Top 4 Unique Skin Care Products - All Skin Types


In a sea of skincare it can often be tricky to know what the hell to buy! I personally prefer to go off blogger reviews of those who have a similar skin type to myself (oily/combination) and occasionally picking up unique skin care products that stand out to me. These often become the gems in my skincare routine that I love, so today I thought I 'd share four of them with you! 

For me these product all offer something new and unique and are a joy to use - hope you like them as well!


Foreo Luna Mini 
£99.00 - ASOS here
Say hello to the new cleansing brush on the block. The one that basically just makes sense - no brushes to be replaced, suitable for all skin types and most importantly ultra-hygienic! This basically blows the Clarisonic cleansing brush out of the water if I do say myself (I do own one but haven't used it in months!) So what does this do I hear you ask. Well, the lightweight silicone brush can be used with any cleanser to cleanse off makeup and smooth the skin. The silicone nodules which are either side of the brush are suitable for different skin types and are able to get into all areas of the face, I also love how there's no cleaning require of them - just rinse under water. For me this gets used with my favourite oil and cream cleansers in the evening to remove makeup and even in the shower with soap as it's waterproof. I find the sonic vibrations to be light but effective and buffs whichever cleanser I'm using over the skin. As for charging this can be used an impressive 300 times before needing to be re-charged! All in all this is such an improvement on all the cleansing brushes I've seen and one I will be sticking with. Pssst - I also use this to clean my makeup brushes with!!

Lush Let The Good Times Roll 
£6.75/100g - Lush here or in-store (so you can smell the amazing-ness first)
For some reason Lush has never been a shop I thought I'd buy a cleanser from but when I read reviews of this amazing cleanser I knew I had to try it for myself. Unlike most cleanser this is a yummy product I have to refrain from eating... think cookie dough with popcorn pieces in it! But not only is it beautiful in scent it's beautiful in quality and uniqueness (is that a word?). This for me is a hybrid cleanser/facial scrub as it contains both maize flour and polenta that give the cleansing dough it's gritty feel so whilst you are removing your makeup you're also buffing away them dead skin cells - perfect! This removes makeup well, smells amazing, is a joy to use, doubles as a scrub, can be used on the body and if that wasn't enough a little goes a long way so it will be a product that lasts you months. Basically you need this in your life!


La Roche Posay Serozinc 
£5.66 on offer - Escentual here 
A refreshing thermal water that's also a mattifying spray with amazing skincare properties for oily skin. Sounds too good to be true, right? That's what I thought as I bought into the hype with two bottles of the stuff. But thankfully it's all true and more! This amazingly simple yet effect spray can be used in all sorts of ways and truly is a wonder product. Other than using this as a simple refreshing mist for the skin this can be used after cleansing as a toner for oily or dehydrated skin (zinc is such a great product in skincare), before or after makeup to mattify the skin or on blemishes... before and after squeezing them as this has great anti-bacterical properties as well. I use it in all these ways and can really see the difference in my skin especially when using it as a toner and to mattify my skin - it works wonders! Also perfect for sensitive skin types. Just a fab, fab product! It's also a total bargain at the moment on Escentual.

DHC Face Washing Powder 
£9.50/50g - DHC UK here or eBay here for £5.79
Exfoliating the skin is key to have smooth and bright complexion but as a hater of general harsh exfoliators I opt for corn starch based alternatives. Yes, that sounds strange but there are some wonderful powder exfoliators out there that are natural and do the job of exfoliating the skin well without the harshness that comes with bead exfoliators. I've tried quite a few powder exfoliators now but this DHC I've found to not only be affordable but it also works well as a daily cleanser. With a slight foam this buffs and dissolves dead skin without you feeling it, keeping the skin soft and flake-free. If you are looking combat dry skin around the nose area, have sensitive skin or just want to try a new type of exfoilator I'd highly recommend this one or the Dermalogica Microfoliant. 

 Hope you've discovered something a little different here... or if not, enjoyed the summer-y looking images! 

Fee xo.

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