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Color Club

Now I am starting this post not knowing what this holographic glitter polish is called because I purchased this as an amazing set from TK Maxx and the shade names are all on the back and not on each individual polish, quite annoying - anyone else hate that?! 

*Scoots off to figure out what it is called* So... Magic Attraction is what I would call the bees knees of holographic nail polishes! I mean surely it doesn't get better than this! It probably would of made more sense to show you the whole set but frankly I wouldn't want to make anyone jealous as the whole set of 8 Colour Club glitters was only £8 and can only be found in TK Maxx - if you are lucky! Which as I'm sure most of you will know is amazing value as some of the polishes go for £9+ each on eBay!Plus Color Club are hard to come by in the UK really.


I actually wore this a few days ago - just two coats was enough but then it started to look a bit dull (no chipping mind) so I added another coat and then added the Color Club Top Coat which also came in the set and Oh My how this made a difference! It just made all the different shades of glitter come out and twinkle almost. So if you do own any of the Color Club glitters (or any holographic polish really) I would highly recommend you use a clear top coat over it just for the shine and finish!

 Also as I say this hasn't chipped on me so far and only looked a bit duller which is a sign of a good quality nail polish really. The polishes that are similar to this one is of course Models Own Juicy Jules which I also own but I would have to say this beat it hand down - it needs less coats, it's more dazzling, doesn't chip. However if you don't want to be paying £9+ for just one polish then definitely Juicy Jules is worth it and you won't be disappointed.

Color Club 2

Though if you really do want to get this then I would suggest going through a U.S eBay seller (listing - here) so the polish will cost around £7.00 including p&p which isn't too bad. 

I really think I am in love with this holographic nail polish however I have yet to try any of the others in the set! 

Anyone else got any holographic favourites?! I would love to try the silver holographic one by Mavala! 

Fee xo.

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