30 October 2014

My Autumn Home Decor


When it comes to seasons I like to fully embrace them... I also love to change up the decor in my home. So it now seems to be a tradition of mine that I have seasonal decorations! 

So as I'm feeling very autumnal and tomorrow is Halloween I thought I would share with you my homeware additions, my little doggy and a few other bits & bobs...


Around the fire
First up is my mantelpiece/fire which I always like to make a feature of even though I don't ever turn the fire on. The main thing here that makes it look cosy and autumnal is my orange maple leaf garland that I purchased from eBay a few years ago (you can find similar cheap ones here). This just brings the outdoors in and the burnt orange shade is spot on. I also like my owls especially the lovely one above, so Oscar Owl (from Homebase last year) takes pride of place on the end of my mantel piece. Next to that I have my wonderful Village Candle in Brownie Delight (£13.24 - eBay here) that I've been continuously burning... I promise it literally smells like you have been baking brownies, I can't even detect a synthetic scent to it! 

Then to the hearth of my fire I have a little Halloween sign (a bargain at £1 from Poundworld) and a vintage brass birdcage (found at a car boot) to one side then some white log ornaments (from Homesense) and a pumpkin (£1.50 - Asda) I intend to carve, as long as my dog stops scratching at it!


Cosy soft furnishings 
As it gets colder cushions and blankets that double up as throws are a must! My two new cushions where a brilliant buy from Asda (£7 each - owl here/squirrel here) which I couldn't be more pleased with - Mr. owl will be staying out till way pass Christmas. On a side note I highly recommend Asda this year for cushions and bedding - great quality, affordable and just spot on for Autumn and Christmas. As for my very cozy and warm throw this was a bit of a splurge from Homesense as it was around £25, but I figure if it will keep me from turning on the heating as much then it's paid for itself, right?

Little extras
Next to the armchair in my living room I have a simple brown wicker picnic basket that I use as kind of an informal side table. This always has a stack of books on it and a special Believe in Yourself Notebook (£8.49 - Amazon here) which is where I plan all my blog posts. Every other page has a little encouraging quote to it and it's just beautiful. Next to that tends to be a drink of some kind if I'm blogging away... at the moment I love Whittard's Turkish Apple Instant Tea (£5.50 here) during the day - which is in an red owl mug... I told you I liked my owls! Sadly I don't know where it's from as it was a gift last Christmas. Then the little coaster underneath, again featuring owls, were a savvy buy from B&M Bargains at 99p for a set of two. 

Hope you've enjoy this slightly different type of post today and I've maybe inspired you to add a few autumnal editions to your home or bedroom! 

Fee xo.

29 October 2014

Amazon Beauty Bargains


  Along side eBay, Amazon is without a doubt the website I order from the most! It's reliable, easy to navigate and always has great beauty bargains. 

So today I thought it deserved some love with a few beauty bargains that have been sitting in my wish list (a great way to watch to see if the price decreases - it tells you the % it's gone down by) and also a few products I've purchased in the past.

 Real Techniques Starter Kit 
£13.00 - here 
Most Real Techniques Brush Kits (you can find them all here) are reduced on Amazon and cost around £13-14 which is incredible value for money if you ask me. I already have the Core Collection Kit which are some of my favourite brushes in my collection but now I have my eye on the Starter Kit! The set actually retails for £21.99 in Boots which is why I've always held off from buying it... but at £13.00 I've very very tempted! 

Plastic 24 Lipstick Display Rack/Holder 
£2.39 - here
This is a product I've featured many times but only mention buying it from eBay. However if you aren't a fan of buying from eBay you can buy it from Amazon for just as cheap! I've just purchased my second holder so I can have even more lipsticks out on display. The cheapest storage I've found that I love!

BeautyBlender Makeup Sponge 
£13.87 - here
Another popular beauty product here that I was surprised to see so cheap of Amazon. I'm a huge fan of using a damp blending sponge to apply foundation - you really achieve such a flawless finish, and I'm quite curious to see how this iconic one compares to cheaper options. If you've tried out the Beauty Blender I'd love to know what you think of it!  

Eye Blending Brush Set 
£1.29 - here
Another purchased product that actually amazed me. Yes, you actually get 4 eyeshadow blending brushes for a mere £1.29 with free delivery, pretty amazing! All four brushes are incredibly soft and blend well. If you are after some super cheap brushes then I really do recommend these.

Revlon Marchesa Compact Mirror 
£2.99 - here 
A different product here that I stumble across last week. This must have been an accessory collaboration when Revlon teamed up with Marchesa for their range of nail wraps, but one I've definitely not seen in any high street shops. Magnified on one side and normal of the other this is just a small mirror to keep in your bag for touch-ups. Might have to snap this up before it disappears!

Hope you've found a few bargains here! 

Fee xo.

28 October 2014

The Blog Reader Tag


Today I have a tag for you with a difference; one solely to be answered by blog readers in the comments! This idea came to me when thinking of ways to get feedback on my own blog but also because I'm nosy about other people's blog reading habits! 

Plus if you're also a blogger I thought you could use these questions on your own blog (using my image above if you wish) for your own blog readers to answer.

I'd more than love if you could copy and paste the below questions into the comment box and answer them!

1.What are your favourite type of blog posts to read on my blog?
2. What epitomises a good beauty blog to you?
3. How often do you read blogs in general and at what time of day? 
4. How do you keep up with new posts from the blogs you love (Bloglovin', email updates, GFC, tweets from the blogger)?
5. What is your blogger pet peeve? 
6. What would you love to see more of on my blog? 
7. Name a few of your favourite blogs

If you answer the questions then thank you so much in advance - it will be of huge help!

Fee xo.

27 October 2014

Top 5 Essie Nail Polishes for Autumn/Winter


Essie is up there as one of my favourite nail polish brands. The reason for this is their great shade range and their kind of runny formula that makes application a breeze for me (also I'm sure it means they don't go gloopy as fast). 

However at £8-11 full price they are a little pricey for my liking but thankfully I've never paid that - ever! With the likes of Fragrance Direct and eBay I've never paid over £5 for a single Essie nail polish - pretty good right? 

So with now quite the Essie collection I thought I'd select my top 5 that I feel are perfect for autumn/winter!


Leading Lady 
£2.49 dupe shade - Fragrance Direct here 
First up my total festive favourite! Leading Lady is the most beautiful cranberry glitter and with a slick of top coat transforms into something magical on the nails. It also only requires two coats which is pretty impressive if you ask me. Plus it's a spot on dupe for Deborah Lippmann's Razzle Dazzle. Leading Lady has been sadly discontinued and now hard to find online but Toggle To The Top is virtually the same just a touch darker. You can find it on Fragrance Direct here for £2.49.

Russian Roulette 
£6.95 - eBay here
Russian Roulette is my go-to red. With it's cherry red tone it's bright and cheerful but chic at the same time. Also it stunningly glossy and looks great on both fingers and toes! An all year round red here. 

Hors D'Oeuvres
£2.49 - Fragrance Direct here 
This is my latest acquired Essie polish and I don't think I could be any more in love with it. I love glitter nail polishes in general but when they come with a glided base and a duo tone it's love! In some lights it looks gold, then silver and then when the light really hits it a beautiful platinum shade that's so so stunning. If you are looking for a Christmas glitter then I fully recommend this! (Also requires only 2-3 coats).


Bahama Mama 
£4.44 - Amazon here 
A stunning deep plum shade here that is ideal for both autumn and winter. This will look great on all skin tones and definitely doesn't need a top coat. Also this is my favourite shade for painting white nail art onto as the contrast is really there and it just makes for a great base colour. You may think there are shades out there that are similar but this is the cream of the crop as far as rich plum polishes are concerned. 

Bikini So Teeny 
£7.50 - eBay here 
Yes, you would instantly think Bikini So Teeny is a summer shade, and well it is, but come cold weather and snow(?!) this looks great again! Sadly my swatches make this lighter than it actually is, but the softness and smoothness is spot on to how it is in real life. As you can see from the bottle image BST contains very subtle shimmer that can be hardly seen unless the sun catches it. Much like Russian Roulette another great all round nail polish that works well for spring, summer and winter. 

 What do you think of Essie nail polishes? Have you tried them? If so, what are your favourite shades to wear from the brand in autumn/winter? 

Fee xo.

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