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24 April 2014

What's In My Shower? My Favourite Spring Shower Products


Much like an edited down 'What's In My Bag?' post without the crumpled receipts and minus the *ahem* lady products, I thought I would do the same with my shower stash. Just as much of a chaotic mess with over flowing shelves of too many body scrubs and conditioners my shower does need editing down. 

So here are a few favourites from my shower this spring...


When it comes to shampoo I'm strictly SLS-free (due to previous scalp irritation from a crappy Herbal Essenes shampoo and now believe SLS-free shampoos are much better for the scalp and hair) so over the past few years I have tried out quite a few in search of ones that foam nicely and don't strip the hair. 

My current favourite for dry/damaged hair is the Macadamia Rejuvenating Shampoo (a huge 300ml for £8.89 - Amazon here) which is a highly nourishing shampoo (the most moisturising I have come across) that leaves my hair so smooth even pre-conditioner. However this does have an unusual feel, almost like a thick serum, which does take time to work into the hair... so for that reason I use this shampoo 1-2 times a week. For my general everyday shampoo I use the wonderful L'Oreal Ever Riche Nourishing & Taming Shampoo (250ml/500ml - Boots here), again a nourishing and hydrating shampoo best for dry/frizz hair. This is another unique shampoo that comes out as a white creme and lathers amazingly well for being SLS-free. The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Shampoo (250ml/£4.50 - here) also gets used at least once a week.

 For my general day-to-day conditioners I'm all about ones from Aussie. I'm currently using the Take The Heat 3 Minute Miracle (250ml/£4.99 - Boots here) to help protect against further heat damage to my hair that I have been noticing recently. However I do prefer Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor (£250ml/£4.99 - Boots here) which has the most addictive bubblegum scent. For a deeper condition I generally opt for Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Intensive Mask (200ml/£4.39 - Tesco here) which leaves my hair soft and smelling of coconut! But for a more intensive treatment Macadamia Deep Repair Masque (100ml/£10.20 - Look Fantastic here) will always be my holy grail.

Hair Extras
When using any deep conditioner I like to comb though my hair with a wide tooth comb (seen above) as I feel this really helps the conditioner work effectively and then I place it up with a large hair clip (seen above) so that the product on my hair isn't against my skin. You can find large crocodile clips like this in Primark for £1.50.


Body Scrubs 
 One of my favourite body products to use in the shower are body scrubs. I have a tower of yummy more winter appropriate body scrubs but fresher scents are harder to come by. However the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub (300ml/£8.00ml - Boots here) is the ultimate summer scrub! The scent of this is just so zingy and reminds me so much of Diet Coke with Lime! Aside from the amazing scent the scrub is also the perfect consistency and exfoliates the skin well. Another fruity favourite for spring/summer is Melvita Citrus Body Scrub (150ml/£14.00 - Look Fantastic here) which although pricey is the nicest body scrub for day-to-day. The gentle gel smooths over the skin and exfoliates with actual pieces of orange and organic brown sugar. Another amazing smelling scrub with it's real orange scent.  

Shower Gels 
 Shower gels are a shower essential but I make sure to go for organic or natural... which is harder than you'd think! For ease and their enjoyable scents I opt for Organic Surge Shower Gels and have quite a selection in my shower. The two I've been enjoying lately are Citrus Mint Shore Gel (250ml/£4.35 - here) - a refreshing and invigorating shower gel I like to use for morning showers, and Tropical Bergamot Shower Gel (250ml/£4.35 - here) a recent addition that is great for sensitive skin. I also strangely like to use Halos N Horns Gentle Baby Bath & Body Wash (250ml/£2.10 - Boots here) which is the mildest shower gel I've come across! 

Would love to hear what your favourite products to use in the shower are come sunnier weather. 

Fee xo.

6 Simple Beauty Hacks


We all have our beauty shortcuts and ways of doing things but today I thought I'd rack my brains for some unique beauty shortcuts or as I like to call them "Beauty Hacks". 

The beauty hacks below are all super easy and are worth trying out!

1. Store makeup palettes neatly using a letter holder or toast rack
For the past 6 months this is how I've been storing my favourite eyeshadow palettes on my makeup table and it works perfectly! Toast Racks and Letter Holders can be picked up in most homeware stores for under £4 but for something a bit quirky (and cheaper still!) charity shops and car boot sales are a great place to look.

2. Remove stubborn nail polish using a muslin cloth
Yes, this is a slightly odd one but I swear I use a muslin cloth to remover my nail polish quite often. You of course still need to use nail polish remover on the cloth... it isn't magic after all, but unlike using cotton pads you can re-use it so many times and make use of old muslin cloths that were destined for the bin. Also as muslin cloths are slightly abrasive they help to remove textured and glitter nail polishes that bit better than cotton pads.


3.Remove redness from spots with redness-relief eye drops
For the past decade we have been reading about applying toothpaste to spots however toothpaste can move right on over as eye drops for bloodshot eyes is now the thing... well my thing anyway! I know this does seem a bit odd but a cotton bud with a few drops of eye drops that are aim at removing redness from the eye is all you need before applying makeup to take the redness right out of spots. Eye drops have minimal ingredients and are safe in the eyes so there's no worry about applying it directly on the skin. This beauty hack just makes sense at most eye drops contain Distilled Witch Hazel and Naphazoline to relieve redness.

4.Thermal face mask in a flash by simply heating up a face mask in the microwave 
Such a simple one here to give any face mask a heated/thermal feel. I like to place the contents of a sachet face mask on a small dish or bowl and then heat it up in 20-30 second burst so not to over heat the mask and dry it out. I then apply the mask to my face using an old foundation brush for a lovely spa-like feel.

5.Find your perfect skin highlighter with pearl toned eyeshadows.  
 Another simple one that makes use of shimmery champagne and light pearl eyeshadows to give a perfect glow to the face. My personal favourites are a Madina light reflecting eyeshadow and a cute little pot Bourjois eyeshadow in a shimmering pearl shade. Cheaper than large face highlighters and you will be sure to find some perfect pearl shades in your makeup stash!

6.Easily remove split ends by twisting sections of hair and trimming the ends
Last but not least my simple beauty hack for tackling annoying split ends. Simply take the hair in sections and tightly twist it to the tip of the hair making all split ends stick out (you may want to run your index finger and thumb over the twisted section to make more split ends appear). Then taking hairdressing scissors or small nail scissors snip off all the split ends. This is a great way to keep your hair maintained between hair cuts or if you are growing your hair!

Hope you liked a few of my ideas and give them a go! 

Fee xo.

23 April 2014

NOTD - Models Own HyperGel White Light


Are white nails on trend this season? I can't say I know or care really! But I do know I looked at my nail polish wall today and felt like white nails should happen. 

White nails aren't often seen but I love the effects all white nails can bring, from giving a healthy look to the hands/warming up your skin tone to looking clean and chic. There really is nothing to dislike about white nails! 

From owning multiple white nail polishes I know how finding an opaque formula can be very hit and miss. So many look perfectly white in the bottle but require 4+ coats on the nails resulting in a gloopy non-drying mess. Which is why I decided to go with Models Own HyperGel Nail Polish in White Light (£5.00 - Models Own here or Boots). This super glossy polish is a trusty 2-coat wonder that is fairly easy to apply as white nail polishes go.


As you can see I did try out a matte top coat but as soon as the matte finish developed I knew glossy white nails won hands down, so reversed the finish with a clear glossy top coat.

Like with all manicures I was tempted to add a glitter top coat or some kind of nail art but for once I resisted the urge as I think the beauty of these nails is that they are strikingly simple and bright. White nail polish also makes a great nail base for neon or bright shades intensifying the colour even more!

What do you think of all white nails? 

Fee xo.

The Beauty Game Changers #2


Nearly a year ago I wrote a post on my Beauty Game Changers - products that stand out from the rest and increase your standards of that type of product!

 Beauty Game Changers aren't discovered easily and the title doesn't just go to products you purchase time and time again. They have to stand out from everything else you own.

I re-read the post and all my 'game changers' still stand though I discovered the Essie Ridge Filler does thicken up within a few months so I now favour the China Glaze Ridge Filler which really is the cream of the crop when it comes to base coats. 

 Since writing the above mentioned post I now feel I have a handful of products that really stand out to me and are my new personal game changers that I would recommend to anyone. So without further ado... 


Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water 
400ml/£4.99 - Feel Unique here or Boots 
When it comes to high street micellar water solutions I will admit they are all pretty much the same. But the Garnier one makes the top spot for me due to the amount you get for your money, an impressive 400ml bottle verses 200ml from L'Oreal and 150ml from Superdrug's own brand B. for the same price. Micellar waters have revolutionised how I remove my makeup and now cheap makeup wipes to remove makeup when I'm feeling lazy are a thing of the past. Micellar Cleansers really are the holy waters of the beauty world and are a must try if you haven't already!
Recommended to - Anyone that wants to remove their makeup effectively and quickly. Or as a quick pre-cleanser to remove most makeup. 

L'Oreal Superliner Perfect Slim in Intense Black 
£5.99 - Amazon here or Boots 
For a perfect feline flick the L'Oreal Superliner Perfect Slim is the ideal tool for the job. The precise nib may make this wonderful product look daunting and only for people that are use to applying winged eyeliner, but trust me this is the ultimate liquid liner for everyone - experienced or heavy handed. From the comfortable grip zone on the pen to the precise flex-y felt tip nib that can be swept along the eye, every aspect of this liner has been considered for ease. I can now apply this in a flash without any mistakes were as I do still struggle with most liquid liners and can't get use to that pulling feeling some can give as the liner dries. Just the ultimate liquid eyeliner for beautiful winged eyes. 
Recommended to - Anyone that is looking for an intense black eyeliner... I promise you will fall in love with this!
Lanolips Lip Ointment with Colour 
£8.16 - Boots here
Before Lanolips Lip Ointment I felt I owned quite a few moisturising lip colours in the form of tinted lip balms and lipsticks, but then I discovered the wonders of Lanolips and everything changed! Lanolips Lip Ointments with Colour are ultimately a hybrid of a nourishing lip balm and lip gloss. The thick formula smooths over lips without any sticky or greasy feeling and stays put for a good few hours. I own shades - Apple and Rose now and they are my go-to products during the day when my lips are feeling dry but I want to add a bit of colour still. Really an impressive lip product for the price. 
Recommended to - If you are prone to dry lips but still want to enjoy pigmented lip products that won't highlight dry skin but help it then this is for you.


Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Radiant Touch Concealer 
£25.00 - Feel Unique here 
In my first Beauty Game Changers post I featured my ultimate favourite concealer that is perfect for blemishes but for the past 8 years this iconic golden pen has been my other love. Touche Eclat is a luxury product but one that I feel is soooo worth it. This light-medium coverage pen concealer is the most perfect concealer for brightening under the eyes and using as a non-shimmery highlighter. I like to use this on the sides of my nose and next to my eyes to brighten them but also along the high points of my face when contouring as this just does magical things. Worth every penny and more!
 Recommended to - Shade No.1 is ideal for brightening up pale skin like no other product I have come across. 

Seche Vite Fast Top Coat 
£5.64 - Amazon here 
For years I convinced myself that the cult nail product that is Seche Vite couldn't possibly be worth it (this was when most places sold it for £10+) but then discovered how cheap it could be purchased on Amazon and decided to finally give it a whirl. Since then nothing has come close to the beyond glossy finish and smoothness that Seche Vite gives. All nail art is sealed with this and glitter nail polishes get two coats of the top coat making the glitter finish perfectly smooth and glistening. I've also discovered how this sets the nails when in a rush so smudges are now a thing of the past for me. If you love painting your nails forget all top coats and try this!
Recommended to - At the price above I recommend it to anyone that uses a top coat already when painting their nails.

 Let me know your own beauty game changers! 

Fee x

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