Floral Embroidery is very much on trend right now and I'm totally loving it! So for that reason, I thought I'd put together a floral themed post of some of my favourite budget finds today.

When it comes to moisturising my face in the summer months I want something light, like, really light. But don't get me wrong, I still want it to do something. I want it to make my makeup apply smoothly, I want it to hydrate my skin well, especially after a day in the sun, and most importantly I want it to nourish my skin without clogging pores. 

It's a big ask but oily/combination skin is high maintenance after all. But I think I may have found the One... and I managed to pick it up for a mere £6.00! Ticking all the boxes this is a dreamy day cream that my skin drinks up and feels all the better for it.

Much like with makeup I enjoy being savvy when it comes to clothing! For me, there's nothing like grabbing a bargain or finding good value pieces.

My favourite online shop for this is without a doubt ASOS. I've had a premier delivery account for 3 or 4 years running now because free* next day delivery is amazing and I often browse for bargains when I have a free minute or can't sleep - it's a habit, but a good one!

I don't know about you, but while knowing Morphe was a makeup brand loved by many I didn't know it was a brand that literally offered hundreds of brushes for no more than £5.00. 

I came across this wonderful discovery when last browsing Beauty Bay, one of a few stockists of Morple online, and I was so glad I did! Although I was tempted to make lots of new brushes purchases I reigned myself in due to having hoards of makeup brushes. But I of course had to try out at least one budget Morphe brush, along with a few other beauty buys I needed, okay, wanted. 

Walt Disney Vintage Style Donald Duck T-Shirt (£5.99)
I think most Disney lovers own at least one piece of themed clothing. For me, that's always pyjamas and t-shirts. One the whole I go for the cute factor, shopping at Primark mainly, but there's something about vintage Disney that looks more grown-up and put together. The listing includes a few different vintage-style designs from Donald to Mickey, in various colourways. Something a bit different to the standard Disney tees around!

Aristocats Floral Phone Case - Fits iPhone models (£4.95)
As you may know, I do love a cheap phone cases from eBay! This disney themed cover caught my eye in particular as it's just so darn cute with the floral and cat mix. Plus you don't often see Aristocats merchandise! Not the cheapest phone cover on eBay but still a bargain at under £5.

The Face Shop Disney The Little Mermaid Sheet Face Mask (£2.58)
Although pretty rare on eBay I managed to track down a lovely sheet mask from The Face Shop, who recently collaborated with Disney! I've already tried the Snow White whitening face mask and loved it, so I'm sure this hydrating mask with The Little Mermaid theme will be just as good. The sheet mask sadly isn't Disney themed in any way other than the packaging but The Face Shop is a good brand and the novelty of it along with the cheap price makes it worth snapping up if you're a Disney fan!

Inspirational Disney Quotes A4 Print (£3.50) 
I absolutely love coming across crafty sellers on eBay that are offering something handmade at a reasonable price! This seller (view her other amazing prints here) may have created the cutest and most uplifting Disney themed print I've come across. A4 in size and available in 4 different colours, however, she does state you can get in touch if you want something slightly different. Perfect for pinning up, framing or giving as a gift!

Alice in Wonderland Cushion Covers - 9 designs (£2.46)
Again, another none-typical Disney find that is more sophisticated and stylish. Slightly more Lewis Caroll than Disney these Alice cushion covers come in a wide range of designs and would be perfect for anyone that loves the book. Really unique and quite expensive looking.

Alice in Wonderland Floral Embroidered Handbag (£13.99)
Sticking with Alice in Wonderland, I came across the cutest handbag! Very on trend with the floral embroidery and again with quite a grown-up feel to it. This comes in both white and black and includes a gold chain strap with a matching gold hardware clasp. Featuring Alice and the rabbit along with floral embroidery this looks like a lovely detailed bag.

Beauty and the Beast Toddlers Jelly Pumps - 5 styles (£7.99)
If only my feet were tiny! I seriously wish these wonderful jelly flats came in adult sizes! These are just the most gorgeous children's shoes I've ever seen, perfect for toddlers and babies. From Mrs. Potts adorning the front in both white pearl and rose gold or Belle's rose in pink, black or yellow, these are all just perfectly designed. Love, love, love!

Bambi Dream and Wishes Mug (£8.99)
Not a total bargain at just under £10, but if like me you collect Disney mugs then this may be a tempting one to add to your collection! A beautifully shaped mug featuring a sketch-style Bambi, along with little stars and clouds. Really well done with such a feminine dainty design. 

Vintage Alice in Wonderland Mover Poster - A4 or A3 (£3.94/£7.94)
This was the listing that made me decide I needed to put together an eBay Disney Finds blog post! Finding something unique and for such a cheap price is what eBay is all about for me. This is such a lovely reproduction print of the original Alice in Wonderland poster from 1951 that when framed (Ikea and The Range offer a huge range of cheap frames) would just look amazing. If you haven't of guessed, Alice in Wonderland is a favourite of mine so I'm very tempted with this vintage movie poster bargain find!

The Little Mermaid Style Necklace (£2.50)
Technically not Disney but it may as well be. This is such a lovely cheap necklace that would make a lovely gift or a little treat for yourself. With a silver finish, this surprisingly looks less kitsch or child-like than a few other eBay listing I came across. Another a fab bargain!

Minnie Mouse T-Shirt - various colours (£4.69)
A simple Minnie Mouse tee here that isn't anything new but comes in 4 different colours and is pretty cute if you ask me! Featuring a cute looking Minnie hiding behind her signature polka dot bow this should appeal to most Disney lovers! As the eBay listing is international I would suggest sizing up due to generally smaller sizes. 

If you're a fellow Disney fan let me know what you love here! 

I think my favourite finds have to be the original Alice in Wonderland poster and the incredibly lovely Beauty and the Beast jelly shoes... even if they are children! 

Fee xo.

The Ordinary has to be the most talked about skin care brand right now - and rightly so! With low prices, averaging around £5, yet amazing ingredients, The Ordinary is anything but ordinary and is standing out for all the right reasons. 

Without going into too much depth, The Ordinary comes from the clever people at DECIEM, a company with an umbrella of unique skin care brands (from NIOD to Hand Chemistry), all focusing on one thing - ingredients! With their love of effective chemicals, you can expect to find solid products that deliver results throughout all their brands. This all sounds amazing but there is a but coming! But for that reason, it can be confusing to know what will suit your skin type and what everything does! This does attract skincare enthusiasts that have a love of geeking out over retinol's and AHA's, but for the most part, I think we're all stood here scratching our heads wondering which products to go for!

Last week as I was paying for my food shopping the cashier asked me if I was wearing Eternity by Calvin Klien... and I was! This half thrilled me but half got me thinking about the perfumes I would instantly recognise on someone else.

This may be a totally boring subject for some but I know that even though I love Ellis Saab La Parfum I wouldn't be able to notice if someone else was wearing it. But if someone walked passed wearing Thierry Mugler Angel I would instantly know, though I haven't personally worn it in years. Which leads me to think that we are drawn to some fragrances or notes in fragrances more than others.

Either way, I always think it's interesting when someone else knows which fragrance you are wearing! So here are the scents I can always pick up on!

Thierry Mugler Angel (launched 1992)
Main Notes - Patchouli, Dark Chocolate and Vanilla

Truly a gourmand fragrance with its sweet distinctive notes this is a scent that grabs my attention when other's are wearing it. With most people wearing Angel fairly heavy this is a perfume that lasts all day and stays on scarves and coats for months so it's fairly common for me to recognise this scent on a pretty regular basis when out shopping etc. Thinking about it, this fragrance is probably the most recognisable scent for me due to years wearing it, as it's a favourite of a family member and nothing else smelling similar! Think rich dark chocolate with a hint of vanilla and musk.

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely (launched 2007)
Main Notes - Musk, White Orchid and Patchouli

This is a fragrance I've worn for years so I guess it would only be right that I recognised it on others. As I love clean scents, such as Philosophy Amazing Grace, I was drawn to this pretty budget perfume. For me, this is a mix of fresh linen sheets with a powdery edge and a white floral scent that is just perfect for both spring/summer. I don't spot this often on others (I'm presuming it's because it's quite an old celebrity scent now) but when I do it's always... well, lovely! Such an uplifting light scent for summer.

Calvin Klein Eternity (launched 1988)
Main Notes - Carnation, Lily and fresh green notes 

This is a scent my mum wore on and off as I was growing up, and one I've often have a cheeky spray off as I liked it so much. So it's no surprise the scent has stuck with me. I also picked it up for the first time last year and have been enjoying wearing it ever since. The scent is an instantly recognisable pleasant fresh floral scent that is nonoffensive yet noticeable on the wearer. The main notes I get from this perfume as that of carnations which is quite a sharp floral smell that I absolutely love... actually I don't think I've ever come across someone that doesn't like this fragrance. If you haven't smelt Eternity but love your fragrances then take some time to hunt it down when next in Boots to find out why it's been around for nearly 30 years and is still loved by so many! 

Prada Candy (launched 2011)
Main Notes - Caramel, Musk, Vanilla 

Another gourmand scent here that although not at strong as Angel is quite unique and recognisable for that reason. Sugary and caramel are how I would describe this perfume with a powdery edge. When owning this fragrance I found I had to be in the right mood to wear it because it was purely gourmand and seemed a bit too much sometimes. However when I smell this on others I still enjoy it, and it instantly makes me think of other Prada scents and does seem quite luxurious. Not for everyone but another unique foodie scent that I can always pick up on.

What fragrance would you be able to instantly recognise on someone?

Fee xo.

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