The Body Shop Animal Soaps

The Body Shop Animal Soap

Yes, I am talking soap today! But not any old soap... oh no no! I'm talking the cutest animal soap that are lovely to use - but also that are great for children or as a little gift for someone. 

The reason I first started buying these was because I love the standard Body Shop soaps and so the little £3.50 (here or in-store) was a great way of trying out 5 different scents of their standard soaps... however I am not going to lie I could of gone for the fruit shaped soaps but the I couldn't resist that little bear! 

Also these are glycerin soaps which I really do prefer especially in the shower as I feel they lather up well, can be used on oily skin and don't contain SLS's - perfect. 

Body Shop Animal Soaps

As for the soaps scents my nose does fail me on some but I am pretty sure these are the scents of each soap - Bear (shea), Whale (lemon), Tortoise (olive), Rhino (strawberry), Elephant (pink grapefruit). However as it doesn't tell you on the packet or on the website you may think differently if you have a sniff. 

Also once you open the packet these literally smell so juicy & good! But be warned after a few uses whether you put them next to the sink or use one in the shower they won't be animal looking for long - more oddly shaped soaps as the animals features fade away (it's a bit sinister)!

The Body Shop Animal Soap detail

As for favourites I do like the bear and the tortoise the best, however on just the scent alone I love the lemon-y smelling whale and the grapefruit elephant even though I tend to dislike the smell of anything containing grapefruit. 

But if the animal shaped soaps  (here) aren't for you then The Body Shop also sell a fruit version (£3.50 - here) and also a set of their fairly new Chocomania soaps (£4.00 - here) which are heart shaped... these are on next on my list to try out.

Which ever you chose these are just something a little bit different and fun, whether you keep them or give them as a gift I am sure they will be liked as much as I like them! 

Please tell me someone else enjoys using these soaps and I'm not alone? 

Fee xo. 


NOTD - Color Club Magic Attraction

Color Club

Now I am starting this post not knowing what this holographic glitter polish is called because I purchased this as an amazing set from TK Maxx and the shade names are all on the back and not on each individual polish, quite annoying - anyone else hate that?! 

*Scoots off to figure out what it is called* So... Magic Attraction is what I would call the bees knees of holographic nail polishes! I mean surely it doesn't get better than this! It probably would of made more sense to show you the whole set but frankly I wouldn't want to make anyone jealous as the whole set of 8 Colour Club glitters was only £8 and can only be found in TK Maxx - if you are lucky! Which as I'm sure most of you will know is amazing value as some of the polishes go for £9+ each on eBay!Plus Color Club are hard to come by in the UK really.


I actually wore this a few days ago - just two coats was enough but then it started to look a bit dull (no chipping mind) so I added another coat and then added the Color Club Top Coat which also came in the set and Oh My how this made a difference! It just made all the different shades of glitter come out and twinkle almost. So if you do own any of the Color Club glitters (or any holographic polish really) I would highly recommend you use a clear top coat over it just for the shine and finish!

 Also as I say this hasn't chipped on me so far and only looked a bit duller which is a sign of a good quality nail polish really. The polishes that are similar to this one is of course Models Own Juicy Jules which I also own but I would have to say this beat it hand down - it needs less coats, it's more dazzling, doesn't chip. However if you don't want to be paying £9+ for just one polish then definitely Juicy Jules is worth it and you won't be disappointed.

Color Club 2

Though if you really do want to get this then I would suggest going through a U.S eBay seller (listing - here) so the polish will cost around £7.00 including p&p which isn't too bad. 

I really think I am in love with this holographic nail polish however I have yet to try any of the others in the set! 

Anyone else got any holographic favourites?! I would love to try the silver holographic one by Mavala! 

Fee xo.


Models Own Ibiza Mix & Disco Heaven

DSC_0868 (2)

When I first saw the Models Own Hed Kandi collaboration I instantly knew I needed Ibiza Mix and Disco Heaven out of the 5 polishes available. I mean how could I not being glitter obsessed!

But of course every Boots I have been in to they had been sold out (to be expected I guess!) so I decided to just purchase them from ASOS as I do get free next day delivery having a premier account.


The Models Own Hed Kandi range includes (from left to right) - Disco Heaven, Balearic Cool, Hedonist, Beach Party, Ibiza Mix. All priced at £5 each from Boots (here) or ASOS (here).


Ibiza Mix had to be the first one I tried out as I have been wanting to try a multi-coloured glitter in so long and was been trying to avoid buying OPI Rainbow Connection for the past 2 months. 

As with all Models Own glitter nail polishes, this applies so easily and cannot be faulted at all. I thought I would actually prefer multiple layers of this but actually I really love how just two thin coats of this against my nude nails. Though I think heavier glitter (3 or 4 coats) would look amazing over black nail polish. 

Models Own Ibiza Mix

Personally this glitter nail polish is up there with the likes of Juicy Jules as it's just such a pretty glitter that definitely looks pricey than the high street. 

 I now cannot wait to try this out over different bases and also try out Disco Heaven, which I am sure will look equally amazing! 

Fee xo.


My crusty old 17 Mascara for a New Clinique one, you say?

Clinique Mascara Swap

Mascara swap time again! 

From 14th May to 20th May 2012 you can trade in any old mascara for a free deluxe Clinique mascara at Debenhams nationwide. 

Debenhams are offering a choice of either High Impact mascara or High Lengths mascara (both around 4 or 5ml/roughly half a full mascara) if you trade in any used mascara from any brand.


Of course it's only one per customer and for the limited time only and all that blah, blah. I think, well I know, that I will be taking up this offer/swap and trading in my now gunky old 17 Wild Curls mascara for the Clinique High Lengths mascara as I really like the look of the brush and I'm quite interested in trying it out. 

Will you be taking up this offer? 
Which old mascara will you be trading in? 

Fee xo. 


Babyliss Love


Have you ever loved a brand without realising, you just buy their products because they always catch your eye? Well Babyliss is one of those brands for me. 

My first ever pair of hair straighteners, my first ever pair of cordless straighteners that I took to college, my current hair dryer, my hair curling wand and my mermaid hair tools (as I like to call it) - all Babyliss. 

Basically I own a lot of Babyliss products. But the thing is I never think "oh, I want a curling wand, I will have a look in the Argos catalogue to see what Babyliss do" I just have a look and I always end up picking something that is by Babyliss because they always seem a good price and always seem the easiest to use and the one with the least gimmicks. 

For me hair care products by Babyliss just do what they say and aren't faffy. For example my Babyliss Wave Envy (the one that gives me mermaid hair - above pic) has to be the easier hair care tool I own! It is literally just clamping the hair and waiting and then moving down the hair. But it really does give such a nice effect that doesn't drop out mid-day or at the sign of a bit of humid weather... and plus it does actually make me feel like a mermaid - I tell no lie!

Babyliss 1

But the point of this post isn't just to ramble on and on about how much I love the styling tools I own, it is what to buy next! 

Now as I have been treating my hair a lot nicer in the past year I have found it has naturally become a lot less frizzy/dry so when I dry it I don't feel the need to straighten it (which is a good thing) so I have just kept with the rubbish pair of straightens I have which when I do use catch strands of hair and pull them out - eep! So do I buy some new hair straighteners for when I want ultra straight hair (I seem to want really straight hair more in summer for some reason) or do I go for the Babyliss big hair styler at Argos which I have heard so much about and I am thinking with my newly straighter hair it would maybe be enough to give it volume but also make it straight. I am still unsure which to buy really so I need to read some more reviews of the big hair styler and some Babyliss hair straighteners. 

Though when I do purchase one or the other I think I may do a gigantic hair post of styling tools and hair care products as I seriously own quite a lot now - more than I ever expected to own actually! 

So what so you think... classic hair straighteners or the Big Hair styler? 

Fee xo.


NOTD - Revlon Cloud


Back to doing nail posts again! My nails have finally grown and my cuticles are getting better - so yes, I will be doing the tutorial for the Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream nails (you can see which nails I mean here) very shortly! 

However today I wanted to show off the beauty that is Revlon Top Speed - Cloud.
Now this was one of the amazing nail polishes that I picked up in Poundland (if you find a good Poundland they will normally stock Revlon polishes!)... but of course I don't want you all being sad if you like this polish so I have found a seller on eBay that sells the polish for £3.49 (free p&p UK seller) here! It's not as good as £1.. but at least it's cheaper than the £6.49 that Revlon nail polishes retail for, hey!


Firstly I have to say I love this shade - it's blue but it's lilac and it's just dreamy. 
This is actually the first Revlon Top Speed nail lacquer I have tried out and really I don't know why they don't just make all the shades they sell in this formula as this dried so fast, which is just great for a pastel shade like this as you tend to need three coats to make more pastel shades opaque. Basically the formula and fast drying of this just made it a lovely polish. 

To finish off my nails instead of applying a clear top coat I decided to add a bit of glitter as I always think glitter looks a lot more subtle and pretty over pastel shades. The glitter I went for was Kiko Sparkle Touch which was £2.50 I think from the Kiko site (here).  

Really getting into wearing pastel nail polishes more, so would love if anyone can recommend any low priced (under £5) pastel nail polishes.

Fee xo. 


Free Benefit products with Glamour July 2012 Issue!


Last magazine freebie post, I promise! But this was way too good not to mention! 

Glamour are back again with their wonderful Benefit freebies! We do have a while to wait  though as the July issue will be on sale May 31st but we are certainly in for a treat with a choice of three mini samples - the Porefessional (7.5ml), 'that gal' Brightening Face primer (7.5ml) and Bad Gal Lash mascara.

Now the only product I haven't tried is 'that gal' brightening face primer so that is the one that I will be going for when the July issue of Glamour comes on sale. However having tried the Porefessional primer* I do highly recommend that as it just makes any application of foundation flawless and does really reduce the appearance of pores. As for the Bad Gal Mascara, it is nice and quite good for a travel mascara however I personally couldn't get on with the large brush.

*With the Porefessional when I did use it over more than just my T-zone, so over my cheeks, I did break out with a rash/small spots. However I am back to using it on just my T-zone area and I am fine. But of course this may not be the same for everyone* 

As for the worth of the products.. I really wouldn't agree with the prices - £10 for a 7.5ml of Porefessional primer, I think not (I know they work it out on the price per ml, but still). Though I guess that doesn't matter does it.. what matters is that Glamour magazine is only £2 a copy.. wowowow can't wait to get the that gal primer now!

 What will you be picking up? 

 Fee xo. 


FREE Nails Inc with Instyle June Issue - Out Now!


Ahhh it is freebies galore this month and next, with Marie Claire, Instyle, Red & Glamour all offering lovely beauty freebies! 

I have already mentioned the free Jemma Kidd products that come with next month's Red magazine (see here) so I thought it should report on a freebie I spotted today. 

With the June issue of Instyle costing £3.80 (out May 3rd 2012 - out now) you receive one of three Nails Inc nail polishes that were especially designed for Instyle - Powder Pink, Bluebell and Peachsorbet


I am instantly drawn to Peach Sorbet however I have way too many nude/peach nail polishes so I will be taking a look at Bluebell. However I may be good and actually try to avoid this offer as I have way too many nail polishes and I also don't love Instyle magazine that much either. 

However for the price of the magazine this is a wonderful freebie! 

Fee xo. 


The Body Shop Long Lost Loves & New Products!

TBS Body Mist Range

Ever since The Body Shop stopped selling their Perfume Oils a large part of be stopped loving them. They did it to me many years ago with Fuzzy Peach and then last year with their whole perfume oil range. No more wearing their beautiful strawberry or coconut perfume oil every again. 

However the one thing that has kept me going is their fruity soaps! At only £2 each they are just lovely - my favourites being the Strawberry-scented soap and also Sweet Lemon soap. Though I am now dying to try the fairly new Chocomania soap which is also £2. Also on the quiet I am a sucker for their Animal soap sets which are only £3.50 for five different animal shaped soaps here (I should really review them as they are so cute)! 


But I think The Body Shop may have fully redeemed themselves for me with the launch of their new body mists in June. Now they do already do a few body mists - White Musk, Cherry Blossom, Vanilla etc but nothing that fresh or fruity, which is what I love the most in a body spray/mist! 

The new range will consist of eight 100ml body mists (£7.00) -  Pink Grapefruit, Coconut, Strawberry, Satsuma, Mango, Shea, Moringa and Vanilla. Of course I will have to have a sniff of them all but instantly I am drawn to the mango (I really hope it will smell similar to the mango body butter) and also the coconut - I just have a feeling these are going to smell amazing for summer. 

Anyone else a lover of the soaps or the amazing body butters? 

Fee xo.


High End Beauty Picks


When I purchase high-end cosmetics it is about the luxury of the product - the packaging, the quality and something just a bit special. But also something that I will get a lot of use out of. So I thought I would share with you a few higher end products that I hope to purchase/treat myself to in the coming months!


Ahhh beautiful Chanel makeup. How I have longed for the Soliel Tan De Chanel (£29.00/30g) for months and months - it is almost like a love affair now. I have imagined pulling the beautiful Chanel ribbon to reveal the jar of whipped bronzed goodness. Also gentling swirling my stippling brush into it’s perfect formula. I am thinking I will actually treat myself to this as I love products that last forever and from reviews I have read it really does last a long time. Also another product that I love the look of is Rouge Coco Shine in Chance (£22.00) which is such a lovely hydrating, glossy, milky pink shade – just perfect.

Another product that I have wanted to try for so long now in the Oil-free Tinted Moisturiser (£33.00/50ml)  as I have heard for many good things about this product. Plus I love a good tinted moisturiser with coverage and SPF especially in summertime as I always feel I don't want anything clogging my pores or making my skin more oily than it already is. I actually wonder how similar this is to the Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint that I really do love. 

Estee Lauder has always been a brand that my mum has used,  she owns such a beautiful limited edition powder compact and one of her favourite fragrances is Pleasures. Though I have only dabbled in their cosmetics with a few lipsticks and mascaras. But absolutely love their fragrances with Beyond Paradise being an old favourite (the bottle is just stunning) but I am now totally in love with one of their newer fragrances - Sensuous Nude (£34.00/30m). For me this reminds me of warm summer nights along with a rich coconut scent, so definitely a sensual scent but also with a hint of fruitiness to make it feel young.


Now if I had an amount of money I would treat myself to a Bobbi Brown brush set but sadly I don't. But the next best thing that I would love to try is the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliners (£16.50) as again I have seen so many amazing reviews on how creamy but long wearing they are. Also the shades range is really lovely, of course I would have to go for Caviar Ink as everyone needs a true black eyeliner but also the Long Wear eyeliner in Forest Shimmer Ink looks amazing - such a deep, rich blue that I have never seen a shade of eyeliner like before.

I would love to hear what is on your high end to-buy/wish list or if you have tried any of these products I have mentioned!

Fee xo.

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