Three Summer Scents I'm Lovin


All year round I'm a fan of fragrance, but when it comes to selecting my summer scents I feel like a child in a candy store - so much choice and so many wonderful scents! Below  just three of my absolutely summer favourites that I will be alternating with from now until around September time. 

I'd love to know what your own fragrance of choice is this summer!


Escada Turquoise Summer 
30ml EDT £21.99 - Fragrance Direct here 
When it comes to fruity scents I often let down my how 'juicy' and 'fruity' they actually are. I can never seem to smell the individual notes or pick of different fruits in the scent. But thankfully this years Escada fragrance lives up to my expectations of a true fruity fragrance. This is a beyond juicy scent that has strong notes of strawberry, pineapple and watermelon. Certainly a scent to wear on hot days that will be noticed. I feel like a summer fruit punch when wearing this! Also when purchasing this scent from Fragrance Direct you receive a free makeup/beauty case (above link)! 

Philosophy Amazing Grace
60ml  EDT £32.00 - Boots here
Another scent I love to wear come summer is this stunning Philosophy fragrance. Unlike the above scent this is a purely floral scent that is subtle and ultra feminine. In fact this reminds me of clean linen with a less powdery edge. There are similar scents to this, Sarah Jessica Parker 'Lovely', instantly springs to mind but this is the most refined light floral scent I've come across. If you love clean floral scents that make you feel perfectly feminine then make sure to have a try of this when in Boots next.

The Body Shop Moringa 
30ml EDT £8.50 - The Body Shop here
This specific scent has been a favourite of mine for the last few summers as it's floral yet sweet - a lovely everyday scent. Moringa isn't something I'd come across before but to me this is a white floral scent with a perfect hint of sweetness; think summer flowers in bloom. I also find this scent to last especially well on clothing and doesn't change in smell as you wear it. I also like that The Body Shop offer a whole range of Moringa products, from hand creams to a wonderful body oil. I will certainly be picking up a few products this summer to enhance the scent of this perfume. I really can't recommend The Body Shop line of perfumes enough!

Savvy Tip - If you are going to buy a new fragrance, make sure to take a little bag of coffee beans with you. After smelling a few scents your sense of smell will get totally confused and fragrances won't smell accurate at all. But a sniff of coffee beans sorts that out!

Fee xo. 


eBay Bargains #22 - Holiday Edition

summer ebay
Ice Cream Suitcase Stickers (£2.99 here) - The last time I went on holiday as I was putting my case into the hold of the transfer bus I had a mini in-head freak out as I noticed my black suitcase looked like 10 other suitcases and what if someone took mine by mistake?! That thankfully didn't happen but come my next holiday I will be prepared with these stickers (I'm trying to think no one else will be using them!). These will distinguish my own suitcase and also make it look cute!

Travel Paper Soap (99p here) - What are soap papers? I hear you ask. Well, they nifty little papers, that do actually feel similar to paper, are in fact 100% soap. So whenever you visit a public toilet and there's annoyingly no soap you can simply take out one of these, dissolve it with water and use it like you would any other soap. These are so compact and perfect to take on holiday where soap in bathrooms can be hit and miss. Available in lots of nice scents and with a free plastic compact to hold them in! 

Etude House Makeup Bag  (£12.70 here) - So I've featured these wonderful makeup bags before but as I just love them so much I had to include them again in this post. These unique makeup bags illustrate a number of different holiday destinations and landmarks, ideal if you are visiting one of the places or you just love to travel. I personally love the 'Santorini' design, even if the cat's in the illustration are a little over sized - oops! Not overly large in size but ideal for holiday makeup. Just too wonderful.


Fruit Scented Nail Polish Remover Pads (99p here) - When it comes to taking nail polish remover on holiday with you it's best to go for pads. It saves on space and not having to take a billion cotton pads. But sadly most nail polish remover pads stink! So I was pleased to find these fruit scented ones that seem much more appealing! Fingers crossed these will actually smell nice. 

 Patterned Hair Ties x10 (99p here) - In hot climates hair ties for me are a must to get my hair up and off my face. I especially love the soft elastic hair ties that don't leave kinks in the hair. This set of 10 patterned ones truly are a bargain find and something I will be snapping up!

Travel Perfume Atomiser (99p here) - A perfume atomiser for travelling with is a must! Gone are the days you need to weight down your case with a heavy bottle of perfume (multiple bottle if you were me!) and in are the days were you can simply decant a measured about of perfume into one of the above travel friendly spray containers. These beat the price of a Travalo hands down and in my opinion are more aesthetically pleasing. If you are going on holiday this summer you need one of these! 

Hope you have found some bargains here!

Fee xo.


Under £3 Beauty Must-Haves #7


I'm back again with another 'Under £3' post! Woop woop! I do enjoy doing posts such as these, as not only does it force me to be savvy, but it just goes to show what great products you can buy for the tiny sum of £3. I always say it, but that's not even the price of a Starbucks coffee or a magazine these days!

So without further ado here are my current favourite under £3 beauty buys...


Essence Quattro Eyeshadow in Most Wanted 15 
£3.00 - Wilko here or in-store 
With every 'Under £3' post I seem to mention Essence, but when they insist on having such great quality products for such low prices I can't not mention them. This time I wanted to highlight you to the Essence Quatrro Eyeshadows as I have more than a handful of them now and have found them to be my favourite budget compact eyeshadows. The above palette is currently my most used out of the ones I own as the shades are great for an everyday eye and really do give great shimmer and pigmentation. I also love how buttery soft these eyeshadows are. Just amazing for the price.

W7 Lip Paint in Girlie & Queen of Hearts 
£2.40 each - eBay here
Oh, just look at them swatches! Aren't they pretty? These two I just had to feature in this post as for the price them are god damn amazing. W7 always seem to surprise me with their products but these lip paints are something else! Think thick, but not too thick and with amazing pigmentation. These also feel great on the lips, not too smooshy around and when they do wear off they fade to a pleasing stain. Plus they are mint scented which is a nice extra touch. These come in all different red and pink tones, all of which are worth checking out, though the above two are definitely my favourite shades this summer. 


Tara Smith Shampoo & Conditioner range 
£1.99 each - Fragrance Direct here 
 Since ditching SLS (sulphates) from my beauty/hair routine years ago I've become obsessed with trying out different shampoos that are free from the chemical, especially low-cost options! So I was thrilled to see Fragrance Direct stocking Tara Smith as the brand is free from nasties and normally quite high-end at £10 per bottle. But of course FD have slashed that priced to only £1.99 - amazing! The above gorgeously packaged shampoo is the mildest from the range and is ideal for anyone with a dry or sensitive scalp and having been using this for the past month I can say it really is mild, though slightly drying on the hair - great if your hair tends to get greasy quickly I guess! But if you don't need something so mild I'd suggest either the 'Feed Your Roots' or 'Shine On' shampoo. These also look great in the shower! A fab bargain that's worth snapping up.

Primark P.S. Love You Nails Nail Polish Twist Pot 
£1 - Primark  in-store
Do you love the ease of nail polish twist pots? I know I do, and whether I pay £1 or £5 for one they seem to do the exact same job! So I was more than pleased to see a full sized nail polish pot in Primark for only £1! This works just as well as the Bourjois offering and removes nail polish with a few twists/dips of the nail.  In actual fact I feel like the Primark one feels nicer on the finger/nail... not that it makes a difference but overall I think I prefer this one. Primark also have some amazing summer makeup bags in-store at the moment for £3 and some fabulous duo-chrome eyelash curlers that I feel I need! 

Hope you have found some bargains from this little lot! 

Also check out my Under £3 Bargains for Spring/Summer here.

Fee xo.

Head To Toe Summer Essentials


Whether you are jetting off somewhere warm this Summer or staying put you should be seeing some sun and with sun comes a change of products that match the climate. Here I've put together my own Summer essentials that I can't get enough of!

 From an all-in-one hair oil that does everything to easy to use hair removal kits that leave the skin smooth and Summer ready!


Hair Essentials 

First up whether here or in the sun the Tangle Teezer is a must for my hair. This is a product I recommend to anyone with mid to long length hair, as it glides through tangles with ease, saving your hair from the usual pulling and tugging. I also find it works amazingly well after getting your hair wet in the sea or pool as the plastic bristles really tackle them deep-rooted tangles. A total Summer must-have! 

Another hair product I use almost daily is the L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil as it's the best multi-purpose oil I've come across. This wonderful oil can be used pre-shower as a mask for the hair, after showering on damp hair to de-frizz, on dry hair to tame split ends and add shine, and it even works to protect your hair from the heat. So as you can see this is an all-rounder oil! I also find this light enough for my fine hair and doesn't add a greasy look or feel. Another great Summer item to really look after your hair. 


Face Essentials 

For over a year now I've been into facial hair removal, this is something I was unsure of at first but after seeing the benefits of how smooth my foundation would sit on a fuzz-free face I was totally convinced. I now use the Nair Upper Lip Kit to quickly remove hair from my lip area, leaving a silky soft base. What I really love about this product is how simple and easy to use it is - apply the hair removal cream around the lip area, wait 3 minutes, then simply wash off with a dampened flannel. I then use the fragrance-free moisturiser provided to ensure my skin is totally smooth and nourished. This fits into my morning routine with ease just once a week and gives such a smoother foundation for makeup. You can find out more about the Nair Argan Oil range on the Nair website here.

Another must-have Summer essential is suncream! It's a total must to not only protect against skin cancer but premature ageing of the skin. As I personally have oily/combination skin my facial suncream of choice is Eucerin Mattifying Sun Fluid SPF 50+ which gives a perfectly matte base to apply makeup onto - exactly what my skin needs! If you have anything other than normal/dry skin I highly recommend seeking out a suncream that's specific to your own skin type. 

Carrying on with keeping the skin matte in the warmer months another Summer essential is the Gosh Prime 'n' Set Powder. This is unlike any other powder I've tried and can be used to prime the skin before foundation to keep oil at bay and also to mattify and set makeup. If you suffer from an oily T-zone or find your makeup slips throughout the day this is a must-try! 

Lastly for face essentials I couldn't get through Summer without a nourishing lip balm. As I love all things coconut I'm particularly in love with the Dr. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Lip Serum. This thick serum coats the lips for a glossy finish and lasts hours. In hot weather this keeps the lips hydrated and tasting great! A Summer handbag essential for me.


Body Essentials 

For Summer-ready skin being hair-free is a must for me but as I'm still a waxing virgin I opt for the incredibly easy to use wash-off hair removal creams from Nair. The new range now comes with Argan Oil making the creams smell pleasant compared to other depil creams. My favourite to use for both the bikini and underarm area is the Nair Argan Oil Glide-On. I apply this 5 minutes before getting into the shower whilst also applying a hair and face mask - multi-tasking at it's best! Then simply wash the cream off once in the shower to reveal silky soft skin. This I find totally fine for my often sensitive skin and I only need to use it once a week. Another hair removal cream I like to apply before a shower is Nair Argan Oil Shower Power Cream which again is no fuss, just smooth over legs and then remove in-shower with the provided spatula to ensure all the hair is removed. This is now my preferred method over shaving! Though for my next holiday to keep hair at bay for longer I may consider using the Nars Argan Oil Salon Divine Body Wax as the 'Bye Bye Pain' formula seems exactly what I would need! You can find out more about the interesting 'Bye Bye Pain' formula here.

Onto Summer scents now with my favourite natural deodorant from Weleda. Over the past year now I have been making subtle changes to minimise the chemicals I'm exposed to, especially when it goes to deodorant as the underarm area is porous. I've now switched to the beautifully scented Weleda Citrus Deodorant for day-to-day use which is a spray and to be quite honest with you, smells as good as a Summer fragrance! Though for times when I need something more I swear by Dove's Cream Go Fresh Deodorant in Cucumber & Green Tea - you aren't sweating at all with this stuff! 

As for my Summer fragrance this year it's Escada Turquoise Summer. This is Escada's 2015 Summer scent which is bursting with juicy fruit notes, such as watermelon, pineapple and strawberry! For me this is perfect on hot days and one I will be taking on holiday with me in a few months time!


Summer Extras

 Lastly I wanted to include a round-up of my favourite Summer accessories and extras! Again reiterating the importance of suncream I opt for a good SPF 30 with Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration. I've mentioned this product before but I find it to feel exactly like a moisturiser and to smell amazing! Something I don't go without when the sun is shining. As for my current nail polish of choice both on my fingers and toes is the beautiful Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Polish in Blue No Blues. I find this such a sunny blue shade that looks equally great against pale or tanned skin - you can see full nail swatches of it here

Onto Summer accessories now with my wonderful new pair of Le Spec sunglasses from Very Exclusive! These were a total impulse purchase after seeing Beyonce sporting them and looking amazing. Very 70's and cool - love the multi-toned mirrored lenses. I'm also currently loving my new tasselled kimono from Romwe, perfect to pair with demin shorts so the tassels hang down against bare legs with my cute embroidered duffle bag from New Look! 

Really hope you've enjoyed this Summer inspired post! 

Fee xo. 

*Sponsored by Nair* 


eBay Bargains #21 - Brush Edition Part 2


1. Slim Fan Brush (99p here) - After trying out a slim fan brush in one of the latest Real Techniques Kits I've been in love ever since and after some more. Unlike a lot of brushes they are delicate and sweep product over the face - whether that be highlighter, setting powder or a contour product. I use my RT fan brush for detailed highlighter application so this brush would be for contouring down the sides of the nose. Such a bargain brush.

2. Pro Kabuki Brush (£2.84 here) - If you enjoy my eBay Bargains posts you will be thinking I've already mentioned this brush, and you would be right! I have. But as the price has been lowered on it and there's now a lovely white version on the listing I thought I'd feature it again. I'm still totally loving this brush for blusher and I have to say I'm tempted to get the white one as it's so pretty and unique.

3. Large Fluffy Fan Stipple Brush (£1.49 here) - Another fan brush here and one that looked so soft I couldn't not include it. I feel fan brushes are often overlooked but they definitely have a place in a makeup brush collection. I'd personally use this to dust bronzer over my chest area as it's so large and fluffy!

4. Makeup Brush Drying Stand (£5.79 here) - A few months ago I was looking at a stand very similar to this one for drying makeup brushes with and it was £20+, not a price I could justify. But then I came across this bad boy for a quarter of the price! For brushes I just don't want to dry flat and not having to put a towel down for, this stand would be ideal!

5. Makeup Brush Guards x 20 (99p here) - Lastly I found some makeup brush guards that I couldn't not include for the price! I own a few of these now as they've come with brushes I've bought on eBay and I have to say they make a difference and I'd love all my brushes to have brush guards on them now. Not only does it protect your brushes but when they are all together you can see which brush is which and it looks so much neater. Now bought! 

Hope you've enjoyed this extra makeup brush post. You can find my previous eBay Bargains - Brush Edition post here

Fee xo.


30 Ways to use Coconut Oil


Coconut Oil has to be the ultimate multi-purpose product around and for the last 2 years I've been obsessed with the stuff! I use it in everyday cooking (my stir-fry wouldn't be the same without it and I always cook fried eggs in it now). I also use it as a cleanser and a hair mask multiple times a week and I even feed it to my dog - she loves it! 

So as Coconut Oil is having a bit of a moment right now (rightly so) and because I love it so much, I thought I would list as many ways I could in which Coconut Oil can be used! I swear by Coconut Oil and think you will to! 

30 Uses for Coconut Oil
  1. Makeup Remover 
  2. Homemade body scrub when mixed with sugar 
  3. In baking and cooking - in place of butter and oil
  4. Massaged into the scalp to stimulate hair growth 
  5. To aid weight loss when taken internally
  6. As a cuticle softener
  7. Lip balm (can me mixed with peppermint oil) 
  8. Apply around nostrils to help with allergies such as Hayfever 
  9. Nappy rash balm 
  10. To combat Psoriasis on the scalp - melt and apply and leave over night
  11. Oil pulling for oral health 
  12. Semi-melted as a shaving cream 
  13. Mixed with a face mask for a moisturising boost to dry skin 
  14. As a natural deodorant
  15. Melted and applied to the ends of the hair to help condition
  16. As an all over hair mask when mixed with honey
  17. As coconut oil dog treat - dogs love it + so many health benefits
  18. Mix with essential oils to make your own massage oil
  19. Apply to sunburn to help it heal 
  20. To de-frizz ends of the hair - use sparingly 
  21. Add a teaspoon into lemon tea to ease a sore throat 
  22. Mix with baking soda and massage in to brighten skin. Then wash off.
  23. Add to a warm bath for all over nourished skin - great for skin conditions
  24. Mix with washing-up liquid to wash makeup brushes and keep them extra soft 
  25. Combine a small amount with lavender oil and massage over temples to aid sleep 
  26. Rub down shins and arms for a slight glow 
  27. Rubbed into skin daily to prevent stretch marks when pregnant 
  28. Mix with salt to create a foot scrub 
  29. Use on a spooly through eyebrows to tame them 
  30. Apply around cuticles and fingers when creating messy nail art
As for what type of Coconut Oil to buy, I would always recommend going for extra virgin 100% raw, as well... it's 100% raw! No other ingredients and that's certainly what you want if you will be eating it! As for where to get it, I find Amazon to be fairly good on price, my favourite is from Lucy Bee (£6.39/300ml - Amazon here), but Tesco/Sainsbury do now stock it in their 'cooking oil' section. 

If you also use Coconut Oil I'd love to know if you have any other ways of using it. 

Hope this little post has been interesting! 
Fee xo.


Beauty Haul - Feel Unique, John Lewis & Amazon


Haul time again! 
With warmer weather on the horizon I couldn't resist a few summer inspired purchases and as I'm pleased with all of them I thought I'd share. Hope you enjoy this post - I always like reading haul posts myself!

Victoria's Secret Love Spell Body Mist 
£8.79 - Amazon here
Come summer a new body mist to add to my collection is always going to happen. I decided after having a smell of the VS ones in Tesco (yes, some stores now sell the range but at £15) it would be 'Love Spell'. This is certainly not a scent for everyone as dare I say it... it does have a rotten fruit smell to it?! But that mellows and the scent takes me back to the days when The Body Shop sold 'Fuzzy Peach', anyone remember that? If you aren't THAT old or just didn't try the cult perfume oil at the time, it's almost a fermented peach scent that isn't as light as you would expect from a peach body mist, though the cherry blossom does lift it. I've also been impressed with how long this specific scent lasts! Not one to buy without smelling but a scent I will be loving this summer. 

Shay & Blue Salt Caramel Natural Spray Fragrance 
£30.00 (30ml) - John Lewis here
So I gave in after writing my latest wish list and decided to treat myself! Now before buying this I hadn't actually smelt the fragrance however from reviews and the fact it's a salted caramel scent I was 99% sure I'd like it. And thankfully I do! I'm also in love with the packaging. The scent is a little more on the popcorn side than I imagined it to be and I'd have liked a little more saltiness but on the whole this is such a gorgeous scent. As this is a natural spray it doesn't have the best sillage so for that reason I think it should be priced a little lower but other than that this is truly a wonderful fragrance that makes you smell amazing! If you love yummy scents this is certainly one to try out.


Ole Henriksen The Clean Truth Cleansing Cloths x30 
£12.00 - Feel Unique here
On to Feel Unique buys now with a repurchase of my favourite face wipes that are most definitely a treat! I mean at £12 for 30 wipes these aren't purchased often but in summer I just can't resist. The reason why I'm such a fan of these wipes is that I feel they do brighten my skin ever so slightly, they most definitely don't give me spots and they smell incredible. Really it's just the scent of them and how energising they are if I'm honest, think sugary orange jelly babies! Seriously these smell like they contain sugar! Totally perfect for the summer months when you want to refresh the skin and for taking on holiday with you (they do a pack of 10 for £6.00). Love, love, love!

Eucerin Mattifying Sun Fluid SPF 50+ 50ml
£12.00 - Feel Unique here 
This was a wish list purchase on recommendation of Katie from Katie's Beauty Blog and something I knew I'd eventually pick up, so whilst it was on sale on the Feel Unique website I snapped it up. On trying this out I'm so pleased I did as this truly is a mattifying fluid SPF that's ideal for anyone with an oily complexion. The light fluid literally sinks into the skin and feels like a powder whilst you are applying it - it's that quick! Perfect for applying before makeup on sunny days. This is also another thing I will be taking on holiday with me in a few months. Amazing stuff!


Topshop '5 Years of Beauty' Innocent Lipstick 
£8.00 - Feel Unique here 
Lastly I couldn't resist adding this stunning lipstick to my basket in order to get the 2 free samples that Feel Unique offer on orders over £30. Well, that was my excuse anyway! I feel Topshop totally know how to draw customers in and this new rose gold packaging certain does just that, plus this pinky hue was calling my name. The formula of this is creamy and gives a lovely semi-matt finish which I like and really is worth the £8 price tag. Innocent is also the perfect shade for summer if you like pink lipsticks like I do. Nothing else caught my eye from the '5 Years of Beauty' collection but this will be a cherished item in my makeup bag. 

What have you bought recently with summer in mind? Let me know! 

Fee xo.

Summer Blues - 6 Gorgeous Blue Nail Polishes


So far this summer blue nails have been my staple go-to nail polish shade. Maybe blue is just a summery hue or it could be the fact I've been procrastination on Pinterest looking at the beautiful blue and white building of Greece as of late! Either way I'm loving all shades blue - from milky pastel tones to vibrant cobalt blues and every shade in between. 

I also think blue nail polishes whether light or dark stand out against any skin tone and darker more vivid tones work especially well on the toes. So here are just 6 nail polishes I've picked out from my collection that I truly love.


Left to right 
& Other Stories "Indienne Sky" £5.00 online store here 
W7 "Sheer Blue" £4.50 eBay here 
 Model Own "Blue Skies" £5.00 Nail Polish Direct here or Boots 
Bourjois "Blue no blues" £5.99 Feel Unique here or Boots
 Leighton Denny "Get Your Cote" £11.00 Nail Polish Direct here 
Essence "Electriiiiiic" £1.60 Wilko in-store

Light Pastel Blues 
 Two favourites here, both new and old. My newest blue is this lovely sky blue shade from & Other Stories which applies lovely in 2 coats... though this does remind me of a shade from Collection and in a very similar style bottle... hmmm. But pretty and summery none the less! I'm also a huge fan of W7 Sheer Blue which isn't sheer at all but a lovely opaque baby blue shade that is ideal for sunny days. Trust me, never overlook W7 nail polishes, they are amazing!

Mid-tone Sea Blues  
 On to more mid-tone blues with a classic blue from Models Own in Blue Skies. This is a shade to suit all skin tones and can be worn on both the fingers and toes and looks great! A staple blue for me. Another gorgeous shade is the Bourjois Blue no blues 1 Seconde nail polish which I actually got complimented on by a sales assistant only last week. This is a truly happy/sunny shade that is also a dream to apply (love the brush)... plus you can get away with applying just a single coat if you're in a rush!

Deeper Vivid Blues 
 Deeper blues for me also make me happy and again I think they suit both pale and tanned skin well. I also love to wear vivid blue nail polish when wearing white - them Greek vibes again! Leighton Denny's Get Your Cote although not the cheapest of nail polish is another classic blue that can be worn anytime of the year and has such a perfect formula. I've also owned this for quite some time now and it's yet to go gloopy! Lastly a stunning colbalt blue with Essence Electriiiic. Annoying shade name aside, this is an amazing nail polish for the price and is that extra bit shiny being a 'gel' like nail polish. Essence always impress me, but this is a true winner of a shade.



I've sadly realised I've only included creme nail polishes here... no pretty duo-chromes or shimmery shades but clearly creme shades are floating my boat right now. Plus I kind of think shimmery blue shades are a bit ageing. But hopefully you have discovered some new shades none the less! 

You can also find my top 5 green nail polishes for summer here

What nail polish colour should I write a blog post on next? 

Fee xo. 


5 Must-try SPF - The Best Dry Touch Sunscreens!


Summer is here and hopefully it's going to be a hot one! Yes, I'm being hopefully. Whether you have a beach holiday planned or not, SPF still should be something you are using as without getting al serious - skin cancer is the most diagnosed cancer in the UK. Pretty scary, right?

But thankfully sunscreens have moved on from being white gloopy lotions that leave you slippier than an eel and with a casper-like white cast to your skin. The options are now endless, which may be a good and bad thing - which to go for! So here are five of my personal favourites, all of which offer something different, meaning you could find your own new favourite right here for this summer!



Garnier Ambre Soliare Dry Mist SPF50 
£8.50 - Boots here 
 First up an easy to find spray suncream. This is exactly what it says - an ultra light dry protection mist that is easy to apply and smells like holidays. If you aren't a fan of the newer invisible/oil sprays, as you want to see where you're applying it but still want that dry-touch feel, then this is the one to go for. This sprays onto the skin like a light milk and with the aerosol nozzle your entire body can be covered in under a minute and then rubbed in to an invisible finish. As for the feel, this soaks into the skin well without a oil/greasy feel but more of a lightly moisturised one that within 10 minutes cannot be even felt on the skin. My only criticism is that aerosol sprays don't last as long as lotions or oil sprays so this isn't one to take on holidays longer than 7 days. Also great for sensitive skin. 

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration SPF30 
£7.50 (half price) - Boots here or £7.00 Asda here 
Oh my oh my, how I love this suncream! Being a lover of oil sunscreens I really didn't expect to get on with this but as it's very much like a hydrating body lotion I couldn't not love it! I mean this literally feels like a body lotion on the skin with it's hydrating ribbons - silky to apply and dries to an invisible touch finish. Did I mention it also smells like heaven?! A suncream perfect for drier skin or if you feel your skin needs hydration in the heat - but again I must stress that this doesn't feel at all greasy or heavy! I've also used this on my face and though it isn't ideal for my oily/combination skin types I could imagine this to be perfect for normal to dry skin. Other benefits - lasts 12 hours and you can see how much you have used thanks to the transperent bottle.

Calypso Dry Oil Wet Skin SPF 30  
£2.99 - Semichem here or £3.99 Bodycare/Matalan
This is a long time favourite for me and a great budget option! Plus with the new 'Wet Skin' bottle this may just pip all the rest to the post. What I love about this specific sunscreen is it truly is a dry oil, a single bottle lasts forever, it can be used on the face and it smells pretty good (think bananas)... not including the fact it's a total bargain. If you know you will be in and out of the sea or pool on holiday then this is definitely the one to go for.



SunSense Invisible Tint Finish SPF50+
£14.16 - Amazon here
Specific suncreams for the face are totally overlooked in my option. If you wouldn't use your body moisturiser as your face cream then why do it with suncream! The last thing you want in summer or on holiday is to break out in spots because your using the wrong suncream on your face. Having tried a few facial sunscreens now I feel the Sunsense Invisible Tint is the one that will suit all skin types as it's light and free from nasties, meaning it's good on sensitive skin. Though I sadly don't think the name of the product should include the word 'tint' as this gives zero tint to the skin but more of an even complexion - always a plus! This leaves the skin with a slight dewy finish that isn't greasy and you can apply makeup onto or leave bare, though maybe with a little mattifying power to remove that slight sheen. 
I'm also currently trying out the Eurecin Mattifying Sun Fluid for oily/combination skin (£16.00 Look Fantastic here) which I'm so far loving - total dry to the touch in under a minute!

Riemann P20 Once A Day Protection SPF50+
£9.70 - Look Fantastic here
Lastly a sunscreen perfect for those who forget to reapply and end up burning. This totally works but comes with it's drawbacks - it doesn't smell good and it takes a while to soak into the skin. But that's the price you pay it you only want to apply sunscream once at the start of the day! This will be the one I take on holiday with me in a few months! 

Hopefully you've found a new sunscreen here and convinced any non-users in to picking some up! Just do it!

Fee xo.

3DHD Kabuki Sigma Brush Dupe!


Okay, so I went and bought yet another makeup brush from eBay but at under £2 who can blame me! I mean that's not even a magazine or a coffee - crazy! 

This was a brush I came across after hours spent procrastinating on eBay and instantly it reminded me of a Sigma brush, the 3DHD Kabuki Brush to be precise that costs £18. Though not as precise to the tip the eBay dupe gives a crazy £16 saving with pretty amazing quality. 


Much like the Sigma 3DHD Kabuki Brush the wedged tip of the brush allows for application over the entire face getting into awkward areas such as the nose. The pointed tip also allows product, both foundation and concealer, to be precisely applied around the lips, under the eyes and eyebrows to give definition - this is what I really love this brush for! 

As for the quality for only £1.60 the brush is amazingly soft and not bad at all on the shedding front, though I haven't washed it as of yet. The brush is also densely packed and well made. The only downside I can see to the brush is that the cut of the brush isn't as precise as the Sigma brush but this doesn't affect makeup application at all. It should be noted the brush is around 15cm in size so not full size but not small/travel size either. 

Overall the brush buffs in foundation and concealer well and I love how precise you can be with the tip, especially for blending near the lip line and eyebrows. Amazing for only £1.60!

You can find the listing for the 3DHD Kabuki dupe here

Fee xo.

The Glamour Summer Edit Is Back... And Better Than Ever!


Yes, it's back and damn well amazing! I mean just look at it! Do words even need to be typed? I feel I should just tell you it's only £17.99 but worth over £90 and point you in the direction of the website (which is here FYI). But I won't as I am a beauty blogger after all and we like to ramble! 

So first up here is a run down of the wonderful contents - Vita Liberata Trystal Minerals in Sunkissed (3g) + full size brush, Pixi Glow Tonic (15ml), Nails inc Gel Effect Nail Polish, L'Occitane Aromachology Repairing Shampoo & Conditioner 2x35ml, Caudalie Divine Oil (15ml), Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon, Eucerin Sun Protection (4 variations), Balance Me Super Toning Body Polish (50ml), Seekers of the Sun Temporary Tattoos.


I really believe this box speaks for itself! With a mix of makeup, skincare and haircare from both the high street and high end this is a great assortment of current products. I have personally tried out a few of these products, all of which I really like, but I'm most looking forward to using the Nails Inc Gel Effect Nail Polish (I received 'Uptown' such a stunning shade), the Vita Liberata Luxury Tan (it's a bronzer but also a gradual tanner - say whaaa?!) and the Balance Me Super Toning Body Polish. Oops, I didn't even mention that there's a mini bottle of the ever raved about Pixi Tonic

I also really, really love the Caudalie Divine Oil... it's one of those multi-tasking oils that you can't fail to like as it works in so many ways and smells a-mazing - I can't get enough of the scent! It also comes in a luxury glass bottle which is a nice touch for a sample size. The Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayons are another product I've tried, though thankfully not the shade I received in my box and can tell you they are great! Just perfect for summer. 

I also really love the Seekers of the Sun Temporary Tattoos for Glamour all beautifully delicate and perfect for wearing on the fingers and wrists when the sun is shining. In fact I'm going to keep a few for when I go on holiday next. 

If you are looking to try out some new products that are perfect for summer then I cannot recommend this beauty box more highly! Expect this box to go quick! 

Buy now here  for £17.99. 

Fee xo.


Blogger Inspired Wish List

 Lush Coalface Soap 
£4.95/100g - Lush here or in-store
If you've read Makeup Savvy for any time you will most likely know that I love a good soap. Call me granny Fee but there's something about a no-nasties face soap that you can't beat... well in my opinion anyway. So when I spotted the blogging machine that is The Sunday Girl talking about this wonderful sounding soap for oily skin it went straight on my 'to-buy' list. Not only does this control excess sebum (oil) but it doubles up as a face mask apparently - amazing! Will be making a trip to Lush just for this very soon! Read The Sunday Girl's review here.

Eucerin Mattifying Sun Face Fluid SPF 50 
£10.72 on offer - Look Fantastic here
Come the summer months I'm literally obsessed with sun cream! I already have many that I love but I can't resist ones for oily/combination skin that don't feel oily on the skin. Before watching Katie's video I hadn't really thought of Eucerin for suncream but as they are a good skincare company it makes sense I guess! I loved the sound of this from Katie's review and how she mentioned it feels like a powder once dry. Next to buy! Watch Katie's May Favourites video here

Shay & Blue Salt Caramel Natural Fragrance Spray 30ml
£30.00 - John Lewis here 
When this fragrance launched in May last year I read review after review from bloggers and pretty much drooled over the descriptions of the scent. I'm one for all kinds of fragrances but I have a sweet spot for gourmand scents especially anything warm and sweet and when I read that this particular fragrance was inspired by Charbonnel et Walker's delicious Sea Salted Caramel Truffles I knew one day I'd cave and buy it (this was when only the £55 was released). But then last week as I was browsing the John Lewis website I spotted the more affordable 30ml bottle and now I'm back to desperately wanting it again. I have a few home ware items I want to buy from John Lewis soon so I think I will just have to buy myself this as a treat! Really hope it's as good as I imagine! 

HP Sprout 
£1,899.99 - Currys here 
It's over a decade since I lusted after a desktop computer but when I spotted this bad boy last month my inner geek swooned. This all-in-one beauty is spot-on for creatives and bloggers and so when Zoe Newlove recently showed off one of it's featured I wanted it even more! A super creative piece of kit that I want more than anything at the moment and something that would be an investment purchase or so I keep telling myself! Check out Zoe's review of the HP Sprout here.

Rifle Paper Co. 'To Do' Desktop Notepad 
£7.40 - Fox & Star here 
Rifle Paper Co. is without a doubt one of my favourite stationary brands, with whimsical but chic watercolour illustrations I simply can't get enough. I also get enough of From Roses blog, especially her photos that are so beautifully staged. So it was no surprise to spot a wonderful Rifle Paper co. pad in one of Rose's recently blog images that I instantly fell in love with. As you may have seen from my recent Stationary Haul post I have more than enough stationery at the moment but I'm sure I will end up treating myself to this to prettify my desk.

What have you been recently inspired to buy from a bloggers review? Let me know!

Fee xo. 


Top 4 Unique Skin Care Products - All Skin Types


In a sea of skincare it can often be tricky to know what the hell to buy! I personally prefer to go off blogger reviews of those who have a similar skin type to myself (oily/combination) and occasionally picking up unique skin care products that stand out to me. These often become the gems in my skincare routine that I love, so today I thought I 'd share four of them with you! 

For me these product all offer something new and unique and are a joy to use - hope you like them as well!


Foreo Luna Mini 
£99.00 - ASOS here
Say hello to the new cleansing brush on the block. The one that basically just makes sense - no brushes to be replaced, suitable for all skin types and most importantly ultra-hygienic! This basically blows the Clarisonic cleansing brush out of the water if I do say myself (I do own one but haven't used it in months!) So what does this do I hear you ask. Well, the lightweight silicone brush can be used with any cleanser to cleanse off makeup and smooth the skin. The silicone nodules which are either side of the brush are suitable for different skin types and are able to get into all areas of the face, I also love how there's no cleaning require of them - just rinse under water. For me this gets used with my favourite oil and cream cleansers in the evening to remove makeup and even in the shower with soap as it's waterproof. I find the sonic vibrations to be light but effective and buffs whichever cleanser I'm using over the skin. As for charging this can be used an impressive 300 times before needing to be re-charged! All in all this is such an improvement on all the cleansing brushes I've seen and one I will be sticking with. Pssst - I also use this to clean my makeup brushes with!!

Lush Let The Good Times Roll 
£6.75/100g - Lush here or in-store (so you can smell the amazing-ness first)
For some reason Lush has never been a shop I thought I'd buy a cleanser from but when I read reviews of this amazing cleanser I knew I had to try it for myself. Unlike most cleanser this is a yummy product I have to refrain from eating... think cookie dough with popcorn pieces in it! But not only is it beautiful in scent it's beautiful in quality and uniqueness (is that a word?). This for me is a hybrid cleanser/facial scrub as it contains both maize flour and polenta that give the cleansing dough it's gritty feel so whilst you are removing your makeup you're also buffing away them dead skin cells - perfect! This removes makeup well, smells amazing, is a joy to use, doubles as a scrub, can be used on the body and if that wasn't enough a little goes a long way so it will be a product that lasts you months. Basically you need this in your life!


La Roche Posay Serozinc 
£5.66 on offer - Escentual here 
A refreshing thermal water that's also a mattifying spray with amazing skincare properties for oily skin. Sounds too good to be true, right? That's what I thought as I bought into the hype with two bottles of the stuff. But thankfully it's all true and more! This amazingly simple yet effect spray can be used in all sorts of ways and truly is a wonder product. Other than using this as a simple refreshing mist for the skin this can be used after cleansing as a toner for oily or dehydrated skin (zinc is such a great product in skincare), before or after makeup to mattify the skin or on blemishes... before and after squeezing them as this has great anti-bacterical properties as well. I use it in all these ways and can really see the difference in my skin especially when using it as a toner and to mattify my skin - it works wonders! Also perfect for sensitive skin types. Just a fab, fab product! It's also a total bargain at the moment on Escentual.

DHC Face Washing Powder 
£9.50/50g - DHC UK here or eBay here for £5.79
Exfoliating the skin is key to have smooth and bright complexion but as a hater of general harsh exfoliators I opt for corn starch based alternatives. Yes, that sounds strange but there are some wonderful powder exfoliators out there that are natural and do the job of exfoliating the skin well without the harshness that comes with bead exfoliators. I've tried quite a few powder exfoliators now but this DHC I've found to not only be affordable but it also works well as a daily cleanser. With a slight foam this buffs and dissolves dead skin without you feeling it, keeping the skin soft and flake-free. If you are looking combat dry skin around the nose area, have sensitive skin or just want to try a new type of exfoilator I'd highly recommend this one or the Dermalogica Microfoliant. 

 Hope you've discovered something a little different here... or if not, enjoyed the summer-y looking images! 

Fee xo.

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