Friday Favourites October #3


Friday again and more of my favourites for you!
I've had more of a week of enjoying random favourites than beauty ones but fear not as I have the nicest tinted lip balm I've ever come across. Plus my favourite go-to moisturiser at the moment and a new favourite blush. As for lifestyle I watched two amazing films this week that I feel I need to share with you!


Etude House Magic Tint Balm in Cherry Red
£3.56 - eBay here
This was a random eBay purchase when I went on a bit of a Korean beauty spending spree a few weeks ago. The swatches online made it look nice but I really wasn't sure what to expect. Firstly I have to say my photos just don't do the packaging justice as the front of the pot is actually holographic and so very pretty. As for the balm itself it has to most unusual melted consistency to it that coats the lips with ease giving just a subtle red tint. I've been pretty addicted to applying this this week and it's definitely taken over from my usual lip balms. 

Palmer's Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion 
 £5.49 - Boots here
 After showers this has been my time saving saviour. This easy to apply lotion comes with the distintive Palmer's scent which intially drew me in as I can't resist anything that has a yummy chocolate scent to it. However I was subtly surprised to find out that the lotion was actually nicely moisturising and dramatically saved time. Now instead of skipping moisturising after a shower I reach for this. Worth picking up if you are also lazy like me!


Benefit Dandelion Blusher 
£23.50 - Feel Unique here
A wonderful new addition to my ever-growing blusher collection here and one that is just perfect for pale skin tones. Dandelion is exactly what I love in a blusher, just that light flush of colour that looks oh so natural but with a hint of radiance. This is now on par with my favourite blusher from theBalm called Frat Boy which is another wonderful peachy-pink shades for pale skin.

Boots Christmas 2014 Catalogue 
Free - Pick up in store or view online here
Nothing says it's nearly Christmas to me than picking up the annual Boots Christmas catalogue. It's now in fact a little tradition of my mine to sit down, pen in hand and circle the gift sets I love the look of! This year's gift sets are better than ever with my favourites being from Benefit and Ted Baker. Expect a post on my favourites from the catalogue soon enough!


Desk Top Weekly Organiser Pad 
£1 - Poundworld in-store  
Recently I've been trying to turned my unorganised ways around especially when it comes to blogging. I love lists and write down ideas but then I tend to ignore them! So for the past two weeks I've been creating myself a daily schedule and it's been working pretty well. I then came across this ideal desktop weekly organiser pad that has improved things even more. I now have this on my desk with the blog posts I intend to write and where I'm at with each. Then once that week is done I can tear off the sheet to reveal a new page/week. I also spotted a similar A4 version of this in Tesco for £2.50.

Ruby Sparks
£4.95 DVD - Amazon here  
This could possibly be my most favourite film of the year! Ruby Sparks tells the story of Calvin; a once successful author with writers block. But when a girl comes to him in a dream he's inspired to write again and expand on his dream girl even further. But when his writing turns into reality and Ruby is standing in his apartment he can't decide if it's the best thing ever or if he's losing his mind. This may seem a beyond cheesy plot but with twist and turns this will have you hooked and in love with both main characters. An ultra quirky rom-com that's so worth watching! 

Saving Mr. Banks 
£6.30 DVD  - Amazon here 
Saving Mr. Banks was a film that had been on my to-watch list for months, after seeing rave reviews and loving both main actors - Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson. Then finally last week I got around to watching it and was totally blown away with the detail and story. In a nutshell Saving Mr. Banks tells the entwined story of P.L Travers' childhood and of Walt Disney's struggle to convince the author to make a film of Mary Poppins. A truly sentimental film that will have you both crying and laughing - definitely not what I expected! A true gem of a film.

What have you been loving recently? 

Fee xo.

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