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When it comes to storing makeup I'm a huge fan of Muji Acrylic Storage, it gives me the space I require and I can see exactly what I have. However when I'm on-the-go or travelling a makeup bag is required and with a penchant for pretty designs and patterns I now own quite a few! 

I think collecting makeup bags started when I realised that there weren't many aesthetically pleasing ones on the market (though brands are getting much better!), so I took to eBay and seeked out a lovely Paul & Joe makeup carry case. Since then I've always had my eye out for anything unique though I could have stopped at just the one! I now have a collection of 10+ makeup bags so I thought I'd share with you 3 high-end and 3 low-end bags that I love!


Ted Baker 5th Avenue Print Wash Bag 
£27.00 - Full range here
 First up, one of my first more high end makeup bag purchases... though it was reduced a little! Sadly this gorgeous art decor inspired print is now discontinued however Ted Baker are constantly bringing out new prints each season - I know I will be tempted with one of the festive designs this year! What I love most about Ted Baker wash bags other than the high quality and unique designs, is the structured shape that allows quite a lot of makeup to be stored in them. I also think Ted Baker makeup bags make the most wonderful gifts!

MyShowcase DoloresBeauty Bag - Christmas Limited Edition 
£19.50 - MyShowcase here
On to possibly my most unique makeup bag and the latest edition to my growing collection! When I spotted this on the @MyShowcase Twitter account it instantly jumped out at me as it's just so unique and fun, in fact it reminds me of a pricey Lulu Guinness bag that certainly isn't under £20! What I love about this makeup bag is the beautifully embroidered face (the liner is even a gold glitter thread!) that's cleverly protected with a wipe clean material. I also love the vibrant red interior and the tall size will make it great for carrying larger toiletries. A really lovely detailed makeup bag for holidays and to put on your Christmas wish list.
Wu & Wu Deer Makeup Bag 
£15.00 - Out of stock, similar here 
 A little kitsch hurt no one and this wonderful makeup bag is certainly just that! I was instantly drawn to this makeup bag as the lovely design is by one of my favourite artists; Fiona Hewitt. Unlike a lot of makeup bag the pattern to this is so vivid and detail isn't lost just because it's on fabric. If you are after any kitsch gifts Wu & Wu are a brand to look at!  


Primark Embossed Large Clutch Bag 
£3.00 - Primark in-store
One of my favourite places to shop for makeup bags in recent years has been Primark - it's amazing for them! But I've also come to realise that having a browse of their bag section can also payoff, because why not use an over sized clutch bag as a makeup bag, right? This is exactly how I found the embossed beauty above. The faux leather bag is more than roomy and would make a great makeup bag if you like to carry a lot with you on holiday, but I personally decided to store my skincare favourites in it. This now lives on my dressing table and I really couldn't be more pleased with my find. 

Little Mermaid Wash Bag 
£3.00 - Primark in-store
Another Primark find here that's actually official Disney! If you didn't know already, Primark are amazing for Disney merchandise including the odd makeup bag, I've spotted both Bambi themed and Little Mermaid ones before. This is quite a thin and basic wash bag but I love it none the less, because well... it's the Little Mermaid! I absolutely love the collage of images to this bag and the wipe clean materiel both to the exterior and the lining is handy when carrying liquids such as foundation.

Paul & Joe Flower Makeup Carry Case
Around £8.00 - eBay find! 
As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, this was my first ever makeup bag find... well it wasn't my first makeup bag ever, but the first that made me love makeup bags! Now I have a feeling this is a fake Paul & Joe makeup bag as it came from China and it wasn't that pricey, but I can't say I mind too much! I went for this as I loved the design of it but also the shape, this mini carry case surprisingly holds a lot! This has been on a few holidays with me now and it literally holds everything I need. Always worth a look of eBay for unique makeup bags like this from Paul & Joe and Etude House! 

Which makeup bag you like the most from my collection? 

Fee xo.

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