipsgloss or lipstick, I go for this. It is of course nude but quite sheer and glossy with a slightly tacky-ness to it which makes it last on the lips. I also find myself applying this over bolder lipsticks to calm them down a bit and to give them a slight glossy finish. The swatch really doesn't do the lipstick any justice though! 

L'Oreal Studio Secrets Universal Lip Glow  
(£8.49 Tesco/Boots/Superdrug) 
When I spotted this in Tesco my eyes literally lit up as I hadn't seen anything about the product and had been lusting after the Clarins Crystal lip balms for so long but just couldn't warrant spending £14 on one. Now probably to most this isn't amazing as it is quite sheer and just gives a hint of pink to the lips. But for me it's just love, especially on the days when I just can't be bothered with wearing anything on the lips. This also smells juicy and always makes me think of Push Pops (anyone remember those?!) so I do have to resist taking a bite! 
disliked lipsticks

These are my 'what the hell was I thinking' lipsticks... and oh there were quite a few! Of course with all lipsticks you can tell how unloved or loved they are by how much is left and I was really shocked at how much I had used some of the ones that made me cringe. I mean when did I ever wear frosted coral lipstick?!

Max Factor Colour Collections Lipstick Cappuccino Latte 
(£7.99 Boots)
Really what is this shade?! It is just such a boring and rubbish shade. Actually close up this doesn't look too bad but if you look closely you can see how this is quite patchy and that is just a swatch on my arm. Now just imagine it on the lips clinging to every morsel of dry skin. It just looks terrible. Awful. Awful. Awful.

Barry M Lip Paint Coral 53
(£4.04 Amazon) 
To my horror this has clearly been worn quite a few times but I'm not sure by whom as I have zero recollection of wearing this. I mean I know I could never pull of a frost coral shade so why did I ever wear this?! Just why?! This will just have to go in the bin so that I can never become delirious again and think for some reason I can pull this shade off.

 Vivo Sugar Pink 
(£1.99 Tesco)
Maybe I am being slightly harsh on this lipstick. But I remember buying this and ooo-ing in my head when I looked at it's pearly-ness in the bullet. But when I got home and tried this on my lips it was just way to pearly and frosty and just all wrong. Sadly the swatch doesn't show how pearly it is, but trust me it ain't pretty. This just reminds me of when I first got into make-up around the age of 14 and loved anything that was this shade be it lipstick, eyeshadow or blusher! Vivo definitely need to calm down with the shimmer and stick to finishes like Barely There. 

Whilst on the topic of lipstick I want to direct you to a new blog that is all about lipstick! The Lipstick blog - a blog solely about lipstick, wrote by the lovely Maxi who is a self confessed lipstick addict! I mean she owns 41 MAC lipsticks (actually 43 now... or 45 by the time you read this!) which outshines my whole lipstick collection. So if you want to be pretty jealous and also see lots of lip of the day posts then definitely have a read of The Lipstick Blog!

Ideas of what part of my collection to show next would be great! 

Fee xo.
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