eBay Bargains #29 - Sweet Treats


Self Heating Vanilla Fudge Face Mask (99p - eBay here
As most of you know I love my face masks and this is one I've recently used and really did like. I love this mainly for it's self heating, non-drying formula and the oh so yummy scent - it smells of homemade fudge! This is an ideal mask if you fancy a mid-week pamper on a budget to clear and soften the skin. You can also find this face mask in Superdrug for 99p. 

Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Hand Sanitiser (£1.99 - eBay here)
Is it just me that loves these fun hand sanitiser? I hope not! I already have quite a few of these Pocket Bac sanitisers but with the new packaging and scents I want more and at £2.00 they are worth it seeing as they are a U.S imported product. Tons of other scents in the listing but Warm Vanilla Sugar is a perfect scent for this time of year.

Village Candle Votive Candles (£2.79 each - eBay here
When it comes to candles Yankee Candle can move over because for me it's all about Village Candles. With Village Candles I find you get a more authentic scent that isn't as synthetic smelling as Yankee Candle scents. But as Village Candles are of a similar price I prefer to pick up these inexpensive votive candles to try out new scents. If you love sweet, yummy scents then the Brown Delight votive is seriously a must, it literally fills the room you are in with a just baked brownie aroma that's so delicious!

Betty Crocker Whipped Chocolate Frosting Lip Balm (£3.95 - eBay here
Another yummy US product here that I couldn't resist including as I love a sugary heavily flavoured lip balm. I've tried a few Betty Crocker lip balms now and can say they not only nourish the lips well but are very moreish to apply as they smell so true to scent/flavour. I haven't tried this specific whipped chocolate frosting but it sounds incredible! 

Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Perfume Bar (£4.59 - eBay here
 For my last sweet treat these lovely perfumes bars from Tony Moly caught my eye. With 3 scents to pick from these solid perfumes make the ideal handbag essential. Compact, kawaii and cheap - what more could you want?! No doubt one of these will be thrown into my next eBay basket. 

Hope you've found a few sweet treats here! 

Fee xo.

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