Taking a Digital Detox


Back in my teenage years my parents would often ban me from using the internet for my over usage of it. Looking back I was a pretty normal teen that liked to chat too much on MSN Messenger and write angst ridden posts on LiveJournal. But I can't help realise my internet usage is now double what it use to be, with blogging, enjoying using it in down time and of course it being in my pocket with frequent notifications popping up, to drag me away from the real world. 

On the whole I think the internet is amazing and I'm pretty glad I'm no longer a teenage that has to suffer going cold turkey after being caught in the act of attaching the internet lead to the phone socket at 3am in the morning - oops. However sadly the virtual worlds does have it's pitfalls and it personally can affect my social life, general feeling of calm and even sleep. 

Which is why I've decided to embark on a bit of a digital detox in the hope to get back on track with reality, find joy in the simple things and finger crossed sort of my sleeping pattern. Below are 4 ways in which I hope to do that and I'd love if you also joined in with me!


Seeking out a new hobby 
So I think we are all in agreement that the internet is pretty great with a billion and one thing to occupy your time with. But there are of course other things out there in the real world that can bring if not more joy and fulfilment to your life. Over the years my hobbies have dwindled until now my own true hobby is reading and even then I can go through periods of not reading due to life being too busy, well me telling myself it's busy - note to self: there's always time to read. My idea is to find a totally new hobby that will make me want to turn off my laptop of an evening and find enjoyment out of progressing with something.

My new hobby options include - To learn modern calligraphy, take up weaving a la Kate La Vie (find her pretty weaving here), to get back to drawing/watercolours again or learn a new style of cooking - I actually fancy learning how to make Sushi even though I only like  vegetable and chicken (cooked!) variates.

Turning everything off at least 2 times a week 
 On to a bit of a tough one now with turning off all media devices, including my phone, for hopefully a whole night! I was tempted to aim for 3 nights a week but let's face it, that's never going to happen. With nights free from watching TV, constantly checking my phone and using my laptop, I plan to enjoy a lot more reading especially in bed as the evenings grow colder, from a few new fiction books - The Martian and Rainbow Rowell's latest release Carry On, to non-fiction titles such as Big Magic (one for creatives) and Rising Strong by Brene Brown. I also plan to use Sunday nights as pamper time to apply a face and hair mask and to paint my nails for the week a head. I'm also excited to get around to enjoying colouring more often with my beautiful Animal Kingdom colouring book (you can find it on Amazon here) as it's such a calming activity, perfect for mental health.

Switching off notifications 
Taking a digital detox isn't just about switching of media devices at set times, but taking small steps to reduce how often you get distracted by the internet on a daily basis. For me this happens with all my notifications from Twitter to eBay and of course e-mails. So taking baby steps with this I have already switched off my email notifications (whoop! Finally no more dings every few minutes) and will be manually checking them only a few times a day. I already know this will make a huge difference and will make me full enjoy when I'm out of the house walking my dog or being sociable. 

No more phone alarm clock 
With a slight addiction to the Internet I often find myself endlessly browsing Instagram or Pinterest before bed, which literally can go on for hours. So I've decided no more, as I know studies have shown that using devices before bed can alter the quality of your sleep and also make it more difficult to fall asleep - something I've had a problem with in the past. So out with the phone and in with the above alarm clock! This may seem like a dramatic thing to do but it will mean I learn to wind-down naturally, don't stay up too late or have the luxury of  hitting 'snooze' in the mornings. This may be the toughest step of them all but it should make a big difference to my sleep. 

So there you have it, my ways in which I will be taking a digital detox.

Finger crossed I manage to stick at it! 

Fee xo. 


Missguided does Beauty!


If Missguided didn't already stock enough gorgeous items then they certainly do now with a newly launched selection of beauty products and gifts just in time for Christmas!

Missguided were kind enough to get in touch last week and asked if they could send me a selection of their new beauty products and of course when I discovered they were all fairly budget-friendly beauty brands I jumped at the chance. Over in the beauty categories on the Missguided website here you can now find brand such as W7, Popband, Fab Brow and NPW. 

My favourite brands to be launched on Missguided have to be W7 and Popband, both brands I own many products from and love. W7 for me is such a great budget beauty brand with high quality products. From the newly launched products I'd highly suggest the Lightly Toasted palette, £10.00 here, as the pigmentation is amazing with all 12 shades and is just perfect for this time of year when you are wanting more warm neutral shades. Also for affordable makeup brushes the W7 range really is worth a look! 

As for Popband you can find two set newly launched here for £8.00 each. The above pack is the Winter Berry Popband's which I absolutely love the look of... just look at that deep cranberry glittery one! I personally much prefer these soft elastic bands compared to standard hair ties as they don't pull or snag on the hair and most importantly don't dent the hair or break if you have thick hair!

In the gift section, which you can find here, you will now find a lovely range of budget treats and gift from NPW, which although isn't a widely known brand have so many novel gifts, for example the set of Breakfast Face Masks, £8.00 here and Ice Cream Pens & Gloss, £10.00 here.

Overall I think these new additions to the Missguided site will be well received and will make for some lovely Christmas gifts this year! 

Fee xo.

eBay Bargains #29 - Sweet Treats


Self Heating Vanilla Fudge Face Mask (99p - eBay here
As most of you know I love my face masks and this is one I've recently used and really did like. I love this mainly for it's self heating, non-drying formula and the oh so yummy scent - it smells of homemade fudge! This is an ideal mask if you fancy a mid-week pamper on a budget to clear and soften the skin. You can also find this face mask in Superdrug for 99p. 

Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Hand Sanitiser (£1.99 - eBay here)
Is it just me that loves these fun hand sanitiser? I hope not! I already have quite a few of these Pocket Bac sanitisers but with the new packaging and scents I want more and at £2.00 they are worth it seeing as they are a U.S imported product. Tons of other scents in the listing but Warm Vanilla Sugar is a perfect scent for this time of year.

Village Candle Votive Candles (£2.79 each - eBay here
When it comes to candles Yankee Candle can move over because for me it's all about Village Candles. With Village Candles I find you get a more authentic scent that isn't as synthetic smelling as Yankee Candle scents. But as Village Candles are of a similar price I prefer to pick up these inexpensive votive candles to try out new scents. If you love sweet, yummy scents then the Brown Delight votive is seriously a must, it literally fills the room you are in with a just baked brownie aroma that's so delicious!

Betty Crocker Whipped Chocolate Frosting Lip Balm (£3.95 - eBay here
Another yummy US product here that I couldn't resist including as I love a sugary heavily flavoured lip balm. I've tried a few Betty Crocker lip balms now and can say they not only nourish the lips well but are very moreish to apply as they smell so true to scent/flavour. I haven't tried this specific whipped chocolate frosting but it sounds incredible! 

Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Perfume Bar (£4.59 - eBay here
 For my last sweet treat these lovely perfumes bars from Tony Moly caught my eye. With 3 scents to pick from these solid perfumes make the ideal handbag essential. Compact, kawaii and cheap - what more could you want?! No doubt one of these will be thrown into my next eBay basket. 

Hope you've found a few sweet treats here! 

Fee xo.


Luxury Beauty Favourites #4


It's that time again where I collect up some of my luxury beauty favourites to share with you! 

This month I have such a wide range of products that are high quality and offer a lot, whether that be in product amount or multi-tasking uses, for your money. Also these products are all perfect for the coming colder months! 

theBalm Mary Lou Manizer Lumizer
£17.50 - Feel Unique here 
the Balm Mary Lou highlighter has been a favourite of mine for so many months now and is a constant favourite of mine. But I decided to include it now as this has to be my favourite highlighter to create a beautiful autumnal glow to the skin. This cool toned champagne highlight offers amazing pigmentation meaning a little goes such a long way; I literally use a fine fan brush to sweep the highlight onto my cheekbones. I've also found that the highlight stays in place (no glitter disco ball face come 4pm) and lasts all day! And if that wasn't enough Mary Lou also doubles up as a lovely eyeshadow, especially as an all over lid shade. 

Thierry Mugler Alien Eau De Toilette  
£39.00/30ml - Boots here 
As we are now firmly into Autumn, though I'm actually feeling Winter vibes right now, a change of fragrance is called for. This year along with past years that fragrance for me is Thierry Mugler's Alien. For me Alien is such a rich and unique scent that fits the season perfectly up until spring and also makes an ideal evening/going out scent. I also love that a few spray literally lasts all day and when you are paying for a high end fragrance you want that, but as it's only EDT and not EDP I'm always impressed that it does last all day and lingers on scarfs and coats. As for the scent I love it that much I've dedicated an entire blog post to it here! But to summarise, I find the scent to be quite a rich and creamy floral that smells heavily of jasmine and it quite alluring - I've had a number of compliments when wearing it! If you are still looking for a new A/W fragrance then definitely have a spray of this when out shopping next. 


Monu Aromatic Mask 
£21.71/100ml - HQ Hair here 
Face masks for me are a vital part of my skincare routine but also how I like to pamper myself; I love nothing more than to apply a face mask for 10-20 minutes whilst reading a book or painting my nails. With oily/combination skin most face masks for my skin type are hard setting and quite astringent but with the lovely Monu Aromatic Mask it's quite the opposite with a creamy non-drying formula, a lovely soothing lavender scent and slight warming properties to it. So this makes for such a relaxing face mask that is a joy to sit with on the face. As for how it leaves the skin when washed off, I find the mask softens the skin with the added beeswax and coconut oil whilst also leaving it feeling clean and fresh, perfect for combination skin that doesn't always require a drying mask. Overall this really is the ultimate relaxation face mask for colder months and feels very spa-like indeed.

Dr. Paw Paw Original Balm 
£6.95/25ml - Look Fantastic here 
Now I did a bit of a boo-boo here and with this being such a great multi-tasking product I priced it in my head at around £12-14 but it is in fact a much more affordable £6.95! Which is great news but really it's not a luxury product at all. However as I am still loving it and it's been a favourite of mine for the past month or so why not still review it! Much like Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream this is a balm that multitasks. This can be used as a lip balm, on dry skin, on skin burn and skin irritations and even as a hair conditioner! Literally if there's something that needs nourishing, this balm with do it, plus it's fragrance-free and ideal for sensitive skin. I personally love it as a lip balm and on any areas of dry skin as it's fairly thick and really does the job. This really is one to keep to hand for emergencies and general use.

Brain Face Beauty Edition - Facial Cleansing Brush and Epilator 
£59.99 On Offer - Boots here 
Lastly I had to include a product that I've been using for quite a while now and though it is luxury product/a bit of a spend I personally think this is as good as any other cleansing device... you know which I'm talking about, plus it double up as a facial epilator and can even be used to apply foundation/skincare with an extra attachment! Amazing right?! This compact device is first and foremost a facial epilator, which initially I was worried about as plucking out my facial hair with a rotating device has to be ouch-y... and I won't lie, it is a bit but definitely not as much as I expecting and when pulling the skin taut it really isn't anything at all. As someone that does remove all facial hair (it gives a much nicer foundation application I've found!) this tool has come in so handy and I can keep it by the sink to do each week. As for the facial cleansing brush attachment, again I really have been impressed with it as thankfully due to the speed of the motor in the device (and it only takes two batteries) the cleansing brush rotates faster than the eye can see and it really does remove makeup well whilst exfoliating the skin. If you have yet to try a cleansing device I really do highly recommend this one whilst it's on offer at Boots. Plus with the additional attachments you can buy for it you can opt for softer brush heads and a foam pad for applying foundation, serums or moisturiser - something I will trying out and give a review of very soon because I'm more than intrigued by it!

Hope you've found some new products here! 

What's your current favourite beauty product - budget or high end?

Fee xo. 


5 Spooktacular Reads This Halloween


As we are nearing Halloween and sadly I'm not doing a lot for it this year, I thought I'd come up with a more adult-appropriate way of enjoying the occasion. I still highly recommend having a go at pumpkin carving as it's tons of fun, albeit messy, but once you are done you may want to consider picking up a thrilling read that will fit in with the season perfectly. 

Come colder weather and darker night I always enjoy more darker reads so I've pulled together five of my top thrillers that range from spooky to down right horrifying! Hope you find something from my list to read this Halloween!


Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs 
 If this isn't a book perfect for Halloween then I don't know what is! This haunting looking book tells the story of Miss Peregrine's home for unusual and definitely peculiar children on a remote island off the coast of Wales. Throughout the book interesting and haunt character appear backed up with vintage photos that really do make this a unique read. Is it scary? Not really, but it's definitely one of the most unique books I've read with the added photos and letters. If you were a lover of the Goosebumps books then you will be sure to enjoy this quirky, spooky book. Buy - £6.79 Paperback here or £5.17 Kindle here

Into The Darkest Corner by Elizabeth Hayes
On to a much more sinister book here that although doesn't fit the Halloween theme is very much a thriller and one that will have you shocked and even scared at times. Telling the story of Catherine in two separate time frames we see a once outgoing, happy woman turn into a suppressed terrified victim at the hands of her boyfriend. With a truly believable narrative this isn't one for the faint hearted (I found it very tough to read in parts) as the book deals with matters of domestic violence, OCD and post-traumatic stress disorder, with some utterly heart wrenching and scary scenes. Into The Darkest Corner really is a true thriller that you won't be able to put down. Buy - £6.39 Paperback here or £3.79 Kindle here

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn 
 With nearly 10 thousand customer reviews on Amazon and this bestselling book now being a major film I feel the world and it's dog know the basic plot to Gone Girl by now. So I will spare you details and jumped to what I loved about this book and why you should read it. Firstly this is plot twist central and will continuously have you guessing up until the last chapter. However be warned that you may not find any likable characters in this book that you root for! But a very thrilling read all the same. Side note - I've heard Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn is much more twisted than this book! Buy - £3.99 Paperback here or £5.99 Kindle here

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness
I decided to include A Monster Calls into my Halloween selection not only because the story centres around a monsters, be it a metaphorical one, but because this books pulls out all the emotions in you and is such a raw and amazing book. I won't go into detail with this one but if you have ever lost anyone then this is a book to read. It also makes a great Autumn/Halloween read with the vivid haunting descriptions throughout. Buy - £3.99 Paperback here or £3.79 Kindle here

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins
Lastly I had to include what has been the book of the year and one I got though in a matter of days. With the simple premise of a girl on a train that witnesses something that changes everything, I was expecting quite a simple story but this turned out to be quite the thriller with chapters telling the story from other points of views. This really is a book that covers a lot of ground and through I didn't love or relate to any of the characters it's certainly a gripping read that you will want to know the outcome of, however dark! A great book to pick up right about now. Buy - £6.00 Hardcover here or £5.70 Kindle here

Hope you've found something new to read here! 

Happy Halloween! 
Fee xo. 


eBay Bargains #28 - Christmas Beauty Gift Sets


Whether you're already in the festive spirit or not, Christmas is a commin'! And if you're like me and like to grab a bargain then doing a bit of early shopping is essential, especially online. So I decided to go on an eBay hunt for five bargain beauty gift sets that are perfect for putting away until Christmas! (The Essie gift set is already mine at only £4.99!) 

Rose & Co Lip Balm Trio x 3 (£8.00 eBay here
So you might be thinking "But Fee, £8.00 for 3 lip balms isn't much of a bargain!" But previously owning this set I can tell you it is, as each lip balm has a whopping 10g of product each in a lovely decorative metal tin. Also the scents include - Sugared Violet , Lemon Bonbon,  and Strawberry Cupcake and smell incredible. Rose & Co really is such a lovely brand and this gift set is just perfect. 

L'Oreal Nail It Gift Set (£7.00 eBay here)
Now this was a gift set that I had to include for the price! This includes 4 full size L'Oreal products and 2 samples, so the retail price of this would be £25+! I'd personally split up the products and give them as little stocking fillers... or just keep it for myself!   

Essie Glow Get 'Em Gift Set (£4.99 eBay here)
Can we just look at the price of this set for 4 Essie nail polishes... that's £1 each?! Madness! Do I really need to say more? Essie gift sets always make great gifts for anyone that loves nail polish!

Burt's Bees Nature Is Sweet Gift Set (£10.99 eBay here)
On to a lovely set here with Burt's Almond Hand Cream (it smells amazing!) and Beeswax Lip Balm. This is a small set but with the hand cream retailing for £11 you do get a good saving, plus the packaging is always of high quality and makes for an affordable yet luxury looking gift.

Nails Inc 9-Piece Gift Set (£10.50 eBay here)
Another serious bargain here that I wouldn't mind snapping up for myself if I didn't have enough nail polishes already... okay I still might just get it! Normally a Nails Inc mini sets of 5 would cost around £10-13 but this also includes a full size Special Effects Nail Polish AND Kensington Caviar Top Coat AND a nail file! Such a bargain! I'd seriously be pleased with this if I received it at Christmas.

Another eBay Christmas post next week? I think so! 

Fee xo.


20 Unique Blog Props You Will Want To Use!


Blog photography is seriously my jam! I love nothing more than styling products for photographing and then seeing the results when I upload the shots to my laptop. There are just so many ways in which you can photograph products and get creative! So today I thought I'd share with you 20 prop ideas that are not only cheap but can be used over and over again. 

Hope you can take a few of these prop ideas away with you for your own blog photography!
Dried or pressed flowers 
Micro fairy lights (these copper wire ones especially!) 
Magazine pages
Contact paper (basically sticky back plastic) - wood or marble effect (found here or in DIY stores)
Plain revision or index cards for swatches (eBay here)
Water spray bottle for shower/bath products 
Bunch of Baby's Breath flowers (these! And yes, very creepy name!) 
Loose ribbons entwined around products 
Different patterned materials under products - try inexpensive pillow cases 
Recycle paper sizzle from gift boxes 


Free wallpaper samples (B&Q and Homebase are great places for this)
Christmas tree decorations any time of year
Loose hessian material for nature/organic product posts 
A large mirror under products 
Patterned scarves to suit the season
Play around with strong shadows instead of avoiding them! 
Sprayed white boxes to tier products 
A single large tile or small decorative tiles 
Crushed up or smeared makeup (of course only old, out of date products!)
Large slate background with added chalk writing

Let me know which you will be trying out or even already use in your own photography! 

Fee xo.


5 Things To Pick Up This October!


Okay, so we are nearing the end of October, seriously where do the days go? But I felt there was still time to share with you some amazing new launches and offers this month. 

You see I'm not the quickest of bloggers, I'm actually the biggest slow coach... my spirit animal is seriously a sloth, so a round-up post such as this one is a great way to share with you a few of my favourite new products, freebies and offers! And with October being an especially great month for new products I thought why not start a new blog post series - I have a feeling they will jam-packed come the festive season!


This year's Boots Christmas catalogue is out! 
Though I'm yet to feel Christmas-y, I am excited for the flurry of Christmas catalogues that will be popping up in the coming weeks, especially the Boots one. Boots for me, and I'm sure a lot of people, is perfect for picking up last minute gift sets especially with the 3 for 2 offer they always put on. I also love browsing though the gift guide discovering the exclusive sets from brands such as Soap & Glory and The Sanctuary. The Boots Christmas catalogue is definitely a staple Christmas item! If you can't get to a Boots store to pick a gift guide up you can view it online here

The October Glossybox is pretty damn great
For the past few months now GlossyBox have impressed me (see last months reviewed box here). With a good mix of high and low end samples and often full sized products you really do get your money's worth and this months is certainly a treat with all full size products. Though products do vary from box to box each box this month includes a full size Lanolips product as well as products from So Susan, Jelly Pong Pong and Talika. Plus there's a fab blending sponge included from Nicka K. I really am so pleased with this box and will be using all of the products - in fact I'm already using the fab So Susan Highlighting pencil to conceal/highlight the under-eye area and as an eyeshadow base and using the Lanoliops Dy Skin Salve nightly. You can pick up the October GlossyBox here for £10 + £3.25 p&p, amazing value for all the products you receive!

Carex have come out with yet more amazing scented hand washes
With getting older I've come to enjoy the mundane things of life and that includes enjoying and appreciating a good hand wash. This actually started when I came across Carex's Cola Bottles Hand Wash last year... in fact I'm pretty sure I mentioned it here on Makeup Savvy. Since then I've been enjoying handwash and now never just opt for the cheapest or what's on offer. Though the new richer and nourishing Carex range looked interesting I was pretty sure it wouldn't sway me from my favourite cola bottle and chocolate orange scents, but I was wrong - there are amazing (yes, hand wash scents can be described as amazing!). The new hand washes include - Indulgent Argan Oil & Cocoa, Luxurious Macadamia Oil & Vanilla and Enriching Coconut Oil & Almond. My favourite has to be the lovely Argan Oil & Cocoa which to me has a rich toffee scent but all the scents have a luxurious non-synthetic aroma which you really wouldn't expect for the price! Though it's a little naughty I totally encourage you to have a little sniff of all the new scents when next food shopping - I'm sure you will be impressed and may even become a fellow lover of hand washes! Side note - I'm pretty sure the range will be half price or lower as it's new... Superdrug currently have it on sale for 99p!


Free Nails Inc Nail Polish with this month's Glamour Magazine 
 This month's magazines are full of freebies but my favourite lowest spend option has to be Glamour magazine as it's only £2.00 and includes a full-sized Nails Inc Nail Polish, plus a 20% off H&M voucher. There's a choice of 4 on-trend shades perfect for A/W - Grosvenor Crescent (dark purple), Notting Hill Gate (vibrant pink), Victoria & Albert (pillar box red) and Colville Mews (classic beige). As I'm subscribed to Glamour mag and they don't send freebies I will be picking up my free nail polish when next shopping at one of the listed retailers.

Models Own have launched a new GlitterGel Collection 
As we are talking nail polish I thought I'd also share with you the new GlitterGel collection from Models Own. I'm personally the biggest fan of the original Gel collection (just so glossy and long lasting) and as a fan of glitter, this is a match made in heaven. The new collection includes 5 shades for now but with Models Own being Models Own I'm sure we will see more shades added in the coming months. For now the shades include - Starburst, Sheer Sparkle, Crystal Pink, Red Carpet (nail swatches seen above) and Petunia Glitz. Having swatched a few of the new shades I can say the opacity does vary with the red, black and vibrant pink shades offering the best coverage and vibrancy and the other two shades being more of a sheer coat of glitter to use over a base colour of your choice. You can find the new range online at Models Own here and from Bottleshops worldwide and from Superdrug stores on October 21st. 

Let me know if you like this style of post highlighting new products and freebies and I will be sure to keep it as a monthly feature on Makeup Savvy!

Fee xo.

On Blogging Authentically


Over the past year or so I've seen the term 'living authetically' crop up in articles and online more and more. This is something that I've thought about more, especially as I've overcome anxiety in the past year and feel like living an authentic life makes sense. This of course then overlaps into blogging which definitely can be smokes and mirrors a lot of the time. Hell, we live in a time where 'How To Stage Instagram Photos' posts are revelant!

So here are my own little tips on how you can blog authentically... 

 Only write what you would read 
First up, such a simple one - only write posts in which you would want to read yourself. This instantly gives blog posts that passion and honestly they require and will also make the writing process enjoyable! I won't ramble on about this one as it is self explanatory but this is always I thought I have in the back of my mind when coming up with blog post ideas and writing them.  

You can take 'You' out of the equation 
Now this is a sticky one, because a lot of bloggers have made huge success' out of making a brand out of themselves, but I think it can often get too much for the majority of bloggers, especially if it's a hobby. Putting yourself out there of course has it's benefits, let's face it everyone is nosey and it does make readers feel like they know you. However it can come with unwanted personal questions and feeling the need to always keep up a perfect glossy image! But there is definitely a way to connect with your readers without sharing too much of your personal life and that comes through developing your writer's voice. For me that is writing in a similar style to how I talk in real life and I'd really encourage it for most bloggers and it makes blog posts flow naturally and it lets readers almost see your personality without sharing your life constantly with them. Taking 'you' out of your blog really doesn't mean it will become boring, plus you won't feel any pressure to keep up appearances! 

Don't be a slave to PR 
Once you have been blogging for some time daily PR emails will become the norm, asking whether you want to be sent 'X' from the brand they represent in hope for a review. The key words here being "in hope" because way back when blogs were sparse on the ground PR samples were given to magazine in hope they would be featured. So fast forward 8 years in a time where blogs have more worth and readership than magazine the exact principles still apply, meaning if you aren't feeling a product and just won't want to write about it then that is totally fine - though a courteous email to explain is always a good practice. As for PR's pushing for reviews, asking for you to change the wording of a review, or even asking for the product back (yes, that actually happens!), stay strong! Your blog is for the enjoyment of yourself and your readers so please don't get pressured into anything by outside sources!

Take a break if you aren't feeling it 
However much you love blogging there will come a time were you just aren't feeling it. This could be due to stress, feeling ill, a lack of inspiration/motivation or just a slump in mood. Whatever the reason it's bound to make blogging a chore and that's 100% what it's not about. So take a break because your readers still have lots of other lovely blogs to read and to be honest won't miss you for a few days or even a week or so! It really is better to take that time out, recharge your batteries and come back refreshed and full of new ideas! I've done this several times now and I've learnt not to feel in the slight bit guilty as it's simply needed from time to time. 

Blogging or even living authentically may seem like such a gimmicky term but staying true to yourself can bring so much more happiness than following the crowd! 

Fee xo.


eBay Bargains #27 - Unique Beauty Extras


W7 Banana Dreams Loose Powder (£4.90 eBay here
Say hello to the dupe for Ben Nye's Banana Powder... well according to W7 anyway. But seeing as most of W7's dupe products are pretty spot on I'm sure this is another great one. I've never seen a yellow tinted loose powderwith a budget pricetsg so this has me excited! 

Blackhead Cleansing Brush (£1.19 eBay here)  
Whilst browsing away on eBay I came across this strange little brush that kind of actually makes sense. This miniature brush is for cleansing with making sure you thoroughly scrub/cleanse the sides of the nose that are hard to reach and can develop blackheads. I'm thinking this is a nifty little brush that could definitely help anyone with oily/blemish-prone skin.

Hair Brush Cleaner (99p eBay here
This is such a snooze-worthy product I was tempted to not include it, but seeing as I actually bought one for my hair tangled brushes I thought I would. The strange looking metal device it exactly what it says it is, and I think it could come in useful especially if you shred a lot of hair as you brush it. Boring, yet practical! 

Silicone Brush Cleaner Glove (99p eBay here
When it comes to cleaning makeup brushes gone are the days I use my hands to clean in between the bristles, instead I use a large silicone oven glove which works wonders and this is the mini version. This simply slots over your four fingers and provides a surface for cleaning your brushes on, with the ridges and bumps helping to work up a lather and give the bristles a deeper clean. If you are still washing your makeup brushes by hand then seriously you have to give this a go! 

Face Mask Brush (99p eBay here
Another extra that isn't really needed but so much nicer to use them just your fingers. Unlike re-using a foundation brush this nylon brush is firmer and absorbs less of the mask into the bristles, plus it's of course great for precise application if you are wanting to apply two different types of face masks to your face or wanting to only apply a face mask to say the nose area or chin. I have one of these and I always make sure to use it when pampering myself with a nice face mask. 

Collagen Under Eye Patches (99p eBay here)
Lastly I thought I'd include a product that I'm sure is overlooked online/eBay as it looks like such a gimmick product... and I guess it is as it's not really anti-ageing at all, however these eye patches are soooo soothing and perfect for tired eyes! I actually have a stash of these in my fridge and come early mornings or sleepless nights I sit with a pair of these on and within 5 minutes my eye and eye area feels awake and refreshed. At only 99p these are worth a try to see! 

Hope you've enjoyed this eBay post! 

PS. Is it too early for Christmas themed eBay posts? Please tell me it's not!

Fee xo.


My Makeup Bag Collection


When it comes to storing makeup I'm a huge fan of Muji Acrylic Storage, it gives me the space I require and I can see exactly what I have. However when I'm on-the-go or travelling a makeup bag is required and with a penchant for pretty designs and patterns I now own quite a few! 

I think collecting makeup bags started when I realised that there weren't many aesthetically pleasing ones on the market (though brands are getting much better!), so I took to eBay and seeked out a lovely Paul & Joe makeup carry case. Since then I've always had my eye out for anything unique though I could have stopped at just the one! I now have a collection of 10+ makeup bags so I thought I'd share with you 3 high-end and 3 low-end bags that I love!


Ted Baker 5th Avenue Print Wash Bag 
£27.00 - Full range here
 First up, one of my first more high end makeup bag purchases... though it was reduced a little! Sadly this gorgeous art decor inspired print is now discontinued however Ted Baker are constantly bringing out new prints each season - I know I will be tempted with one of the festive designs this year! What I love most about Ted Baker wash bags other than the high quality and unique designs, is the structured shape that allows quite a lot of makeup to be stored in them. I also think Ted Baker makeup bags make the most wonderful gifts!

MyShowcase DoloresBeauty Bag - Christmas Limited Edition 
£19.50 - MyShowcase here
On to possibly my most unique makeup bag and the latest edition to my growing collection! When I spotted this on the @MyShowcase Twitter account it instantly jumped out at me as it's just so unique and fun, in fact it reminds me of a pricey Lulu Guinness bag that certainly isn't under £20! What I love about this makeup bag is the beautifully embroidered face (the liner is even a gold glitter thread!) that's cleverly protected with a wipe clean material. I also love the vibrant red interior and the tall size will make it great for carrying larger toiletries. A really lovely detailed makeup bag for holidays and to put on your Christmas wish list.
Wu & Wu Deer Makeup Bag 
£15.00 - Out of stock, similar here 
 A little kitsch hurt no one and this wonderful makeup bag is certainly just that! I was instantly drawn to this makeup bag as the lovely design is by one of my favourite artists; Fiona Hewitt. Unlike a lot of makeup bag the pattern to this is so vivid and detail isn't lost just because it's on fabric. If you are after any kitsch gifts Wu & Wu are a brand to look at!  


Primark Embossed Large Clutch Bag 
£3.00 - Primark in-store
One of my favourite places to shop for makeup bags in recent years has been Primark - it's amazing for them! But I've also come to realise that having a browse of their bag section can also payoff, because why not use an over sized clutch bag as a makeup bag, right? This is exactly how I found the embossed beauty above. The faux leather bag is more than roomy and would make a great makeup bag if you like to carry a lot with you on holiday, but I personally decided to store my skincare favourites in it. This now lives on my dressing table and I really couldn't be more pleased with my find. 

Little Mermaid Wash Bag 
£3.00 - Primark in-store
Another Primark find here that's actually official Disney! If you didn't know already, Primark are amazing for Disney merchandise including the odd makeup bag, I've spotted both Bambi themed and Little Mermaid ones before. This is quite a thin and basic wash bag but I love it none the less, because well... it's the Little Mermaid! I absolutely love the collage of images to this bag and the wipe clean materiel both to the exterior and the lining is handy when carrying liquids such as foundation.

Paul & Joe Flower Makeup Carry Case
Around £8.00 - eBay find! 
As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, this was my first ever makeup bag find... well it wasn't my first makeup bag ever, but the first that made me love makeup bags! Now I have a feeling this is a fake Paul & Joe makeup bag as it came from China and it wasn't that pricey, but I can't say I mind too much! I went for this as I loved the design of it but also the shape, this mini carry case surprisingly holds a lot! This has been on a few holidays with me now and it literally holds everything I need. Always worth a look of eBay for unique makeup bags like this from Paul & Joe and Etude House! 

Which makeup bag you like the most from my collection? 

Fee xo.


5 Books To Read This Autumn


As I've mentioned before, Autumn is my favourite time of year to indulge in a spot of read, actually I take that back, a heck of a lot of reading! With nights drawing in it's the perfect excuse to curl up on the sofa with a blanket, your favourite chocolate and a good book. 

I've already started my Autumn reading and also have some exciting new books lined up. So I thought I'd share them with you today and inspire you to pick up a new book or dust off the Kindle. 


The Girl On The Train (£6.00 Hardcover - Amazon here)
Possible the book of the year The Girl On The Train was at the top of my Autumn reading list. This took be all of 3 days to read, I literally stormed though it! With the simple premise of a girl on a train that witnesses something that changes everything, I was expecting quite a simple story but this turned out to be quite the thriller with chapters telling the story from other points of views. This really is a book that covers a lot of ground and through I didn't love or relate to any of the characters it's certainly a gripping read that you will want to know the outcome of! A perfect thriller for Autumn.

After You (£9.00 Hardcover - Amazon here)
If you have read 'Me Before You' then you will certainly be excited for the sequel 'After You'. Though I'm yet to read this I've got high hopes of Jojo Moyes as I absolutely loved Me Before You... oh, there were tears shed over that book! I of course won't spoil the first book if you haven't read it, though seriously if you enjoy heartfelt reads then get on this, but if you have then this is sure to be a great Autumn read. Fingers crossed it's as good as Me Before You!

Ready Player One (£6.29 Paperback - Amazon here)
An out-of-my-comfort-zone read for me here, with a science fiction dystopian novel set in 2044. This is another book I have yet to read but one I plan to enjoy of my holiday next week (it technically won't be Autumn there, but oh well!). This is a book that I've seen so many amazing reviews on that I can't not give it ago - plus the premise does sound pretty interesting and unique. The story is set in 2044, a time where everyone spends most of their time in a virtual world called 'Oasis'. When the creator of the game dies he leaves a hidden 'easter egg' for one of the skilled players of the game to find, winning the his billion dollar fortune. As the cover states this is certainly a Willie Wonka meets The Matrix kind of book with a ton of 80's reference in there for good measure. This sounds like such a unique read and one I can't wait to get stuck into! 

Luckiest Girl Alive (£9.79 Hardback - Amazon here)
 Another thriller here and one I've just finished reading, again in record time! In fact I enjoyed this book so much I included it in a recent Lifestyle Loves post here, so if you want to read what it's about then pop over there. But I really think this is a good book to read knowing very little about it as the twists to this are brilliant and do keep you on your toes... I thought I knew where it was going but it turned out I didn't! Compared to The Girl On The Train, this is darker in places but then again it is a thriller after all. Another good read to submerge yourself in this Autumn.

  The Night Circus (£7.19 Paperback - Amazon here)
Lastly another read that's on my list this Autumn due to it's magical feel and amazing review rating on Amazon. I know little about this book even though it's been sat on my bookcase for a good year now, but I intend to keep it that way until I start reading it toward the end of October - all I know is the book is about a circus that comes alive at night! I think this will make the perfect bedtime read. PS. The Kindle format is currently on sale for only £1.49 here.

More suggested reads - The Humans, Into The Darkest Corner, The Paying Guests, Eleanor & Park, The Miniaturist.

Hopefully I've suggested a few books for you here but I'd also love to know what you plan to read in October! 
You can find what I enjoyed reading last Winter here

Fee xo. 


My Autumn Scent - Thierry Mugler Alien


Following on from all the Autumn vibes I've been posting lately I thought I'd share with you my ultimate Autumn scent. This is a scent I've loved for years and is one of the most unique fragrances I own and perfect for Autumn!

As mentioned above, Alien is a unique scent and a bold choice that's more suited to Autumn/Winter as the deep, heady notes in this would be overpowering and out of place in Summer. It's also a scent that if you have worn it before you will recognise on others as it's hypnotising deep tones last well and are instantly recognisable.


The scent was available on Rakuten, formally Play.com, but sadly it's currently out of stock with all seller (you can normally find some great deals on there!). However you can of course find this at the usual places - Boots, Selfridges, Debenhams etc. Side note - As this is such a long lasting fragrance, you literally need two sprays, I'd suggest saving your money and opting for the Eau De Toilette over the EDP.

If I had to describe the scent of this beautiful fragrance, though I encourage you to have a sniff in the likes of Boots or The Fragrance Shop, I would say this is a rich and deep creamy floral that smells heavily of jasmine, in a bold yet sexy and seductive way. There's also nothing fresh or crisp about this scent, it dries down to a sexy yet comforting scent that suits autumn and winter weather so well. 

I've received quite a few compliments over the years when wearing this and feel it's a strong, confident scent that grabs people, but in a good way... it also shows how good the sillage is, even of the EDT version! As for the stunning bottle, that I enjoyed capturing so much in these images, it really is a thing of beauty. I not only love the gorgeous purple glass of the bottle but the lines to it that are both edgy and pretty alien like. Possibly my favourite bottle design in fact!

If you are after a strong new fragrance for A/W then I couldn't recommend trying this out more highly! 

It's been my Autumn scent for a good few years now and I'm sure it will be for many more years to come.

Fee xo.  
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