How To Rescue & Re-Use Products You Don't Like

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If you're a makeup lover like myself then it's fair to say it's easy to neglect products or push them aside when they aren't the best match for us. However there are so many clever ways to make use of them! Here I've detailed five of my personal favourites that you can hopefully use as well.


Dry face wipes? Add micellar water! 
Until you buy face wipes and try them out you really don't know how wet they are going to be. I personally like a lot of moisture (sorry if I've just made you cringe with that word!) in my facial wipes so I'm often disappointed. But the solution is a simple one and so easy to do! Simply pour a little micellar water into the packet, close it up and give a squish around and leave upside down. When you next come to use them they should be exactly how you wanted them in the first place!


Want to throw your old makeup sponge away? Don't! Cut it up to make it like new again
Another really simple one here. If you have an old stained makeup sponge that's at the point of no return however much you wash it, then cut it up! You can cut it into a few wedges to apply foundation with, in half and use the two clean sides or into small pieces for nail art. I've done this with a few sponges now and it keeps the sponge going for longer.

Bought a body scrub but found it's just too harsh? Save it by adding a scoop to a shower gel  
In the past I've bought so many lovely smelling body scrubs that have turned out to be just too harsh on my skin. If you have a salt or sugar body scrub that you aren't using for that very reason then take a scoop and add it to a small amount of shower gel and shake or mix it. It probably won't look very nice but it will give your shower gel exfoilating properties and a much more pleasant scrub in the shower.


Have a bronzer that's just way too dark? Use it as a gorgeous brown eyeshadow
If you love your bronzer or contour then you've most likely bought a product that's too dark at some stage. But don't fear as any bronzer can be used as eyeshadow and will look amazing as a contour shade for your lids. You can even do this with powder highlighters - theBalm Mary Lou is a fab on the lids applied with a damp brush.


About to throw away old makeup brushes? Re-purpose a foundation brush to apply face masks
If you are thinking of having a clear out of your old brushes then hold on! Firstly foundation brushes are lovely to apply face masks with... it feels very spa-like and it's a much more even application and mess-free. Small brushes are also great for DIY projects or paint touch-ups around the home. You can do a lot with old makeup brushes so don't throw then away without thinking about how you could re-use them.

Hope you've enjoyed my thrifty tips! Let me know if you have any you use!

Fee xo. 

Summer Bucket List 2016

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As we are currently experiencing a heat wave, albeit a short one, I thought I would create a kind of bucket list of what I wanted to do this Summer. 

Being online as much as I am it's easy to miss out on a lot of the joys of summer but I truly believe sunshine is good for the soul and this year I vow to make the most of it! 

Here are the things I'd love to do this Summer which may also be of inspiration to you... 

Cliche, but go on an all-day picnic
Download an audio book (my first one) and enjoy it mainly sat outside 
Work my way through my summer wax melt collection 
Pick a DIY tutorial from my Pinterest board and actually do it
Eat outside in the garden more often... as long as it's warm enough! 
 Pick wild flowers on a walk
Be confident enough to go out with bare legs in a dress or shorts
Go on holiday (already booked!)
Read at least 3 books over Summer 
Try a totally different makeup look 
Make fresh pizza from scratch 
Go to the beach (multiple times!)
Have a BBQ with my family that doesn't make me consume 30000 calories
Finally learn how to Dutch braid my own hair 
Explore new walks 
Treat myself to Fentimans Rose Lemonade... because it's the best drink ever
Make at least one trip to Primark before my holiday 
Wear an orange lip
And try to wear more white instead of black!
Go to the cinema more  
Have a gardening day
Cook two new summer recipes from my stack of cookbooks
Seek out a good mini golf and play it
Visit the Lake District for the day 
Have a summer clear out and give to charity before autumn 
Find the best fruit cider 

Hope you've found some inspiration for your own summer here.

Here's to lots of sun filled days! 

Fee xo.

eBay Bargains #54 - Homeware

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White Flower Artificial Bouquet (18 heads) - 99p HERE 
A perfect blogging prop here or if you fancy having year round flowers on your desk. I've bought a few fake bouquets from eBay now and with a trim up of the loose threads they look pretty lovely. Think I will be picking up two bunches to these lovely flowers to use for blog photography. 

Rose Gold Lantern Structure String Lights - £11.99 HERE 
So these aren't that much of a bargain but I absolutely love them! From the fact that they're rose gold to the lantern shape and being battery operated. These would look lovely anywhere and remind me of something Habitat would do.

Floral Alphabet Typography Art Print (A5) - £2.98 HERE 
How lovely is this floral letter print? Perfect for your desk, blog photography or as a gift to a friend or a newborn gift. A4 and A5 sizes available from A to Z.

Tropical Palm Leaf Cushion Covers - £2.89 HERE  
Palm print is still majorly on trend and is set to stay for a while longer. I personally love anything tropical and these cushions (in 10 different prints) are perfect and such a bargain! Plus as they're a woven material they can be used as outside scatter cushions as well.

A-Z Bronze Letter Lights (battery operated) - £7.99 HERE
Another favourite find here with these amazing vintage style letter lights at only £7.99 each! Ideal for on a shelf or even the wall as they're battery operated. Slightly pricey to spell out an entire word but as your initials or a single letter then this is a total bargain.

Large Floral Deer Wall Decal - £3.19 HERE
Talking of bargains... how cheap is this beautiful wall decal?! This detailed decal really is stunning and quite a statement for the small price. Perfect for over the bed and ideal for anyone renting as it can be removed without any damage to the wall. 

2 x Seagrass Woven Baskets - £4.99 HERE 
Lastly I had to include this lovely small storage set that could be used for so many things. I instantly thought the baskets would work well for bath bombs but also next to the bed to hide clutter and night time skincare. Very affordable indeed. 

You can find more eBay finds on my new dedicated Pinterest board here

Hope you found a few lovely items, 

Fee xo. 
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