The Body Shop Long Lost Loves & New Products!

TBS Body Mist Range

Ever since The Body Shop stopped selling their Perfume Oils a large part of be stopped loving them. They did it to me many years ago with Fuzzy Peach and then last year with their whole perfume oil range. No more wearing their beautiful strawberry or coconut perfume oil every again. 

However the one thing that has kept me going is their fruity soaps! At only £2 each they are just lovely - my favourites being the Strawberry-scented soap and also Sweet Lemon soap. Though I am now dying to try the fairly new Chocomania soap which is also £2. Also on the quiet I am a sucker for their Animal soap sets which are only £3.50 for five different animal shaped soaps here (I should really review them as they are so cute)! 


But I think The Body Shop may have fully redeemed themselves for me with the launch of their new body mists in June. Now they do already do a few body mists - White Musk, Cherry Blossom, Vanilla etc but nothing that fresh or fruity, which is what I love the most in a body spray/mist! 

The new range will consist of eight 100ml body mists (£7.00) -  Pink Grapefruit, Coconut, Strawberry, Satsuma, Mango, Shea, Moringa and Vanilla. Of course I will have to have a sniff of them all but instantly I am drawn to the mango (I really hope it will smell similar to the mango body butter) and also the coconut - I just have a feeling these are going to smell amazing for summer. 

Anyone else a lover of the soaps or the amazing body butters? 

Fee xo.

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