Bourjois Marron Glace Eyeshadow

After writing a post yesterday on the new spring/summer Bourjois collection - Pretty Paris (which you can read here) I decided to dig out some of the Bourjois eyeshadow I own and I came across No.54 Marron Glace, UNOPENED! Before you start getting visions of a huge makeup collection with lots of un-used makeup. I would like to make it clear that I don't even need to organize my makeup as I don't actually own that much. So I haven't got a clue why I haven't even opened this.

Anyway so I thought I would swatch it for you to see, the lightest finger is just a swatch from the pot and the darker looking swatch was applied with a wet brush and as you can see the pigment is pretty good.

I have to say though the eyeshadow looks nicer in the pan, all of the shades in the range always look so shimmery and pigmented. As you can see in the above image the eyeshadow kind of touches the light and looks quite reflective. I personally think this is down to the domed shaped of the eyeshadow.

Having said all of that though I do like alot of there eyeshadows and they always work really well when applied wet, especially with an eyeliner brush on the lower lid.

The only negative I could say about the eyeshadows is the price. It is a high street makeup brand and £5-£6 for a single eyeshadow is abit steep. But if they did have there pretty illustrated packaging all of the time I probably would feel happier spending £6.00.



  1. I never tried Bourjois shadows... the color looks very me

  2. I love these eyeshadows!
    Im hoping to buy my firdt few,
    i really like this one, if you have anymore please could you swatch them too

  3. I have three of their trios which are nice but you have to work some of the colours to get the colour to show up well. I would be intrested in seeing more of the simgle shadows if you have any :-) x

  4. Haven't tried that brand but that color looks so rich and pigmented!:D

    Check out my blog!
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  5. I love the bourjois blushes but I do think the eyeshadows are a bit pricey.

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