Makeup Savvy was created by myself over 4 years ago after reading a handful of beauty blogs and loving makeup. I started blogging as a hobby and soon discovered it really ignited my past passion of photography whilst being able to talk about beauty! After a whole year and blogging on a regular basis I started to receive requests to be sent products to review (PR samples) which I was amazed at it and convinced me that my little blog had some worth. Fast forward 4 years and PR samples are now quite a large part of how the product reviews on my blog flow however I have learnt many things in this time.

Here are a few important things I have learnt so far...
  • Never to accept products that I know won't interest myself or my readers... and trust me I do ignore a lot of emails! 
  • Never to accept products that I feel aren't savvy.... I'm talking £50+ skincare products here or annoyingly high delivery costs that you would have to pay to purchase these items! 
  • To always put you, my readers, first and provide you with my honest opinion at all times. I would rather lose a PR contact any day of the week for 'dissing' a product over losing a loyal reader. 
  • Also to never rush trying out a product or writing the review just because a brand has put a little pressure on when they should be likely to see the review – this has been an important one!
I hope this provides as some sort of 'disclosure' and highlights how much I respect the intelligence and trust of anyone reading this blog – I know you are all savvy makeup buyers after all! If UK rules do however change at any time and require I state exactly which products have been sent to me I will of course update my disclosure statement and abide by the new laws.

As for sponsored posts these are individually tagged as sponsored at the end of each blog post.