Whether you are new or old to Makeup Savvy I feel there are two things that you should know about me & my blog; 1. I love to save money on everything, especially beauty products 2. I love premium makeup. Of course, these don't really go hand in hand but over the years I've realised that while splurging from time to time, you can also get many a similar product from drugstore brands. 

My favourite premium makeup brand of all is without a doubt Charlotte Tilbury as the shade ranges and formulas are spot on and while I do treat myself to the odd product on special occasions I also love hunting down dupes... I mean who couldn't love a Charlotte Tilbury dupe that will save you money! 

So today as I'm a huge fan of Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks and own my fair share I thought I would bring you a list of the best Charlotte Tilbury lipstick dupes that will save you on average £18 per lipstick! If you can't get enough of these kinds of savings find more with my Ultimate Charlotte Tilbury Dupe List

The other day while doing my skincare routine I started wondering about how effective skincare products are. Does clear, smooth skin come from good cleansing and/or can skin care products really deliver that too?

So today I thought I'd ask the question of what is your most effective skin care product?

With summer soon upon us and with an abundance of new product launches almost daily I thought I would give a round-up of the best 'new in' beauty with summer in mind! 

From dreamy palettes to use all summer long (with or without a tan!) to light formulas and handbag cool-down essentials for those hot heat wave days to come. I've also thrown in a few new summer skincare launches I can't wait to try.

From opting for plastic-free packaging to taking your own reusable bag when shopping, we have all become conscious of waste and the effect it has on our world. That being said I think we could all do with being a little less wasteful when it comes to everyday products we use beyond food packaging.

From re-purposing items, and restoring them where possible to clever ways to extend the shelf-life of products! So I thought I would start by sharing a few tricks and tips on how I recycle my own beauty products and try to help the zero-waste cause!

Spring is here and while we may be turning to declutter our wardrobe and generally tidying, our makeup collection can be totally overlooked and actually in dire need of a clean out. So I'm here with an easy 6-step guide on how to spring clean your makeup collection effectively without the stress.

Below, find an easy makeup expiration chart to check if all your makeup is fresh, along with some simple tips and clever hacks on how to clean dreaded makeup sponges and more! I really hope this easy guide helps you get into the spirit of cleaning out your makeup collection and shedding a few unwanted or old products.

If you are here then you most likely own makeup products you want to keep neat and tidy and in some kind of order. The best way to do this, of course, is with a makeup organizer; from small units to makeup towers that can hold a huge amount it's the ideal makeup storage solution. 

But what if you are after something more than plain acrylic makeup storage or you are simply over the rose gold trend and want to update the storage you have. Well, hopefully, I have just the finds for you with a round-up of the best gold makeup organizers around right now, plus a great DIY hack at the end! This post contains affiliate links.

Much like your skin, hair needs moisturise and while conditioners can add a little hydration and gloss it's hair masks that you need to be looking to when your hair feels in need of some TLC.

I definitely love a premium hair mask, I've mentioned my love for Coco & Eve Hair Masque, many a time, but good results can be found on a budget - as long as you know the right ones to pick up!

Below you will find the best drugstore hair masks for damaged hair. These are all masks I've used on a regular basis one time or another and truly love... and this is coming from a girl with naturally dry and often frizzy hair! If your hair is in need of some nourishment I hope you find a new bargain favourite here.

This post contains affiliate links.
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