eBay Bargains #4


1. Butterfly Face Watch (£1.52 here) - Yes, you've read that correctly... a watch for under £2?! eBay never fails to amaze me. This lovely watch comes in two different shades and is ideal for someone like me who doesn't often wear a watch but would wear one as an accessory. I have a few Geneva watches from eBay now and all are such great quality.

2. Birdcage Wall Decal (£2.88 here) - For the longest time I've contemplated different wall decals for various rooms in my house especially my bedroom but I can never seem to decide what to go for. However this lovely low cost birdcage decal caught my eye as it would be ideal for above my bed to add a little interest. Plus at under £3 I know I won't be disappointed if it doesn't suit my room. 

3. 8-Piece Eye Bush Set (£1.78 here) - The bulk of my makeup brushes are from eBay and I really can't say I see a difference in quality to my more expensive brushes from the likes of Real Techniques, Sigma and Kiko. So as I've been feeling I'm lacking eye brushes in my collection I bagged myself a total bargain by buying this set of 8 brushes for only £1.78! I'm pretty certain I won't be disappointed but expect a review of these once I've tried them out.

4. Daisy Chain Necklace (99p here) -I've previously mentioned my love of super cheap statement necklaces on eBay and this is yet another I snapped up with week. In multiple shades this is a cute necklace to spruce up a simple outfit. And yes, that is 99p with free delivery?!

5. Essie Nail Polish Set (£2.35 here) -A cute and cheap mini due set from Essie here. I'm a huge fan of Essie nail polishes and these look like two lovely shades and for only £2.35 who can say no!

Hope you've enjoyed these eBay bargains and found something you like! 

Fee xo.

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