Ever come across something so stunning that you instantly snap it up?

Okay, I feel I need to apologise for featuring two amazingly priced eBay brush sets in the space of two weeks. No one needs multiple brush sets.... but ya know, when they are this pretty!!

Much like the oh, so magical unicorn makeup brush set I recently reviewed, these are of a similar theme. I don't know what that theme is exactly... but it's god damn pretty none the less!

For the past year or so I have been dabbling in more high-end luxury skincare... and I annoyingly like it. No surprise there, then

It's simple, select the correct higher-end skincare products for your skin type and they will be effective and often for the long term. That's really what changed my mind, why spend £5 on a face mask that will give you mediocre short-term results that you end up using 3 times a week over a £20 mask that is highly effective and only needs to be used once a week. I guess it's about being more skincare savvy I've come to realise!

A few months ago I decided it was time to invest in a custom eyeshadow palette. A palette I would use daily and never get bored of. 

I came to this conclusion after buying endless budget to mid-priced eyeshadow palettes (think Makeup Revolution, Sleek, theBalm etc) which although initially loving, they would ultimately end up at the back of a drawer. Not savvy!

Spring is officially just around the corner and I for one couldn't be more ready for it. Right about now we are all feeling the effects of short daylight hours and Winter's chill so a little lusting after what's to come in the form of pastel shades can do no hard! 

Below you will find a range of eBay items I love the look of, I've ordered a few, and the best part of all... most are low spend at £1-3! Guilt-free spring spending right here!

If you told me last year that I'd be sitting down to write a fairly negative post about Bloglovin', I really don't think I would have believed you. You see I've been using Bloglovin' for over 5 years now and it brings me a decent amount of traffic due to the 90,000+ followers I've accumulated in that time. So I'm pretty grateful! 

Plus, I use it daily to keep up to date with blog posts from all my favourite blogs

But recently there has been a massive shift in how Bloglovin' are conducting themselves as a platform that is potentially harming a lot of bloggers hard work. And the strange thing... it seems to have gone unnoticed!

If there was every a beauty collaboration I didn't know I wanted until it happened, it would be Too Faced joining forces with Kat Von D for three amazing makeup sets!

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