Spending on beauty when you already have a cosmetic bag full of makeup can be a luxury affair. Even a 5-minute trip into Boots to stock up on 'essentials' can be a costly these days! Which is why I personally love to seek out bargains where I can, especially when they don't scrimp on quality!

Below I have listed five of my favourite affordable beauty products that definitely don't scrimp on quality both in their formulas and packaging. And to the end of this budget-friendly post, you will find a round-up of my favourite beauty & skincare brands that seem to constantly produce high-quality products as low prices.


If you're a long time reader around here then you will know 'new in' posts don't appear all too often. The reason... 1) I feel there are beauty bloggers more on the pulse than I, namely British Beauty Blogger and Really Ree, and 2) It's not often a whole bunch of new releases catch my attention all at once!

However, over the past few weeks I've been adding to my 'to buy' list ever more to the point I felt like writing a 'new-in/wish list' type post. For the most part, everything here, bar two products, is budget-friendly so if anything does catch your eye it won't hurt your bank balance.

Having been a beauty blogger for the past 8 years I feel my staple beauty favourites are something I often neglect to talk about. While in reality I know they should the thing I talk about most - they are after all the products I've been repurchasing and loving for years!

So today I thought I would sit down, gather all my favourite beauty staples around me and finally talk about them and generally sing their praises, circa 2012 style.

For the longest time the focus was on perfecting a good standard of writing as a blogger with the photography aspect being something that could be muddled through. From taking your own amateur shots to seeking out royalty-free images or even investing is a photo stock bundle. Fast forward to 2018 and I think it's fair to say both the written and visual content of a blog is now of equal importance (give or take a few blog niches). 

These days brands are not only looking for blogs and Instagram account to collaborate with that have basically professional photographer lever skills but readers are also wanting, and to some extent expecting, to see visually pleasing blog content and grids. High-quality content all round is the new norm!

So, while I've pretty much covered the flat lay basics (and beyond) of blog photography I thought it was about time I shared solutions for some common flat lay mistakes that can mean the difference between your images looking amateur and pro! If you have any specific flat lay questions then feel free to leave them in the comments below and I will try to answer them as best I can. 


As it feels like I haven't created an eBay post in what seems like forever I thought I would put together a miscellaneous edit with an under £5 budget to get back into the swing of things.

I personally love discovering eBay items, generally from power sellers or stores, that offer a good saving on their retail value. So this edit combines bargain find as always, along with a few items that offer some great savings - I hope you love them!

When it comes to beauty dupes we now expect them to pop up from brands on the high street, but I can't say I have them in mind when I'm doing my weekly food shop. So Aldi having a plethora of beauty and skincare dupes has very much surprised me.

From designer candles dupes to some look-a-like (and feel alike!) cult skincare products, along with some budget beauty staples accessories that I've been beyond impressed with, Aldi is a budget beauty lovers dream right now! So I thought I'd share my top 5 Aldi Lacura beauty products today in hope to inspire a dedicated trip!

After packing for a little break away with my boyfriend is still fresh in my mind and it is summer, after all, I thought I share with you the beauty products seriously worth picking up to pack for your next vacation and enjoy using the rest of the time!

Below, you will find travel size products that not only save space in an overnight bag or suitcase but also work well as products in your makeup bag in their own right. From miniature versions of some cult classics to some seriously lust-worthy palettes for both home and away use.

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