Melvita - Organic Extra-Gentle Body Scrub

Melvita Body Scrub @ Makeup Savvy

I must admit I like to exfoliate, alot.

However I have found most to be either overly scented and don't exfoliate much or they are just too harsh. After trying out the Sugar Scrub from Lush which was way too harsh and resulted in scratched skin, I decided to hunt down the best exfoliator.

Which I really think I have found in Melvita's Extra Gentle Body Scrub £16 200ml (now £12.80 from - this is really what exfoliating should be like.

Melvita - Which means honey (mel) and life (life) in Latin, is actually pretty new to the UK however it is the largest organic skincare range in France, which really does gives me confidence in this 'new' brand. Also every single product from there large range is certified organic by Eco-cert which I love.

Melvita Body Scrub at Makeup Savvy
The first thing I noticed was the smell of the scrub - which are the key ingredients; Orange, Sugar Cane and Apricot. When rubbed into the skin is it the most amazing smell almost like a syrupy orange that is really awakening and fresh.
The other thing I noticed which is unlike all other products I have used is that you can actually see the ingredients that make the scrub exfoliating - the image below really shows the sugar and orange peel in the scrub.

Melvita Body Scrub at Makeup Savvy
However what I really want to talk about is why I think this is what exfoliating should be like. From personal experience most scrubs seem to rub away at the skin leaving the surface red and most of the time not all that soft. With Melvita's Body Scrub I noticed it was a lot softer and calmer on the skin. I also paid attention to my knees and heels like the back of the product advised, which to be honest I didn't think would do all that much however I was more than glad I had followed the usage tips - my heels and knees had dry skin no more!

Overall - I have been using the product for afew weeks now and I can happily say that I do not need to test out anymore exfoliating products as this really has the right balance and is a joy to use. I just need to stop my other half from using it now!

Melvita products can be found at Look Fantastic,Melvita UK and Beautybay.


  1. I'll have to look into their body scrub... it sounds like it does smell yummy. It is somewhat pricey though. I have been using St. Ives Daily face scrub for exfoliating my face. It is really working and when I rinse it off I notice how soft my skin feels. I haven't found a body one that does that yet.

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  3. dang that product seems fabulous!!!! I might have to go on a search for it!


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