Three Summer Scents I'm Lovin


All year round I'm a fan of fragrance, but when it comes to selecting my summer scents I feel like a child in a candy store - so much choice and so many wonderful scents! Below  just three of my absolutely summer favourites that I will be alternating with from now until around September time. 

I'd love to know what your own fragrance of choice is this summer!


Escada Turquoise Summer 
30ml EDT £21.99 - Fragrance Direct here 
When it comes to fruity scents I often let down my how 'juicy' and 'fruity' they actually are. I can never seem to smell the individual notes or pick of different fruits in the scent. But thankfully this years Escada fragrance lives up to my expectations of a true fruity fragrance. This is a beyond juicy scent that has strong notes of strawberry, pineapple and watermelon. Certainly a scent to wear on hot days that will be noticed. I feel like a summer fruit punch when wearing this! Also when purchasing this scent from Fragrance Direct you receive a free makeup/beauty case (above link)! 

Philosophy Amazing Grace
60ml  EDT £32.00 - Boots here
Another scent I love to wear come summer is this stunning Philosophy fragrance. Unlike the above scent this is a purely floral scent that is subtle and ultra feminine. In fact this reminds me of clean linen with a less powdery edge. There are similar scents to this, Sarah Jessica Parker 'Lovely', instantly springs to mind but this is the most refined light floral scent I've come across. If you love clean floral scents that make you feel perfectly feminine then make sure to have a try of this when in Boots next.

The Body Shop Moringa 
30ml EDT £8.50 - The Body Shop here
This specific scent has been a favourite of mine for the last few summers as it's floral yet sweet - a lovely everyday scent. Moringa isn't something I'd come across before but to me this is a white floral scent with a perfect hint of sweetness; think summer flowers in bloom. I also find this scent to last especially well on clothing and doesn't change in smell as you wear it. I also like that The Body Shop offer a whole range of Moringa products, from hand creams to a wonderful body oil. I will certainly be picking up a few products this summer to enhance the scent of this perfume. I really can't recommend The Body Shop line of perfumes enough!

Savvy Tip - If you are going to buy a new fragrance, make sure to take a little bag of coffee beans with you. After smelling a few scents your sense of smell will get totally confused and fragrances won't smell accurate at all. But a sniff of coffee beans sorts that out!

Fee xo. 

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