Free Benefit products with Glamour July 2012 Issue!


Last magazine freebie post, I promise! But this was way too good not to mention! 

Glamour are back again with their wonderful Benefit freebies! We do have a while to wait  though as the July issue will be on sale May 31st but we are certainly in for a treat with a choice of three mini samples - the Porefessional (7.5ml), 'that gal' Brightening Face primer (7.5ml) and Bad Gal Lash mascara.

Now the only product I haven't tried is 'that gal' brightening face primer so that is the one that I will be going for when the July issue of Glamour comes on sale. However having tried the Porefessional primer* I do highly recommend that as it just makes any application of foundation flawless and does really reduce the appearance of pores. As for the Bad Gal Mascara, it is nice and quite good for a travel mascara however I personally couldn't get on with the large brush.

*With the Porefessional when I did use it over more than just my T-zone, so over my cheeks, I did break out with a rash/small spots. However I am back to using it on just my T-zone area and I am fine. But of course this may not be the same for everyone* 

As for the worth of the products.. I really wouldn't agree with the prices - £10 for a 7.5ml of Porefessional primer, I think not (I know they work it out on the price per ml, but still). Though I guess that doesn't matter does it.. what matters is that Glamour magazine is only £2 a copy.. wowowow can't wait to get the that gal primer now!

 What will you be picking up? 

 Fee xo. 

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