I want an Ellis Faas Face

It's not often that something this expensive catches my eye and keeps it there for more than a few minutes. However there are three things I love and that is design, makeup and practicality and the Ellis Faas range ticks all three boxes. The main thing that really attracted me was the concept of having everything in pen format all in one chic container in your bag. Nothing gets lost nothing gets scratched (unlike my YSL Touche Eclat which has seen better days) and especially no rifling through your makeup bag for 5 minutes to just find a lip gloss.

It is also ascetically pleasing unlike most compact makeup bags which I like but priced at £22.55 for just the holder I'm not whipping out my bank card just yet.

The range contains ;

  • Ellis Lips - Creamy, Milky and Glazed
  • Ellis Eyes - Creamy & Milky Eyes, Mascara & Eyeliner
  • Ellis Skin - Skin Veil (foundation), Concealer, Blush & Powder
I personally think the range is missing a duo bronzer/translucent powder for the lid and also a highlighter pen.

Also as the concept is mainly focused on the holder and being able to carry around the makeup you may need during the day in a compact way - I really wouldn't say you need mascara or foundation especially when it costs £40.00.

Having said that I still really like all of the products and the chic holder and if I where to receive this from my fiancee for my birthday lets just say I would be pleased.

Here is what you would find in my Ellis Holder...

Powder in S401 - £15.78

Skin Veil Foundation in S101 - £40.58

Concealer in S201 - £25.25

Blush in S301 - £25.25

Glazed Lips in L308 - £22.55

Milky Lips in L208 - £22.55

Eyeliner in Black E501 & Chocolate Brown E502 - (I was unable to find the pricing for this item but having looked at the mascara and Ellis eyes they are approximately £21.00 each)

So to purchase the holder, the central foundation, the six pens that go around it and the powder in the lid it would cost £216.51
That really is alot of money when the main concept is to keep your on the go makeup organised.

If however Yves Saint Laurent came up with a golden holder for there False Lash Effect Mascara, Touche Eclat and pen form nail lacquer I think I would be less concerned by the price!


  1. It's so pretty...but my head is about to explode just looking at the price.

    Knowing me, I would try to throw together a self-made knockoff at a fraction of the price ('cause I'm all about the mad makeup science).

  2. what a fab idea.. im not sold on the price though eek!

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