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  Along side eBay, Amazon is without a doubt the website I order from the most! It's reliable, easy to navigate and always has great beauty bargains. 

So today I thought it deserved some love with a few beauty bargains that have been sitting in my wish list (a great way to watch to see if the price decreases - it tells you the % it's gone down by) and also a few products I've purchased in the past.

 Real Techniques Starter Kit 
£13.00 - here 
Most Real Techniques Brush Kits (you can find them all here) are reduced on Amazon and cost around £13-14 which is incredible value for money if you ask me. I already have the Core Collection Kit which are some of my favourite brushes in my collection but now I have my eye on the Starter Kit! The set actually retails for £21.99 in Boots which is why I've always held off from buying it... but at £13.00 I've very very tempted! 

Plastic 24 Lipstick Display Rack/Holder 
£2.39 - here
This is a product I've featured many times but only mention buying it from eBay. However if you aren't a fan of buying from eBay you can buy it from Amazon for just as cheap! I've just purchased my second holder so I can have even more lipsticks out on display. The cheapest storage I've found that I love!

BeautyBlender Makeup Sponge 
£13.87 - here
Another popular beauty product here that I was surprised to see so cheap of Amazon. I'm a huge fan of using a damp blending sponge to apply foundation - you really achieve such a flawless finish, and I'm quite curious to see how this iconic one compares to cheaper options. If you've tried out the Beauty Blender I'd love to know what you think of it!  

Eye Blending Brush Set 
£1.29 - here
Another purchased product that actually amazed me. Yes, you actually get 4 eyeshadow blending brushes for a mere £1.29 with free delivery, pretty amazing! All four brushes are incredibly soft and blend well. If you are after some super cheap brushes then I really do recommend these.

Revlon Marchesa Compact Mirror 
£2.99 - here 
A different product here that I stumble across last week. This must have been an accessory collaboration when Revlon teamed up with Marchesa for their range of nail wraps, but one I've definitely not seen in any high street shops. Magnified on one side and normal of the other this is just a small mirror to keep in your bag for touch-ups. Might have to snap this up before it disappears!

Hope you've found a few bargains here! 

Fee xo.

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