When I first started Makeup Savvy way back in 2010 I wholeheartedly didn't expect to keep it up. Other than enjoying reading books I'd never been consistent with hobbies and my history of starting blogs and letting them fizzle out after a few months was strong. 

But beauty blogging was different, something stuck. 

It was still the early days of blogging, well in the beauty niche it was, and if you were blogging about makeup it was for the pure love of it. There was a sense of community, mainly on Twitter, and a rawness that meant a blog post didn't have to contain editorial-quality images or professional copy to be enjoyed.

Blogging was an outlet for myself and many other bloggers I knew at the time and most importantly it was fun! Content wasn't PR samples led (more on that later) or wrote in order to make money. It was just simple; take some badly lit photos with the flash still on, skip editing them and write up a review without any links what so ever. Done! 

Fast forward to today and there's a definite standard to aim for if you are still in the beauty blogging game, a lot aren't. With ever dwindling magazine sales across the board in the last 8 years I expected beauty and fashion blogging would pave the way for a more authentic kind of content - or, so I naively presumed.  

 And in some ways  it has. There are still bloggers that will give you unbiased reviews but even then it comes with the caveat of 'not too many negative reviews' and pairing it with images that look straight out of a magazine, something I'm guilty of trying to achieve.


So What Happened? 


The ASOS July Beauty Box is about to drop any minute (in the next few days at the very least) and as I'm a huge fan of the no-subscription beauty box I thought it would be helpful to share the contents of the upcoming ASOS Summer Essentials Box for July! 

As well as my thoughts of the box and most importantly where you can find it so that you don't miss out. May's beauty box sold out in under 8 minutes after all! 

Last year I managed to pick up the second Cult Beauty Starter Kit (worth over £70) which sold out within days (see my Cult Beauty Start Kit review) and I for one was very pleased with the selection/contents of the box. 

So, when Cult Beauty dropped their latest box this morning, which is still in stock for now, I know I had to tell you about it. 

Read below for box content breakdown and if I think it's as good as the last Cult Beauty Starter Kit! 

Did you know it was World Book Day Yesterday (23rd April)?

Nope, neither did I!

However, I did discover that Amazon are celebrating WBD by giving customers nine FREE Kindle books translated from different languages around the world.

Today I wanted to talk about the best drugstore brands for lipstick because as a fan of mainly premium branded lipsticks I've like to think I've still found some amazing rival drugstore brands along the way. 

These are one the lipsticks I love and use just as much as my favourite Charlotte Tilbury and MAC lipsticks and are of such good quality with a much lower price tag! Read on to discover three drugstore brands that know how to do lipstick! 

Over the next few weeks and most likely months of spending most of our time at home there is going to be unexpected items we with require. I mean, there will be no popping out for a hair trim and there's likely to be side effects of sitting inside most of the time.

So I thought I'd put together a list of health and beauty essentials you may have overlooked that could be vital for your time spent at home! I hope this list helps.

I don't know about you but right now I'm finding my mood to be all of the place. One minute I'm a rational thinking human trying to see this weird, worrying time as 'time off' and make the most of it, to minutes later having feelings of claustrophobia and questioning - will the world ever be the same?! 

Which means some days call for binge-watching light-hearted fluff and others, becoming engrossed in a bizarre crime documentary series. So I thought while we all have more than enough time to kill I'd come up with a mega list of movies, series and documentaries you can find on Netflix! 

There are some gems here, so I've listed my own personal favourites at the bottom of this post if you're interested. 
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