When Autumn rolls around each year I have two thoughts, okay I have more than two, but two things I often wonder about come October is why there's a lack of seasonal doormats in the UK. You know the ones... the modern calligraphy 'Hello Pumpkin' or with some quint pumpkin harvest illustration on. Like, why don't UK retailers realise Autumn lovers are that crazy obsessed?!

Then the other thing I wonder is why there's a lack of Pumpkin Spice things. Yes, things. Because let's face it, if you love Autumn you love the idea of pumpkin spice anything even if you've never tasted a Pumpkin Spice Latte in your life.

So, of course, that's candles - thankfully Homesense/TK Maxx have us covered on that front. But what about body mist, room fragrance, cute logo tee's (Primark, wake up!), illustrated cups, notebooks, the list goes on... we need it all!

But thankfully we do now have a Pumpkin Spice nail polish which is not only the perfect autumnal shade but is actually called PUMPKIN SPICE!!

With an estimated 200 million blogs on the internet today it's sure to say this pastime is a popular hobby and career for many.

But while the number is high I'm sure a large percentage will be that of redundant and infrequently posting blogs. A lot of my own favourite blogs aren't around anymore!

Why? While blogging is rewarding and fun it is time-consuming. It also requires a multitude of skill sets from photographer to copywriter and of course understanding the technical side of your blog.

These two factors alone are enough for anyone's passion for blogging to wane!

However, I've found simplify my own blog routine has made a huge impact on how I feel about blogging and how motivated I am. From increasing my productivity levels to saving a ton of time!

Which is why I wanted to share three not so common ways I've been able to streamline my blogging routine for the better.


It's been a while since I put together an eBay edit purely because I don't feel like I need to bombard you will more budget brushes and nail polish bargains.

However with Autumn here I couldn't resist having a look on my favourite budget website for some autumnal themed pieces and if I do say so myself I think I did pretty well, I mean I found a chic Hocus Pocus tee!

Find my top 10 favourite eBay autumn buys below...


When I first started blogging back in early 2010 dupes simply weren't a thing. The abbreviation possibly got uttered a few years later but for a long time it was more about finding cheaper alternatives to higher-end products - the keyword being alternatives!

Fast forward five years and beauty dupes are more mainstream than anyone could have imagined, allowing bargain shoppers like myself the freedom to experience high-end makeup and skincare at has prices.

And while I still don't know where I sit when it comes to brands copying packaging to grab the attention of their own customers, on the whole I absolutely love a good dupe!

While beauty launches are an everyday occurrence I'm not often that excited about multiple product launches at any one time. But it seems September is the month for them!

So I thought I'd indulge myself and simply talk new makeup with you today, from new to the UK skincare to a grown-up Disney makeup collab (finally!).

But be warned... it's a little eyeshadow palette heavy!

While we love Lush for their bath bombs and bubble bars and exciting seasonal ranges, there's been an under-the-radar product that should be in everyone's shower that's just recently gone viral, selling 12,000 in just two days.

Enter the humble Lush Shampoo Bar. Yes, it doesn't look like much and the idea of switching from traditional shampoo to what is effectively a bar of hair soap may seem daunting but being a huge fan of Lush shampoo bars for the past 3 years I thought I'd share why you too should get on the viral train - to both save money and the planet! 

PS. They're also better than a lot of shampoos I've tried!

I think there's no hiding the fact Charlotte Tilbury is my favourite makeup brand of all time. Yes, of course, I love so many other brands but ultimately Charlotte Tilbury makeup is my favourite for so many reasons.

So in celebration of my love for CT and the fact Charlotte Tilbury is Cult Beauty's Brand of the Month meaning free worldwide delivery (!!) I thought I would put together a Charlotte Tilbury complexion guide of sorts. Running through what the brand exactly has to offer, my favourite picks - both new & old and what works well for varying skin types.

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