Sanctuary Warming Charcoal Detox Mask

Like most people I like the idea of using face masks however I seem to use them rarely and when I do I always pick something new and I am never amazed by the results.
I have tried peel off ones that seem tacky, ones that crack if you dare to move an inch, the weird cloth ones that have 4 holes in them, so I feel I know face masks now.

I have also tried afew warming face masks and I haven't really loved them, but I like most of the Sanctuary products so I thought I would try this. I also strangely liked the feel of it in the sachet!

The Sanctuary Warming Charcoal Detox Mask comes in two different formats, the one I purchased was the 15ml sachet for £1.79 with you can see in the above image or you can buy the full size 100ml tube which you can see at the bottom of the post for £8.99. These can be either purchased from Boots in-store or online or from

The charcoal in the mask is supposed to draw out all the impurities in your face and absorb any oil in the skin which helps with cleansing. So by the sounds of it, it's aimed at oily and also combination skin that is prone to spots and redness. Which is certianly alot of peoples skin types including my own.

The positive points to the mask is it is actually really like a spa mask, it doesn't dry or become tacky, it isn't runny nor too thick and it doesn't warm up so much you want to take it off.

Within 5 minutes the mask is ready to wash off and it really does leave your skin feeling alot fresher and cleansed, as for the appearance of my skin it was slightly red however this died down within 5 minutes and actually left my skin looking clearer around my nose and chin.

Overall - This mask does seem different from most sachets that you can buy on the high street, it just seems more indulgence and alot more expensive than it actually is. I also really like how you can just try it out by buying the £1.79 sachet and then you can consider buying the bigger 100ml version.

The downside to the product is the smell, unlike most face masks this one doesn't smell like strawberries...more tar mixed with a chalky earth smell. But it is quite subtle so it's not too bad.



  1. Nice review! Charcoal is quite good for your skin. :)

  2. You got me with these two words: Charcoal and Detox.:D

    I'm not sure if I can get a hold of that here in California... but I do use Lush's Dark Angel.:D

    Nice post, have a lovely weekend!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  3. I am not too sure, but isn't this very similar to The Warming mask from Body Shop? except for the charcoal part. I use it regularly and have found it to be excellent for my skin.

  4. Ooh exciting! I love sanctuary products so this is very intriguing xoxo

  5. I'm always looking for different face masks, may give this one a go but i do like nice smelling ones..

  6. I saw this on half price at Boots today and I'm doing my research so thanks for this post :)

    I have the Superdrug mud mask and that isn't heating but still gets my skin v hot, I'm picking this Sanctuary one up later on tonight


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