New Skincare!


Today I thought  I would show you what I have been buying/using skincare wise lately. 

Skincare for both the face and body is something I really enjoy but I don't find it all that interesting to write reviews of... especially with anything for the face as everyone has different skin, so I find myself never really talking skincare on here. 

But I have been really pleased with all the new products I have so I thought I would share especially as there are all fairly low priced products! 


Skincare for the face... 

Avene Thermal Water
 £6.50/150ml - Boots here
When re-purchasing this in Boots I was trying to explain to my boyfriend why there was sense in buying 'water in a can' and not just filling a spritz bottle with water, which is what he suggested I do when he saw that it was £6.50! But I don't think I did a good job explaining as he wasn't convinced but that is because it is one of those products that you just 'get' when you try it out. This is nothing like water in a can it is refreshing but it also tones and brightens the face. It's just ideal for summer and I cannot be without it now. So if you have never tried this you should purchase the travel size version which is only a few pounds to see if you like it!

No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream Normal/Oily 
£12.50/50ml - Boots here
Now I have been using this for quite some time now and even though I am liking it and can't say anything bad about it, I just  feel it isn't worth the £12.50 price tag as it does nothing amazing really. However I would definitely say it's worth it with a No7 free £5 voucher making it £7.50! But maybe No7 know this... hmm. The one thing I have been pleased with is that it is accurate in being suited to normal to oily skin and I do have combination skin so have been using it on oily and normal parts of my skin and it's been fine on both, especially in not making the oily areas more oily.

Clearasil Vitamins & Extracts Wash & Mask 
£3.49/150ml - Superdrug here
If you didn't know already this was the product of The BIG Skincare Mystery! It is a lovely quite simple facial wash and mask which is great for the price. I am still using the sample that I was sent as it was fairly large so I haven't moved on to the tube - but it's basically the same thing. I do really like using soap or a cream cleanser to cleanse my face so I haven't used this much as a facial wash but I really quite like this as a mask and apply this before getting in the shower. It's one of those masks that doesn't set so no tight feeling which I am pleased about and it has a lovely cucumber scent and leaves the skin feeling plumped up and clean. For the price this is just a really nice multi-use skincare product. 


Skincare for the body... 

Dr. Bronner Magic Soap Hemp Rose Castile Soap 
237ml/£5.49 - O.N.G here
 So I have been wanting to try this 'magic soap' for quite some time as it seemed to be a sulfate-free wonder product with it's 18 uses! So far so good as I have used it as a face wash, shower gel, brush cleanser and at some point I will try it out as shampoo.. but I have one gripe about the product and that is that the 18 uses aren't displayed on the bottle at all! You see all that writing there? Nothing actually about the product?! I find it slightly crazy really. But I am sure I will find out what the 18 uses are at some point and try out more ways of using it. The one thing that really impressed me though is how little you need of this... literally you need a few drops (the top is actually more like a dropper than a normal shower gel top) and it just foams up so well like no other product I own in fact!

Dr. Bronner Magic Soap Hemp Almond Castile Soap 
237ml/£5.49 - O.N.G here
This is of course just the same as the Hemp Rose Magic Soap so I haven't got much to add. But on the smell side in case anyone is wondering about the hemp, I actually cannot smell it and with this I can only smell quite a subtle almond scent and with the rose it is even less really. So definitely nothing over powering and nothing hemp-like as I know quite a few people are put off by the smell of hemp. I will definitely be finding out what the 18 uses are and trying out more ways to use it and then I shall do a review showcasing them all I think!

Skin Wisdom Rose & Geranium Bath & Body Oil 
£5.99/100ml - Tesco 
I bought this as I sadly smashed my oh so beautiful Neom Body Oil on my bathroom floor (how sad I was) so thought I would try out a cheaper body oil to see how it compared before purchasing the Neom one. It doesn't really compare to the Neom one at all but it is nice enough for now. I use to love how rich and hydrating the Neom Body Oil was after a shower or bath and the next day I could always notice a difference in the softness of my skin. But with this.. yes it's nice to apply and it smells nice, but it definitely isn't as hydrating sadly. However if you have never tried out a body oil before then this is a nice one to start with and at the moment until May 7th it is actually buy one get one free!

Jergens Skin Firming Body Moisturiser
£5.10/200ml - Boots here.
 I picked this up on the off chance as it was half price so I thought I would try it out in hope that it would reduce the fat on my thighs by at least a few centimetres... it sadly didn't, but it is a nice product which certainly does make the skin feel and look a bit firmer. So this is definitely a product I will keep on using and I am sure will be glad of in summer - talking of summer, when is it ever going to arrive?! 

So that is all in the way of new skincare! Would love to know if you have tried out any of these products and how you found them! 

Fee xo.

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