I often think the true measure of a good beauty product is if you continuously repurchase it. It’s a little harder with makeup products as they often take years to even ‘hit pan’ with, let alone fully use up. But with skincare, if you are using them daily, there’s the chance you may repurchase them several times within a year. 

This is why I thought it was worth sharing the skincare products I cannot be without and repurchase without fail. 

Unfortunately, there are a few categories I can’t cover such as face masks and cleansers as I have quite a wide range of choices so I like to rotate them, meaning it’s very rare I will come to the end of a product. However, there are still a lot of products I don’t own a bathroom cabinets worth of that I get through pretty regularly, for example, daily moisturiser and makeup remover. 


These to me as the most solid product recommendations I can give as they have stood the test of time and as long as they are a fit for your own skin types I don’t see why you wouldn’t love them just as much! I really hope you find some gems here especially as most products here are on a budget and can be easily picked up. 


Throughout my 10 years of beauty blogging, I’ve been prone to being slow off mark when it comes to trying out new makeup releases. It has to be something exciting for me to rush out and buy it or something that’s missing in my makeup routine. 

So when Glossier launched their new Solar Paint bronzer creme I surprised myself by ordering it within a day of spotting it online. This is because I’ve simply never seen a bronzer with such a precise applicator before (I’m sure they exist somewhere) and I’m currently missing a lightweight liquid bronzer in my everyday routine.  

I’m also a fan of any beauty brand that caters to fair skin and when I saw the lightest shade ‘flare’ I knew it was for me. 



When it comes to Beauty Boxes there is now an overwhelming amount of choice available. From the classic 'blind' boxes where you only find out the contents when you open the box, to one-off boxes where you know what the contents will be before you click the pay button. And of course, there's subscription versus one-off stand-alone boxes. 

For me, the latter style of beauty box simply makes sense which is why the ASOS Beauty Box is one of my favourites, if not my only favourite. You know what the contents will be and there's zero commitment - perfect! 

The ASOS beauty box also includes 5-6 products for only £12. Pretty amazing value! 

This month's ASOS beauty box contents have been left a bit of a mystery but as the box is launching today (9th August) I thought I would share the full contents along with what time it will be launching on ASOS and how it's best to snag one as they have been known to sell out in under 10 minutes in the past! 

This post contains affiliate links. 

Find the full details for ASOS Beauty Box August 2021 below. 



Since discovering how incredible cheaper makeup alternatives can be I've enjoyed perfume dupes just as much as premium scents as well. It came with the realisation that premium fragrances are ever-increasing in value and spending £60, if not more, on a single scent isn't just confined to Chanel No.5 these days but most other scents

In this time I've discovered countless perfume dupes that have most importantly saved me money but also you never know where your next new fragrance is going to be found. 

From the beauty counter to your local supermarkets the fragrance industry has evolved and if you have been wanting to dive into the world of cheap perfume alternatives this is your sign to do so, with an amazing dupe for the summer favourite that is Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess



For the past year, if and when I could get away with it, my everyday makeup consisted of a dab of concealer and a swipe of lipstick. The reality was there wasn't a lot of point in me wearing makeup for a few reasons - working from home, 50% of my face was frequently covered by a face mask and the small fact of having a nonexistent social life. I’m sure you can relate!

Oh, and the one time I used Zoom it was for a physiotherapy video call - worthy of going full glam, I think not. 

And while the ongoing 'situation' (the one I'm trying not to refer to) hasn't greatly changed, I think quite a lot of us are now getting back to a semi-normal way of living. Especially when it comes to being around others for more than 30-minutes while doing the weekly food shop. 

This has meant I’ve begrudgingly started to wear more makeup. At first, it felt alien, I forgot how to apply a steady line of liquid eyeliner and there have been a few occasions I've been overzealous with bronzer and foundation that I've had to wipe it off and start all over again... I wish I was joking! 

But then something happened, I began to enjoy applying and wearing makeup again - woohoo! The old me was back! Okay, that's a tad dramatic, but life feeling indifferent to makeup wasn't for me. It just felt a little bland. 

So of course once I got the bug there was no stopping me. Yes, I could have simply re-discovered old favourites but I wanted new fresh feeling products to try out to quench my thirst for makeup again. This is where the post starts and I stop telling you the most obvious and tedious story you've ever had to read. 

Cue the makeup brands I've loved buying from and using in the past six months that have contributed to the reason I returned to beauty blogging. 

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This post contains affiliate links 



When I first started Makeup Savvy way back in 2010 I wholeheartedly didn't expect to keep it up. Other than enjoying reading books I'd never been consistent with hobbies and my history of starting blogs and letting them fizzle out after a few months was strong. 

But beauty blogging was different, something stuck. 

It was still the early days of blogging, well in the beauty niche it was, and if you were blogging about makeup it was for the pure love of it. There was a sense of community, mainly on Twitter, and a rawness that meant a blog post didn't have to contain editorial-quality images or professional copy to be enjoyed.

Blogging was an outlet for myself and many other bloggers I knew at the time and most importantly it was fun! Content wasn't PR samples led (more on that later) or wrote in order to make money. It was just simple; take some badly lit photos with the flash still on, skip editing them and write up a review without any links what so ever. Done! 

Fast forward to today and there's a definite standard to aim for if you are still in the beauty blogging game, a lot aren't. With ever dwindling magazine sales across the board in the last 8 years I expected beauty and fashion blogging would pave the way for a more authentic kind of content - or, so I naively presumed.  

 And in some ways  it has. There are still bloggers that will give you unbiased reviews but even then it comes with the caveat of 'not too many negative reviews' and pairing it with images that look straight out of a magazine, something I'm guilty of trying to achieve.


So What Happened? 


The ASOS July Beauty Box is about to drop any minute (in the next few days at the very least) and as I'm a huge fan of the no-subscription beauty box I thought it would be helpful to share the contents of the upcoming ASOS Summer Essentials Box for July! 

As well as my thoughts of the box and most importantly where you can find it so that you don't miss out. May's beauty box sold out in under 8 minutes after all! 

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