Nail Tutorials on She Said Beauty!

She Said Beauty Nail Tutorials

As most of you know I do love my nails and nail art and I was planning on doing a nail tutorial this week but sadly my 30 Days of Nails (see all posts here) took it's toll and two of my nails broke and are so very short now!

However if you didn't know I have done three nail tutorials for She Said Beauty! I must say I am quite proud of my floral nails as they came out really nicely but as a lover of cherries I do really like my Very Cherry nails and think they look pretty fun for summer!

  All the nail art is really easy to achieve being mainly made up of dots using a doting tool or the end of a hair grip/bobby pin. 

You can find both the Very Cherry nails and the Dot Outline nails - here and the Floral nails - here

Now fingers crossed my nails grow back quickly so that I can get back to doing nail posts again! 

Fee xo.  

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