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Lipstick Collection

Part deux of my makeup collection! 

For someone that claims to not really love lip products it was a bit of a surprise that I own around 40 lipsticks! However thinking about it I do wear lipstick or lipgloss daily and always have 3 or 4 lipsticks in my handbag - so maybe I do have a secret love for them after all. 

The older I get the more daring I seem to be with my lip colour choices and do now enjoy wearing red and plum shades! Though nude lipsticks will always be comfort blanket. 

Summer Lipsticks

Summer picks...
In summer my choice of lipstick changes dramatically and instead of reaching for just nude shades I love something a bit more fresh and vibrant and also something that is quite hydrating.
17 Mirror Shine On Lipstick Peace
(£4.59 Boots) 
The 17 Mirror Shine range is actually one of my favourite ranges of lipsticks! They are all just so wearable, non-drying and glossy. Peace actually looks super bright in the bullet (actually a lot brighter than in the picture) but don't let that put you off as on the lips it is just a lovely fresh pink/coral shade that looks really juicy! I also love how this shade in particular has a kind of jelly look to it... hard to explain but it just makes you want to apply it, especially in summer. If you are looking for a perfect summer lipstick then definitely pop into Boots and have a look at the tester! 
Natural Collection Moisture Shine Pink Mallow
(£1.99 Boots)
This is my 'lips but better and slightly pinker' lipstick that I seem to reach for a lot when the weather starts coming nicer. The whole Natural Collection lipstick range is pretty great for the price and I always find all of the shades quite flattering, especially this one. The Moisture Shine range isn't overly moisturising but they always feel comfortable on the lips and never feel drying. Just a really nice shade that cannot be faulted. 

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Cherries in the Snow
(£2.99 Cosmetic Diva or Boots for £6.49) 
Cherries In The Snow is just one of those shades that looks great on everyone! It is just a really flattering shade with a lot of depth if that makes sense. It is however quite a bold shade but for me it is a lot more wearable than a red but still gives that brightening effect to the face and can pick up any makeup look. Which is why in summer I carry this in my bag and if I have been out all day and looking a bit rubbish (hay fever is normally to blame) I just apply this and it just lights up my face and makes me look healthy and awake again! A classic shade and one to go for it you are trying to be braver with colour!  
Favourite lipsticks

Not much to explain here. My favourites are just the lipsticks that I love everything about. From the shade to the shade name to the formula to the finish... just everything! 
Guerlain KissKiss Baby Lip Balm Romantic Nude 260
(£21.00 Strawberrynet)
Now this is one pricey lip balm but for me this is a nude/rose lipstick that has the added benefit of being nicely hydrating. The reason why this is one of my favourites? The shade, the formula and of course the amazing packaging! Of course it was the lovely, weighty, perfect packaging that first attracted me but since since buying it I have come to rely on this shade when my lips are needing a bit of TLC. Really pretty and all round lovely!

NYX Strawberry Milk
(£3.50 NYX)
This against my pale skin is super pale and very pink but I think I can just about pull it off! The shade is definitely not a shade I normally go for but I just love how it looks on the lips and constantly wear this in summer (it should have really been in my summer picks). This is also the most perfect formula I have ever tried.. well the whole range is. Just sooo creamy and perfect which is another huge reason why I adore this shade. 

Vivo Barely There  
(£1.99 Selected Tesco stores)
Barely There is without a doubt my favourite nude lipstick as it just suits my complexion so well and it's only £1.99! But aside from it being the perfect nude for me the smell is quite similar to that of the MAC lipsticks (slightly more synthetic smelling) and this just glides onto the lips and is so hydrating. It doesn't last amazingly well but I really wouldn't want to compromise of the creamy formula for a few more hours wear. If you do like your nude lipsticks then 100% try this out as it's just amazing for under £2!
Most Used Lipsticks

Most worn...
Now you would think that my most worn would also be my favourite lipsticks but I must say my most worn lipsticks are the ones that I just feel more comfortable wearing. Ones that I don't need a mirror to apply and I know will look good whatever my makeup looks like. Basically these lipsticks are my comfort blanket that I reach for the most. 
Vivo Barely There 
(£1.99 Tesco) 
I won't repeat myself as this is already above in my favourite lipsticks. But this actually is my most worn lipstick! For the price I am thinking about purchasing another just to keep in my handbag as I always need this with me. Just so creamy, glossy and perfect! 

17 Mirror Shine On Lipstick Beehive
(£4.59 Boots)
For me this is a lipstick/lipgloss/lip balm hybrid. It just ticks all the right boxes and when I'm unsure of what to go for - lipsgloss or lipstick, I go for this. It is of course nude but quite sheer and glossy with a slightly tacky-ness to it which makes it last on the lips. I also find myself applying this over bolder lipsticks to calm them down a bit and to give them a slight glossy finish. The swatch really doesn't do the lipstick any justice though! 

L'Oreal Studio Secrets Universal Lip Glow  
(£8.49 Tesco/Boots/Superdrug) 
When I spotted this in Tesco my eyes literally lit up as I hadn't seen anything about the product and had been lusting after the Clarins Crystal lip balms for so long but just couldn't warrant spending £14 on one. Now probably to most this isn't amazing as it is quite sheer and just gives a hint of pink to the lips. But for me it's just love, especially on the days when I just can't be bothered with wearing anything on the lips. This also smells juicy and always makes me think of Push Pops (anyone remember those?!) so I do have to resist taking a bite! 
disliked lipsticks

These are my 'what the hell was I thinking' lipsticks... and oh there were quite a few! Of course with all lipsticks you can tell how unloved or loved they are by how much is left and I was really shocked at how much I had used some of the ones that made me cringe. I mean when did I ever wear frosted coral lipstick?!

Max Factor Colour Collections Lipstick Cappuccino Latte 
(£7.99 Boots)
Really what is this shade?! It is just such a boring and rubbish shade. Actually close up this doesn't look too bad but if you look closely you can see how this is quite patchy and that is just a swatch on my arm. Now just imagine it on the lips clinging to every morsel of dry skin. It just looks terrible. Awful. Awful. Awful.

Barry M Lip Paint Coral 53
(£4.04 Amazon) 
To my horror this has clearly been worn quite a few times but I'm not sure by whom as I have zero recollection of wearing this. I mean I know I could never pull of a frost coral shade so why did I ever wear this?! Just why?! This will just have to go in the bin so that I can never become delirious again and think for some reason I can pull this shade off.

 Vivo Sugar Pink 
(£1.99 Tesco)
Maybe I am being slightly harsh on this lipstick. But I remember buying this and ooo-ing in my head when I looked at it's pearly-ness in the bullet. But when I got home and tried this on my lips it was just way to pearly and frosty and just all wrong. Sadly the swatch doesn't show how pearly it is, but trust me it ain't pretty. This just reminds me of when I first got into make-up around the age of 14 and loved anything that was this shade be it lipstick, eyeshadow or blusher! Vivo definitely need to calm down with the shimmer and stick to finishes like Barely There. 

Whilst on the topic of lipstick I want to direct you to a new blog that is all about lipstick! The Lipstick blog - a blog solely about lipstick, wrote by the lovely Maxi who is a self confessed lipstick addict! I mean she owns 41 MAC lipsticks (actually 43 now... or 45 by the time you read this!) which outshines my whole lipstick collection. So if you want to be pretty jealous and also see lots of lip of the day posts then definitely have a read of The Lipstick Blog!

Ideas of what part of my collection to show next would be great! 

Fee xo.
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