Bourjois Marron Glace Eyeshadow

After writing a post yesterday on the new spring/summer Bourjois collection - Pretty Paris (which you can read here) I decided to dig out some of the Bourjois eyeshadow I own and I came across No.54 Marron Glace, UNOPENED! Before you start getting visions of a huge makeup collection with lots of un-used makeup. I would like to make it clear that I don't even need to organize my makeup as I don't actually own that much. So I haven't got a clue why I haven't even opened this.

Anyway so I thought I would swatch it for you to see, the lightest finger is just a swatch from the pot and the darker looking swatch was applied with a wet brush and as you can see the pigment is pretty good.

I have to say though the eyeshadow looks nicer in the pan, all of the shades in the range always look so shimmery and pigmented. As you can see in the above image the eyeshadow kind of touches the light and looks quite reflective. I personally think this is down to the domed shaped of the eyeshadow.

Having said all of that though I do like alot of there eyeshadows and they always work really well when applied wet, especially with an eyeliner brush on the lower lid.

The only negative I could say about the eyeshadows is the price. It is a high street makeup brand and £5-£6 for a single eyeshadow is abit steep. But if they did have there pretty illustrated packaging all of the time I probably would feel happier spending £6.00.


NOTD - Barry M Red Glitter

I think I have found my ultimate kitsch nail polish - however Red Glitter is the most uninspiring name for it ever - Barry M could of at least called it something like Ruby Red Glitter or Ruby Slippers.

Aside from the name I love it. The polish applies like any other nail polish but the texture when dry is so different from anything, it is that slight bit gritty but there is no rough edges unlike when you apply nail polish that has bigger pieces of glitter. The only thing I would say is a top coat is a must as it just won't last without it.

I thought I would show you how my nails match my Dorothy Wizard of Oz shoes which I wore last Halloween. My index finger doesn't look all too great but I'm thinking it's just the lighting and it has been on for 3 days. So it's bearing up quite well really.

So my new favourites have to be the Barry M 'Red Glitter' and Collection 2000 Hot Looks 'Wham' - I have however have an unopened bottle of 'Raincloud' by George at Asda that I got for the bargainous price of 75p and from the looks of it it's an even softer shade of Grey than 'Wham'.

SS10 - Bourjois Pretty Paris

I have to say I always look forward to new additions to the Bourjois line, especially if it is anything like last years limited edition compacts with there vintage inspired illustrations of Parisian landmarks.

So when I came across this photo taken in a Singapore shopping center by Haru on her blog Rouge Deluxe I was more than pleased. I love the promo photo that goes with it, really cute and perfect for spring.

If you are thinking you have seen the lipstick range and the nail polishes before then you are right. There are only 3 new products and they are the blush and the two eyeshadows.

The blush is No. 16 Rose coup a foudre

The brown eyeshadow is No.93 Tabac Blond

and the light shadow is No.94 Citron Givre (which in English is Frosted Lemon)

No.94 Citron Givre - the frosted lemon does seem a bit sheer on the model - but I'm sure it would suit darker skintones perfectly.

No.93 Tabac Blond - I really love this smokey brown shade especially on the bottom lids.

Overall the packaging is chic but fun and definitely perfect for spring - As for when we will be seeing it in the UK... it should of been in Boots mid March, but I haven't seen it anywhere. So I am guessing it will probably be mid April now.

I cannot wait to get my mitts on the lovely peachy coral blush though!

My Quest for Perfect Skin - Reducing Pores

I'm sure most of you at some point have looked in the mirror, makeup-free for way too long at your pores/blackheads, looking at every single one. On the rare occasion (normally in winter and with pre menstrual angry skin) I opt for my 7 x magnifying mirror, never a good idea. However I convince myself when looking into this mirror, this is actually what other people see too.
Which normally leads me to squeeze a few oil filled pores around my nose and then a few more on my chin and then the odd few on my forehead. Then before I know it my face is red and slightly crater like.

I'm sure alot of you can relate to this process and I'm also positive we all know our pores aren't that unsightly.

Pore free skin is sadly impossible, the best you are going to get is making your pores disabled with abit of botox which I'm sure isn't an option unless you are crazy and also rich.

This is kind of a guide to helping reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and if I am honest NONE of these products will actually shrink your pores. However if your skin is firmer, cleaner and oil-free this can really give the affect that your pores are alot smaller than they are.
Also makeup does wonders with I will talk about at the end.

Here are the products I am currently using to help the appearance of my pores especially around the center of my face;

Primer - M&S Formula Revival Radiance Complexion Balm - £9.50 for 50ml

- Botanics Pore Perfecting Toner - £2.99 for 15oml
Lush Breath of Fresh Air Toner - £3.25 for 100ml

Pore Strips - Dr Harnik Pore Refiner Deep Cleansing Pore Strips -£4.99 for six

Face Mask - Soap & Glory The Fab Pore 15 Minute Facial Peel - £6.00 for 50ml

Marks & Spencer Revival Radiance Complexion Balm
(The product states to - give dull skin a boost, illuminate and enhance your complexion to look radiant.)

The product recommends you use this daily after your moisturiser, but if I am using a primer I skip moisturizing as I have quite an oily T-zone and it's just another layer of product to make my skin blocked and oily.

It is actually the only product I have that helps with concealing pores but has no mention about pores on the packaging - however primer are mainly there to even out the texture of your skin. Which I feel is an important first stage to help hide enlarged pores before applying makeup that will hide them further.

Does it work? Yes and no, if you used this on its own without any other pore treatments or makeup the results would be slight. I do feel that it does give the skin a firmer appearance and slightly masks over any larger pores you may have. It is worth trying out afew primer to see which one works best for your skin type. But if you have pores that you dislike then primer is a must.

Botanics Pore Perfecting Toner for Blemish Prone Skin
(The product states that the gentle toner tightens pores and sweeps away any excess oil to prepare skin for moisturiser. It also will leave the complexion soft and matte.)

For the price the product is quite interesting as it uses clay to absorb oil on the skin, so the mixture is quite an earthy green colour with is a mix of toner and clay that sinks to the bottom of the bottle.

Does it work? If you have really sensitive skin this would be ideal to dab onto the areas you want to target as it is really mild and soft. It does take the shine of your face by removing oil but I would say it's only temporary. I also found it left my skin quite tacky which I didn't like, so I actually poured some of the product into a travel size spray bottle and added water - which obviously weakens it more but it solved the feeling of tackiness and actually was more fresher when I sprayed it onto my face. Overall the product is not quite there on what it says it does.

Lush Breath of Fresh Air Skin Toner
(The product states that is tones with tightness. Softens your skin with aloe; feeds it with vitamins and minerals. Reduces dryness, soreness and redness.)

The worst thing you can do if you have enlarged pores other than squeezing them is thinking a strong toner will really firm the skin and tighten your pores. What it will actually do is make your skin feel tight and your pores with go into overdrive and produce more oil which will make your pores more stretched looking and you will have more blackheads than before.

So a toner that has alot of natural ingredients is a must - I always look out for toners that include Rose and Aloe Vera. Both ingredients are incredibly calming and remove oil perfectly which this toner includes.

Does it work? Yes! I must be on my fourth bottle of this. It is one of the only toners that my skin doesn't get complacent with. It leaves your skin feeling so fresh and awake and really does improve the look of pores especially if you apply this after cleansing in the morning before applying your makeup.
I also use this during the day over my makeup. If my skin is feeling abit oily or clogged up I just use one spritz of this and it really does feel like I have given my skin a breath of fresh air.

Dr. Harnik Pore Refiner Deep Cleansing Pore Strips
(The product claims to lift away dirt, oil and blackheads leaving the skin visibly clean and clear.)

I would say this is more a treatment than anything else really as you do need to set aside 15 minutes and it isn't something you could incorporate into your daily/weekly routine.

Does it work? Again yes and no. If you are going somewhere special and really want your skin to look it's best this would be ideal to use the night before. It literally pulls out the oil from your pores leaving them clear which helps the appearance no end. But I wouldn't recommend to use the strips more than once a week as it just doesn't solve the problem and just makes your pores produce that little bit more oil. Also the result aren't lasting, I would say your pores stay clear for 5-10 hours and then go back to normal really.
I personally use them when I feel like my blackheads are quite noticeable and my skin is feeling clogged up. On a side note the sachets are handy for if you are going on holiday or in your overnight makeup bag.

Soap & Glory The Fab Pore 15-Minute Facial Peel
(The product states through the use of mushroom extract it helps to tighten pores. Also the salicylic acid loosens up the dead cells that contribute to pore clogging and Kaolin - clay to you and me sops up extra oil on your skin.)

With over 44 five star customer reviews on the boots website this has to be a winner. Unlike all the other products above this coming in fun packaging and smells great.

Does it work? Hell yes! Hopefully this will become a cult beauty product in the future. Anything with Salicylic acid is a winner with me, it literally melts away all the rubbish from your skin, without you scrubbing an inch. The product is perfect as it doesn't concentrate on one thing it brilliantly works on all the different aspects of pores. However what I think I love the most about the face mask is that it is a treat to use it and not a chore which means you remember to use it weekly.
I couldn't recommend this more highly.

Ofcourse this is just a few of the hundreds of pore related products on the market, but I hope I have shown you what to consider or look for when picking a product aimed at magically reducing the size of your pores.
I was going to touch upon how makeup can dramatically change the appearance of enlarged pores but seeing as this post is long enough I think I will create a separate post about it at a later date. So I can really go into using primers, foundation and translucent powders to conceal blackheads/pores.

If there is anything you would like me to touch upon in My Quest for Perfect Skin that you suffer from please do not hesitate to leave me a comment.

Sanctuary Warming Charcoal Detox Mask

Like most people I like the idea of using face masks however I seem to use them rarely and when I do I always pick something new and I am never amazed by the results.
I have tried peel off ones that seem tacky, ones that crack if you dare to move an inch, the weird cloth ones that have 4 holes in them, so I feel I know face masks now.

I have also tried afew warming face masks and I haven't really loved them, but I like most of the Sanctuary products so I thought I would try this. I also strangely liked the feel of it in the sachet!

The Sanctuary Warming Charcoal Detox Mask comes in two different formats, the one I purchased was the 15ml sachet for £1.79 with you can see in the above image or you can buy the full size 100ml tube which you can see at the bottom of the post for £8.99. These can be either purchased from Boots in-store or online or from

The charcoal in the mask is supposed to draw out all the impurities in your face and absorb any oil in the skin which helps with cleansing. So by the sounds of it, it's aimed at oily and also combination skin that is prone to spots and redness. Which is certianly alot of peoples skin types including my own.

The positive points to the mask is it is actually really like a spa mask, it doesn't dry or become tacky, it isn't runny nor too thick and it doesn't warm up so much you want to take it off.

Within 5 minutes the mask is ready to wash off and it really does leave your skin feeling alot fresher and cleansed, as for the appearance of my skin it was slightly red however this died down within 5 minutes and actually left my skin looking clearer around my nose and chin.

Overall - This mask does seem different from most sachets that you can buy on the high street, it just seems more indulgence and alot more expensive than it actually is. I also really like how you can just try it out by buying the £1.79 sachet and then you can consider buying the bigger 100ml version.

The downside to the product is the smell, unlike most face masks this one doesn't smell like strawberries...more tar mixed with a chalky earth smell. But it is quite subtle so it's not too bad.


Guest Reviewer for St. Ives Apricot Scrub

I thought I would quickly let you know the Guest Reviewer for the St Ives Scrub will be

Tor at ...That's Peachy

Thanks to everyone that participated and hopefully I will be looking for another guest reviewer in the coming month.


I want an Ellis Faas Face

It's not often that something this expensive catches my eye and keeps it there for more than a few minutes. However there are three things I love and that is design, makeup and practicality and the Ellis Faas range ticks all three boxes. The main thing that really attracted me was the concept of having everything in pen format all in one chic container in your bag. Nothing gets lost nothing gets scratched (unlike my YSL Touche Eclat which has seen better days) and especially no rifling through your makeup bag for 5 minutes to just find a lip gloss.

It is also ascetically pleasing unlike most compact makeup bags which I like but priced at £22.55 for just the holder I'm not whipping out my bank card just yet.

The range contains ;

  • Ellis Lips - Creamy, Milky and Glazed
  • Ellis Eyes - Creamy & Milky Eyes, Mascara & Eyeliner
  • Ellis Skin - Skin Veil (foundation), Concealer, Blush & Powder
I personally think the range is missing a duo bronzer/translucent powder for the lid and also a highlighter pen.

Also as the concept is mainly focused on the holder and being able to carry around the makeup you may need during the day in a compact way - I really wouldn't say you need mascara or foundation especially when it costs £40.00.

Having said that I still really like all of the products and the chic holder and if I where to receive this from my fiancee for my birthday lets just say I would be pleased.

Here is what you would find in my Ellis Holder...

Powder in S401 - £15.78

Skin Veil Foundation in S101 - £40.58

Concealer in S201 - £25.25

Blush in S301 - £25.25

Glazed Lips in L308 - £22.55

Milky Lips in L208 - £22.55

Eyeliner in Black E501 & Chocolate Brown E502 - (I was unable to find the pricing for this item but having looked at the mascara and Ellis eyes they are approximately £21.00 each)

So to purchase the holder, the central foundation, the six pens that go around it and the powder in the lid it would cost £216.51
That really is alot of money when the main concept is to keep your on the go makeup organised.

If however Yves Saint Laurent came up with a golden holder for there False Lash Effect Mascara, Touche Eclat and pen form nail lacquer I think I would be less concerned by the price!

Guest Reviewer Needed - St. Ives Apricot Scrub

I recently purchased this with the idea that it would be great for my skin, however after trying out a small amount I really feel it is too harsh for any skin type - having said this I would love to hear someone elses opinion of the product. So as I have used so little I would love for someone to trial out this product for me and give there option.

If you wish to review this whatever your skin type just leave me a comment below with your e-mail address.

I will choose someone on Thursday 25th March.

Here are my opinions on the product;-

From first appearances the scrub seemed quite natural and thick which is what first attracted me to the product, that and other beauty bloggers having good things to say about it.

However I was really surprised to find it for more like a micro-dermabrasion treatment as the scrub was so fine and coarse. Which does mean it leaves your skin really soft but also very red.

I really don't like the idea of using something so harsh on my face, not only does it pull at the skin but it can also be quite stripping and drying.

Anyway here are afew pictures of the results -

The only benefits of the scrub would be that it does leave your skin super soft, but my Garnier toner does that for me in a lot more soothing and gentle way, it also doesn't leave me with a red tomato face.

If you really don't mind using a harsh scrub on your face than maybe you are the reviewer for me!

NOTD - Half Moon Manicure

So I decided to keep on my Wham nail polish that was my NOTD five days ago as I liked it so much and I was being slightly lazy. As you can guess it was chipping at the tips by day five so instead on removing it I decided to give myself a Half Moon Manicure using another Collection 2000 Hot Looks nail polish in the form of 'Wow'.

Overall is was pretty easy to do as I knew my two coats of 'Wham' that I have applied 5 days earlier was 150% dry of course! The end result wasn't too amazing as you can see, however I could see if 'Wham' was the main colour with 'Wow' as the half moon I would look more chic. It kind of seems abit Gaga-esque, like something that would suit the Bad Romance video.

I had to include this picture as I am just fascinated that the palm of my hand can look like the skin on a Sharpei dog, I tried to put my hand in this position again and I just couldn't achieve the amazing wrinkles, thank god.

On a more normal note, the Collection 2000 Hot Looks Wow nail polish was quite tricky to apply, especially when trying to keep it streak-free, it also seemed to show any imperfections in my nails, however it is a fun colour.

I would love to know what you think, are you more Wham than Wow, or Wow than Wham?


My Quest for Perfect Skin - Spot Treatments

The main part of achieving perfect skin is being blemish free and staying that way most of the time. However for most people under 25 this is a hard task especially if you suffer from acne or have oily skin.

I personally have oily/combination skin and tend to develop spots around my chin and sometimes of my forehead, over the past year I have purchased three spot treatment products a Blemish Extractor Tool (£3.00) Freederm Gel 10g (£4.10) and Neutrogena Rapid Clear Treatment 15ml (£4.85).

At the beginning of last year un-suprisingly post christmas eating I really felt like my skin was congested and I seemed to be continously getting red angry looking spots that I really felt needed to removed rather than left to stay angry looking. I also had whiteheads near my jawline that wouldn't budge. So I decided to purchase a Blemish Removal Tool with two different loops on either end (I really wouldn't recommend using one with a sharp end that pierces the spot).

I really have mixed views on using a tool to extract spots so I will reveal the negative aspects first.

Negative Aspects to the Spot Extractor Tool -

  • You have to wait until the spot is developed enough to use the tool and by that time you have had a spot on your face for afew days.
  • You really can't use this daily - unless you don't mind red skin.
  • Unless you use alot of pressure the spot will not be extracted from the skin...which will make the spot appear again.
  • If you use the tool to remove alot of whiteheads in one area your skin can seem really red and hot for afew hours after.
Positive Aspects to the Spot Extractor Tool -
  • The tool really works it's best after a shower when your pores are open.
  • If you suffer from the odd large spot the tool will remove it with ease.
  • It is alot more hygenic than using your fingers and doesn't cause scaring.
Overall this isn't ideal for people that suffer with spots on a weekly basis and from using this it made me realize that removing spots isn't a good idea, hygenic or not.

After using the extractor tool I decided to try Freederm Gel which contains 4% Nicotinamide as the main ingrediant. Over the past year I have used 3/4 of the 10g tube and have had little success. I really do feel this is down to the ingrediants which all seem to have anti-inflammatory properties to reduce the redness however nothing to tackle the actual spot.

I feel people could possibly think the product is working but what really has happened is the spots appearence has been improve by the gel and doesn't look as red and then the spot goes away naturally within afew days.

The last spot treatment I tried was the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Rapid Treatment with Micro Clear ( what ever that means) which claims to visibly reduce spots within 8 hours. Having looked at the ingredients on the box I noticed two key ingrediants - Salicylic acid and Lactic Acid which help to treat acne and also exfoliate the skin.

I have to say the spot gel did live up to its 8 hour claim which I was really suprised at. It seems to really dry out the spot without leaving the skin dry at all. The other thing I have noticed over the past few months the gel has improved some spot scarring I have around my chin which I really didn't think would even go.

Overall this is a really good spot treatment for people that suffer from breakouts on a regular basis .

If you do suffer from more larger spots day to day I would really suggest using Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel which contains a higher percentage of Salicylic Acid than most other spot treatments. It is however more expensive than drugstore brands at around £25.00 but will definately help too clear the skin.

I really would love to know if you use a spot treatment to help reduce spots and if you have found a product that really works for you.


NOTD - Collection 2000 Hot Looks in Wham

What I said about 'Dynasty' in the Hot Looks collection being my favourite in this post, I take back.

Wham is the perfect shade on grey for my skin tone...not too light or too dark with subtle blue undertones, it also goes on with ease and only takes 2 coats.

Granted it is not ideal for spring...though this is such a chic colour that I think I may be wearing this through till summer on trend or not.


Top 5 Online Beauty Magazines

Online beauty magazines at Makeup Savvy

I have to admit I read alot of magazines...however most are yearly subscriptions which makes me feel slightly better on the money side of things. But at more than £3.50 for a normal fashion/beauty magazine is working out to be £42.00 per year for just one magazine a month!
For the last four months I have been turning my magazine addiction into more of an online magazine addiction - the only difference is it is totally free.

So here is my run down of the best online beauty magazines.

1. Glossy Magazine

Online beauty magazine at Makeup Savvy
This had to be my favourite online magazine - It really is a glossy magazine with fashion, beauty, photoshoots and celebrity news. There are 4 back issues to read and Issue 5 has a huge 270 pages to read.

It really is hard to believe that the magazine is free - if you only pick one online magazine to read make sure it is this one.

Find the current issue here.

2. M Magazine

If you want a soley beauty focused magazine this is for you, this is a sleek magazine with interesting interviews, tutorials and inspiring photoshoots.

M Magazine has 13 back issues and the current issue has 160 pages. Another amazing quality online magazine.

Find the current issue here.

3. Pure Beauty

Pure Beauty is a UK based online magazine full of beauty news and reviews. There are no back issues to read however this is a monthy magazine with up to date news and interesting articles to read.

At 68 pages this feels similar to a free beauty magazine that you would pick up in Superdrug or Boots without being biased ofcourse.

Read the March issue here.

4. Chic Today

Chic Today is certainly chic and polished. It is also packed full of amazing photography and inspiration.

With a mixture of fashion and beauty photoshoots this is one to browse though and soak up the inspiration and creativity that goes into this online magazine.

To read the current issue and the 28 back issues click here.

5. Swank Glossy Magazine

Last but not least is Swank Glossy which is a smaller online magazine at only 12 pages, however all 12 pages are full of amazing high quality images that are certain to inspire.

To read the current issue and 20 back issues click here.

6. Because Magazine

(Because I couldn't just have 5)

Although this isn't a magazine as such I visit this site on a regular basis to look at new fashion/beauty products that are viewable as images or small videos.

To view the website click here.

I really hope you have found this informative and if you are a self confessed magazine addict hopefully this will help you on the road to recovery, or atleast with more money to spend on your makeup addiction!

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