When it comes to eyeshadow palettes, I own quite a lot. My favourite being either highly foiled shades or warm mattes, so as you can expect I'm a fan of the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics Palette (£39.50). The stunning compact boasts 12 warm toned matte shades all of which I make use of. It also helps that Urban Decay shadows are buttery smooth, blend well and perfectly pigmented!

However a few weeks ago a very much budget matte eyeshadow palette in comparison caught my eye, it instantly made me think of all the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics shades I love and so I had to buy it to compare!

I don't know about you but a highly pigment makeup product from the drugstore/high street never fail to impress me. I'm not even talking a solid opaque sweep of colour here but something that makes you 'ooo' at how bold and stunning it is. 

Which is why I thought it was about time I dedicated an entire post to some of my most pigmented beauty favourites. These not only offer superb pigmentation but are spot on beauty products in their own rights, being some of my favourite products on my dressing table.

As a total beauty enthusiast, I really appreciate when higher priced beauty brands put together kits and collections at lower special prices. Not only does it mean I get to try much more from the brand in one go but it means there's a big saving to be had. Especially when you add up what everything would cost individually at full price.

So this is why I love to feature one-off kits from QVC in particular!

I recently had a series of bad mental health days coinciding with being ill (the worst!). And while I didn't plan this post while I was mid-anxiety it naturally came to me once I sighed relief that I was feeling much more myself.

Bad mental health days can happen to anyone with a long list of possible reasons - in fact, sometimes I'm sure the mind says stuff it, I want to freak out for no particular reason! Whether you know the cause or not, battling mental health symptoms is never pleasant or comfortable. But thankfully for the most part even severe symptoms are temporary and we all can get through them. So today I thought I would share seven tips I've found to make a difference to myself in the hope they help someone else.

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When it comes to skincare I love nothing more than discovering effective products that get the job done and well. Which is why I've been obsessed with Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel for pretty much the entirety of summer. It's simply effective in hydrating the skin and feels beyond lightweight on the skin, I really can't recommend it more highly.

Recently I've taken to wishing summer away in favour of Autumn. I'm such a homebody that I love nothing more than cosy days spent on the sofa with blankets (yes, plural) watching a seasonal drama or movie. However, I realised there's enough time for that when Autumn arrives and I really should embrace the last month or two of summer! 

So that is what I'm doing! Well, when it decides to stop raining that is. This means you can expect quite a few more summer themed posts here on Makeup Savvy, starting with my summer day essentials.

For the past 6 months, I've been working my way through a stash of sizable Glamglow minis. I thought I'd have a favourite but sadly (I saw sadly due to the price) I love them all! From the one that makes you look like a silver alien to the tropically scented hydration mask and the one that tingles but gives amazing glowing results - basically, they all deliver impressive results!

But just as I was trying to decide which face mask to purchase full-size, they are all £39.00/50ml after all, a £6 dupe came along for Glamglow Youthmud; a mask I've been loving the effects of especially on dull rubbish skin days.

After reading endless news articles about the new dupe mask, though I'm aware they all copy each other, I knew I had to try it out for myself... so here is exactly what I think of the star of the moment £6 Glamglow Youthmud dupe!

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