Top 5 Online Beauty Magazines

Online beauty magazines at Makeup Savvy

I have to admit I read alot of magazines...however most are yearly subscriptions which makes me feel slightly better on the money side of things. But at more than £3.50 for a normal fashion/beauty magazine is working out to be £42.00 per year for just one magazine a month!
For the last four months I have been turning my magazine addiction into more of an online magazine addiction - the only difference is it is totally free.

So here is my run down of the best online beauty magazines.

1. Glossy Magazine

Online beauty magazine at Makeup Savvy
This had to be my favourite online magazine - It really is a glossy magazine with fashion, beauty, photoshoots and celebrity news. There are 4 back issues to read and Issue 5 has a huge 270 pages to read.

It really is hard to believe that the magazine is free - if you only pick one online magazine to read make sure it is this one.

Find the current issue here.

2. M Magazine

If you want a soley beauty focused magazine this is for you, this is a sleek magazine with interesting interviews, tutorials and inspiring photoshoots.

M Magazine has 13 back issues and the current issue has 160 pages. Another amazing quality online magazine.

Find the current issue here.

3. Pure Beauty

Pure Beauty is a UK based online magazine full of beauty news and reviews. There are no back issues to read however this is a monthy magazine with up to date news and interesting articles to read.

At 68 pages this feels similar to a free beauty magazine that you would pick up in Superdrug or Boots without being biased ofcourse.

Read the March issue here.

4. Chic Today

Chic Today is certainly chic and polished. It is also packed full of amazing photography and inspiration.

With a mixture of fashion and beauty photoshoots this is one to browse though and soak up the inspiration and creativity that goes into this online magazine.

To read the current issue and the 28 back issues click here.

5. Swank Glossy Magazine

Last but not least is Swank Glossy which is a smaller online magazine at only 12 pages, however all 12 pages are full of amazing high quality images that are certain to inspire.

To read the current issue and 20 back issues click here.

6. Because Magazine

(Because I couldn't just have 5)

Although this isn't a magazine as such I visit this site on a regular basis to look at new fashion/beauty products that are viewable as images or small videos.

To view the website click here.

I really hope you have found this informative and if you are a self confessed magazine addict hopefully this will help you on the road to recovery, or atleast with more money to spend on your makeup addiction!



  1. Thanks for sharing! I'll be checking these out now!

  2. Thanks I didnt know about 4/5 of these :D xXx

  3. Your blog is awesome:) and i'm defo going to check out some of these magazines:D

    I also gave you an award so here's the link:)

  4. Thanks :) def will check these out x

  5. this is good stuff! thanks for sharing <3 !

  6. I had no idea about these magazines. Hope I get a chance to read them soon.

    Have a wonderful day! :-)

  7. Oh wow! What a good idea. Thank you for all the links. Definitely checking this out! x

  8. Thank you so much for posting these! You're right, magazines are really expensive. I'm going to check out these online magazines as soon as possible :)

  9. This is such a great post!! So handy to look at! Thank you!

  10. wow!!! I never knew of these... thank you so much, I think you opened my eyes to something new and amazing!!! :)))

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