Sponsored content is something that's now very much intertwined with blogging and if you aren't there with your own blog just yet, the chances are you are hoping one day soon it will be. 

However, it's not all about landing that sponsored post and then getting the job done. It's about working to a brief while maintaining your true voice and then hopefully adding a bit of sparkle to it that will draw people to want to read it. It's also about impressing the brand you are working for to avoid glitches and in the hope they will want you to create content for them again in the further.

From selecting the right proposals to working in a time-effective way with some handy tools to creating natural content in your usual style. I hope this can be used as a guide to creating killer sponsored content both for your client and readers!

Beauty boxes have become a normal addition to the beauty industry and while I love some, the majority don't seem worth the money, generally including international brands you've never heard of or products that aren't that lust-worthy! So when a beauty box comes along, especially a no-subscription needed box, that contains some amazing premium products I'm there with my bank card!

And let me tell you the beauty box I've just picked up is the best one I've EVER come across (think Charlotte Tilbury & MAC?!) - you don't want to miss it!

One of my most purchases items from eBay is without a doubt cheap phone cases. I'm a self-confessed addict when it comes to them because I simply can't get enough of how many amazing designs there are.

So I thought I would round up my top 50 picks from my Disney favs to some amazing 3D phone cases. If you are in need of a new phone case or just want to update your phone for spring/summer look no further!

When it comes to hair styling I haven't been without hair straighteners to both straighten and curl my hair in over 15 years. In this time I've been pretty loyal to ghd, a hair brand you can rely on. So today I wanted to share with you the new and improved ghd Gold Styler and the everyday hair styles I've been creating with it so far.

While the new new ghd gold professional styler may look similar to past models the new and improved features have proven to deliver sleeker, smoother and healthier looking hair! From the quicker heat-up time of 25 seconds to the dual-zone technology that heats up both plates for optimum styling temperature of 185ÂșC constantly and evenly from root to tip – meaning no creases or frizz parts to the hair, simply glossy styled hair! The gold stylers also come with a handy heat resistant silicone guard plate so that you can take them wherever you want straight after use.

Makeup pairing is something we all tend to do, whether it's lipstick combinations, pairing base products together for a dream combination or even double masking with formulas that complement each other. 

We know they work and will go back to them time and time again, they may even be a part of our everyday routine, but the thing is we don't tend to share these perfect pairings with others... until now that is! While I have a few amazing beauty products pairings to share I'd love to know your own favourite combinations from makeup to skincare. If you have any be sure to let me know in the comments!


With a bunch of new Spring releases right now I thought it was the perfect time for a wish list post of things I have my eye on. From a candle that smells like my favourite face mask to a nail polish set to die for and the best beauty box I've ever seen!

When it comes to spending money on makeup & skincare I think we are all in the camp of wanting to save money. Whether that's saving by finding cheaper alternatives, hunting down the clearance shelf of your favourite beauty department store or even treating yourself to a gift set that instantly gives you a saving.

While I love hunting down a bargain my favourite way to save is by seeking out exclusive gift sets. Not only do feel like a total treat but they almost always give some kind of saving while allowing you to try more from your favourite brands. Below are four gift sets that I absolutely adore and are definitely worth the spend!

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