Cult Skin Care Products Worth Buying!

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When it comes to 'cult' products I sometimes have a job believing magazines. I mean when will that pink Maybelline mascara ever disappear? And don't even get me started on magazines that try to pawn off gigantic tubs of Vaseline as a cult skincare product. No - the sales are high because elderly people like to use it on their... just, yes, you can imagine. But I digress with my negativity! Because sometimes magazines do get it right (or just follow suit with bloggers, shhh) and highlight products that are seriously loved by many. 

So today I thought I'd feature five skincare products that I truly believe deserve the term  and that I feel are worth spending on if you have the intended skin type.


Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque
£4.25 - Amazon HERE
Thought I'd start off with a bit of a confusing one as this is probably seen as a U.S cult favourite, seeing as you can only buy it online in the UK. This is an amazingly priced clay based mask for anyone with oily or blemished skin. The mask is unlike any other I've tried and honestly feels more like a giant tube of toothpaste with it's thick consistency and spearmint scent, which does take a bit of getting use to. Once smoothed over the face this is one of those quick drying masks that feels tight on the skin but not uncomfortably so. Then once rinsed off it leaves the skin instantly smooth and brighter. But the lasting effects are that it controls oil secretion and dries up spots a treat! Also I'm convinced it actually does something to the pesky blackheads on my nose. This is truly an amazing mask for anyone with oily skin!

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser 
£14.00 - Boots HERE
Step one of achieving perfect skin is cleansing properly and with Liz Earle's Cream Cleanser you can't fail to do that. The creamy cleanser literally melts all makeup leaving a totally clean and nourished face due to all the lovely ingredients that won't irritate or leave the skin red. I've personally found when I go back to using this cleanser (because I always stray to try out something new) my skin looks so much clearer and brighter without 5 days of using it. A total staple for me and one that suits all skin types.

HealGel Intensive
£37.50 - Look Fantastic HERE 
The list of uses for this product are endless! I actually don't know where to start. Well I should explain that this is a light gel product that aims to help the repair process of the skin as well as calming the skin down. So this can be used to heal sore patches of skin, soothe skin that's had a reaction to another product, on sunburn, to fade spot scarring or scars in general, to use as an eye cream to fade dark spots and more! And yes, it actually works! I've use this many times to fade spot scars and only a few months ago it was a god send when I burnt my hand on the oven. Perfect for the face and all over the body really. To me it feels like half a medical product and half a skincare product with some amazing ingredients in it. Pricey but worth it!

Origins Super Spot Remover 
£15.00 - Boots HERE  
Beloved spot treatment, how I've relied on you countless times, through pimples to volcanos you have always stayed strong. 
Yes, just casually talking to my spot remover there - totally normal. Back to reality and yes, everyone needs this product in their life! Well not those annoying people that remember the last time they had a spot was in puberty. This tiny tub is like a potent mix of spot fighting stuff that literally zaps annoying blemishes away. AND it seems to last forever making it's pricetag of £15 for 15ml strangely worth it. Simply dab a small amount of gel onto the spot (even over makeup if you must) a few times a day and you will seem the spot disappear before your very eyes with in 1-2 days. Actually you will notice the difference after 2 applications, it's that good!


The Konjac Sponge Company - French Pink Clay Heart Sponge 
Harvey Nichols - £9.00 HERE 
Lastly the unique and quite beautiful Konjac Sponge. I've yet to get my head around what this sponge is made out of, it's vegetable fibres whatever they are, but it's a beautiful thing none the less. The idea of the wonderful sponge that feels nothing like it does went wet (it turns from a hard feeling pumice stone to a weirdly squishy... thing!) is that it's intended for tired or lack luster skin, making it perfect for use in winter when we seem to have our central heating on so often, though thinking about it it would also feel amazing on sun burnt skin. So anyway this can be rubbed over the skin be itself or with a cleanser. Most would prefer it with a cleanser to feel like it's doing something but I just love the feel of it over my skin after I've soaked it in water and rung it out. It literally feels so refreshing to the skin and leaves it soft and awake feeling. This is definitely a unique product but for the price and as an added extra to your cleansing routine this is perfect! Now very tempted to try the Konjac Sponge with Bamboo Charcoal which apparently helps reduce excess oil and blemishes. 

What are your own favourite cult products? I'd love to know! 

Fee xo.

On Blogging: Top 10 Ways To Make Money From Blogging

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  1. Google AdSense
AdSense is pretty much the easiest thing to set up and basic enough to use, making it most people's first port of call when it comes to making money through their blog. But if you just lob a load of ads onto your blog/site before it has a good amount of traffic the chances are you will make pennies each month and never make the £60 payment threshold. So it's important to implement Google Ads when you have a nice amount of daily traffic and also to be savvy in where you place them... as sadly people don't click on them out of kindness! Google Adsense will suggest what type and size of ads are best for your layout but personally I find image/rich image ads to make the most revenue and positioning them under where people often click on your blog is a good idea. Also if AdSense isn't making you money, switch the ads around, try something new! If that fails... ditch them altogether until you have enough traffic. Earning Potential - £-£££

2. Affiliate Programs
Affiliate links are my favourite source of passive income! Plus they aren't really visible as they look like standard links, meaning you won't annoy anyone reading your blog/site (I'd always turn off the automatic links - with Skimlinks it's 'Skimwords'). I would explain further about Affiliate links but as I have a whole post on it you can read more about it over there. When it comes to commision especially with low-priced beauty products like I focus on it's low, but it definitely adds up and all the links in old posts have potential to still earn you money. My personal favourite affiliate program is Skim Links, I've tried many in the past but  SL contains an umbrella of popular brands and pays out at only £7 unlike a lot of others. As for how to make money with affiliate links it's all about honesty and showing good deals, I personally always try to link to products they are free P&P, competitively priced and what I'd wholeheartedly recommend. Also not gonna lie a good amount of people reading your posts increases the likelihood of how many will visit the links you include and buy from them. Earning Potential - £-£££

3. Sponsored Posts 
Once you've been blogging for awhile (especially in the beauty/fashion) you will get emails asking if you can feature or write a sponsored post. Actually I tell a lie, you will get emails asking if you will do it for free! I personally like to find out what the brand/company want me to write about, what links they want included and then state my fee and that I will be only giving 'no-follow' links - VERY important. I also always set my fee slightly higher as all brands will want to bargain with you, I also never accept pre-wrote articles as they are basically shit and one big advertisement for the brand and clearly not in your own writing style. I'd say sponsored posts are offered less frequently now as a result of Google's stricter guidelines but if you do get approached then PLEASE PLEASE make sure all the links are No-follow (in blogger click 'Link' then tick 'Add rel=nofollow') and you are charging enough, and by enough I mean £100+ however new you are to blogging! Earning Potential - £££ 
4. Ad Agencies 
Once you have a good amount page views per day (out of the 100's I'd say) you can start to think about joining an ad agency or even a few! Like Google Adsense they will provide you with image or video ads but generally at a higher standard and rate. There are beauty/fashion specific agencies like Mode Media (I'm with them!) but there are a tons of others that are more general. Generally ads won't be served with every page view so if you want to be pro-active you can find another agency to join (or even 2-3) to fill in the gaps, or just use Google Adsense as a default, though remember you can only have 3 standard Google ads per page. This is called an 'Ad Waterfall' or 'Backfill Waterfall' if you want to find out more! The benefit of joining an agency are that the ads are priced per 1,000 page views (per CPM) and not per-click so if you have the traffic you are good to go! Plus there are lots of ad sizes and options that offer quite good rates.
 Earning Potential - £££-££££

5. Create an eBook/course
Now this is a potential money maker but only if you have something amazing to offer. An e-book on beauty/skincare is most likely going to be a flop unless you're Caroline Hirons. But if you have something to share when it comes to earning big bucks via a business or blogging or can share a skill such as photography or photoshop, then you stand a chance. Both writing and producing an eBook or E-course takes a lot of time and effort so unless you have the platform/readers I would give this a miss.
Earning Potential - Varies so much depending of how successful it is! If it's a flop - £ If it's a hit - ££££+

6. Selling physical products 
Now this a sideline to blogging and something I've considered doing myself but as having a blog helps greatly when it comes to promotion of products I thought I'd include it! This literally can be anything, but I'd total recommend selling on a platform such as Etsy or setting up a separate website. Also if you are a blogger you will potentially have a better understanding of how PR works and could send free samples to fellow bloggers to get more exposure to your products! If you are creative or have a skill then this is a potential great income stream and fun!
Earning Potential - Again it varies so much depending on what you are selling and how successful it is. 

7. Paid Giveaways 
Paid Giveaways are a funny one because a lot of fellow bloggers seem to dislike the idea (I always find it's bloggers and not general readers!). But from past experience quite a bit of time goes into organising a giveaway and if you are going beyond just writing a blog post, plus promoting the brand, why not be paid for your time? I wouldn't set my fee high here but enough to make it worth hosting the giveaway and any potential hassle it incurs. Again, like sponsored posts these are less frequent now but still if you get offered to hold a giveaway don't be shy to state a fee for what you will be doing!
Earning Potential - ££

8. Freelance Blogging 
Once you become a more established blogger you may get brands asking you to produce content for their own blog/website. This may be a one-off or a frequent thing but either way DO NOT do it for free thinking it will be good exposure! Side note - I've generally found a mention for a fellow blogger to be worth a lot more than a mention from a brand on their website. Charge like you would for a sponsored post, if not a bit more and make sure they link back to your blog. Freelance blogging can be a great thing if you get the chance but you can also keep your eyes peeled on the Pro Blogger job board here or even search 'blogger' on job sites in your local area - you never know!  
 Earning Potential (per article) - £££

9. Private Ad Sales 
Offering ad space at a low cost to fellow bloggers and small Etsy-type businesses can be a good way to dip your toes into placing ads on your site. Simply decide on the size of ads (and price) you wish to show in your sidebar (I'd keep them small-ish), what as you will offer along side it - a blog write up, twitter shout-outs etc, create a page and then promote it! This can be a monthly thing that can create a little extra money and also help out fellow bloggers.
 Earning Potential - ££-£££

10. Offering a service 
 Once you've been blogging for several years you may find that companies want to pick your brains. This may be on a new line of products, a new brand, how best to use social media or even on random things such as internet bullying! It can be pretty vast. But other than giving interviews or quotes to use, this is really something that you should be charging the most for - whether it be communication over the internet, Skype, as part of a focus group, one-to-one or on a panel. Generally brands will approach you and suggest a fee (make sure it's worth it per hour for you) but if you feel like you have something to offer you can of course outline your services in the 'About Me' or 'Contact' pages of your blog.
Earning Potential - £££-££££ 

*Earning Potential based on an average fashion/beauty blogger that have been blogging for over a year*

Hopefully you have found some of this insightful! 

If you have any questions feel free to ask me them in the comment section below. 

Fee xo.  

An ASOS Haul - March 2015

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In a post last week I briefly mentioned my current ASOS addiction! Now you may be thinking it can't be that bad but in one week alone last month I placed 5 orders?! That is madness and also a result of having an ASOS Premier account which gives you the joy of free next day delivery all year round. So if something doesn't fit, I simply re-order it in the correct size and when I spot a bargain it's oh so tempted to snap it up knowing it will be with me the next day. 

Plus I'm also in holiday buying mode at the moment and ASOS are great for all-year round clothing when all the high street shops are just coming out with their Spring collections. So even though my ASOS habit isn't justified, it's understandable! 

One of the symptoms of this condition is called "adding-on" in which the shopper can't just purchase the product intended and feels the need to 'add on' to their basket. Above is a pure example of this! However to be fair everything I've bought in the last week or so has been a total bargain! Which is why I thought I'd share my latest purchases with you and be a total enabler in the process. Enjoy! 


Lazy Oaf Sunglasses Shopper Bag 
First up is a cheap-y shopping tote for my upcoming holiday! I love these for next to the pool or beach to throw everything into, they really do the job and you know you can wash them if you get anything on it. The design of this is very summer appropriate, though they do have a few other quirky prints in stock (all reduced!). 

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation 
£6.99 - HERE  
 Another week, another foundation! Currently it seems I can't get enough of foundations, but after discovering Rimmel have the super light shade of 'light porcelian' (FYI: it can be tricky to find on the high street) I had to try out another foundation from the brand. So far so good with this... it's light yet creamy and gives light to medium coverage. Also the match is pretty spot on for my ultra pale skin!

REN Travel Size Cleanser Kit 
This was another holiday buy as I was after a quality cleanser to take on holiday but in a travel size - kind of hard to find. But aside from going on holiday I wanted to try out the two cleansers at only £7. The two cleansers includes are REN Express Makeup Remover - a cream cleanser you wipe over the skin on a cotton pad, and REN 3-in-1 Cleansing Water - a micellar water again wiped over the skin with a cotton pad. Out of the two I love the Cleansing Water the most but both are lovely products ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin. If you want to trial out a couple of new cleansers I'd definitely pick this up!


Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Plumpy Top Coat 
NEW £2.99 - HERE 
Annoyingly I mentioned this top coat in my last post, but hey ho I'll mention again as it's worth buying if you're in need of a new top coat! This is Barry M's newest top coat and for me it's love. It's glossy, oh so smooth and yes, it actually does give a little plump-ness to the nails which turns a standard nail polish into looking slightly gel-like and actually thicker. I mentioned previously that I also think it would look great over nail art and glitter nail polish come to think of it as it would highlight the glitter and finish off the nails with a smooth seal. Strange side note - Since using this top coat I find myself stroking my finger nails. Yes, I'm slightly strange.

Ciate White Choc Pot Nail Polish Remover 
NEW £6.00 - HERE 
When I got this I opened the pot and was pretty disappointed - it smelt like any standard nail polish remover; stinky. But on using it and actually removing my nail polish with it, you get that lovely white chocolate scent with not a hint of chemicals. This means that my nails/hands don't smell of potent nail polish remover when re-doing my nails and need washing now. So it is a bit of a novelty product but I like it and at £6 it's the same price as other dippy-pot removers. I also quite like the dinky size too. 

Hope you like little random hauls like this! 

Fee xo. 
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