My annual Christmas Gift Guides are officially here! Yes, I'm excited about them! 

Whether you are in the midst of your Christmas shopping, need ideas for what to ask people for or even just to earmark a few gift sets you may want to treat yourself to come Boxing Day my gift guides for 2017 should help!

Today's Christmas Gift Guide is for those that are semi on a budget/don't want to overspend, however still want to gift something really nice! I tried my best to pick the gift sets and gifts that are good value for money and I think I've accomplished that with some real gems... let me know what you like the most!

 Ahhh, Christmas! The time of year I can indulge my love of sparkly eyes and cosy yummy smelling products! 

With so much love for so many products right now I thought I'd bring it back a bit and write up an old school seeming favourties post. Expect a lot of glitter in this post! 


Although I love shimmery eyeshadows all year round I really do get excited to bring out the ultra sparkly gems around this time of year. My go to shimmery base is without a doubt Makeup Geek Grandstand, described as a medium rose gold with slight taupe understones and a foiled finish - it sounds dreamy, right? The shade can be worn both alone all over the lids or with other deeper eyeshadow. I have a lot of love for this shade and it's definitely someone that suits festive makeup both day or night really well!  Another single eyeshadow be in a totally different formula is the Stila Magnificent Metels Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadow in Kitten Karma. It really doesn't get more sparkly that this as the formula is simply like liquid glitter which sets on the lids while somehow remaining lightweight and comfortable. Christmas day eyes right here! 

Another shimmery favourite that's been released just for Christmas is the stunning Becca Apres Ski Glow Eye Lights Palette which contains 7 wearable shades. I was initually a bit worried I wouldn't love this palette after seeing Temptalia's slightly negative review of it based on the pigmentation and formula. However I really can't fault this palette as it's the dreamy texture Becca customers are use to and the pigmentation is spot on. I've already created so many lovely shimmery eye looks with this palette.


As I like to go sparkly on the eyes I feel for day I have to tone down the lips, so my go-to right now is Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G in Penelope Pink, which is strangely not pink but nude. This semi glossy finish lipstick is so comfortable to wear and really is a nice nude for pale skin tones. However for an evening look I will be pulling out MAC Ruby Roo as it's such a vivid but rich red which seems to suit everyon. You really can't go wrong with MAC lipsticks. 


As I'm all about the glow right now a fairly new favourite I've been loving through November and December so far has been Ciate Glow-To-Illuminating Blush in Babydoll. This is the perfect blush/highlighter hybrid and like nothing else I've tried really. With matte skin this really does bring like back into the cheeks with a hit of pink along with the illuminating glow finish. Perfect for everyday when I feel full on highlight would be a little too much. 

Onto body care now and I have to give a mention to the cosy shower gel that is Lush Rose Jam. Although I'm currently running low as this is old stock I was beyond happy to see Lush have brought back Rose Jam for Christmas yet again. I've already asked for this for Christmas as I'm such a fan so hopefully between now and Christmas day I won't run out as it's such a lovely product to use in the shower. Really comforting and more-ish!

Staying with body care I had to include my now discontinued tub of The Body Shop Vanilla Pumpkin Body Butter which was released for Autumn/Halloween. Recently I've been using this after every shower and the scent and feel is just heavenly. It is such a shame that this scent is no longer available however I can imagine the new Christmas Vanilla Chai Body Butter being as equally lovely.


Lastly, I wanted to share a new hair favourite with OGX Pink Sugar Plum Shampoo. I'm totally extra when it comes to Christmas themed products and so I had to pick up a festive themed shampoo from OGX. Out of the three new limited edition scents I was most down to Sugar Plum as it was the sweetest out of the bunch. I love OGX shampoos in general so I'm loving this Limited Edition scent right now. 

Let me know if you have any festive beauty favourites at the moment! 

Fee xo.

While formula and shades are important when picking beauty and skincare products I'm equally drawn to the scent. I've definitely bought products based on their scent and have repurchased quite a few products time and time again purely for how good they smell. 

Of course, everyone is drawn to different scents but below I'm sure you will find a scent you also love. Let me know your own favourite aromas when it comes to beauty/skin products and if you have any product recommendations based on the below scents please do let me know in the comments! 

This post was inspired by Lily's lovely post - Five Fail Safe Scents.

For the longest time I've been meaning to sit down to write a post like this. So today I thought I would seeing as the end of the year is approaching!

Below, I've detailed a few of my favourite blogs to read in 2017, these are the blogs that I go back to time and time again and thoroughly enjoy reading. I really do hope you find some new blogs to read here.

With Christmas fast approaching I think we are all in PBM (Present Buying Mode) and while it hasn't reached PPMB (Panic Present Buying Mode) levels just yet, we all want to nail down some good gifts for our nearest and dearests.

Which is why if like me you've been asked 'what do you want for Christmas?" or "give me ideas?!" more than a few times since November! So here is the post to give you ideas of what to ask for or simply so that you can drop hints about what you would like to see under the tree come Christmas morning.

Fragrance is without a doubt one of the most gifted (and possibly most returned/re-sold) items at Christmas! The allure of the fragrance gift set! So when jotting down ideas for this years Christmas gift guides here on Makeup Savvy I decided I need to focus on fragrance for one of them.

Gifting perfume can be tricky, although it may not seem it, especially if you don't know what your recipient prefers, so my first section of this guide is all about giving a gift of fragrance that is foolproof - yes, it can be done! Moving onto affordable fragrances after that and then more luxurious scents for the ones you really want to treat this year. I really hope this fragrance gift guide gives you a little inspiration!

I don't know about you but Christmas is one of my busiest times of the year and although I love it I require daily downtime to stay on top of it all and enjoy it!

Of course, sticking on a Christmas movie is one way to relax while saying in the spirit of things but for me, I also like to combine my love of reading with this special time of year! This is something that I started a few years ago, seeking out festive reads instead of my go-to thriller genre.

So today I thought it would be a nice idea to share my own collection of festive reads and put together a Christmas reading list that not only could you pick and choose from yourself but you could also gift others, especially if you know a fellow Christmas fanatic! Below you will find a good mix of reads, from a book for all ages, something that will prompt nostalgic memories of Christmas as a child, a festive cookbook with a twist and even a short story from author, John Green - who knew he'd written a Christmas tale!
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