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I love on line discount websites - Cheap Smells, Fragrance Direct and BuyaPowa being my favourites. But recently I noticed that Cheap Smells have made everything on their site free delivery so they are definitely my no.1 discount makeup website to go to now!

Last month I spotted the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque for an amazing price on Cheap Smells so had to buy it and of course found a few other items jumped in to my basket so I thought I would write a small haul post on them as I was quite pleased with my order.

Benefit Gilded pencil

Benefit Gilded Highlighting Pencil 
£11.95 - here

I do really like Benefit as a brand however as they are pricey I always make sure I chose wisely with their products, with ones that will last me a long time which is why I love the Benefit pencil products. I already own the Eye Bright pencil and also the It Stick Concealer pencil both of which I love, so when I spotted this on the Cheap Smells site I thought I would try it out especially as it is a multi-purpose product! 

I mainly wanted this after seeing the new double ended lip products from Max Factor (I have forgot what they are called oops!) as I loved the idea of just highlighting the bottom lip over different lipsticks and I have to say this pencil works perfectly for that! I have also tried this as a highlighter along the cupids bow and the cheekbones which again works really nicely. The only thing that didn't work was the product on the eyes.. just too creamy so it instantly creased. But overall I am really pleased with it as it will literally last me forever and it is such a lovely shade.

Macadamia Deep Repair Mask

Macadamia Deep Repair Masque 
£9.50/100ml - here
£3.75/30ml sachet - here

Sadly the Macadamia Hair Mask that I purchased (£9.99 for 250ml) is now out of stock on the Cheap Smells site but it is available for £9.50 for 100ml in a tube instead of a pot (I actually prefer this) but sadly it isn't as much of a bargain, but still a really great price! 

I won't bore you again with how amazing this is but I do highly recommend this for anyone with over-processed or damaged hair as it just works a treat and is the best hair mask I have ever tried. If you are interested you can read my full review of it - here


Revlon Powder Puff 
£2.99 - here 

Revlon nail polishes are amongst my favourite nail polishes as they just have so many great shades and I do like the consistency and finish of them. However I can't say I love spending £6.49 per nail polish especially seeing as Revlon is a high street brand. Which is why I always buy Revlon polishes from Cheap Smells or Fragrance Direct as they are always less than half price! I went for Powder Puff after looking at swatches via Google and decided I needed this soft white in my life. The finish is totally different from anything I own but I do really like this as it almost a semi-matte finish. I have worn this but forgot to take images so here are some lovely swatches I found on Lunatikitty's blog that really shows of the finish - here.

Revlon Lilac Pastelle
£2.99 - here 
Another shade that I had to add to my basket was Lilic Pastelle which came out last year if I am right in thinking! This is such a beautiful shade which applies really well for a pastel shade. This is definitely a perfect shade for spring and you can see a NOTD of me wearing it here.

I really do love buying from Cheap Smells and often re-purchase my Tigi Bedhead shampoo from there as it is the cheapest I have found it. However you do have to watch for things going up in price once they have sold out as they seem to come back but with a few pounds added on for some reason! 

Fee xo. 

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