Superdrugs MUA £1 Makeup Range

Superdrug MUA Makeup Range @ Makeup SavvyI normally don't post three posts in one day, however I thought I would quickly show you more of the new

Makeup Academy range

that will be available from Superdrug in April.

Superdrug MUA Makeup Range @ Makeup SavvyFrom looking at the images the range is going to be quite large with items like eyedust, clear mascara, glitter eyeline and pressed powder. In Superdrugs own words 'There's no getting away from the fact this is the best priced cosmetics collection available in the country'.

I'm personally looking forward to this new budget friendly line - I feel when makeup is this low in price you can really try out colours and items you wouldn't normally.

If you want to read my other post with more images of the new MUA range just click here.



  1. I'm looking forward to trying their products out too :) Hopefully they will be good

  2. Ooh I'm looking forward to checking this out when it's in store! I love cheap make-up for experimentation with colours etc - means I don't feel guilty spending too much on something I don't know how much I'll use.

  3. this looks amazing cant wait to see it in my super drug

  4. Wow can't waite for this! your right you can play with colour more as you havent spent a fourtune if you don't like it!! :) xXx

  5. Oh, the items look wonderful so far! You're so lucky in the UK!

  6. MUA £1 Makeup range is now available to buy online at Hurry Whilst stocks last!


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