While the interest is awash with beauty and skincare advise I often find entering a beauty related question/dilemma into Google more than likely throws up widely varying results and suggestions these days! Basically to the point of not knowing which source to trust or which advise to go with. 

Which is how this post has come to be! Of course, this isn't much of a '101' type post as all, oops, but more of a look at a few common beauty problems that I feel I have knowledge in and can give my own advise on. From mastering winged liner to tacking oily but dry skin, I may just have the answers you have been looking for.

Anti-inflammatory and calming in nature rose as an ingredient is often found in skincare for both the face and body. From rosewater based toners to luxury bath oils, rose based products can be found all over my bathroom so today I wanted to share five floral favourites with you.

While it's a fact everyone should have a good facial sunscreen in their skincare routine come rain or shine, wearing a daily SPF while trying to keep blemishes and oily skin at bay can be a challenge, to say the least.

But thankfully we are seeing more and more targeted facial sunscreens for different skincare concerns hitting the shelves. Which is why I wanted to share my own personal favourites with you that are perfect for oily/combination skin types.

When summer hits I find I'm an all or nothing kinda' gal; bare-faced (i.e my 5-minute makeup routine) or seeking out bold pigmented makeup that glows in the sun. While bold coral makeup may seem daunting to some it suits all skin tones, looking fresh and summer suitable every time.

Below I have five fairly new coral makeup products perfect for summer that I hope you love just as much as I do!

Huda Beauty Coral Obsessions Palette
£25.00 Cult Beauty HERE
While Huda Beauty palettes are normally supersized the Obsessions range packs 3x3 ultra pigmented eyeshadows into something much more compact and travel-friendly. Although I'm fairly late to the game when it comes to Huda I'm currently obsessed with the Coral Obsessions palette, a slimeline edit of orange, red and yellow-hues to create the prettiest summer eye looks with. Easy to work with the seven matte shades do not disappoint, offering rich pigmentation and the ability to blend with little effort. However for me the stars of the show that really transform any look as the two shimmers to the palette that gives a foil-like finish and feel beyond buttery, both coral shades also have beautiful undertones to them! 

For me, this truly is my new go-to palette for summer, whether it's for a wash of matte coral over my lids or something much more dramatic. I can't see how anyone that would be disappointed with this beauty! 

Laura Geller Baked Gelato Vivid Swirl Blush in Papaya
From £.7.20 via eBay HERE 
Described as a "vibrant coral" this stunning powder blush compact has just made its way into my summer makeup bag. Think a brightening pinky coral that lifts any makeup look, however, a light hand is required as it does pack some punch. It also offers a light sheen which is perfect for placing higher up on the cheeks to give a flush of colour with a slight radiant glow. This is a blusher made for summer evenings. 

Benefit GALifornia Blusher 
£25.50 from Feel Unique HERE
Another stunning blusher I couldn't not include and have raved about many times on Makeup Savvy is GALifornia which is a beautiful golden pinky coral shade. This is a makeup product that goes back into my makeup as soon as Spring hits so for a while now I'm been loving it again. From the packaging to the mini brush, the texture and even the vanilla scent I can't get enough of this summer-perfect blush. Oh, and it works amazingly well on the eyes too! 

Glossier Cloud Paint Cream Brush in Beam  
£15 from Glossier UK HERE 
For lighter makeup days only weightless liquid formulas will do, and so Glossier Cloud Paint is often reached for on lazy summer days as it's the lightest flush of colour you can imagine. Patted and lightly blending into the skin this coral-peach watercolour-like blush is effortless and natural but can also be built up - it's up to you and the makeup you are going for. This is also a good option for longer makeup days as I find it stays put, looking fresh even when you aren't! 

Can you tell I love a coral blush come this time of year?!

Hourglass Confession Ultra Slim High-Intensity Refillable Lipstick in 'No One Knows'
£28.00 from Cult Beauty HERE 
With Hourglass just launching on Cult Beauty (my favourite place for more premium makeup!) I thought I'd share with you stunning warm coral lipstick in a cream finish from the beautiful Confession range! With such a price tag you know I expect quite a lot from a product and this certainly delivers on both quality (that sleek gold applicator!) and wearability, looking stunning on the lips and lasting well. On fair skin tones, 'No One Knows' is a wearable pigmented coral nude, going more coral in tone for the darker your skin, just gorgeous. It's also good to know that the refills can be picked up for £18.00! A very special feeling lipstick here. 

Let me know your favourite coral makeup picks here and your own if you love summer coral makeup products just as much as I do! 

Fee xo.

There is no denying that sheet masks have taken the skincare world by storm in the past few years. Going from only Korean imports to making their way to the shelves of drugstores and being tried out by so many major skincare players.

While I think we all love a bit of sunshine, these warmer summer months can make wearing makeup more of a chore than anything else. I also know I'd rather be outside than applying product after product. 

Which is why I can't get enough of my 5 minutes summer glow makeup routine right now. It's radiance-enhancing, subtle yet there, and oh so wearable for both day and night. It also only takes 6 products give or take! 

Over the past few years I've come to realise I love a good beauty gadget! Of course, they have to work and be practical, generally for me saving time or enhancing my beauty routine in some way.

So today I thought I would round up my favourite budget beauty gadgets from eBay, a lot of which I have tried and loved, to pass on some time saving and ingenious finds!
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