eBay Bargains #27 - Unique Beauty Extras


W7 Banana Dreams Loose Powder (£4.90 eBay here
Say hello to the dupe for Ben Nye's Banana Powder... well according to W7 anyway. But seeing as most of W7's dupe products are pretty spot on I'm sure this is another great one. I've never seen a yellow tinted loose powderwith a budget pricetsg so this has me excited! 

Blackhead Cleansing Brush (£1.19 eBay here)  
Whilst browsing away on eBay I came across this strange little brush that kind of actually makes sense. This miniature brush is for cleansing with making sure you thoroughly scrub/cleanse the sides of the nose that are hard to reach and can develop blackheads. I'm thinking this is a nifty little brush that could definitely help anyone with oily/blemish-prone skin.

Hair Brush Cleaner (99p eBay here
This is such a snooze-worthy product I was tempted to not include it, but seeing as I actually bought one for my hair tangled brushes I thought I would. The strange looking metal device it exactly what it says it is, and I think it could come in useful especially if you shred a lot of hair as you brush it. Boring, yet practical! 

Silicone Brush Cleaner Glove (99p eBay here
When it comes to cleaning makeup brushes gone are the days I use my hands to clean in between the bristles, instead I use a large silicone oven glove which works wonders and this is the mini version. This simply slots over your four fingers and provides a surface for cleaning your brushes on, with the ridges and bumps helping to work up a lather and give the bristles a deeper clean. If you are still washing your makeup brushes by hand then seriously you have to give this a go! 

Face Mask Brush (99p eBay here
Another extra that isn't really needed but so much nicer to use them just your fingers. Unlike re-using a foundation brush this nylon brush is firmer and absorbs less of the mask into the bristles, plus it's of course great for precise application if you are wanting to apply two different types of face masks to your face or wanting to only apply a face mask to say the nose area or chin. I have one of these and I always make sure to use it when pampering myself with a nice face mask. 

Collagen Under Eye Patches (99p eBay here)
Lastly I thought I'd include a product that I'm sure is overlooked online/eBay as it looks like such a gimmick product... and I guess it is as it's not really anti-ageing at all, however these eye patches are soooo soothing and perfect for tired eyes! I actually have a stash of these in my fridge and come early mornings or sleepless nights I sit with a pair of these on and within 5 minutes my eye and eye area feels awake and refreshed. At only 99p these are worth a try to see! 

Hope you've enjoyed this eBay post! 

PS. Is it too early for Christmas themed eBay posts? Please tell me it's not!

Fee xo.

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