Beauty Blogger Stereotypes - Which kind of blogger are you?


Last week whilst on Twitter, scrolling through endless tweets, I realised all bloggers loosely fit into different stereotypes. I then thought of a few and they surprisingly came to me very easily... so I thought I'd be brave and share them with you! 

Of course you may not agree with any of these (though it's only a light hearted post anyway) but hopefully some will bring a smile to your face or a nod in agreement.

The Arms-Wide-Open Beauty Blogger 
Lets get the most negative one out of the way first! This is the blogger that accepts PR samples with open arms without much thought for what their readers wants to see/read about. Expect random reviews of home appliances to a trial of a £600 3-day juice cleanse, that they will of course state won't fit everyones budget *tumbleweed*. 

 The Wonder Woman Beauty Blogger 
This is blogger that literally makes you wonder how they do it! A single blog just isn't an option for this person so expect multiple blogs that are updated on regularly basis if not daily! Also you can expect to see this person to be a social media whizz, tweeting their way through the day. The Wonder Woman Blogger is something to be marvelled at... especially if you're a procrastinator like myself!

The Caring-is-Sharing Beauty Blogger 
Ahhh, the blogger that is nice to everyone and brightens your day by leaving you a nice comment reminding you how much they love your blog or simply RT'ing a tweet of your latest blog post. You may not be close to this blogger but you know they are there and always pleased with your success whatever it may be.

The Cool Beauty Blogger 
I feel this is a stereotype a lot of us can slip into from time to time. Think arty photos with that damn out of focus white foliage, over use of the words "Edit" and "Menu" (yup, I'm guilty) and of course blogging on the go with your MacBook in an artisan cafe whilst sipping your drink from a glass jar (optional stripped straw of course). 

The Oh So Serious Beauty Blogger 
Serious blogger is serious. This is a blogger that blogs full-time and makes sure you know about one way or another, because you know, their blog is their business. From TV appearances to merchandise and of course beauty brand takeovers on Twitter. This blogger works hard and keeps it serious... well as serious as you can be when talking about beauty products daily!

The Alternative Beauty Blogger 
All beauty blogger I'm sure are against animal testing but this is the beauty blogger that likes to mention that every product they review isn't tested on animals. They are seem to prefer loose pigments over pressed eyeshadows for some reason I have yet to figure out. But then will open your eyes to brands you wouldn't normally consider or come across! 

The Unicorn Princess Beauty Blogger 
This is the blogger that wishes they were still 9 years old and living in Disneyland. With soft filters and a tangle of fairy lights they show you the cutest products and tastiest of hot chocolates and you can't help but wish your life was as bright and fluffy.

So which stereotype would I be? Well in an ideal world I would be a Cool Unicorn Princess Beauty Blogger but I'm sadly far from that. Really I'd like to think I'm quite the caring is sharing kind of blogger! 

Let me know which type of beauty blogger you fit into if any at all. And please please note this isn't too serious of a post!

Fee xo.

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