Monday Moustache Manicure!

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Don't worry I know it's Tuesday!
But I thought I would show you my nails from yesterday, which I did to cheer up the start of the week!

Yes, kind of crazy but it works! Every time I look down at my nails with little different moustaches on them it makes me smile. Well I find moustaches in general hilarious but on my nails it's even better.

Moustache Mugs (£11.50) from Pere Ibruegger
I took my inspiration from the above picture and have to say I think I need to put one of those moustache mugs on my Christmas List!

To actually create the moustaches I have to admit it can be a bit tricky especially doing it with your other hand but I did do it with a fine tipped Sharpie pen which did help! But as for a tutorial I really couldn't explain how to draw them on to the nails - it's just a matter of copying each style of moustache slowly and then filling them in with the sharpie pen!

Really hope you like these and even try them out next Monday to see if they
cheer up the start of your own week!

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