What I Own From theBalm!

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With it's kitsch retro-style packaging theBalm has been a firm favourite of mine for some time now. Without actually realising it I've build up a little collection that I absolutely love, so to show off the cuteness and rave about the brand I thought I'd share with you what I own from theBalm and what I hope to pick up next! 

First came the blushers, I'd like to say with Frat Boy Blusher (£15.50 Feel Unique here), in a beauty box. It was instant love and actually it's now still one of my favourite ever blushers. Beyond the gorgeous packaging the soft dusky pink blush is just perfect for pale skin tones and ideal for spring/summer. And even with my excessive use this still doesn't show huge signs of wear - you do get 8.5g after all! This however is also classed as an eyeshadow... which I very much disagree with, I mean who wants a light pink eyeshadow?! Just a big no-no really. 

Next came Bahama Mama Bronzer (£15.00 Feel Unique here), I'm thinking this was a lucky TK Maxx find that I didn't spend too much on it. Which is actually a good thing as this is the only hit and miss product I've experienced from theBalm. The problem I have is that it's just too dark for my skin! But thankfully I do make use out of it as a lovely contouring eyeshadow. I imagine if I had a medium skin tone this would be amazing as it's such a finely milled press powder and the right side of tan with no orange in sight. 


Then lastly to complete my little blusher collection I picked up Hot Mama Blusher (£15.00 Feel Unique here), another favourite out of my entire collection! Unfortunately this doesn't pick up on the swatch as beautiful as it is in real life, think a stunning rose gold type blusher that's very similar to Nars Orgasm blusher. This is definitely a shade I become obsessed with each summer and it works with all skin tones! 

Next up the amazing Autobalm California Palette (£16.50 Feel Unique here) which is quite a recent addition to my collection, and one I thought would be great for travel. And it is! This could possibly be my favourite product from theBalm as I love everything about it! The palette contains a lovely blusher, brow/crease eyeshadow, highlighter/eyeshadow and liner come eyeshadow. Meaning you can achieve a full eye look, fill in your brows and add blush and highlight - all in a credit card sized palette! All the shades are just spot on and so far I've got so much use out of it! 

Lastly the Cindy-Lou Manizer Highlighter (£17.50 Feel Unique here) which I annoyingly confused with Mary-Lou, the highlighter I actually wanted! But all wasn't lost as this turned out a pretty lovely blusher come highlighter and one I know I will be reaching for in spring/summer. Also finally no cardboard packaging... the only down fall of a lot of theBalm products. 

As for what I want to buy next... I still have my eyes on Mary-Lou Manizer Luminizer and possibly another compact palette! 

Do you own anything from theBalm? What do you think of the brand? 
Tell me all!

Fee xo. 

Boots #GiveItAGo Twitter Chat Summary

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As a few of you will know yesterday myself and Sabrina from A Little Obsessed (@SabrinaLovesYou) hosted a Boots Twitter Chat/Party with Makeup Artist Louise Constad (@Louiseconstad) on hand to answer any questions. 

The hour chat really flew by and I felt everyone had a great time. This is what I love the most about Twitter chats, that sense of community and the fact they are always so positive! Above as you can see is a summary of the chat if you missed it.  

You can also #GiveItAGo and try out the above looks and beauty cheats by heading on over to Boots.com!

If you did join in I hoped you enjoyed it as much as myself and Sabrina did! And thanks for taking part! 

Until the next one! 

Fee xo.

Top 5 Tips to Speed up Your Blog Writing Time

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Last week I randomly asked on Twitter what the average time was for fellow bloggers to write a post. The answers I got were actually pretty similar - 1 to 2 hours, though quite a few mentioned it takes them forever. I definitely could relate to this as procrastination is a skill of mine and I know how distracting it can be working/blogging from home! 

But thankfully over the years I have improved and can now write a blog post in under an hour. So I thought I'd share with you five tips of my own that have helped me to cut down writing time and basically get shit done! 

Close tabs 
Okay, this is a pretty obvious one but it's a must. It's just way too easy to keep open social media and email tabs that will constantly distract you. If you have no self-control then using a temporary website blocker tool is a must, this will block any websites you know you won't be able to resist visiting for a set amount of time. Closing tabs will definitely keep you more focused on the task in hand! 

Write key points/sub-headers first 

When I open up a new post the first thing I do is write all the sub-headers I want to include or even when I'm not using them I still write headers as a guideline/structure that I will delete after I've wrote the post. Take this blog post for example, I spent 2-3 minutes thinking of the 5 points I wanted to touch upon then typed them out. Instantly this gives structure to a my post as I have an intro, 5 key points and an end/summary. This without a doubt keeps me from rambling on and makes eager to get on to the next point/header.

Listen to music
So this isn't a common one but if you can getting into the habit of doing it it works wonders! I started listening to music (I have a specific Spotify playlist for it of upbeat songs) a few months ago after reading that it's been proven that people work faster, even when writing, when listening to music. Since then when I want to write a few blog posts within a day I pop in my earphones, crank up the volume and get cracking! I've found this to make me type faster, ignore my surroundings and it also stops me from pausing to think about what I'm writing. Currently listening to Changing by Sigma as I write this very post!

Don't edit as you write 
This is a vital one! Getting the words out and onto the screen is the main thing here, then editing and tweaking can come later when you read it back. Too often we get stuck on trying to think of a better word to use or way of writing a sentence and that can really slow you down. So forget about being perfect and write your heart out!

Set a timer
 If you're one of those bloggers than can take hours writing a post and often leaves it in 'draft' unfinished then this would totally change the way you work. A little pressure hurt no one so set a realistic time goal on your phone and make sure to check it when you're half way through the post. If time is ticking away you know you need to hurry the F up and even if you go over the timer slightly you will complete it in a good time. I often do this at night when there's something on TV I want to watch.

Suggestions from other bloggers 
Corrie from Dizzy Brunette 3 - "I sometimes use a temporary website blocker (Cold Turkey) to stop me procrastinating on YouTube/Twitter!".
Jaime from Girl Loves Gloss - "I like to collect all my links first then keep them open in TextEdit so I can just copy and paste them in when needed".
Laura from Love & Liquor - "Take photos first, I find it so much quicker when I have clear images of the products in the post before I start typing!".
Jen from A Beauty Junkie in London - "Pause emails so that doesn't distract and take product photos in bulk so you have a backlog of ready to go images!".
Liza from Glam Beautys - "When you want to link back to lots of products find a website that stocks all/most of the products so you don't have to go onto a million different ones to find the products".
Nic from Strawberry Blonde Beauty - "Put your phone away/on silent while writing so that you don't keep getting distracted!".
Chelsea from Through Chelsea's Eyes -"Write bullet points on paper before sitting at my computer". 
Annabel from Fragmented Splendour - "TV off, headphones on and a big glass of water (& maybe snacks) so you have no reason to get up & be distracted".

Hopefully this has give you more then enough tips and ideas on how to streamline your own writing!

If you have any tips you'd like to share that I haven't covered, feel free to in the comment section below. If it's a good one I will edit it into this post!

(yes, I timed myself!) 

Fee xo.

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