Beauty boxes are certainly nothing new with more and more brands getting on board with the whole concept and trying to do it well. I say 'trying' because a lot seem to miss the mark by including unheard of beauty brands, the same products as other beauty boxes or simply failing to offer anything exciting or worth a monthly or one-off spend! 

Which is why I'm pretty fussy when it comes to trying and receiving new beauty boxes and I guess why beauty boxes aren't often featured on Makeup Savvy anymore. But today I thought I'd share with you three beauty boxes, only one of which requires a monthly subscription (you could cancel after your first box, mind), that all offer something different and I feel are very much worth the spend! 

For the past 6 months I've felt the call of Cult Beauty, mainly due to the fact they stock most of the luxury brands I love, think Charlotte Tilbury, Sunday Riley to name but a few, and now they cater for all budgets with brands such as NYX, The Ordinary and Zoeva. So good!

Basically, Cult Beauty is my beauty haven.

So recently I decided to place a totally impromptu order with my favourite more budget-friendly brands to try out a few products that have been on my wishlist for a while, along with some new finds, obviously! 

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For the past few years, I've incorporated self-care into many aspects of my life from how I start the day, to my body care and how I treat my skin. So when iHerb asked me if I wanted to feature a few hair, shower and body products on Makeup Savvy I knew right straight away it would be from the angle of self-care.

Without sounding too cliche or dramatic, self-care even in the simplest form, for example, hair washing, is everything to me. It keeps me on track and feeling balanced and it's the first thing I rely on when I feel a little 'off'. This does mean I often take 30-minute showers and have hand cream in every room of my house... but that's not such a bad thing, right?

Being a huge fan of all things beauty related I shared with you 10 interesting beauty facts a few months ago and as I had a good response I thought I'd make a similar post, again with some lesser know makeup and skincare facts some of which are pretty mind-blowing! 

Below you will find 10 interesting and slightly crazy beauty facts!

If there's one thing to take away from being a beauty junkie is that it's one expensive hobby! Dull I know, but so very true. With even drugstore prices now being questionable from time to time! 

Dubbed the 'one face wash to rule them all' this £15 face cleanser has been receiving some rave reviews online.

Basic in packaging and formula I thought it was time to find out why this newly launched to the UK product has been receiving all the love lately! 

With Autumn in full swing, you may still be considering an overhaul on your makeup bag. Along with a switch up of your skincare routine, there's still time to rethink your base makeup, opting for longer lasting more full coverage products, to adding a few berry toned lip colours in there.

However, the one item that can make the most difference and possibly the most fun to treat yourself to is a new eyeshadow palette. Rich in tone to reflect the seasonal change and ideal for taking you through to the colder months.

Below you will find five rich eyeshadow palettes perfect for autumn/winter to suit all budgets...

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