5 Favourite Things

Favourite things

I always start posts like this and really enjoy writing them but always make them way too long and so I stop doing them. But I think 5 favourite things is just the right amount to ramble about without it getting stupidly long. So hopefully I will keep this one up as I do enjoy rambling about a mix of things from time to time! 


Since receiving the HD Brow Palette with an early Glossy Box I have been in love with it. I am big on brows in general but this has just been a godsend and also a great multi-purpose product (eyeshadow, eyeliner and brow powder all in one).

I own the HD Brow Palette in Foxy (for fair skin) and use the bottom left shade for my brows and the top right shade as eyeliner the most, though I do get use out of the other two shades. What I really love about the brow set is that once you have done your brows in the morning they will just look perfect all day, no having to set them or use wax or touch them up. They just stay perfect! 

For such a great palette I really was surprised when I couldn't find it anywhere online and I mean nadda! Just nothing about it, nothing about it even on the HD Brows websites (just about their other brow services) though the palette definitely is still sold in three different shades for around £17-20. The only thing I could suggest if you do want one is to go on the HD Brows Official website and type in your postcode in the 'salon finder' section.

Essie button Youtube

I can remember when I first discovered the Shaytards on Youtube I just sat there watching so many of their previous videos just loving them and this was exactly the same when I found Essie's videos (YouTube channel here)! You will just have to watch her videos to see what I mean but Essie is one seriously witty, funny, endearing person... it's not often I laugh out loud watching someone videos but this constantly happens when watching Estee. She is just so likable and honest (about her life and beauty products) and I really cannot get enough of her!

Great first videos to watch to get to know her a little are her 10 Little Secrets Tag, 15 Questions Tag and Spending Ban Haul?!  

nail art

When I was a college (almost 7 years ago now?! oh god that is a long time ago) I loved having to be creative everyday as I studied Art & Design. But in recent years I have found I haven't had to creative at all really and totally felt like my life was missing something as I love having to come up with idea and working out how I'm going to do them etc. But gradually through my blog I have developed a total love for nail art and it has definitely filled that creative void in my life now! 

I love nail polish in general but nothing beats thinking up a nail art idea and then trying it out and it being a success and looking great. I recently did my first ever nail tutorial for the She Said Beauty online magazine (middle image, above) which I was so pleased with the outcome and it is so easy to achieve. You can view the full floral nail art tutorial here.


For the longest time I had been watching short clips of The Ellen Degeneres Show on You Tube because I just love her and the show. But it wasn't enough so I decided to search online to see if there were any old shows that I could watch online. Then I discover The Ellen Degeneres Show is on UK TV on a channel called Really (never heard of it before). In my opinion it just knocks Loose Women out of the water as a daily chat show but isn't as taxing or high brow as say The Oprah Show. Really good mix of topics and guests plus Ellen is one funny, beautiful woman!

The show is on weekdays  4-5pm on Freeview channel 20, Sky 248 and Virgin 267.

busy bees candles

For quite some time now I have been conscious of ingredients in products and have cut out quite a lot of things that I previously used mainly in my shampoo, deodorant and toothpaste. But as I have seen the benefits this has extended to other things in my life such as candles. I previously use to love a cheap-y candles and didn't even care that the soot/fumes would create a black stain up the wall! But last year I was converted to soya/vegetable wax candles and just haven't looked back. It feels great knowing that there are no harmful toxins are being released in the air (as we have enough of that when we step out of our front doors), plus of course no soot and I really do feel the scents of natural waxes is a lot stronger than synthetic candles. 

One of my favourite candles are the lovely Neom Organic Travel candles priced at £13 (here) but I also decided to purchase an oil/wax tart burner so that I could order cheaper wax tarts and try more scents that way. From the recommendation of @Littlemissmaxi I went for the Busy Bee Candles (website - here). Each wax tart starting from only £1.10 and lasting around 5 tea lights (trust me that is a long time!) and the scent of these are just so strong! I went for Bakewell Slice, Buttered Popcorn, Creme Brulee, Fruit Cocktail, Chocolate Fudge Brownie and received Sun Kiss Raspberry as a lovely surprise free with my order. I'm currently burning Buttered Popcorn which just smells amazing but know I will be ordered more in summer of the more fruity scents as they are just so amazing, filling the house with the aroma for hours! 

Hope you enjoyed this more ramble-y sort of post and please do share with me your favourite things especially non-beauty related!

Fee xo.  

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