My Autumn Scent - Thierry Mugler Alien


Following on from all the Autumn vibes I've been posting lately I thought I'd share with you my ultimate Autumn scent. This is a scent I've loved for years and is one of the most unique fragrances I own and perfect for Autumn!

As mentioned above, Alien is a unique scent and a bold choice that's more suited to Autumn/Winter as the deep, heady notes in this would be overpowering and out of place in Summer. It's also a scent that if you have worn it before you will recognise on others as it's hypnotising deep tones last well and are instantly recognisable.


The scent was available on Rakuten, formally, but sadly it's currently out of stock with all seller (you can normally find some great deals on there!). However you can of course find this at the usual places - Boots, Selfridges, Debenhams etc. Side note - As this is such a long lasting fragrance, you literally need two sprays, I'd suggest saving your money and opting for the Eau De Toilette over the EDP.

If I had to describe the scent of this beautiful fragrance, though I encourage you to have a sniff in the likes of Boots or The Fragrance Shop, I would say this is a rich and deep creamy floral that smells heavily of jasmine, in a bold yet sexy and seductive way. There's also nothing fresh or crisp about this scent, it dries down to a sexy yet comforting scent that suits autumn and winter weather so well. 

I've received quite a few compliments over the years when wearing this and feel it's a strong, confident scent that grabs people, but in a good way... it also shows how good the sillage is, even of the EDT version! As for the stunning bottle, that I enjoyed capturing so much in these images, it really is a thing of beauty. I not only love the gorgeous purple glass of the bottle but the lines to it that are both edgy and pretty alien like. Possibly my favourite bottle design in fact!

If you are after a strong new fragrance for A/W then I couldn't recommend trying this out more highly! 

It's been my Autumn scent for a good few years now and I'm sure it will be for many more years to come.

Fee xo.  
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