Only a few days ago I was sharing with you an amazing priced limited edition beauty box from Cult Beauty (sadly sold out now). But it seems like there is another amazing box that has just launched that I couldn't resist telling you about! 

This collaboration box with Pixiwoo (Sam & Nic Chapman) is something I've hoped would happen for years and finally it's here and amazingly doesn't break that bank at only £28 even though it includes some amazing products worth £80+! Read below to find out exactly what you receive and where to get it. 

Around this time of year, as the leaves begin to fall and there's a pleasant chill in the air, I find myself naturally changing up the makeup products I use. From deeper shades on my eyes to different tones on my nails. 

So I thought I'd run down the products I'm purposefully changing up in my makeup bag this autumn/winter in hope to give a little makeup inspiration. I also kind of love talking autumn makeup in general!

It's not often I feel the need to sit down and write an impromptu post, but as soon as I saw this amazing beauty bundle launch on Cult Beauty just today not only did I snap it up for myself but I knew I have to share it with you too! 

This post contains affiliate links. 

Whether you are into beauty boxes or not, this Cult Beauty Starter Kit is a collection of amazing products for only £30 but with a worth of over £100, plus free shipping!

Find out below all you need to know about the contents of this amazing kit and why I bought it for myself... other than it being an amazing saving, obvs! 

There is no denying makeup launches are coming thick and fast these days and with Christmas on the way it literally seems impossible to keep up and know what's worth buying and what isn't. Yes, choice is an amazing thing but I can't help but feel over faced at times with the rate of new makeup releases from even my most favourite brands, such as Charlotte Tilbury, Makeup Revolution and all their spin-off brands and Too Faced to name but a few. 

Basically, I've been going through New Makeup Release Fatigue! Seeing everything but not buying anything because, arghhhh, why so much?! 

Thankfully I've got myself out of this head funk and so I wanted to share what I've done to combat it. So that if you are feeling the same as we are bombarded with new makeup launches and Christmas gift sets you can see the wood for the trees and buy like it's 2005 again! Bare with me, I know this all sounds a bit of a ramble but I feel I have a point to make with this post!

Over the years I've picked up quite a few makeup tips and tricks that I use every time I apply makeup. I've found simple makeup tips to generally be most effective, and they is really are a few gems! 

So today I wanted to share with you the best easy makeup tips that I personally recommend trying out. From how to perfectly blend eyeshadow to creating a smooth eyeliner flick every time, I really hope you pick up a few things here! 

As it's now officially Autumn I've been thinking how I want to make the most of one of my favourite seasons before I go full-on Christmas mode come November. To do this I feel I need to be semi pro-active with a seasonal bucket list or Autumn will pass me by.

Below I've listed a few of my favourite things to do this time of year plus a few other ideas that I really to tick off this Autumn. If you are looking for easy autumnal recipes, book recommendations for autumn or simply love this time of year then read on! 
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