5 Favourite Things #2

Favourite things

So another 5 favourite things as I really enjoyed writing the last post as I do like to ramble a bit and just talk about things I normally wouldn't really! 

Also I really enjoy reading all the comments as you always have something interesting to say or suggest to me, which I really like. So if you do comment then thank you. 


I wear perfume all year round but when the weather start to become warmer I always get really in to perfume and start wearing perfumes I haven't used in a while and I also start lusting after new ones (my current lust is - Elie Saab Le Parfum and Estee Lauder Sensuous Nude for summer). But the ones that I have current been loving are SJP Lovely (30ml/£15.95 Cheapsmells) and Cartier Delices (30ml/£21.20 Cheapsmells). 

I actually received the mini Cartier Delices perfume with the Cartier Fragrance Discovery pack from Escentual which is only £13.50 (here) and you get a voucher to spend which is £15 off any Cartier fragrance. The offer has slightly changed from when I bought it last year but you still receive 2 x 1.5ml samples of the perfume above along with 10 other samples. For me this was really great as I got to discover a scent I really loved and it has the added benefit of not being as popular as other fragrances. As for Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely it is literally one of those perfumes that you smell and think "that is just lovely" it is soft, floral and feminine which makes it ideal for spring and I just love it. 


This is the first book I have read in a long while and I am really enjoying it. I'm one of those that could find the time but I'm never relaxed enough to put everything down and just read! But the lovely Tanzina of MakeupAtoZ inspired me to get back into read as she literally gobbles up books and is always telling me about ones she is reading. So I decided to get on Amazon and place a nice order of books that caught my fancy - Before I Go To Sleep (£3.86 - here), Room (£3.94 - here), Me Before You (£3.86 - here), Let it Snow (£5.66 - here).

Before I Go To Sleep tells the story of Christine who's memory vanishes when she goes to sleep at night so she lives day by day, until she decides to keep a journal. The story revolves around herself, her husband and her doctor and how everyday she has to come to terms with having no memory of the past but discovering her past through her journal entries. Though it slowly becomes apparent that all in not quite right and I am definitely expecting a good twist towards the end!

Instagram 1

I am definitely an Instagram lover and I sadly am one of those people that will tweet pictures of anything - though I have yet to show my Domino's order on Two for Tuesday! If you do want to follow me you can find me under 'makeupsavvy'.

Here are some recent Instagrams...

From top left - 1. On a walk with my dog 2. The most extravagant bird house found in Homesense 3. Using the Diego Dalla Palma Snow White & The Huntsman palette for the first time (see here) 4. Old art work from my school days 5. Essie stand in Superdrugs at Manchester Trafford Centre 6. An amazing Ben & Jerry's vending machine 7. Brand new watercolours 8. Starbucks Caramel Cream Frappucino - the best 9. What happens when I drink wine, doh!


Recently I have been loving re-discovering products that I haven't used it quite some time. My first re-discovery was of The Body Shop Mango Body Butter (50ml/£5.00 - here) which I had totally forgot how amazing it smelt and also how well it hydrates the skin, I am thinking I will have to buy a 200ml pot for summer. Also I have found myself re-discovering how good the Garnier Pure A Night Treatment Gel is as sadly I have been getting a few blemishes. Unlike other spot treatments you apply this over the whole area were you are experiencing spots before you go to bed and the next morning you definitely notice a difference and within a few days of doing this the spots are gone. 

Another product I have brought out again is the La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL SPF50+ Fluide Extreme Face (50ml/£14.85 - Escentual here) which I have been using as a base/primer for my makeup as it leaves the skin so even and I feel makes my foundation lasts longer - plus you need such a small amount. Of course this is an amazing sun cream as well especially if you have combination or oily skin. My last discovery has been Max Factor Xperience Foundation in Light Ivory (30ml/£9.99 - Boots here) which I had forgot how light and perfect it was! When I purchased this I was put off by the size but seriously don't let that put you off as it is the same volume as any other foundation just with less packaging. This really is great if you want coverage but don't want to feel like you are wearing anything on the skin.


Also recently I have been enjoying reading magazine - another thing that I get back into when the weather gets better for some reason (it must be all the pretty editorials!). My favourite by far is Red Magazine which contains a free 30ml Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish attached to the front this month (I should point out that I have discovered not all magazines include the freebie... which is stupid. But if I am right in thinking only the travel size magazines contain the C&P and I know Tesco & WHSmith stock them). Also I am loving that Glamour is only £1 this month... you really cannot get better than that and also with my ASOS premier account I am really enjoying receiving the ASOS monthly magazine, though if you don't have the upgraded account you can view the magazine online for free - here.

Hope you enjoyed this post and hope you are all having a nice weekend! 

Fee xo.

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