A Slightly Premature Spring Wish List

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Call it very wishful thinking but Spring is just around the corner! It may be that I'm totally over Winter or the fact that slowly the evenings are becoming lighter, but Spring has been on my mind lately and I'm going with it. 

Spring is a time for blush tones, lighter makeup and basically a few new treats! So I thought I'd create a somewhat premature wish list full of some of my favourite recent finds and loves.


Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation - £32.00 HERE

My current Winter foundation is in fact Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Foundation as it's just full coverage heaven. I can't get enough of it, in fact I dedicated an entire blog post to it! Side note: I'm not one to spend on high end foundations as I truly believe the high street do a good enough job (especially Bourjois, Rimmel & L'Oreal) but after trying a sample of CT's Magic Foundation I was blown away and had to get it, I even convinced my sister to picked it up after forcing her to apply it and seeing the magic for herself. However come Spring/Summer I know my glorious Magic Foundation will be too high coverage and something slightly more sheer and dewy is in order. This is where Wonder Foundation steps in as from looking at many a before and after image of the foundation application on Google I could instantly see why it's a popular choice for many. Flattering on all skin tones and types, perfectly dewy and not to mention light reflective in all the right areas to give a radiant glow to the face. I'm in! 

Philosophy Amazing Grace 60ml - £33.00 HERE

This was a scent I picked up by chance in a Boxing Day sale many years ago now and since then it's been a re-purchase situation. You know the first day in Spring when you decide to brave opening all the windows and put fresh bedding on the bed? Well this scent encapsulates that very smell. Basically this is the cleanest and softest of scents that smells firstly of fresh linen with a floral hint. Just perfect for Spring and perking up your mood. Sadly I used my last drop in December (I use it all year round because I love it so much) so this will be a definite re-purchase very soon.

NYX Makeup Tricks of the Trade Set - £25.00 HERE

Now this isn't Spring related as such but I randomly came across this product on Feel Unique last week and may have let out an audible "ooo". I don't know about you, but I've never seen a similar set from NYX before! If you love the brand, and who doesn't, then this is a great way to explore more products. The set includes 7 products which is good value for money in my opinion and contains some star products such as the Liquid Illuminator, Matte Setting Spray and Butter Gloss in Creme Brulee. Should I treat myself to this?

Matalan Dreamer Sweater - £16.00 HERE

I spotted this literal dream of a sweater in Hannah Gale's recent Matalan Haul video and instantly thought 'Boden', which if it was from Boden would cost around the £70 mark! So first, well done Matalan! This light knit would look perfect paired with your favourite skinny jeans, a pleated midi skirt or even with a shirt underneath. Such a lovely versatile piece that I think I need in my wardrobe this coming Spring/Summer.

Village Candle Lemon Pound Cake - £12.99 HERE

Village Candle candles are without a doubt my favourite candle brand, yes, even over Yankee Candle, which I agree they do look identical to. The reason for this is that they create the most true-to-scent candles I've come across, which really blow Yankee Candle out of the water if I'm honest. I'm currently burning a Honey Creme candle from the brand which is divine but I know I need Lemon Pound Cake in my life come Spring. I've already tried this out in a small votive candle so I know that it's incredibly yummy but also light thanks to the lemon, the perfect combination for me come Spring. If you haven't tried anything from Village Candle but love Yankee Candle I really do urge you to try them out - you will be impressed, I promise!

ASOS Scallop Shopper Bag with Removable Clutch - £25.00 HERE 

Come a new season I always feel a new everyday bag is in order. I absolutely love ASOS own brand handbags and in fact own two from this line but without the scalloped detail. These bags are roomy, well made, go with all outfits and the removable clutch makes a great large makeup bag or clutch if you want to take it out! Another dreamy item perfect for Spring!

Have I tempted you with anything here? 

Also please tell me it's not too early to be planning for Spring! 

Fee xo.

How To Become Your Own Professional Photography Stylist

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One of key elements of blogging is the visual aspect. Of course, not all blog niches focus on it so heavily, but on the whole photography alongside well-written articles can set your blog apart from others. Thus attracting more readers. 

I absolutely love to get creative with my own blog photography, so today I thought I would share my own tips and tricks on how to style and shoot your blog images like a pro. 

The Basics

Photography Backgrounds

Starting at the beginning we need to talk backgrounds. The most popular choice for bloggers (myself included) is a plain white matte background or faux marble. Both of these work well as they don't overpower the subject matter. However, taking inspiration from editorial still-life images can help to broaden ideas. Matte pastel backgrounds (bought from craft stores) can work well even using more than one colour either joining them together or overlaying them. For richer images try out more detailed backgrounds such as aged wood or slate. If you can't get your hands on anything, finding wallpaper samples in your local DIY store can be just as effective! Reflective surfaces also have their place, I especially like acrylic sheets (eBay here) which are inexpensive and can be bought in any colour, you can see an example of how I used a black acrylic background here. To add interest or to give a certain feel to the image, material can work well. Not only is it more fluid in appearance but you can style it to work with the objects you are photographing.  

EXAMPLE: Effective use of wallpaper as a backdrop here 
EXAMPLE: Favourite use of material as a background here

Creating a Prop Box 

Having a large variety of props on hand for your images is essential. These can be anything from notebooks and stationary to plates, ribbon and dried flowers. Flowers and even food can also work well to dress up a shoot into something more interesting. As you can see in the above fragrance image I used leaves and water from a spray bottle to create an autumnal/winter feel. Though my personal favourite props are satin ribbon (you can find a cheap listing on eBay here), dried rose petals (eBay here) and books/magazines. However if you are looking to achieve more editorial style images then thinking outside of the box with unique props is key. For ideas flicking through your favourite magazines should help with your own creative inspiration. 

Choosing a Colour Palette  

Colour is definitely something that should be explored within still life photography. For styled images sticking to a palette of 3-4 colours always works well. But there may be times you want to stick to a single colour to add impact or go all out to create a vibrant image with an unlimited colour palette. All monochrome or pastel images can also work really well. Here it's about being aware of colour while also having fun because there really aren't any rules! 

To Flat Lay or not to Flat Lay - Talking Angles

Deciding to shoot in a flat lay style, directly above, or at an angle really is personal preference. I often like to mix it up to make sure my images don't appear to same-y and just to add a bit of extra variety and interest. When shooting a flat lay from above I like to stand up straight and lean over my shot and zoom in if I feel I need to (sometimes a tripod is required). If you have quite a lot going on in your setup you may want to grab a small stool or even a pair of compact step ladders to capture everything. This generally isn't needed when it comes to photographing makeup products as a beauty blogger but for larger items, or showing what the products are placed on (maybe a table or bed) then getting up high and shooting directly from above is key. As for shots from a slight angle the main benefit is that is allows for a depth of field to be created (a blurred background) which gives a stronger focal point and is always pleasing on the eye. I personally prefer to shoot in this way as products can appear more tactile as the shape of them is more visible than in a flat lay, it also allows for soft shadows to be created.

Example post with a mix of flat lay and traditional angle shots here

Flat Lay Styles

The main type of flat lay in the blogging world is one that sets the scene/tells a story. These generally include a focal item with other items staged around it in a natural way. However, there are so many other ways to shoot flay lays that can expand your ideas. Below are the main types of flat lays that all work well for blog photography and social media posts. 

Side note: Flat lays have become increasingly popular on social media. Other than being aesthetically pleasing, they are a popular choice for many for a reason. The lens on a phone is greatly different to an actual camera and can often distort the perspective and shape of products when shooting from an angle, making it pretty obvious the image has been taken by a phone camera. Shoot directly from above and that problem disappears! 

The "setting the scene' flat lay 

As I explained above this is the most popular type of flat lay for bloggers. Anything goes here really, as long as it makes sense and tells a story or sets the scene that is! For example when writing a blog post that's about blogging I often photograph the keyboard of my laptop, a notebook, a pen and even a few extras like a few plants or flowers and even a cup of coffee. This is a relatable scene and goes well with the blog topic I will be writing about. Talking about products to induce sleep? Photograph them on a white duvet with a cosy looking throw, a candle or two and even a pair of slippers, instantly setting the scene and creating a serene image. This kind of flat lay is so simple, yet so effective. Want to go one step further? Try an "action" shot by including your hands into the image to really make your story come alive. For this you will need a tripod and your camera on the timer setting or a willing helper!

A photo posted by Flatlays (@flatlays) on

The "organised' flat lay 

If you like to keep things neat and simplistic then the organised flat lay style may be for you. The best way to start is to imagine a square or rectangle and place items within it, generally at equal distances apart .This does however mean you won't have a focal point as all the items will appear equal. Not all of the items need to have straight edges but using items with straight sides for the outer part of your imaginary straight edged shape reinforces the shape and the neat look you are going for. This becomes even more effective when paired with a single or minimal colour palette to give a contemporary editorial look. This style is perfect for sharing a similar collection of items, for example your skincare stash or the contents of your bag, albeit the receipts! 

EXAMPLE: The Makeup We Buy 

The "all about white space" flat lay 

In photography white space can say a lot whilst remaining a simplistic looking image. But in blog photography it's slightly different and can give your focal product that you want to write about the space to breathe (and shine!) or even create a nice space overlay title text when it comes to editing your images. This style isn't as common, but with a focal product and one or two items to support it the shot can really work and look beautiful. 


The Main Elements of Photography Styling


I could write endless blog posts on styling (don't worry, I won't!) because there are so many elements to it. The main element that can make an image shine is placement. Depending on the type of image you are wanting to convey you may want to give products equidistant space and lay them mostly flat (good for flat lays) or mix this up with over lapping items with some stood up (good for shooting at an angle). Also opening up products for example a makeup compact or a magazine can give a more realistic yet editorial look to your images.


Lighting is another important element to be aware of. Natural even lighting is a must, so shoot in front of a large window if you can and avoid using flash at all costs. However shadows may actually be your friend and often play a large part in editorial still-life shoots; from soft shadows cast from the products you are photographing (example) to deliberate harsh shadows that add extra interest and dimension (example). 

Hopefully I've covered the basics with this post and have given some food for thought when it comes still life blog photography.

Let me know your favourite types of photography for your own blog and to see on others? I have a feeling it may be flat lays!

Fee xo.

eBay Bargains #70 - Makeup Storage

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 Marble/Copper Cosmetic Storage Case 
 £24.99 HERE 
First up, the most on-trend makeup storage cases you ever did see! As you can see there are two options to pick from - Silver/Marble or Rose Gold/Back both of which unfold out to reveal four tiered compartments along with a bottom compartment. I personally love the rose gold case and think it would be a great option if you have out grown your makeup bag and want something that holds much more. The best hard case makeup storage I've seen!

 Cosmetic Sponge Drying Holder 
 99p HERE 
Now this is a pretty ingenious idea! 1. This holder means your makeup sponge can dry without any bacteria forming 2. It keeps it from rolling off your dressing table. Super cheap and very handy if you own a makeup sponge/beauty blender. You can also find a multi makeup sponge holder that holds 8 sponges here for only £3.38.

 Acrylic 4-Section Brush Holder 
 £6.95 HERE  
 If you own more than a few makeup brushes a good size holder is a must. I already own a 3-compartment  acrylic holder and I'm so glad I picked it up. It holds so many brushes and the compartments allow you to organise them into different brush types for the face and eyes for example. This one looks really good quality and is affordable. 

 Makeup Brush Drying Rack 
 £2.84 HERE 
 This strange contraption is for holding your makeup brushes upside down after washing them. This means the water drips away from the ferrule of the brush and they dry their natural shape. If you own a few expensive brushes that you really want to look after then this will make sure they stay in tip top condition. Also could be used as a brush holder when not using it as a drying rack!

 Lotus Cotton Bud Holder 
 £2.28 HERE 
 A lovely bathroom accessory here that holds cotton buds. This means you can ditch the boring cotton bud packaging and store them in a beautiful lotus next to the sink or on a windowsill. Definitely not an essential but really pretty and inexpensive. Choice of colours available.

 Acrylic 24 Lipstick Holder Storage 
 £14.99 HERE 
 If you are a lipstick lover like myself then keeping all your favourites organised and to hand is a must. This stunning acrylic holder will not only look good on your dressing table but will make you use more of your favourite shades. Available in clear acrylic and black acrylic.
Acrylic 4 Drawer Makeup Storage Tower 
£10.97 HERE 
One of my most favourite makeup storage options here that is incredibly inexpensive yet well made. This was my second makeup tower purchase after spending quite a bit of money on Muji acrylic storage and other than the difference in handles the quality is the exact same, in fact the acrylic is thicker than the Muji storage. The unit includes 2 wide drawers, 2 small drawers and a large organiser that can be kept onto of the drawer unit or used separately. Acrylic storage stands the test of time and is the best way to store makeup in my opinion.

False Eyelashes Storage Case 
£1.54 HERE
If you're a lover of false lashes then you may want to pick up this handy storage case. Perfect for keeping your lashes safe after use! I personally don't use false lashes but I know this case would come in handy for quite a few people. 
Happy bargain shopping! 

Fee xo.
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