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Have you ever loved a brand without realising, you just buy their products because they always catch your eye? Well Babyliss is one of those brands for me. 

My first ever pair of hair straighteners, my first ever pair of cordless straighteners that I took to college, my current hair dryer, my hair curling wand and my mermaid hair tools (as I like to call it) - all Babyliss. 

Basically I own a lot of Babyliss products. But the thing is I never think "oh, I want a curling wand, I will have a look in the Argos catalogue to see what Babyliss do" I just have a look and I always end up picking something that is by Babyliss because they always seem a good price and always seem the easiest to use and the one with the least gimmicks. 

For me hair care products by Babyliss just do what they say and aren't faffy. For example my Babyliss Wave Envy (the one that gives me mermaid hair - above pic) has to be the easier hair care tool I own! It is literally just clamping the hair and waiting and then moving down the hair. But it really does give such a nice effect that doesn't drop out mid-day or at the sign of a bit of humid weather... and plus it does actually make me feel like a mermaid - I tell no lie!

Babyliss 1

But the point of this post isn't just to ramble on and on about how much I love the styling tools I own, it is what to buy next! 

Now as I have been treating my hair a lot nicer in the past year I have found it has naturally become a lot less frizzy/dry so when I dry it I don't feel the need to straighten it (which is a good thing) so I have just kept with the rubbish pair of straightens I have which when I do use catch strands of hair and pull them out - eep! So do I buy some new hair straighteners for when I want ultra straight hair (I seem to want really straight hair more in summer for some reason) or do I go for the Babyliss big hair styler at Argos which I have heard so much about and I am thinking with my newly straighter hair it would maybe be enough to give it volume but also make it straight. I am still unsure which to buy really so I need to read some more reviews of the big hair styler and some Babyliss hair straighteners. 

Though when I do purchase one or the other I think I may do a gigantic hair post of styling tools and hair care products as I seriously own quite a lot now - more than I ever expected to own actually! 

So what so you think... classic hair straighteners or the Big Hair styler? 

Fee xo.

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