Japonesque Touch Up Tube Set


I have been meaning to write this review for some time now but as the brushes needed cleaning I have been putting it off - naughty me! But now I am sat down with the brush set to hand (to remind myself of their softness/texture) and determined to write this review. 

So first I think I need to point out I am definitely not one of those people that carries a whole makeup bag around them because a) I don't need to touch up my makeup that much b) I don't fancy having a sloping shoulder. The only brush that I do carry around with me is a Sigma powder brush for my pressed powder to stop the greasy T-zone! So a set like this for me is purely for going on holiday with and for my overnight makeup bag. Which actually would be all I needed brush wise plus a powder brush... which is pretty amazing seeing as I took around 8 full sized brushes with me on holiday last December.


The Japonesque tube set is priced at £16.50 from John Lewis here and contains - a lip brush, two eye brushes, a blusher/powder brush and a foundation brush. 

The packaging/tube - The tube is made of a lightweight metal and is no bigger than 15cm in length so very portable and lightweight even with the brushes. The circumference of the tube is exactly the same size as a 20 pence and this is the only downfall of the packing. For all the other brushes except for the powder brush this is fine but the bristles of the powder brush just get splayed out at the sides and get caught as you push the top onto the tube. However I think for most people they wouldn't want to carry the powder brush with them (see why below) so you could actually fit another slim brush into the tube or even a pair of tweezers. 

It is also worth noting that all the handles are very sturdy and long so don't really feel like they are travel size and so far I have had minimal shredding when washing them and no shredding at all when using the brushes on my face.  


Foundation brush - Now if you are wondering if I had mistakingly forgotten to include the foundation brush in the photographs then I can understand. But sadly I did not, the 'foundation' (concealer) brush is actually the nearest brush in the above image. Now I know this is a touch up set but surely no one would touch up their foundation with such a small brush. But anyways... so I have been using this as a concealer brush and it really does the job! It is nice and flat and very smooth so it spreads concealers nicely over the areas you need it and blends out the product on the skin very nicely indeed. This is actually my favourite brush in the set and I do use it most days to apply my under eye concealer now.

Smaller Eye brush - For me this is a sweeping eyeshadow along the bottom outer lid and a smudging eyeshadow/eyeliner close to the upper lash line kind of brush. So quite a handy brush to have really and it definitely does the job. Can't fault this brush in any way.

Eye brush - Just a typical blending brush really that does the job if you are travelling. Though I do feel if you are use to MAG/Sigma quality brushes then this as a blending brush would be a let down. However for me when I am staying over night somewhere this is totally fine and is all I need really for my eyes along with the smaller brush.

Lip Brush - This is a really nice lip brush, nice andflexible and just the right size! So I have been using this quite a lot especially when going for a red lip. However the only thing to remember is to wipe it clean on a tissue before placing it back into the tube as the brushes do touch so you wouldn't want to get lipstick on any of the other brushes.

Powder/blusher brush - Sadly this is the let down of the set and I am pretty sure most people would agree if they could feel the bristles on this brush. It just isn't the same quality as the other brushes, just cheap and course feeling which isn't what you want for a powder or blusher brush. Also due to the cheap bristles this just doesn't hold product well and product so easily flicked of the brush. Personally this reminds me of a brush you would get in a cheap '80 piece makeup set' and definitely lets the product down a bit.  

Overall even though the powder brush was a huge let down if you are looking for a travel set that is super portable and light then this is pretty good - plus if you didn't use the powder brush you would have room for maybe two other brushes. For me when going over night somewhere I now can take this set (with an extra eyeliner brush inside) plus a full size powder/blusher brush (I use it firstly for powder then apply blusher with it) and some eyelashes curlers and then I am totally done tools wise which I think it pretty good! 

Though if you are wanting something for around the same price but aren't to fussed on weight/size then the Eco Tools brushes are great (I have around 8 brushes by them now)! You can buy the sets in Boots & Tesco now but I also spotted a 6 piece brush set on Cute Cosmetics here for only £13 with free p&p. 

Fee xo.

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