While we love Lush for their bath bombs and bubble bars and exciting seasonal ranges, there's been an under-the-radar product that should be in everyone's shower that's just recently gone viral, selling 12,000 in just two days.

Enter the humble Lush Shampoo Bar. Yes, it doesn't look like much and the idea of switching from traditional shampoo to what is effectively a bar of hair soap may seem daunting but being a huge fan of Lush shampoo bars for the past 3 years I thought I'd share why you too should get on the viral train - to both save money and the planet! 

PS. They're also better than a lot of shampoos I've tried!

I think there's no hiding the fact Charlotte Tilbury is my favourite makeup brand of all time. Yes, of course, I love so many other brands but ultimately Charlotte Tilbury makeup is my favourite for so many reasons.

So in celebration of my love for CT and the fact Charlotte Tilbury is Cult Beauty's Brand of the Month meaning free worldwide delivery (!!) I thought I would put together a Charlotte Tilbury complexion guide of sorts. Running through what the brand exactly has to offer, my favourite picks - both new & old and what works well for varying skin types.

When it comes to skincare it can be costly, which is why when it comes to the "extras" my skin doesn't necessarily need I prefer to save money.

This is where face mask dupes come in! Because in general, I believe whatever the cost of a face mask it always feels like a pampering treat but imagine one that actually costs very little but feels like a much more expensive face mask - it's a total win!

Below you will find more than enough face mask dupe suggestions that not only feel like the real deal but act it as well. I've also made sure that all skin types have been catered for, so you will find face mask dupes for hydrated, oily, sensitive skin and more here.

Somehow it has become a tradition on Makeup Savvy for my first Christmas post of the year to be an overview of the new Zoella Beauty Christmas range. Which I actually can't complain about as I'm always excited for a new Zoella Beauty launch, especially come Christmas.

So with tradition, I picked up a few of my favourite looking gifts and products from the new Zoella Beauty Cosmos Christmas Collection 2018 to talk you through the entire range, share my thoughts on the 'Cosmos' scent and give you an idea of which gifts are worth buying (and maybe avoiding) this year!


Based in Los Angeles, Wet n Wild have been going nearly 40 years, however, it's only this month that the affordable beauty brand has finally become available to buy in the UK exclusively to Beauty Bay!

Rivalling e.lf. on price and quality, beauty lovers on a budget are sure to be impressed, with prices ranging from £1.50 to £6.00 and featuring everything you would expect from an already established makeup brand: base makeup, eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, highlighters and much more. There are even a few beauty dupes to be found!

So, of course, being the beauty addict I am I couldn't resist picking up a few items to share with you and most likely enable a little spend with this introduction to Wet n Wild.

When I first started Makeup Savvy (8 whole years ago!) my main focus was to share the sheer amount of beauty bargains and savings that could be found on the high street. 

But over the years there's been a shift, with high street prices rising while online retailer offering more discounts and competitive prices than ever before. 

Which is why most of my beauty purchases are now made online bar the essentials that I prefer to pick up while food shopping or when popping into the likes of Boots - although the latter often seems a costly affair. 

Some of my biggest beauty savings have been found online so in this blog post I wanted to detail them and share the cream of the crop so to speak!

Whether you're on a budget or not there's something alluring about a beauty dupe. Of course, saving money is a huge plus but when you discover something that is beyond similar to a product you have lusted over or have already loved it's like you've come across a gem that most people aren't aware of. 

From the most amazing hydrating primer dupe to a palette that will save you ££, I'm running down what in my opinion are the best beauty dupes of 2018 thus far! 

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