Pound Shop Shoppin'

Cheap Revlon nail polish

I thought today I would dedicate a whole post to pound shops as I LOVE them so much. It is just so refreshing to go into a shop were everything is only a pound instead of browsing the stands at Boots were the average price of makeup is around £6-7! 

Now I do get confused with all the different names of pound shops; there is Pound World, Pound Land, Pound Craze and then there is Savers and Pound Stretchers which are trying to be pound shops. 

But the best one has to be Pound Land (Pound World is also good) as it is perfect for makeup and they do have some great brands - Revlon, Rimmel, Sally Hanson, Astor, Miss Sporty etc. Which is where I picked up these bad boys! I mean nail polishes...


Now I seriously can't help but get a little excited over these as I mean - Pound Land = 6 mainly Revlon nail polishes or for £6 you could always go to Boots = 1 Revlon nail polish. I know which I would go for?! 

It does always depend on which Poundland you visit but normally they do always stock Revlon nail polish and also Rimmel Lycra Pro nail polishes which are both great ranges. But luckily for me I struck gold with a small Pound Land and I found so many lovely polishes. 

I will of course be doing nail of the day posts with them all but for now my favourites have to be the three above. Revlon Cloud is just a perfect shade, Fire Fox is like nothing else I have and First Kiss is a perfect pink nude that has an amazing brush. 

I really think pound shopping is such a good way to save money and enjoy great brands such as Revlon. 

Anyone had any really good purchases in a pound shop? 

Fee xo.

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