My Autumn Home Decor


When it comes to seasons I like to fully embrace them... I also love to change up the decor in my home. So it now seems to be a tradition of mine that I have seasonal decorations! 

So as I'm feeling very autumnal and tomorrow is Halloween I thought I would share with you my homeware additions, my little doggy and a few other bits & bobs...


Around the fire
First up is my mantelpiece/fire which I always like to make a feature of even though I don't ever turn the fire on. The main thing here that makes it look cosy and autumnal is my orange maple leaf garland that I purchased from eBay a few years ago (you can find similar cheap ones here). This just brings the outdoors in and the burnt orange shade is spot on. I also like my owls especially the lovely one above, so Oscar Owl (from Homebase last year) takes pride of place on the end of my mantel piece. Next to that I have my wonderful Village Candle in Brownie Delight (£13.24 - eBay here) that I've been continuously burning... I promise it literally smells like you have been baking brownies, I can't even detect a synthetic scent to it! 

Then to the hearth of my fire I have a little Halloween sign (a bargain at £1 from Poundworld) and a vintage brass birdcage (found at a car boot) to one side then some white log ornaments (from Homesense) and a pumpkin (£1.50 - Asda) I intend to carve, as long as my dog stops scratching at it!


Cosy soft furnishings 
As it gets colder cushions and blankets that double up as throws are a must! My two new cushions where a brilliant buy from Asda (£7 each - owl here/squirrel here) which I couldn't be more pleased with - Mr. owl will be staying out till way pass Christmas. On a side note I highly recommend Asda this year for cushions and bedding - great quality, affordable and just spot on for Autumn and Christmas. As for my very cozy and warm throw this was a bit of a splurge from Homesense as it was around £25, but I figure if it will keep me from turning on the heating as much then it's paid for itself, right?

Little extras
Next to the armchair in my living room I have a simple brown wicker picnic basket that I use as kind of an informal side table. This always has a stack of books on it and a special Believe in Yourself Notebook (£8.49 - Amazon here) which is where I plan all my blog posts. Every other page has a little encouraging quote to it and it's just beautiful. Next to that tends to be a drink of some kind if I'm blogging away... at the moment I love Whittard's Turkish Apple Instant Tea (£5.50 here) during the day - which is in an red owl mug... I told you I liked my owls! Sadly I don't know where it's from as it was a gift last Christmas. Then the little coaster underneath, again featuring owls, were a savvy buy from B&M Bargains at 99p for a set of two. 

Hope you've enjoy this slightly different type of post today and I've maybe inspired you to add a few autumnal editions to your home or bedroom! 

Fee xo.

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