eBay Bargains #21 - Brush Edition Part 2


1. Slim Fan Brush (99p here) - After trying out a slim fan brush in one of the latest Real Techniques Kits I've been in love ever since and after some more. Unlike a lot of brushes they are delicate and sweep product over the face - whether that be highlighter, setting powder or a contour product. I use my RT fan brush for detailed highlighter application so this brush would be for contouring down the sides of the nose. Such a bargain brush.

2. Pro Kabuki Brush (£2.84 here) - If you enjoy my eBay Bargains posts you will be thinking I've already mentioned this brush, and you would be right! I have. But as the price has been lowered on it and there's now a lovely white version on the listing I thought I'd feature it again. I'm still totally loving this brush for blusher and I have to say I'm tempted to get the white one as it's so pretty and unique.

3. Large Fluffy Fan Stipple Brush (£1.49 here) - Another fan brush here and one that looked so soft I couldn't not include it. I feel fan brushes are often overlooked but they definitely have a place in a makeup brush collection. I'd personally use this to dust bronzer over my chest area as it's so large and fluffy!

4. Makeup Brush Drying Stand (£5.79 here) - A few months ago I was looking at a stand very similar to this one for drying makeup brushes with and it was £20+, not a price I could justify. But then I came across this bad boy for a quarter of the price! For brushes I just don't want to dry flat and not having to put a towel down for, this stand would be ideal!

5. Makeup Brush Guards x 20 (99p here) - Lastly I found some makeup brush guards that I couldn't not include for the price! I own a few of these now as they've come with brushes I've bought on eBay and I have to say they make a difference and I'd love all my brushes to have brush guards on them now. Not only does it protect your brushes but when they are all together you can see which brush is which and it looks so much neater. Now bought! 

Hope you've enjoyed this extra makeup brush post. You can find my previous eBay Bargains - Brush Edition post here

Fee xo.

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