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So I am back... and won't be going anywhere for quite awhile! Over the last few months I have been a bit on the slow side with Makeup Savvy but I have decided I need to get my ass in gear. Though I may be extra busy as I will be launching (ooo doesn't that sound good) Makeup Savvy Extra this week or next - all depending on setting up the domain name. If you haven't got a clue what I am talking about then not to worry as all will be revealed next week!

Today though I thought I would talk perfume as we all seem to become more interested in fragrances in summer. For once I haven't bought 3 or 4 new perfumes just because it's summer.. I have just bought the one (well I received it as a gift) and I also think I will be trying out the Lidl £3.99 dupe of Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle plus one of the new fruity Body Shop Body Spray.
Delices de Cartier

Cartier Delices de Cartier Eau De Parfum 50ml (as part of set)
Feel Unique £48.45 - here

This is my newest scent and one that I am just in love with. I discovered this scent by buying the Cartier Fragrance Discovery pack from (£13.50 - here) which contained so many samples from the Cartier fragrance range. The reason why I decided to purchase it was because I was looking for a more unique fragrance that not many people wore and found Delices de Cartier was perfect for me - plus how beautiful is the bottle! If you like sweet floral scents then this is one for you - it's very sweet with hints of cherries and a slight pepper to give it a kick. Just lovely. 

Katy Perry Purr

Katy Perry Purr Eau De Parfum 30ml 
Amazon £16.75 - here
For the price I think this is excellent value for money.. I mean £17 for any Eau de Parfum is pretty amazing. This is definitely a fun playful scent with notes of peach and coconut but there is a note of something else there that makes it quite strong and heady. For some reason this kind of reminds me of the type of fragrance the Harajuku Lovers perfume range is - just fun and nothing wow but just nice, especially for summer time.

Vera Wang Rockstar Princess

Vera Wang Rock Princess Eau De Toilette 50ml 
Amazon £29.25 - here 

This was a scent that I received at Christmas and even though I did wear it a little in winter it didn't seem right as for me this is a more summery evening perfume. Now I actually had to go find out what the notes were in this as I just knew I couldn't describe it well at all except for saying that is was sweet. But after looking at the notes I can definitely tell now that it contains rose, jasmine and has quite a spicy edge to it. I don't this this would be for everyone but if you do like punky sweet perfumes then it is worth a look!

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Eau De Parfum 50ml 
Cheap Smells £19.45 - here

I have talked about this perfume many times as I have purchased it before in a smaller bottle and also as a lovely roller ball pen (don't think you can really buy that now though). The reason why I always go back to this scent is because it's just none offencive and soft which makes it very wearable for the daytime and also for that reason I would class it as a spring/summer scent. To describe it I would say it's definitely a powdery fresh scent that is clean and subtle... if you like your more powdery scents and haven't tried this then I would highly recommend you have a spritz of this when out shopping. A really pretty, feminine fragrance. 


On a perfume related note I have wrote a guide to fragrances over on She Said Beauty which some of you may find hand if you are looking to buy a new scent for summer. You can find the article here.
Also if you are wondering where you can purchase the skull and also the star scarves from (not that you can see much of them in the pictures) I actually got them on eBay from a UK seller for an amazing £2.49 each with free p&p - here

Fee xo. 

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