eBay Bargains #5 - Makeup Storage Edition


 1. Acrylic 24 Squared Lipstick Tiered Holder (£2.57 here) - First up one of my favourite and most handiest purchases from eBay. This keeps all your favourite lipsticks in one place and looks great out on your desk. Also for the price it's pretty sturdy. A must buy if you have a large lipstick collection. You can see my own lipstick holder in use here.

2. Laser Cut Rose Pot Organisers (£1.98 here) - These cute pots come in a choice of 4 colours and are ideal for keeping brushes, eyeliners and mascaras in. Inexpensive and cute!

3. Multilayer Acrylic Makeup Organiser (£10.49 here) - If you are looking for a complete makeup storage unit for your everyday makeup then this is pretty much perfect. I love how this comes with a top organiser to put essentials in. Also comes with removable non-slip liners so products don't roll around.

4. Three Drawer Storage Unit (£3.93 here) - Granted not as aesthetically pleasing as the others but this comes in handy for extra products. You can also find slightly smaller versions in Poundworld for only £1?!

5. Ikea Large Drawar Tidy (£4.99 here) - This large compartment tray is one of my favourite picks - great for large drawers or to keep out on your desk as minimal looking storage. You really could storee a lot of makeup in this! 

eBay truly is the best place for budget storage solutions! 

Fee xo.

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