Up until late last year I was totally new Huda Beauty, in fact, I didn't even know the brand was created by a beauty blogger - I know, where had I been?

But thankfully that all changed when I tried a Huda Beauty liquid lipstick and my first ever eyeshadow palette from the brand and totally fell in love. Fast forward to now and my Huda Beauty eyeshadow palette collection is ever growing as I'm a huge fan of eyeshadow in general and can't get enough of this phenomenal range that is filled with some of the most stunning shades I've ever tried.

While the entire internet (read: Instagram) seems to have a fascination and love for cleaning, us beauty addicts are over here still talking solely about cleaning our makeup brushes! So I thought I'd extend this to all things makeup based as bacteria can harbour in much more than just the fibres of your most used makeup brushes.

From how to clean your dressing table without the smell of bleach to giving your eyelash curlers what will most likely be their first ever clean. I feel I've got your cleaning urges covered with this ultimate guide to cleaning your entire makeup collection!

And yes, this is 100% Mrs Hinch inspired! 

Candles lovers certainly don't need any excuse to pick up a nice scent but there's no denying candles and autumn go hand in hand. Which could be why I've managed to acquire four new candles in the past month alone.

For me gone are the days I pick up a magazine as a treat (blame the increase in price yet decrease in written content) rather spending the same amount of money on a new candle to light and enjoy of an evening. 

While I burn candles all year round the cosiness of autumn as the nights draw in encourages my love of candles, bringing out old favourites and seeking out new scents. So today I wanted to share with you four home fragrance brands that I've loved for years that suit all budgets.

-In collaboration with Leesa-

Bedtime is without a doubt my favourite time of the day - fact. I've simply never been nor wished to be a morning person, much preferring to spend extra time in the comfort of my bed... something I'm sure a lot of people can relate to especially at this time of year!

For me, a bedtime routine is very much self-care practice so having everything just right, from my skincare routine to my bedroom decor and bed is key. Comfort is also beyond important to me, which is probably why I treated myself to a super king size bed at the start of the year and recently upgraded my mattress to a premium foam mattress thanks to Leesa.

So today I wanted to talk through my autumnal bedtime routine, sharing only my most relaxing and comforting products and practices. I hope you enjoy this skincare/lifestyle post from me.

In celebration of World Vegan Month this month I wanted to share and highlight just how far the vegan beauty industry has come, making the swap and maintenance of being vegan far easier than ever before. 

Past years had seen a compromise on aesthetically pleasing vegan makeup products along with limited ranges but now with amazing brands such as the one  I have to share with you today, it's clear to see vegan beauty is booming! 

In recent years eyeshadow palettes have totally outshone individual offerings, due to the rise of detailed Youtube eyeshadow tutorials and the clear benefits in price.

For any makeup lover this is a dream come true as we're now spoilt for choice when it comes to both high-end and budget eyeshadow palettes in every shade range, finish and formula you can imagine.

While I'd love to share my own favourite eyeshadow palettes I feel we may be here all day, so I've narrowed it down to five in the best autumnal hues to suit this time of year, even working well into the festive period. Prepare to be amazed at these luscious but budget palettes! 

If you've heard of Alpha-H then it's more than likely you know about then due to Liquid Gold; their standout and bestselling Glycolic Acid-based treatment that's loved by many. But while I love the brand for that single product alone there are so many more products from Alpha-H worth trying.

So in collaboration with Cult Beauty as Alpha-H is CT's October Brand of the Month, meaning free worldwide delivery across the brand, I thought I would highlight the Alpha-H products that are ideal of anyone with a similar skin type to mine - oily, combination and blemish-prone.


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