Models Own Ibiza Mix & Disco Heaven

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When I first saw the Models Own Hed Kandi collaboration I instantly knew I needed Ibiza Mix and Disco Heaven out of the 5 polishes available. I mean how could I not being glitter obsessed!

But of course every Boots I have been in to they had been sold out (to be expected I guess!) so I decided to just purchase them from ASOS as I do get free next day delivery having a premier account.


The Models Own Hed Kandi range includes (from left to right) - Disco Heaven, Balearic Cool, Hedonist, Beach Party, Ibiza Mix. All priced at £5 each from Boots (here) or ASOS (here).


Ibiza Mix had to be the first one I tried out as I have been wanting to try a multi-coloured glitter in so long and was been trying to avoid buying OPI Rainbow Connection for the past 2 months. 

As with all Models Own glitter nail polishes, this applies so easily and cannot be faulted at all. I thought I would actually prefer multiple layers of this but actually I really love how just two thin coats of this against my nude nails. Though I think heavier glitter (3 or 4 coats) would look amazing over black nail polish. 

Models Own Ibiza Mix

Personally this glitter nail polish is up there with the likes of Juicy Jules as it's just such a pretty glitter that definitely looks pricey than the high street. 

 I now cannot wait to try this out over different bases and also try out Disco Heaven, which I am sure will look equally amazing! 

Fee xo.

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