Perfect Winter Nails with Ciate Haute House


Today I have for you another wonderful set from Ciate. Ciate have to be the most original brand when it comes to gift set packaging and I for one adore their range of seasonal houses. Haute House is Ciate's third seasonal house of 2014 and contains 5 deep shades perfect to both autumn and winter. 

The full set costs £22 and includes - Can Can (deep burgundy), For the thrill of it (molten gold), Sass pot (deep purple), Knee highs (royal blue) and Tickle my fancy (rich emerald). All the shades are standard mini size and of course will last you a long time... in fact I think I prefer mini bottles especially as Ciate nail polishes retail for £9.00 each!


This set is incredibly good if you love deep rich shades on your nails come this time of year, as you have a perfection selection of deep metallic, duo chromes and rich tones here. I personally love the rich metallic red and the royal blue but all the shades are very wearable. 

The only let down with this set is Ciate do state these are one-stroke wonders however the molten gold really does require a few coats as does the metallic red. But other than that this set is really lovely if you are wanting a new selection of good quality nail polishes to try out or of course as a gift. I think most nail polish lover would love this, also the little house looks great as a display on a shelf or desk. 

You can find the Haute House set at Boots here or Selfridges here (who I've just realised offer a free click & collection service - got to love avoiding paying delivery costs!) 

Also Ciate have just released their last house of the year; a Candy Cane House for Christmas?! This can be found on Asos here  for £25.00.

Fee xo.


My Autumn Home Decor


When it comes to seasons I like to fully embrace them... I also love to change up the decor in my home. So it now seems to be a tradition of mine that I have seasonal decorations! 

So as I'm feeling very autumnal and tomorrow is Halloween I thought I would share with you my homeware additions, my little doggy and a few other bits & bobs...


Around the fire
First up is my mantelpiece/fire which I always like to make a feature of even though I don't ever turn the fire on. The main thing here that makes it look cosy and autumnal is my orange maple leaf garland that I purchased from eBay a few years ago (you can find similar cheap ones here). This just brings the outdoors in and the burnt orange shade is spot on. I also like my owls especially the lovely one above, so Oscar Owl (from Homebase last year) takes pride of place on the end of my mantel piece. Next to that I have my wonderful Village Candle in Brownie Delight (£13.24 - eBay here) that I've been continuously burning... I promise it literally smells like you have been baking brownies, I can't even detect a synthetic scent to it! 

Then to the hearth of my fire I have a little Halloween sign (a bargain at £1 from Poundworld) and a vintage brass birdcage (found at a car boot) to one side then some white log ornaments (from Homesense) and a pumpkin (£1.50 - Asda) I intend to carve, as long as my dog stops scratching at it!


Cosy soft furnishings 
As it gets colder cushions and blankets that double up as throws are a must! My two new cushions where a brilliant buy from Asda (£7 each - owl here/squirrel here) which I couldn't be more pleased with - Mr. owl will be staying out till way pass Christmas. On a side note I highly recommend Asda this year for cushions and bedding - great quality, affordable and just spot on for Autumn and Christmas. As for my very cozy and warm throw this was a bit of a splurge from Homesense as it was around £25, but I figure if it will keep me from turning on the heating as much then it's paid for itself, right?

Little extras
Next to the armchair in my living room I have a simple brown wicker picnic basket that I use as kind of an informal side table. This always has a stack of books on it and a special Believe in Yourself Notebook (£8.49 - Amazon here) which is where I plan all my blog posts. Every other page has a little encouraging quote to it and it's just beautiful. Next to that tends to be a drink of some kind if I'm blogging away... at the moment I love Whittard's Turkish Apple Instant Tea (£5.50 here) during the day - which is in an red owl mug... I told you I liked my owls! Sadly I don't know where it's from as it was a gift last Christmas. Then the little coaster underneath, again featuring owls, were a savvy buy from B&M Bargains at 99p for a set of two. 

Hope you've enjoy this slightly different type of post today and I've maybe inspired you to add a few autumnal editions to your home or bedroom! 

Fee xo.


Amazon Beauty Bargains


  Along side eBay, Amazon is without a doubt the website I order from the most! It's reliable, easy to navigate and always has great beauty bargains. 

So today I thought it deserved some love with a few beauty bargains that have been sitting in my wish list (a great way to watch to see if the price decreases - it tells you the % it's gone down by) and also a few products I've purchased in the past.

 Real Techniques Starter Kit 
£13.00 - here 
Most Real Techniques Brush Kits (you can find them all here) are reduced on Amazon and cost around £13-14 which is incredible value for money if you ask me. I already have the Core Collection Kit which are some of my favourite brushes in my collection but now I have my eye on the Starter Kit! The set actually retails for £21.99 in Boots which is why I've always held off from buying it... but at £13.00 I've very very tempted! 

Plastic 24 Lipstick Display Rack/Holder 
£2.39 - here
This is a product I've featured many times but only mention buying it from eBay. However if you aren't a fan of buying from eBay you can buy it from Amazon for just as cheap! I've just purchased my second holder so I can have even more lipsticks out on display. The cheapest storage I've found that I love!

BeautyBlender Makeup Sponge 
£13.87 - here
Another popular beauty product here that I was surprised to see so cheap of Amazon. I'm a huge fan of using a damp blending sponge to apply foundation - you really achieve such a flawless finish, and I'm quite curious to see how this iconic one compares to cheaper options. If you've tried out the Beauty Blender I'd love to know what you think of it!  

Eye Blending Brush Set 
£1.29 - here
Another purchased product that actually amazed me. Yes, you actually get 4 eyeshadow blending brushes for a mere £1.29 with free delivery, pretty amazing! All four brushes are incredibly soft and blend well. If you are after some super cheap brushes then I really do recommend these.

Revlon Marchesa Compact Mirror 
£2.99 - here 
A different product here that I stumble across last week. This must have been an accessory collaboration when Revlon teamed up with Marchesa for their range of nail wraps, but one I've definitely not seen in any high street shops. Magnified on one side and normal of the other this is just a small mirror to keep in your bag for touch-ups. Might have to snap this up before it disappears!

Hope you've found a few bargains here! 

Fee xo.


The Blog Reader Tag


Today I have a tag for you with a difference; one solely to be answered by blog readers in the comments! This idea came to me when thinking of ways to get feedback on my own blog but also because I'm nosy about other people's blog reading habits! 

Plus if you're also a blogger I thought you could use these questions on your own blog (using my image above if you wish) for your own blog readers to answer.

I'd more than love if you could copy and paste the below questions into the comment box and answer them!

1.What are your favourite type of blog posts to read on my blog?
2. What epitomises a good beauty blog to you?
3. How often do you read blogs in general and at what time of day? 
4. How do you keep up with new posts from the blogs you love (Bloglovin', email updates, GFC, tweets from the blogger)?
5. What is your blogger pet peeve? 
6. What would you love to see more of on my blog? 
7. Name a few of your favourite blogs

If you answer the questions then thank you so much in advance - it will be of huge help!

Fee xo.


Top 5 Essie Nail Polishes for Autumn/Winter


Essie is up there as one of my favourite nail polish brands. The reason for this is their great shade range and their kind of runny formula that makes application a breeze for me (also I'm sure it means they don't go gloopy as fast). 

However at £8-11 full price they are a little pricey for my liking but thankfully I've never paid that - ever! With the likes of Fragrance Direct and eBay I've never paid over £5 for a single Essie nail polish - pretty good right? 

So with now quite the Essie collection I thought I'd select my top 5 that I feel are perfect for autumn/winter!


Leading Lady 
£2.49 dupe shade - Fragrance Direct here 
First up my total festive favourite! Leading Lady is the most beautiful cranberry glitter and with a slick of top coat transforms into something magical on the nails. It also only requires two coats which is pretty impressive if you ask me. Plus it's a spot on dupe for Deborah Lippmann's Razzle Dazzle. Leading Lady has been sadly discontinued and now hard to find online but Toggle To The Top is virtually the same just a touch darker. You can find it on Fragrance Direct here for £2.49.

Russian Roulette 
£6.95 - eBay here
Russian Roulette is my go-to red. With it's cherry red tone it's bright and cheerful but chic at the same time. Also it stunningly glossy and looks great on both fingers and toes! An all year round red here. 

Hors D'Oeuvres
£2.49 - Fragrance Direct here 
This is my latest acquired Essie polish and I don't think I could be any more in love with it. I love glitter nail polishes in general but when they come with a glided base and a duo tone it's love! In some lights it looks gold, then silver and then when the light really hits it a beautiful platinum shade that's so so stunning. If you are looking for a Christmas glitter then I fully recommend this! (Also requires only 2-3 coats).


Bahama Mama 
£4.44 - Amazon here 
A stunning deep plum shade here that is ideal for both autumn and winter. This will look great on all skin tones and definitely doesn't need a top coat. Also this is my favourite shade for painting white nail art onto as the contrast is really there and it just makes for a great base colour. You may think there are shades out there that are similar but this is the cream of the crop as far as rich plum polishes are concerned. 

Bikini So Teeny 
£7.50 - eBay here 
Yes, you would instantly think Bikini So Teeny is a summer shade, and well it is, but come cold weather and snow(?!) this looks great again! Sadly my swatches make this lighter than it actually is, but the softness and smoothness is spot on to how it is in real life. As you can see from the bottle image BST contains very subtle shimmer that can be hardly seen unless the sun catches it. Much like Russian Roulette another great all round nail polish that works well for spring, summer and winter. 

 What do you think of Essie nail polishes? Have you tried them? If so, what are your favourite shades to wear from the brand in autumn/winter? 

Fee xo.


Lifestyle - Gooey Chocolate Mug Cake


Another gooey chocolate-y recipe for you today! Perfect for them late night sugar cravings or if you want to whip up something yummy in 5 minutes. Yes, this literally takes minutes to prepare and 2 minutes in the microwave!

What you will need 
Serves 2
  • A good sized coffee mug or dessert bowl
  • 4Tbsp. self raising flour (but plain will do)
  • 4Tbsp. sugar
  • 2Tbsp. cocoa powder 
  • 1 small egg
  • 3Tbsp. milk 
  • 3Tbsp. oil
  • splash of vanilla extract 
  • 1Tsp. nutella, peanut butter or any chocolate spread  

1. First add all the dry ingredients to your mug (flour, sugar, cocoa powder) and mix together well with a fork. 

2. Next crack in your egg and again mix together well until combined. 


3. Add all the remaining wet ingredients to the mug (oil, milk and vanilla extract) and mix together until you have a smooth batter. 

4. Last step to turn it into a gooey chocolate cake! Drop in a dollop of your chosen spread to the centre of the batter; here I went for Nutella. You could also add lots of small blobs instead so not only the centre is gooey. 

5. Finally place the mug in your microwave on a plate and cook for 1:30 - 2 minutes on the highest heat setting (750-800 watt). Once done leave to cool for a few minutes and then eat straight from the mug or turn out onto a plate and eat with an extra dollop of Nutella or Ice-cream! 


 As you can see this is beyond easy and also can be adapted - think choc chips sprinkled in, mini marshmallows or even a white chocolate spread in the centre.

A perfect treat for lazy cold evenings or chocolate emergencies!
 Let me know what you think if you make the recipe, either in the comments below or tweeting me @makeup_savvy.

Fee xo.


eBay Bargains #5 - Makeup Storage Edition


 1. Acrylic 24 Squared Lipstick Tiered Holder (£2.57 here) - First up one of my favourite and most handiest purchases from eBay. This keeps all your favourite lipsticks in one place and looks great out on your desk. Also for the price it's pretty sturdy. A must buy if you have a large lipstick collection. You can see my own lipstick holder in use here.

2. Laser Cut Rose Pot Organisers (£1.98 here) - These cute pots come in a choice of 4 colours and are ideal for keeping brushes, eyeliners and mascaras in. Inexpensive and cute!

3. Multilayer Acrylic Makeup Organiser (£10.49 here) - If you are looking for a complete makeup storage unit for your everyday makeup then this is pretty much perfect. I love how this comes with a top organiser to put essentials in. Also comes with removable non-slip liners so products don't roll around.

4. Three Drawer Storage Unit (£3.93 here) - Granted not as aesthetically pleasing as the others but this comes in handy for extra products. You can also find slightly smaller versions in Poundworld for only £1?!

5. Ikea Large Drawar Tidy (£4.99 here) - This large compartment tray is one of my favourite picks - great for large drawers or to keep out on your desk as minimal looking storage. You really could storee a lot of makeup in this! 

eBay truly is the best place for budget storage solutions! 

Fee xo.


Under £3 High Street Beauty Must-Haves! #4


I'm back again with my budget finds... and yes, everything you see above is under £3! As always this just goes to show that you don't need to spend a small fortune for good quality products. Whether it's checking out the makeup section in Poundworld or snapping up half price products there are always bargains to be had - fact!

So here are my bargainous beauty must-haves this week...


Vaseline Lip Therapy Cocoa Butter
On Offer £1.23 (RRP still cheap at £2-ish) - Tesco in-store
Over the years I've gone through countless Vaseline tins but for the past year other lip balms have taken over and I forgot about the little silver tins of Vaseline. That is until they created a new retro look to the tins and I realised they did a Cocoa Butter scent. This is pretty damn yummy and a great lip balm to throw in your bag for cold autumn/winter days.

Rimmel Apocolips Lip Lacquer
£1 each (RRP ££6.49) - Poundworld in-store
I think I've possibly been the slowest beauty blogger in trying these but at £6.50 each I just wasn't so sure I needed them. What was until I picked up one on offer in Tesco and then later discovered they're currently in Poundworld and proceeded to pretty much snapped up the entire range. At £1 it's a no-brainer and there are some great berry shades perfect for this time of year.


Natural Collection Lipstick in Raspberry
£1.99 - Boots in-store
This was a lipstick that was flagged up to me by a post from Miss Budget Beauty and I'm very glad it was as Natural Collection is a brand I tend to walk past in Boots as the packaging is pretty bland and nothing ever jumps out at me. However Raspberry is actually a very nice lipstick that I've been wearing quite a lot of recently. The shade I'm sure will pretty much suit everyone, is fairly autumnal and comfortable on the lips. It's a thumbs up from me.

L'Oreal Ever Riche Nourishing & Taming Shampoo
£2.99 (half price on entire range RRP £6) - Tesco Direct here or in-store 
I try not to babble on about avoiding SLS's in shampoo for the fear of boring everyone but I really honestly believe it's the best switch you can do for your scalp and hair. I've tried countless SLS free ones now in an attempt to find a good foamer-upper (yup.. that is a word) and one that isn't moisture sapping and discovered my holy grail shampoo in the process! This wonderfully white creamy shampoo works wonders on dried out hair that needs, well nourishing and taming, and regardless of if you avoid sulphates or not it's a pretty damn good shampoo. Plus it smells like an Estee Lauder fragrance! Super cheap at the moment so worth giving a go if you haven't already.


Herbal Essences Breakage Defender Intensive Mask
£1 (RRP £3.99) - Poundworld in-store  
I've been using the Herbal Essences hair masks for a long as I can remember (though I can't stand their chemical laden shampoos) as they do the job and only require a minute on the hair before washing off. So last week when I saw this on the shelves on Poundworld I was pretty pleased and stocked up on a few. I like all the different ones for different hair types but I especially like this as you can apply it from root to tip... great if you are prone to breakages near the roots and end up with a halo of frizz - like me! So far so good with this one... especially as it's rivalling my favourite 3 Minutes Conditioner from Aussie at the moment. The mask also comes with a fruity mango and coconut scent that is pretty delicious.

You can find my past under £3 bargains here

Fee xo.


Fragrance Direct Haul - Autumn 2014


Fragrance Direct & I have a relationship were I try my best to avoid the website as best I can... until I inevitably succumb. Which is exactly what happened last week and here is clearly the outcome.

But really it's not all bad as this pretty lot only set me back £20 with free delivery at the time. A savvy shopping spree I'd say. So as I'm pleased with everything I went for I thought I'd show you and be an huge enabler!


HD Brows Powder Base Foundation
£3.99 (RRP £21.95) here
 I already adore my HD Brows palette so as soon as I spotted this foundation at only £3.99 I didn't hesitate to add it to my basket. I've yet to try it but from a quick swatch the powder feels very finely milled and looks light enough for my pale skin. Excited to try this out! Choice of 6 shades available from light to dark.

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation
£4.99 (RRP £8.99) here
Oops, another foundation seems to have found it's way into my online basket! Again not a needed purchase but I shockingly had never tried a Revlon foundation before and knowing this was quite a recent release made me go for it. Thankfully this has a touch more coverage than L'Oreal Nude Magique Eau De Teint Foundation and looks oh so natural on the skin. If you love light coverage foundations I'd highly recommend this. Choice of 9 shades.
Mudd Original Mask
£2.99 (RRP£4.99) here
After buying sachet after sachet of this face mask I decided I would finally get the pouch version which gives you 5 applications (I'm thinking I will be able to get more out of it than that). What I love about this mask is that it is amazingly deep cleansing; really sapping out all that excess oil out of the pores. Super cheap but super great for oily/blemish prone skin types. 


Essie Nail Polishes
£2.49 each (RRP £7.99) here
Ahhh discounted Essie, how I love you so. Fragrance Direct are known for selling Essie nail polishes and offering a great selection of shades. I could have gone overboard here but I was restraint and opted to get two glitters that are just perfect for the upcoming festive season. Hors D'oeuvres is the most mesmerising shade and Peak of Chic is just screaming to be worn over white nail polish come December. So pleased with these two babies! Choice of 30+ shades, plus Essie Luxe Effects here for only £2.50.


L'Oreal Colour Infallible Eyeshadows
£1.99 each (RRP £6.99) here
Metallic eyeshadows are my bag at the moment so at only £1.99 I couldn't resist this stunning gold eyeshadow. I will admit I only own one other L'Oreal eyeshadow which I don't really love but this shade and soft formula has me wanting to pick up more from the Colour Infallible range... though I don't know if I trust myself to place another order! Choice of 10 shades available. 

Revlon Photoready Cream Blusher
£3.99 (RRP £7.99) here
Last but not least quite a popular blusher in the beauty blogging world and now I can totally see why. This cream to powder finish blusher applies beautifully and looks perfectly natural on the cheeks also how stunning is the shade? One pet peeve though Revlon... please place your stickers on neater! 3 shades available.

Hope you've enjoyed this savvy haul!

Fee xo.


Beauty Blogger Stereotypes - Which kind of blogger are you?


Last week whilst on Twitter, scrolling through endless tweets, I realised all bloggers loosely fit into different stereotypes. I then thought of a few and they surprisingly came to me very easily... so I thought I'd be brave and share them with you! 

Of course you may not agree with any of these (though it's only a light hearted post anyway) but hopefully some will bring a smile to your face or a nod in agreement.

The Arms-Wide-Open Beauty Blogger 
Lets get the most negative one out of the way first! This is the blogger that accepts PR samples with open arms without much thought for what their readers wants to see/read about. Expect random reviews of home appliances to a trial of a £600 3-day juice cleanse, that they will of course state won't fit everyones budget *tumbleweed*. 

 The Wonder Woman Beauty Blogger 
This is blogger that literally makes you wonder how they do it! A single blog just isn't an option for this person so expect multiple blogs that are updated on regularly basis if not daily! Also you can expect to see this person to be a social media whizz, tweeting their way through the day. The Wonder Woman Blogger is something to be marvelled at... especially if you're a procrastinator like myself!

The Caring-is-Sharing Beauty Blogger 
Ahhh, the blogger that is nice to everyone and brightens your day by leaving you a nice comment reminding you how much they love your blog or simply RT'ing a tweet of your latest blog post. You may not be close to this blogger but you know they are there and always pleased with your success whatever it may be.

The Cool Beauty Blogger 
I feel this is a stereotype a lot of us can slip into from time to time. Think arty photos with that damn out of focus white foliage, over use of the words "Edit" and "Menu" (yup, I'm guilty) and of course blogging on the go with your MacBook in an artisan cafe whilst sipping your drink from a glass jar (optional stripped straw of course). 

The Oh So Serious Beauty Blogger 
Serious blogger is serious. This is a blogger that blogs full-time and makes sure you know about one way or another, because you know, their blog is their business. From TV appearances to merchandise and of course beauty brand takeovers on Twitter. This blogger works hard and keeps it serious... well as serious as you can be when talking about beauty products daily!

The Alternative Beauty Blogger 
All beauty blogger I'm sure are against animal testing but this is the beauty blogger that likes to mention that every product they review isn't tested on animals. They are seem to prefer loose pigments over pressed eyeshadows for some reason I have yet to figure out. But then will open your eyes to brands you wouldn't normally consider or come across! 

The Unicorn Princess Beauty Blogger 
This is the blogger that wishes they were still 9 years old and living in Disneyland. With soft filters and a tangle of fairy lights they show you the cutest products and tastiest of hot chocolates and you can't help but wish your life was as bright and fluffy.

So which stereotype would I be? Well in an ideal world I would be a Cool Unicorn Princess Beauty Blogger but I'm sadly far from that. Really I'd like to think I'm quite the caring is sharing kind of blogger! 

Let me know which type of beauty blogger you fit into if any at all. And please please note this isn't too serious of a post!

Fee xo.


The High Street Autumn Makeup Edit


With Autumn in full swing I feel it's the right time to share the products I have and will be reaching for in the next few months.
So without further ado as I know this post will be epically long as it is, here are my run down of products I recommend for both Autumn and Winter. All of which can be found on the high street and for the most part are budget friendly.

Come colder weather I opt for strong metallic eyes, which is thankfully on trend this year and medium coverage skin to hide any redness. As for lips I still opt for my go-to nudes, though I will be going a little darker this season to fit in with the 90's nude lip trend and of course vivid berry shades for then I'm feeling daring! As for cheeks, autumnal shades always grab me though again I do revert back to a flush of colour as it just looks so pretty against dewy skin. Below are product recommendations for these trends that I feel most people will get on with and hopefully love.


As I mentioned above I'm already all about strong metallic eyes and thankfully the high street is awash is unique shades. However for low maintenance days a good neutral palette is required, as is a good eyeliner that stays put come wind or rain.

The Metallics
First up a true favourite with Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate (£4.99- Boots here); a beautiful burgundy with a soft gold shimmer running through it. This works great alone over the lids or as a base for a dark smokey eye and will not budge or crease all day - think MAC paint pots but a hell of a lot cheaper. Also this shade is just amazing against green or hazel eyes. Onto liquid eyeshadows now with Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Paints (£4.99 - Feel Unique here or Boots/Superdrug) in my two favourite shades - Golden Bronze and Manganese Purple. Again perfectly long wearing for wet autumn days and super easy to apply. Both shades are very on point for this year's a/w metallic eyeshadow trend and just beautifully rich looking on the lids.

My One And Only Gel Liner 
So Benefit's They're Real Push-up Liner (£18.50 - Look Fantastic here or Boots) has had very mixed reviews and I will admit it can be temperamental/tricky to use but this is hands down the only gel liner I've been using for months now. The reason - well it literally stays put all day long... in fact I have a job removing it! Yes, it does annoyingly ball up on the end at times so you do need a tissue to hand but if you are like me and can't be doing with applying gel eyeliner with a brush every day then you will love this alternative. A must for blustery autumn days!


When it comes to my base I'm usually all about a lighter than light finish but as colder weather can bring out the redness in my skin and also the sallow-ness I opt for a more medium coverage along with a nice liquid highlighter to give a subtle dewy finish. Also I've finally moved away from the blogger beloved Collection Lasting Finish Concealer for an even higher coverage finish to hide my pesky dark circles! 

It's About That Base
Yes I couldn't resist the title... I apologise. Amongst a few light to medium foundations in my collection the Rimmel Lasting Finish Nude Foundation (£7.99 - Boots here or Superdrug) is my new go-to for Autumn. With a good neutral shade, medium coverage and amazing staying power I really can't fault the foundation one bit. Then paired with Seventeen Phwoarr Paint under the eyes to banish dark circles my base is pretty much flawless. 

Perfect Highlights
But with a perfect base it can sometimes appear quite flat I feel, which is where Lush's Feeling Younger Skin Tint (£12.00 - Lush here) comes in - mixed with my foundation for an all over dewy finish or used as a liquid highlighter post foundation along the high points of the face this works wonders. Then to set everything L'Oreal Nude Magique BB Powder (£6.99 - Boots here) is a serious  multi-tasker giving a velvet look and feel to the skin, blurring out any left imperfections and of course mattifying the skin. Really a powder worth picking up (though I'd ditch the sponge in place of a good buffing brush).


Ahh lips! Come colder weather pinks are totally off the menu for me and out come a selection of juicy berry shades... plus of course a lot of nudes, because, well I do like to play safe most of the time! But before I even contemplate lipstick shades moisture is top of my agenda. Being prone to dry lips come even a hint of cold weather I arm myself with my essentials - Nivea Lip Butter for day-to-day use, Bepanthen (yes... the nappy cream) for emergency TLC to chapped/sore lips and Sara Happ's or Lush's Lip Scrub to exfoliate with before any kind of matte lip product.

The Berry Lip Colours 
When I think of berry lipsticks I instantly think of Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in 107 (£4.45 - Amazon here or Boots/Superdrug)... which I ironically forgot to include in the photos for this post! But please do Google away and then proceed to buying it if you love a good berry shade - I really have yet to see it not suit someone! Then coming close second would be NYX Round Lipstick in Hero (£3.93 - eBay here), I raved about this last Autumn and the Autumn before that because it's the most comfortable and long lasting berry shade I own, plus the red/berry hue is just stunning. As for my new favourite for this year it has to be Rimmel Apocolips in Across The Universe (£6.49 - Boots here or in select Poundworld stores!) which is a beautiful red berry liquid lipstick, though best reserved for when not eating I find! Anyone else feel super self conscious they are looking like the joker after eating whilst sporting any liquid lipstick? 

Comfort Zone Lip Colour
 When wearing anything overly metallic on my eyes I like to opt for a good nude lip. With a plethora of nude shades I could have featured so many here but I decided to share with you my one and only favourite comfortable matte nude lipstick as I know they are few and far between with high street brands. Soap & Glory Super Fabulipstick Powder Coat in Super Nude (£9.00 - Boots in-store) is as it's named... think a good hydrating lipstick but with a powder coat over the top to give a perfect matte finish. This is a true gem in my collection. Other comfortable nude lipsticks for A/W include the Rimmel Moisture Renew range and anything from Kiko. For more darker nude shades check out my current top 5 here


Cheek colour is the easiest thing to switch up I feel and come Autumn every brand has a selection of skin warming tones. Again I like to opt for autumnal shades but then will find myself going back to what I know with a flush of pink, this year it's between Benefit Dandelion Blusher and NYC BB Cream Stick in Never Sleeping Pink; a total bargain and an amazing product. 

Cheek Colours of the Wind
Without a second thought my annual autumn blush palette have to be Sleek's amazing Blush by 3 compact in Sugar (£9.99 - Amazon here or select Superdrug stores). This just screams Autumn to me with it's beautiful trio of warm colours, so much so I can't pick a favourite shade. Shades in this palette include (from left to right) - Turbinado, Muscovado and Demerara. A sweet treat I would recommend to anyone with pale to medium toned skin. 

Working that Contour
Contouring features in my routine all year round but come Autumn as my skin in looking paler I like to tone it down with a more ashy toned bronzer. My favourite for this is Benefit Hoola Bronzer (£23.50 - Feel Unique here) which I apply with the provided brush and then buff it in with the Real Techniques Buffing Brush. As of yet I haven't found any other cooler toned bronzers but if you know of any I'd love if you could let me know in the comments below.

Hope you've enjoyed this mammoth post! 

Let me know what type of products you love to use in Autumn.

Fee xo.


eBay Bargains #4


1. Butterfly Face Watch (£1.52 here) - Yes, you've read that correctly... a watch for under £2?! eBay never fails to amaze me. This lovely watch comes in two different shades and is ideal for someone like me who doesn't often wear a watch but would wear one as an accessory. I have a few Geneva watches from eBay now and all are such great quality.

2. Birdcage Wall Decal (£2.88 here) - For the longest time I've contemplated different wall decals for various rooms in my house especially my bedroom but I can never seem to decide what to go for. However this lovely low cost birdcage decal caught my eye as it would be ideal for above my bed to add a little interest. Plus at under £3 I know I won't be disappointed if it doesn't suit my room. 

3. 8-Piece Eye Bush Set (£1.78 here) - The bulk of my makeup brushes are from eBay and I really can't say I see a difference in quality to my more expensive brushes from the likes of Real Techniques, Sigma and Kiko. So as I've been feeling I'm lacking eye brushes in my collection I bagged myself a total bargain by buying this set of 8 brushes for only £1.78! I'm pretty certain I won't be disappointed but expect a review of these once I've tried them out.

4. Daisy Chain Necklace (99p here) -I've previously mentioned my love of super cheap statement necklaces on eBay and this is yet another I snapped up with week. In multiple shades this is a cute necklace to spruce up a simple outfit. And yes, that is 99p with free delivery?!

5. Essie Nail Polish Set (£2.35 here) -A cute and cheap mini due set from Essie here. I'm a huge fan of Essie nail polishes and these look like two lovely shades and for only £2.35 who can say no!

Hope you've enjoyed these eBay bargains and found something you like! 

Fee xo.


Friday Favourites October #3


Friday again and more of my favourites for you!
I've had more of a week of enjoying random favourites than beauty ones but fear not as I have the nicest tinted lip balm I've ever come across. Plus my favourite go-to moisturiser at the moment and a new favourite blush. As for lifestyle I watched two amazing films this week that I feel I need to share with you!


Etude House Magic Tint Balm in Cherry Red
£3.56 - eBay here
This was a random eBay purchase when I went on a bit of a Korean beauty spending spree a few weeks ago. The swatches online made it look nice but I really wasn't sure what to expect. Firstly I have to say my photos just don't do the packaging justice as the front of the pot is actually holographic and so very pretty. As for the balm itself it has to most unusual melted consistency to it that coats the lips with ease giving just a subtle red tint. I've been pretty addicted to applying this this week and it's definitely taken over from my usual lip balms. 

Palmer's Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion 
 £5.49 - Boots here
 After showers this has been my time saving saviour. This easy to apply lotion comes with the distintive Palmer's scent which intially drew me in as I can't resist anything that has a yummy chocolate scent to it. However I was subtly surprised to find out that the lotion was actually nicely moisturising and dramatically saved time. Now instead of skipping moisturising after a shower I reach for this. Worth picking up if you are also lazy like me!


Benefit Dandelion Blusher 
£23.50 - Feel Unique here
A wonderful new addition to my ever-growing blusher collection here and one that is just perfect for pale skin tones. Dandelion is exactly what I love in a blusher, just that light flush of colour that looks oh so natural but with a hint of radiance. This is now on par with my favourite blusher from theBalm called Frat Boy which is another wonderful peachy-pink shades for pale skin.

Boots Christmas 2014 Catalogue 
Free - Pick up in store or view online here
Nothing says it's nearly Christmas to me than picking up the annual Boots Christmas catalogue. It's now in fact a little tradition of my mine to sit down, pen in hand and circle the gift sets I love the look of! This year's gift sets are better than ever with my favourites being from Benefit and Ted Baker. Expect a post on my favourites from the catalogue soon enough!


Desk Top Weekly Organiser Pad 
£1 - Poundworld in-store  
Recently I've been trying to turned my unorganised ways around especially when it comes to blogging. I love lists and write down ideas but then I tend to ignore them! So for the past two weeks I've been creating myself a daily schedule and it's been working pretty well. I then came across this ideal desktop weekly organiser pad that has improved things even more. I now have this on my desk with the blog posts I intend to write and where I'm at with each. Then once that week is done I can tear off the sheet to reveal a new page/week. I also spotted a similar A4 version of this in Tesco for £2.50.

Ruby Sparks
£4.95 DVD - Amazon here  
This could possibly be my most favourite film of the year! Ruby Sparks tells the story of Calvin; a once successful author with writers block. But when a girl comes to him in a dream he's inspired to write again and expand on his dream girl even further. But when his writing turns into reality and Ruby is standing in his apartment he can't decide if it's the best thing ever or if he's losing his mind. This may seem a beyond cheesy plot but with twist and turns this will have you hooked and in love with both main characters. An ultra quirky rom-com that's so worth watching! 

Saving Mr. Banks 
£6.30 DVD  - Amazon here 
Saving Mr. Banks was a film that had been on my to-watch list for months, after seeing rave reviews and loving both main actors - Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson. Then finally last week I got around to watching it and was totally blown away with the detail and story. In a nutshell Saving Mr. Banks tells the entwined story of P.L Travers' childhood and of Walt Disney's struggle to convince the author to make a film of Mary Poppins. A truly sentimental film that will have you both crying and laughing - definitely not what I expected! A true gem of a film.

What have you been loving recently? 

Fee xo.


Autumn Beauty Shopping List


Autumn like all other seasons brings new products aplenty but for me it's just on the cusp of Christmas meaning I'm aware that I can't be too spendy come November onwards. This results in me being ever so slightly indulgent and snapping up the beauty bits I want. 

Here are a few products that are new this Autumn that are at the top of my shopping list...


Rimmel Lasting Finish Nude Foundation in 010 Light Porcelain
£7.99 - Boots here
Rimmel's original Lasting Finish Foundation was a product I heard many bloggers mention and generally rave about however due to my ever so slow nature I didn't get around to purchasing it. But with the new formula boosting a 25 hour wear and a lightweight formula it now seems only right to skip the original and go for the new foundation. With light enough tones for my pale skin tone and offering a medium coverage for often red a/w skin this seems like it could be an ideal foundation for me! 

Nip + Fab Dragon's Blood Cleansing Pads 
£9.99 - ASOS here
Nip + Fab is a brand I opt for when I want something a bit different but still don't want to pay ££ for. They always seem to have unique skincare that's effective which is why I'm intrigued to try the fairly new Dragon's Blood Fix Cleansing Pads. The pads contain both salicylic and hyaluronic acid to both deeply cleanse the pores and improve the appearance of the skin for a more youthful look. Also pads like these are super easy to use meaning I won't skip them before bed. 

Revlon Lip Butter in Red Velvet 
£7.99 - Boots here
This is very much an enabled want after a recent blog post on Miss Budget Beauty featuring her own collection of berry toned Revlon Lip Butters. Her lip swatches of Red Velvet instantly made me want it for A/W due to it's beautiful deep raspberry red shade. I've had a hit and miss experience with the pigmentation of lip butters in the past but this looks exactly what I want a lip butter to be... glossy and comfortable on the lips yet pigmented. 

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint in Chilli and Mustard
£3.99 each - Boots/Superdrug 
Barry M's recent nail polish offerings are spot on for Autumn with a range of unique warm shades. My favourite shade from the new range is Paprika which I actually featured in yesterday's post but now feel I need Chilli and Mustard to add to my autumnal collection.

Dove Advanced Oxygen Moisture Root Lift Spray 
£3.49 (half price) - Boots here
Dove is a brand that really does impress me when it comes to hair products; they are affordable and stand out in the sea of other genetic styling products. In fact their new Oxygen Moisture range may just be the most excited hair range I've come across this year as I love that you now don't need to pick between volume and moisture as so many volumising products are utterly drying on the roots. Very eager to try this out to see if it works! 

Lush Snowman Shower Jelly 
£3.50 - Lush here or in-store 
As an avoider of SLS's in shower products I don't often go into Lush however as a one-off treat I do let myself buy from there - whether it be one of their amazing soaps or a fun shower gelly. With their weird wobbly feel and amazing scent I love to use these in the shower and this little fella definitely caught my eye as they are normally just shaped into an unaesthetic chunk. Expect a little Lush haul from me soon!

What's currently on your Autumn shopping list?

Fee xo.

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