3DHD Kabuki Sigma Brush Dupe!


Okay, so I went and bought yet another makeup brush from eBay but at under £2 who can blame me! I mean that's not even a magazine or a coffee - crazy! 

This was a brush I came across after hours spent procrastinating on eBay and instantly it reminded me of a Sigma brush, the 3DHD Kabuki Brush to be precise that costs £18. Though not as precise to the tip the eBay dupe gives a crazy £16 saving with pretty amazing quality. 


Much like the Sigma 3DHD Kabuki Brush the wedged tip of the brush allows for application over the entire face getting into awkward areas such as the nose. The pointed tip also allows product, both foundation and concealer, to be precisely applied around the lips, under the eyes and eyebrows to give definition - this is what I really love this brush for! 

As for the quality for only £1.60 the brush is amazingly soft and not bad at all on the shedding front, though I haven't washed it as of yet. The brush is also densely packed and well made. The only downside I can see to the brush is that the cut of the brush isn't as precise as the Sigma brush but this doesn't affect makeup application at all. It should be noted the brush is around 15cm in size so not full size but not small/travel size either. 

Overall the brush buffs in foundation and concealer well and I love how precise you can be with the tip, especially for blending near the lip line and eyebrows. Amazing for only £1.60!

You can find the listing for the 3DHD Kabuki dupe here

Fee xo.
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