Luxury Beauty Favourites #3

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To start off the week I thought I'd round-up my luxury beauty favourites once again! Right now all these products are just perfection to me and 100% worth buying. 

From a product that took 2 years to decide to final buy, to a lovely gift and a perfect new scent that I can't get enough of. Hope I don't enable too much... but at least it's just been payday! 


Butter London Nail Foundation
£15.00 - Feel Unique here
This is the item that took a whole two years to finally buy! Why? Well, because it's £15.00! £15.00 may not seem that much but when you have a hoard of base coats that are all pretty good you really can't warrant spending that much on yet another one! But clearly at some point last month I had a weak moment and decided to just buy it. For the past 2 years I'd read endless positive reviews and finally it's in my hands and it's everything I imagined it to be. It truly is nail foundation! The base coat basically gives a totally flawless base to even ridged nails and stops nail polishes staining the nails. This also has the edge on all the other base coats I own as you can apply quite a thick coat of it to the nails, to cover all ridges and imferfections and it still dries and pretty fast at that! So so pleased that I finally decided to splurge a little on this.... just hoping it doesn't go gloopy within a year as you get such a huge amount! 

Paco Rabanne Olympea Eau De Parfum 30ml
£40.00 - Escentual here
A new addition to my fragrance collection here and one that is stunning! I'm half temped to suggest to just go and smell this for yourself as it's such a blended scent that it's hard to pick out any specific notes. Though I can tell you it's definitely a feminine floral scent with a salty edge that very sophisticated and unique. It also lasts amazingly well - pretty much all day. I also truly love the bottle of this... though the stunning rose gold edging is sadly only available with the 50ml and 80ml size... this is the 30ml! Since Paco Rabbanne came out with 1 Million for men and Lady Million for women I've been a huge fan of the brand and really think this will be a very popular fragrance. One to certainly have a spray of when out shopping! 

Benefit Puff Off Eye Gel 
£22.50 - ASOS here
Since reaching my late 20's (oh, how it pains me to type that) I've made eye cream a thing I use in my skincare routine. Though I've discovered the skin even under my eyes is too oily to take a moisturising anti-ageing cream just yet (I develop little spots -eeep!), but a light de-puffing one is all good! Which is why Benefit's Puff Off Eye Cream really floats my boat. Now I'm not sure how well it's keeping the lines at bay but this sure as hell helps my morning puffiness and dark circles I've seemed to develop with age. Of course the little iron shaped applicator is a novelty, however compared to eye creams that use a roller ball where more eye cream comes out as you roll, you simply don't have that problem with the little iron as you squeeze a small amount out as iron away! The metal is certainly cooling and the light reflective eye cream does brighten up the eye area before applying makeup. I've been using this for probably over a year now and still love it! 


Tarte Eyeshadow Quad Palette 
On to a wonderful palette now that was a Birthday gift from my lovely blogging friend Tanzina (you should definitely check out her blog - Makeup A to Z - I think you will love it!) and also my first ever product from Tarte! I sadly don't have much info on this product as the textured packaging didn't like the label and so therefore I don't know what the palette is called. However I'm pretty sure it was limited edition anyway! But I still wanted to rave about the quality of these eyeshadows as they are just amazing. Unlike the likes of Urban Decay shadows, which I love dearly, these aren't buttery smooth but somehow light and finely milled. I've never experienced this with any other eyeshadow that had great pigmented but somehow Tarte have done it. I also love, love, love the 3 neutral shades in this palette for everyday eyes. I definitely need to seek out more Tarte eyeshadow palettes.

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick - Native 
£15.50 - Feel Unique here 
 Lastly ones of my most favourite lipsticks, EVER - the wonderfully creamy pink nude in the UD Revolution range. This truly is a dream lipstick for me, from the amazing packaging, to the super wearable pink shade for my pale skin and of course the down-right perfect formula that lasts so well on the lips. This really is a lipstick that I've had so much wear from and will always re-purchase now. I just can't get enough of the super creamy texture! LOVE.

Hope you've discovered some new products here! 

Fee xo. 

eBay Bargains #23 - Early Autumn Edition!

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 As the weather has been far from summery recently I've got to daydreaming about Autumn! You know where you stand with Autumn; it's crispy and it rains a lot. But you also get them amazing glowy sunny days where you want to kick up the leaves as you walk! 

I also love the lead up to Halloween come October with warm candles burning at night and of course Hocus Pocus and The Witches. So here is my little ode to Autumn as I truly love the season. Also items are pretty cheap as it's still summer!

Copper & Wine Nail Glitter (99p each here) - For some reason I've always been drawn to bronze and wine coloured glitters. They are rich in shade and oh so pretty! So come Autumn I like to pick up a few cheap pots of glitter to sprinkle over nude nails whilst they are drying, then I seal in the glitter with a top coat. This makes such a lovely unique look.

Wine/Red Envelope Tote ( £15.99 here) - Both Summer and Autumn calls for a new handbag and this is my favourite so far that I've come across for Autumn! I firstly love the wine shade of it but I also love the detail to it. Of course this is in a 'Mulberry' style tote but very well done. Totally love it!

Village Candle Scented Votive (£2.79 each here) - For me Autumn means candles, a lot of candles! The more warming and yummier the better. My favourite brand for these kind of candles is Village Candles, which I prefer to Yankee Candles as I find the scents less synthetic and actually very true to the real scent... Brownie Delight is actually mouth-wateringly good! There are so many yummy scents in the listing and I find votive candles to be just the right size to try out before committing to buying a larger jar candle. Seriously these candles are worth trying.

Over sized Tartan Scarf (£3.78 here) -With crisp autumn days a scarf is certainly an accessory you need. I personally love them oversized and blanket-like, which is why I was instantly draw to this beautiful tartan scarf wrap. It's also such a bargain!

Autumn Maple Leaves Nail Decals (£1.50 here) - Lastly I had to include these wonderful maple leaf nail decals! Aren't they great? I could see these over nude or mauve nails or even layered as they are water decals meaning you can overlap them without any thickness to the nail. Simple to use but very impressive! FYI - I've already ordered some for Autumn. 

Hope you've found a few Autumnal bargains here!

Fee xo.

High Street Beauty Shopping Haul

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Last weekend I decided to pop into town to go beauty shopping! This is something I haven't done in years... I'm actually thinking it was maybe 6 or 7 years ago that I did this. 

I had no errands to run and I didn't have anything particular I wanted in mind, I just went to browse and shop. I surprisingly didn't get much in the way of makeup... but that's because I feel I have too much of the stuff! But I did get some great body care products, a few re-purchases and some total bargains!


First up I went to Boots and to the clearance section! I always make a bee-line for it as it's always hidden away in some random part of the store and full of bargains, generally. I wasn't disappointed! 

OGX Biotin & Collagen Conditioner 
Reduced £1.50 - Boots (clearance section) 
Currently in my shower I have four OGX products! That is how much I love them. So when I spotted this interesting looking conditioner for only £1.50 (they're normally £6.99 I think) it had to be mine! I was actually tempted to stock up at that price but I decided to resist.... I'm now wishing I had. Yes, OGX shampoo and conditioners are a tad more expensive than the general high street price but they are worth it and you do get a larger amount - 385ml in fact. Really looking forward to trying this out now especially because it smells amazing and the conditioner is actually purple. 

La Roche Posay Anthelios XL SPF50+ BB Cream 
Reduced £4.50 - Boots (clearance section) 
This was another amazing clearance find that I couldn't not buy! It was actually reduced to £6.50 but when I went to the till it came up at £4.50 - my lucky day clearly! I didn't really need this as I have a Tinted SPF50 already and it is for dry skin but I do have combination skin and can make it work for me I'm sure. Another amazing saving!

Dove Maximum Protections Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena 
Half Price £2.40 - Boots
Lastly in Boots I picked up another Maximum Protection deodorant as it was half price. I've realised that both the Dove Maximum Protection and the Sure Maximum Protection deodorants are the exact same product and as I really like them I make sure to pick one up when they are reduced to half price because no one wants to be spending £5.00 on a deodorant, do they? I never thought I would be a cream deodorant type of girl but this product turned me around as it offers such great protection.


Stepping into a busy Superdrug on a Saturday afternoon instantly took me back to my teenage years when I would be there every weekend to buy new makeup for the night ahead or a face mask for a sleepover! Though now kitted out as a super modern store with many more beauty brands it really does still take me back. Anyway... onto what I picked up!
 Palmers Cocoa Body Scrub 
On offer £3.29 - Superdrug here 
Whilst browsing the body care aisle I spotted that the entire Palmers range was discounted. After having a look I decided on this Cocoa Body Scrub as I have a lot of fresh fruity body scrubs in my shower but no yummy foodie type ones. Once I got this home I was able to have a smell and oh lordy this stuff smells gooood!! I'm talking it smells like a dessert, good. In fact it reminds me of chocolate brandy cream! I seriously can't wait to use this now. 

Bourjois Liner Pinceau Ultra Black 
£6.99 - Superdrug here 
A re-purchase here of my favourite liquid liner. I discovered this line earlier in the year and it fast became my favourite go-to liner as it is ultra black like it states and the flexible brush is a breeze to use. Before using this I still found liquid liner daunting but the nib of this is so smooth and flexible you are able to rest in just above the lash line and sweep it along the eyelid in one fluid motion. If you are after a new liquid eyeliner you really should give this a go!

Colab Dry Shampoo - Rio 200ml 
£3.49 - Superdrug here
 Last but not least I picked up my favourite dry shampoo. I was actually looking for the new Monaco scent in the range but I couldn't spot it, so I picked up the Rio scent instead which I've used before and also really like. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Colab is so much better than Batiste! 

What have you recently picked up from the high street?

Fee xo.

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