For the past 5+ years, there's been a buzz around perfectly plumped lips, achieved by lip fillers. With an influx of celebrities and social media influences sporting fuller lips, it's become hard not to wish for a similar look. And I get it, along with eyes the lips can dramatically change a look and a fuller pout is generally more appealing.

Have I considered lip fillers? In a nutshell, yes. However combined with a fear of my lip line being injected, the pricey up keep and the worry that the near to permanent results could end up going wrong or not being to my liking, I've decided it's simply not for me.

However, if like me you are still keen to explore safe and natural alternatives then this review of the PMD Kiss Lip Plumping System may just interest you! Especially to see my results and hear how long the effects can last.

For the longest time, I've been a fan of Models Own nail polishes. They apply with ease, come in endless shades and last well both on the nails and in terms of product longevity. I love them that much I have around 50+ Model Own shades! 

At normally £4.99 each they are pretty mid-price for nail polish and when a shade I like comes out I'm happy to pick it up. However, when browsing eBay last week I came across an amazing offer I just couldn't resist.

When I picked up my latest shampoo mainly because it was on offer and had a maple leaf on the front I didn't envisage dedicating a blog post to it.

But on first use, I felt like autumn had come early in my shower and instantly thought "people need to know about this!"... so here I am telling you about it!

This month marks a year since The Ordinary was launched and as it has truly become one of my favourite skincare brands, it's without a doubt my favourite budget skincare brand, I thought I'd dedicate a post to it and share my favourite products thus far!

With the arrival of a new season, I think most beauty & lifestyle bloggers are thinking of how they can update and style up their flat lays.

As I particularly love cosy autumnal images and start to hoard blog props for Autumn, Halloween, Winter and of course Christmas right about now, I thought I'd share some inexpensive items I've picked up recently. 

Along with quite a few other blog prop ideas that won't break the bank!

Lush have just dropped both their Halloween & Christmas ranges so of course, I headed to their website to 1. get excited about the upcoming festive seasons, and 2. decide what I need to try!

But while browsing I also discovered a few permanent products I feel I need to try before the year is out. Which is how this post has come about as I now have a shopping list of Lush products I want to pick up in the next month or so. Find below the new products that have caught my eye along with a few other autumn/winter pamper buys.

With just over a week until it's officially Autumn I thought a little lifestyle type post was in order to share my love of the impending season. 

I've been autumn ready for weeks so I thought I would share some of the enjoyable pastimes I've been getting up to which I find relaxing and perfect for this time of year. From upping my skin care game with glow-enhancing face masks and facial oils to dusting off my slow cooker for a few comforting dishes both savoury and sweet.

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