In the past few months I've finally got around to reading a few books that I've been meaning to read for years now. The book I've most recently enjoyed reading has been One Day which I can't believe took me so long to get around to - the book celebrates its 10th anniversary this year! 

This got me thinking, why not create a book bucket list of all the books I truly want to get around to reading at some point. These aren't your average newly released best sellers but books that get discussed and talked about over and over again, standing out from the rest and loved by seemingly everyone.

I've already started making some headway with my own bucket list books so I thought I'd share with you the ones on my list that make give you a few book recommendations or even inspire you to create your own literary bucket list!

Over the years I've tried many a beauty box, from monthly subscriptions to create-your-own style boxes with mixed reviews. I still think while the traditional type of beauty box that you subscribe to can be worth the month they do need to try a little hard on the whole.

However, the one-off limited edition boxes really are where it's at! Not only can you fully decide which box you want to treat yourself to but they truly offer the best value for money especially with the more premium beauty boxes.

Today I have the most amazing beauty box to share with you that includes over £135 worth of free makeup with brands from the likes of Anastasia Beverly Hills, Pixi, Sunday Riley & Colour Pop. This is hands down the best limited edition beauty box I've seen all year and just had to share it with you!

Autumn is without a doubt my favourite season. For me, there's nothing like feeling cosy, so I'm all about lighting candles, snuggling under a soft blanket, and warm clothing... which is basically Autumn in a nutshell. Halloween is also a fun holiday that I enjoy getting excited over, even if it's just watching a few scary movies and by 'scary' I mean Hocus Pocus. 

That's why I absolutely love seeking out autumn finds on eBay at this time of year. Mainly because most things are inexpensive but also because the items I generally find I haven't seen online before so while grabbing a bargain I also feel like I'm picking up something special that isn't readily available. 

I really love all my eBay autumn finds here and I hope you do too! 

There was a period of time where I truly believed the more you spent on skincare the better your skin would be. Then I realised, while products with good ingredients do help, the main focus should always lay with thoroughly cleansing the skin and having a skincare routine that suits your skin and is maintainable.

This is why I'm now included a lot more budget skincare finds into my routine. I mean, why not! They work, and it saves me money. That's the thing, isn't it? It's amazing finding premium skincare products work wonders but then you realise you are applying them daily and will have to repurchase them over and over if you want to keep your skin looking and feeling as good.

So while I do have a few more pricey skincare favourites in my routine, I'm very much focused on seeking out good budget skincare that doesn't break the bank, and trust me, it's out there! Below I have four amazing skincare products priced at no more than £10 that I've simply been so impressed with lately. 

This post contains affiliate links and PR products

It's all well and good that I share the best makeup dupes around, but do I actually use them? Today I thought I would share with you my own most used makeup dupes that I have felt are worthy of staying in my makeup bag and have stopped me buying the more expensive version - yes, I often stop buying more premium products when a makeup dupe is that good!

Below you will find some of the best makeup dupes of 2019 that I have been totally sold on and absolutely recommend picking up.

If you weren't aware, most things that pop up on Instagram as targetted sponsored ads can often be found on eBay. So that semi-precious stone inside a water bottle that you're considering spending $20 on can be picked up for $10 via eBay. More times than not if the product is made in China you will be able to find a listing for it on eBay. 

Below I thought I would share products I've loved from sponsored ads I've seen on my own Instagram that I've managed to find on eBay for less.

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Makeup gift sets make amazing gifts to give come Christmas and Birthday's but I've found I actually pick up quite a few for myself when the save in there. Of course, this happens in the Boxing Day sales but I always have my eyes peeled the rest of the time.

In the past, I've picked up some amazing value beauty gift sets along with skincare sets that have allowed me to discover more from brands I love or simply offer such a good saving I can't refuse them. Also, there are times when I'm planning on picking up a product but it's actually more worth picking up the product in a gift set for a little extra.

So this week I wanted to share with you the best value makeup gift sets for 2019. Granted there will be lots of new gift sets launched towards the end of the year in time for Christmas but you will find most of the mentioned gift sets here are either on sale or simply amazing value.
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