NOTD - Orly Jealous, Much?

Orly Jealous Much

So I haven't done a nail post in what seems like forever but that is because my nails have been shockingly bad since my 30 days of nails (which I don't advise anyone doing now!). However my left hand/writing hand nails are okay enough now to do nail posts. 

BUT and it is a big but, as it is my writing hand it means that when taking images I have to hold my huge, heavy camera in my right hand/my non-writing hand/my weaker hand which is more than annoying as after 30 seconds my wrist seems to get the shakes! Which is why the below picture happened... too busy making sure I didn't drop the camera that I brushed my nails against the sequins on my bed cover, arghhhh!

However on to the beautiful new Orly polish - Jealous, Much? which is part of the new 6 piece Cool Romance Collection. As you can see this is a lovely pastel mint shade that is perfect for spring/summer and I cannot wait until I try some nail art over it.. I am thinking white polka dots is a must!


Though if I am honest the application was slightly disappointing. It did only take two coats which is good for a pastel polish however the application is quite streaky and a little bit tricky on the first coat and I think for an un-steady hand this could be a bit of a pain to apply and not up to the same level of application as other Orly polishes I own (though they are only the mini ones which I do find give more control in general).

Also I noticed on Zara's blog Mouldy Fruit (here) that the shade looks totally different against her darker skin tone which I really love. So if you do have darker skin then this will be more of a brighter pastel that would be ideal for summer especially on the toes.

You can find the full size 18ml polish from Beauty Beauty - £7.50 (here).

Or the mini 5.3ml can be found in larger Boots stores - £5.00

Also the Orly Mani Mini Trio 3 x 5.3ml including Jealous Much? Prelude to a Kiss & Faint of Heart can be found in larger Boots stores - £13.00 

Fee xo.

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