As a total highlight lover I've been using the incredible Shimma Shimma eyeshadow from Makeup Geek as a pigmented highlighter for quite some time now. This got me thinking what else the brand may have to offer and before I knew it I'd created a stunning custom face palette out of eyeshadows for around £15!

Free makeup samples

When it comes to asking for free samples it can be daunting, to say the least. From being afraid of approaching busy sales staff to worrying if you will get an outright no, it can be easy to miss out on lots of potential free samples. 

However, there is an art to it! Plus, it can be handy to know which brands are generous and which aren't when it comes to giving out free samples! Which is why I thought a blog post on the subject may come in handy to any fellow beauty lovers. 

For the longest time I've been meaning to sit down and write an updated post on fake makeup. The reason for this is since I last wrote about the topic (back in 2011) the problem of fake beauty products has only increased; both in scale and how convincing products now are.

I'm not gonna' lie, when I'm in a rush my makeup routine is about speed over being minimal... because I simply can't do minimal, I can only do less. Yes, I do drop a few products such as eyeshadow and liner but if I have any extra time you better believe I'm speeding bronzing and adding highlight!

But along with a speedier application, it's in the products I pick because if I have minimal time to get ready I always opt for the same products because I know they are quick to use and flawless. So here is my exact routine along with my favourite in-a-hurry makeup products.

When time is of the essence all makeup tools get ditched and foundation and concealer are applied with fingers only. This means I pick products that work well in this way and blend with ease. My current favourite foundation that looks flawless without a primer base and applied with just the fingers is Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear foundation (Look Fantastic is the cheapest online to buy it!). Although a full coverage foundation it applies with easy and I find actually works best without a primer or setting powder over the top. A few dots of this down my T-zone and two dots on either cheek, then quickly blended out takes no time at all!

Brow Powder
Having fair brows my face lacks definition without adding some colour and structure, especially when I'm wearing mascara, making brows a must! For a foolproof quick application, I always opt for matte eyeshadows in a similar shade to my hair colour, applied with an angled brush. From the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette, I use Naked 2 for the inner part of my brows and Faint to give definition over the rest of my brows. Powder products definitely stay on the brows and don't require setting with a brow gel I've found, making them ideal when in a hurry.

If I'm in a total rush I resist the urge to curl my lashes, instead opting for a curling/volumising mascara. I have many favourite mascaras but the one that adds a curl to my lashes is Kiko Extra Sculpt Volumise Mascara. I find this very similar to Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, but at a fraction of the price and it lasts all day without flaking.

Just in case of any mascara mistakes I always leave concealer until the end. I currently don't have a favourite concealer so I will pick up any I have to hand, applying it under my eyes, around my nose and on any blemishes. Mascara and concealer really as my essential makeup products; however much of a rush I'm in I can't be without these two items!

Leaving my lips bare feels total unnatural with the rest of my face done so as it takes seconds it's always my final step before I head out the door. Depending on what I'm wearing, the weather and my mood, I either go for a staple nude or a bright lip colour. If the sun is shining and I want to look more put together I will opt for a bright pink lip, generally in a liquid lipstick formula to ensure that it lasts. But for the most part, will go for a trust nude lipstick, my current handbag staple being Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in Penelope Pink which is definitely more of a peachy nude than a pink.

Without a doubt less is more when in a rush. Piling on makeup in a hurry never ends well! So sticking to a few key products you are use to using and also love really is key.

What are your absolute makeup staples that you can't be without even in a rush?

Fee xo.

Although the sun hasn't fully come out just yet I thought it was time to talk lighter bases that give a healthy glow and let the skin breathe.

I personally only have a few full coverage foundations in my collection, preferring to go for a light coverage (especially come spring/summer) touching up areas with my concealer of choice. And when I fancy a matte finish I simply dust with translucent powder to dull down the glow.

Here I've selected five wonderful foundations and BB/CC creams, from the sheerest of formulas to light coverage foundations that you can build. Basically, there's something for everyone here!

 Call me addicted to all things beauty, but I love me a beauty fact! The more unusual and interesting the better. But the problem is most articles seem to recycle beauty facts which is pretty boring. 

This is why I thought I'd come up with my own blog post of fresh new beauty facts that you hopefully have never heard of before! 


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