eBay Bargains #22 - Holiday Edition

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Ice Cream Suitcase Stickers (£2.99 here) - The last time I went on holiday as I was putting my case into the hold of the transfer bus I had a mini in-head freak out as I noticed my black suitcase looked like 10 other suitcases and what if someone took mine by mistake?! That thankfully didn't happen but come my next holiday I will be prepared with these stickers (I'm trying to think no one else will be using them!). These will distinguish my own suitcase and also make it look cute!

Travel Paper Soap (99p here) - What are soap papers? I hear you ask. Well, they nifty little papers, that do actually feel similar to paper, are in fact 100% soap. So whenever you visit a public toilet and there's annoyingly no soap you can simply take out one of these, dissolve it with water and use it like you would any other soap. These are so compact and perfect to take on holiday where soap in bathrooms can be hit and miss. Available in lots of nice scents and with a free plastic compact to hold them in! 

Etude House Makeup Bag  (£12.70 here) - So I've featured these wonderful makeup bags before but as I just love them so much I had to include them again in this post. These unique makeup bags illustrate a number of different holiday destinations and landmarks, ideal if you are visiting one of the places or you just love to travel. I personally love the 'Santorini' design, even if the cat's in the illustration are a little over sized - oops! Not overly large in size but ideal for holiday makeup. Just too wonderful.


Fruit Scented Nail Polish Remover Pads (99p here) - When it comes to taking nail polish remover on holiday with you it's best to go for pads. It saves on space and not having to take a billion cotton pads. But sadly most nail polish remover pads stink! So I was pleased to find these fruit scented ones that seem much more appealing! Fingers crossed these will actually smell nice. 

 Patterned Hair Ties x10 (99p here) - In hot climates hair ties for me are a must to get my hair up and off my face. I especially love the soft elastic hair ties that don't leave kinks in the hair. This set of 10 patterned ones truly are a bargain find and something I will be snapping up!

Travel Perfume Atomiser (99p here) - A perfume atomiser for travelling with is a must! Gone are the days you need to weight down your case with a heavy bottle of perfume (multiple bottle if you were me!) and in are the days were you can simply decant a measured about of perfume into one of the above travel friendly spray containers. These beat the price of a Travalo hands down and in my opinion are more aesthetically pleasing. If you are going on holiday this summer you need one of these! 

Hope you have found some bargains here!

Fee xo.

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