The Body Shop Animal Soaps

The Body Shop Animal Soap

Yes, I am talking soap today! But not any old soap... oh no no! I'm talking the cutest animal soap that are lovely to use - but also that are great for children or as a little gift for someone. 

The reason I first started buying these was because I love the standard Body Shop soaps and so the little £3.50 (here or in-store) was a great way of trying out 5 different scents of their standard soaps... however I am not going to lie I could of gone for the fruit shaped soaps but the I couldn't resist that little bear! 

Also these are glycerin soaps which I really do prefer especially in the shower as I feel they lather up well, can be used on oily skin and don't contain SLS's - perfect. 

Body Shop Animal Soaps

As for the soaps scents my nose does fail me on some but I am pretty sure these are the scents of each soap - Bear (shea), Whale (lemon), Tortoise (olive), Rhino (strawberry), Elephant (pink grapefruit). However as it doesn't tell you on the packet or on the website you may think differently if you have a sniff. 

Also once you open the packet these literally smell so juicy & good! But be warned after a few uses whether you put them next to the sink or use one in the shower they won't be animal looking for long - more oddly shaped soaps as the animals features fade away (it's a bit sinister)!

The Body Shop Animal Soap detail

As for favourites I do like the bear and the tortoise the best, however on just the scent alone I love the lemon-y smelling whale and the grapefruit elephant even though I tend to dislike the smell of anything containing grapefruit. 

But if the animal shaped soaps  (here) aren't for you then The Body Shop also sell a fruit version (£3.50 - here) and also a set of their fairly new Chocomania soaps (£4.00 - here) which are heart shaped... these are on next on my list to try out.

Which ever you chose these are just something a little bit different and fun, whether you keep them or give them as a gift I am sure they will be liked as much as I like them! 

Please tell me someone else enjoys using these soaps and I'm not alone? 

Fee xo. 

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