5 Books To Read This Autumn


As I've mentioned before, Autumn is my favourite time of year to indulge in a spot of read, actually I take that back, a heck of a lot of reading! With nights drawing in it's the perfect excuse to curl up on the sofa with a blanket, your favourite chocolate and a good book. 

I've already started my Autumn reading and also have some exciting new books lined up. So I thought I'd share them with you today and inspire you to pick up a new book or dust off the Kindle. 


The Girl On The Train (£6.00 Hardcover - Amazon here)
Possible the book of the year The Girl On The Train was at the top of my Autumn reading list. This took be all of 3 days to read, I literally stormed though it! With the simple premise of a girl on a train that witnesses something that changes everything, I was expecting quite a simple story but this turned out to be quite the thriller with chapters telling the story from other points of views. This really is a book that covers a lot of ground and through I didn't love or relate to any of the characters it's certainly a gripping read that you will want to know the outcome of! A perfect thriller for Autumn.

After You (£9.00 Hardcover - Amazon here)
If you have read 'Me Before You' then you will certainly be excited for the sequel 'After You'. Though I'm yet to read this I've got high hopes of Jojo Moyes as I absolutely loved Me Before You... oh, there were tears shed over that book! I of course won't spoil the first book if you haven't read it, though seriously if you enjoy heartfelt reads then get on this, but if you have then this is sure to be a great Autumn read. Fingers crossed it's as good as Me Before You!

Ready Player One (£6.29 Paperback - Amazon here)
An out-of-my-comfort-zone read for me here, with a science fiction dystopian novel set in 2044. This is another book I have yet to read but one I plan to enjoy of my holiday next week (it technically won't be Autumn there, but oh well!). This is a book that I've seen so many amazing reviews on that I can't not give it ago - plus the premise does sound pretty interesting and unique. The story is set in 2044, a time where everyone spends most of their time in a virtual world called 'Oasis'. When the creator of the game dies he leaves a hidden 'easter egg' for one of the skilled players of the game to find, winning the his billion dollar fortune. As the cover states this is certainly a Willie Wonka meets The Matrix kind of book with a ton of 80's reference in there for good measure. This sounds like such a unique read and one I can't wait to get stuck into! 

Luckiest Girl Alive (£9.79 Hardback - Amazon here)
 Another thriller here and one I've just finished reading, again in record time! In fact I enjoyed this book so much I included it in a recent Lifestyle Loves post here, so if you want to read what it's about then pop over there. But I really think this is a good book to read knowing very little about it as the twists to this are brilliant and do keep you on your toes... I thought I knew where it was going but it turned out I didn't! Compared to The Girl On The Train, this is darker in places but then again it is a thriller after all. Another good read to submerge yourself in this Autumn.

  The Night Circus (£7.19 Paperback - Amazon here)
Lastly another read that's on my list this Autumn due to it's magical feel and amazing review rating on Amazon. I know little about this book even though it's been sat on my bookcase for a good year now, but I intend to keep it that way until I start reading it toward the end of October - all I know is the book is about a circus that comes alive at night! I think this will make the perfect bedtime read. PS. The Kindle format is currently on sale for only £1.49 here.

More suggested reads - The Humans, Into The Darkest Corner, The Paying Guests, Eleanor & Park, The Miniaturist.

Hopefully I've suggested a few books for you here but I'd also love to know what you plan to read in October! 
You can find what I enjoyed reading last Winter here

Fee xo. 

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