20 Unique Blog Props You Will Want To Use!


Blog photography is seriously my jam! I love nothing more than styling products for photographing and then seeing the results when I upload the shots to my laptop. There are just so many ways in which you can photograph products and get creative! So today I thought I'd share with you 20 prop ideas that are not only cheap but can be used over and over again. 

Hope you can take a few of these prop ideas away with you for your own blog photography!
Dried or pressed flowers 
Micro fairy lights (these copper wire ones especially!) 
Magazine pages
Contact paper (basically sticky back plastic) - wood or marble effect (found here or in DIY stores)
Plain revision or index cards for swatches (eBay here)
Water spray bottle for shower/bath products 
Bunch of Baby's Breath flowers (these! And yes, very creepy name!) 
Loose ribbons entwined around products 
Different patterned materials under products - try inexpensive pillow cases 
Recycle paper sizzle from gift boxes 


Free wallpaper samples (B&Q and Homebase are great places for this)
Christmas tree decorations any time of year
Loose hessian material for nature/organic product posts 
A large mirror under products 
Patterned scarves to suit the season
Play around with strong shadows instead of avoiding them! 
Sprayed white boxes to tier products 
A single large tile or small decorative tiles 
Crushed up or smeared makeup (of course only old, out of date products!)
Large slate background with added chalk writing

Let me know which you will be trying out or even already use in your own photography! 

Fee xo.

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