On Blogging Authentically


Over the past year or so I've seen the term 'living authetically' crop up in articles and online more and more. This is something that I've thought about more, especially as I've overcome anxiety in the past year and feel like living an authentic life makes sense. This of course then overlaps into blogging which definitely can be smokes and mirrors a lot of the time. Hell, we live in a time where 'How To Stage Instagram Photos' posts are revelant!

So here are my own little tips on how you can blog authentically... 

 Only write what you would read 
First up, such a simple one - only write posts in which you would want to read yourself. This instantly gives blog posts that passion and honestly they require and will also make the writing process enjoyable! I won't ramble on about this one as it is self explanatory but this is always I thought I have in the back of my mind when coming up with blog post ideas and writing them.  

You can take 'You' out of the equation 
Now this is a sticky one, because a lot of bloggers have made huge success' out of making a brand out of themselves, but I think it can often get too much for the majority of bloggers, especially if it's a hobby. Putting yourself out there of course has it's benefits, let's face it everyone is nosey and it does make readers feel like they know you. However it can come with unwanted personal questions and feeling the need to always keep up a perfect glossy image! But there is definitely a way to connect with your readers without sharing too much of your personal life and that comes through developing your writer's voice. For me that is writing in a similar style to how I talk in real life and I'd really encourage it for most bloggers and it makes blog posts flow naturally and it lets readers almost see your personality without sharing your life constantly with them. Taking 'you' out of your blog really doesn't mean it will become boring, plus you won't feel any pressure to keep up appearances! 

Don't be a slave to PR 
Once you have been blogging for some time daily PR emails will become the norm, asking whether you want to be sent 'X' from the brand they represent in hope for a review. The key words here being "in hope" because way back when blogs were sparse on the ground PR samples were given to magazine in hope they would be featured. So fast forward 8 years in a time where blogs have more worth and readership than magazine the exact principles still apply, meaning if you aren't feeling a product and just won't want to write about it then that is totally fine - though a courteous email to explain is always a good practice. As for PR's pushing for reviews, asking for you to change the wording of a review, or even asking for the product back (yes, that actually happens!), stay strong! Your blog is for the enjoyment of yourself and your readers so please don't get pressured into anything by outside sources!

Take a break if you aren't feeling it 
However much you love blogging there will come a time were you just aren't feeling it. This could be due to stress, feeling ill, a lack of inspiration/motivation or just a slump in mood. Whatever the reason it's bound to make blogging a chore and that's 100% what it's not about. So take a break because your readers still have lots of other lovely blogs to read and to be honest won't miss you for a few days or even a week or so! It really is better to take that time out, recharge your batteries and come back refreshed and full of new ideas! I've done this several times now and I've learnt not to feel in the slight bit guilty as it's simply needed from time to time. 

Blogging or even living authentically may seem like such a gimmicky term but staying true to yourself can bring so much more happiness than following the crowd! 

Fee xo.

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