First World Problems (Beauty Bloggers may relate!)

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How cheap Bath & Body Works candles are (currently $12.50!) but the fact they aren't available in the UK. 

Related problem - U.S custom charges (enough said.) 

Late night nail painting that results in duvet print nails the next morning.

Finding the perfect marble slab that would be oh so perfect as a blog prop and then realising it weighs 4 stone. 

The price of Zoeva brushes (though I have just found a 12 piece eyeshadow dupe set for only £3.28 on eBay & you can find my review of the face dupe set here!

When a matte liquid lipstick swatch just won't wash off your arm/hand. 

The fact you still get asked to explain what a blog is!!! 

And then when you explain you get asked either - 1. So, how much do you make from that then? 2. Do you know Zoella? Just face palm.

When you realise that the words 'dupe' and 'swatch' aren't used on any media platform outside of the internet and your friends only know these terms because you're a blogger!

Being excited for Autumn  just because, autumnal themed posts and cute blog props, obvs. 

But the woes of bad lighting for blog photography come October, arghh!

If you're a blogger I hope you relate to a few of these! 

Let me know your own first world problems :) 

Fee xo.  

Ebay Bargains #58 - Summer Daze

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20 Piece Makeup Brush Set 
6 Colours | £3.59 HERE
I'm always a bit hesitant to feature brush sets like this because the likelihood that every single brush will be good quality and you'll use them all is unlikely. But that's not to say they aren't worth it because I can see over 10 brushes that I know I will like in this set. From the pretty aesthetically pleasing line-up there are many brushes that would be ideal for eyeshadow, eyeliner and on the brows. Perfect for travel and adding more intricate brushes to your collection for only a few pounds!

Grey Pineapple T-shirt 
Size S-XL | £5.31 HERE
If you know anything about beauty bloggers it's that they love anything pineapple themed (don't worry I'm including myself in this). So of course this grey not-trying-too-hard pineapple tee caught my eye. I love the shape/boyfriend cut to it and obvs the pineapple design. I'm also not worried about the quality as I recently picked up a super cheap t-shirt from eBay (but from a china based seller) and was more than impressed with the quality of it. However FYI always size up (I'm generally a size 12 on top but always go for an L or XL for a looser fit). Totally sold with this find!

Pom Pom Lace-up Sandals 
£13.98 | HERE
Arghh, for the first time ever I've gone and recommended something that's quickly going out of stock but that's not surprising at under £15! Hopefully if you're reading this and like them then they will have your size - fingers crossed! As pom poms have become a major trend this summer I had to include something that featured then and what better item than lace-up criss-cross sandals. You can also find a slightly less strappy pair of pom pom sandals here for £12.99.

Bath & Body Works Summer fragranced Pocket Bac 
20+ fragrances | £2.39 HERE
I have a few of these now from eBay and love them! Perfect for when you want to clean your hands on the go and ideal for summer when going on holiday or eating out. There are so mant amazing scents to pick from but I love the sound of the above Sparkling Limoncello and from past experience with these little antibacterial hand gels I can say they are extremely well scented!

Hawaiian Tropic Lime Coolada After Sun Body Butter
£4.00 | HERE  
There's nothing more soothing than slathering on a cooling body butter after a day in the sun, am I right? I personally love any of the Hawaiian Tropics body butters for this but this is a new one that I'm pretty sure will smell amazing. I personally love anything lime scented so I'll be picking this up!

Nude Floral Kimono 
 Size S-XL | £5.28 HERE
Kimonos are one of those versatile pieces in summer and with our British weather often needed. I often wear kimonos with a simple black or white vest top so this definitely caught my eye with the lace detail to the sleeves and bottom and the pretty watercolour style floral design. Also it's an item that's sure to fit and look good as kimonos drape is such a flattering way.

Leaf Print Triangle Bikini Set
Size S-XL | £5.99 HERE
This item makes me wish for smaller boobs as this just isn't an option for me with the triangle cut and lack of support... but I love it! The print is seriously on trend right now and the white edging would enhance any tan. As always with buying from sellers in China always size up, maybe even two sizes with this!
Perfume Bottle Style Gel Nail Polish #106
60+ shades | £2.45 HERE
After hours of eBay searching you come across gems like this! Never in a million years did a think I'd be sharing with you a gel nail polish that looks oh so similar to the Dior J'adore fragrance! Slightly strange but also very pretty and a total bargain. There are so many shades to pick from, including glitter top coats, that you are spoilt for choice but I personally love the vivid cobalt blue shades... though I am also eyeing up shade #59 for autumn! Side note - Just to make it clear these are gel nail polishes so a UV/LED lamp is required to dry them. 
Red/Orange Metallic Bridge Frame Sunglasses 
7 options | £2.43 HERE  
I recently picked up the rose gold version of these sunglasses (which you can also buy in the listing) and couldn't believe how amazing they look for the price - seriously in love! So I went and bought the red/orange pair with a black frame. These will look totally different on  compared to the rose gold ones but I equally love them and now I know the amazing quality I can't wait to receive them. One of my most favourite summer buys right here!
Chunky Pastel Jelly Slider Sandals 
4 colours options | £7.90 HERE
Lastly I had to include these pretty cool flatform jelly sandals... mainly because I'm obsessed with shoes made from pvc/jelly because they seriously last and don't wear down (I swear by Melissa flats) and they are comfortable. I feel like these sandals would be ideal for taking on holiday as they would be perfect to walk around in, wear by the pool and even wear in the sea as unlike flip flops they won't float!  

Hope you've found some cheap items here! 
 Next up.... Autumn themed eBay posts - my favourite! 

Fee xo.

My Evening Skincare Routine

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At the beginning of the week I shared my morning skincare routine, so it felt only right to detail my P.M routine as this is often the most beneficial for the skin as thoroughly cleansing is vital. 

As you will be able to see I like to keep my routine simple as I find my skin type doesn't react well to an overload of products. My main step at night is to remove all the grime of the day and to let my skin breathe. 

Step 1. Cleanse 
For me a cream cleanser to thoroughly remove makeup is a must. To be honest with a good thick flannel (I love the Tesco Finest range) I believe most cream cleansers do the job, however for me the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser (£14/100ml Boots) is just right for my combination skin and contains quality ingredients -  works wonders with all skin types. My main aim here is to remove 95% of makeup and the excess cleanser from my face with the flannel. I also find a flannel keeps its heat compared to a muslin cloth and helps to open up the pores for a deeper cleanse.

Step 2. Cleanse, again 
As I feel cleansing helps my skin so much I will always double cleanse (well I try to - I'm often lazy!) when I've had a day of wearing makeup. Double cleansing makes sure every last bit of makeup is gone and I really see the benefits through a brighter and blemish-free complexion. Much like my morning routine I use Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser (£35/125ml Cult Beauty) as clearly I can't get enough of the stuff! But really this is the bees knees is you have moderately oily skin that you want to balance out and cleanse without stripping the skin. This leaves my skin feeling perfectly soft and super clean, which is exactly what you want before bed.

Step 3. Exfoliate
As you've most likely noticed I totally skip using a moisturiser at night (sometimes I will use a serum if you skin is feeling dehydrated) because I feel most creams clog up my pores and can cause pesky blemishes. Instead I'm all about exfoliating the skin without using an abrasive scrub which is why I'm a huge fan of chemically exfoliators that contains Glycolic acid. These new to the market pre-soaked Pixi Glow Tonic To-Go pads (£16/60 pads QVC) are the travel friendly sister to Pixi Glow Tonic (applies like a standard liquid toner) and aims to stimulate cell turn over, exfoliate and do all kinds of wonderful things for the skin basically! Results with these pads and the original Glow Tonic do take a month or so, but you can expect brighter and clearer looking skin. The main reason I love Pixi's glow tonic is it helps cell turnover around my chin area, removing congestion and bumpy skin, plus it also makes sure little blackheads don't crop up on my forehead or randomly on my cheeks - the woes of oily skin! Both the new Glow Tonic To-Go pads and the original Glow Tonic really do work wonders on most skin types but I feel anyone with blemish-prone, congested skin will reap the most rewards with this formula. Side note - Chemical exfoliators do make the skin more sensitive to the sun so a good SPF is a must when using this product in summer! 

Step 4. Apply eye cream 
The last step of my night time skincare routine is something I feel pretty indifferent about. You see my under eye area doesn't like any kind of moisturising cream and without a week of using most eye creams the skin in that area develops teeny tiny annoying spots that I so desperately want to squeeze! However I've found eye gels to be light and don't cause this problem... but then I think do I even need to be using a nightly eye cream/gel and is it even doing anything anyway?! That being said and because I really don't know I still try to use an eye gel most nights with the Benefit Puff Off Eye Gel (£22.50 ASOS) (not peel off like I wrote in the above image, argghh!) which does feel soothing and on the whole is a nice product. Will it keep the wrinkles at bay.... who knows!

Step 5: Sleep 
Sleep is 100% skincare right? Okay, so it may not be applying a product to the skin but sleep does wonders so I thought I'd finish off on that note. And while I'm at it, throwing in non-product related advice - Water! Water is another amazing thing for the skin. It's easy to get out of the habit of drinking water but within a week of sticking to your daily recommended amount you will notice a change in your skin for the better... it really is amazing! 

Hope you've enjoyed this two-part post and I've highlighted a few amazing skincare products to you. 

Fee xo.

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